Loving Amy Ch. 02

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The plans for the party had been completed. Amy Holden sat back in her chair and sighed a breath of relief.

“It’s done,” she said aloud to herself.

She had just finished planning an intimate evening for her father Dave and herself. It had been two years since the two had finally given into their lust and their love and Amy wanted to celebrate the anniversary.

Leaning back in her chair, her mind wandered to that warm, August evening two years ago:

Her father had made the first move. He had decided to finally let Amy know how he felt about her, and it went off without a hitch. Before the night was over, the two were making passionate love in the penthouse hotel room Dave had rented out for an extended weekend.

The night was too beautiful to describe, Amy often thought to herself. Everything had been perfect, from the dinner, to the music, to the love-making.

Even remembering the flowers her father provided would still send chills down her spine so many years later. He had given her the first one when he picked his daughter up for their date. The second was delivered by the man whom Dave arranged to serenade his angel. The final ten of the dozen were strewn about the penthouse suite, though it wasn’t until the next morning before Amy noticed them, or anything else besides her new lover.

“They’re beautiful,” she had said and kissed her father.

A rush of emotion swept through her at the thought: he had gone to such a extravagant means just to give her a dozen, long-stem red roses. She began to cry; loving tears of joy streamed down her face.

For the next two days, the newfound couple spent almost every waking moment in each others arms: kissing, touching, making love. Amy felt that heaven itself would pale by comparison.

But that was two years ago, and the two had lived the life of a couple truly in love ever since. Amy would surprise her father at work for lunch. Dave would send flowers or chocolates or other gifts to her on a whim. As far as the outside world could see, they were a normal loving family. It was in their privacy that the truth was shown: two lovers, completely enamored with each other, lusting after each touch, more in-love then either could describe. It was a love affair to last the ages.

Amy’s jaunt down memory lane was rudely interrupted by the ringing of a nearby phone. She answered it and found her father’s voice on the other end.

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said, “but I’ve just had a new project dumped on my plate. I won’t be able to leave tonight until it’s finished.”

A feeling of disquiet was rising inside Amy. “And when will you be home?”

“I don’t know, kitten. Late though, very late.”

Amy sighed. “Okay, Daddy. I’ll make up a late dinner for us.”

“No, don’t. I don’t want my angel to starve because of me. You just take care of yourself and I’ll grab something on the way home.”

“That’s fine,” Amy said, though the tone she was trying to hide meant that it obviously wasn’t. “But you do know what today is right?”

The line was silent for a moment. At length, Dave answered. “It’s Monday, isn’t it? Look honey, I need to go. I’ll be home as soon as I can. Love you, angel.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Amy put the phone receiver down and a single tear fell gracefully down her cheek.


The past two years for Dave had been the best of his life: he felt young again. At forty, he wasn’t an old man though he felt it sometimes. Of course, all of those times were when he was away from his angel.

Amy had more of an effect on Dave then he would ever let her see. She rejuvenated his mind and his body, she lifted his spirits, and more then anything she made him happy. Since his wife had passed Dave was a very lonely man. It took years before he began to see other women again, and even then it was only to make a futile attempt at patching the void in his heart. It wasn’t until his connection with his daughter Amy that he had finally felt whole again. He was a new man: every moment away from her left him longing for her touch and her company, while every second he spent with her made him more and more invincible.

He had the idea of surprising Amy again the way he did the first night. He called her up and made sure she wouldn’t be expecting him.

It was with a heavy heart that Dave purposely disappointed his daughter again. He had lied about work in an effort to surprise her. The first time he did it was two years ago on their very first night together. He did it again tonight and almost regretted it immediately.

“You can’t do this again,” he said to himself.


Her tear had dried, but Amy’s mood hadn’t improved.

Two hours of work for nothing, she thought, and spent the next hour unraveling all of her intricate plan.

She had wanted something special to mark the occasion and all her effort and will had been bent towards one goal: reproducing the night when she first made love to her father.

The entire night would be exactly duplicated, the only Gölbaşı Escort difference would have been a reversal of roles: Amy would pick her father up with a rose and take him to dinner where the two would dine and then share a dance while a quartet of men played the same song as on their first date. After diner, the two would retire to the same penthouse suite and spend the night making love.

Removing all of her work however turned out to be more difficult that she had imagined.

“What do you mean you don’t have my reservation, I made it not an hour ago?” She said, somewhat angry but mainly frustrated.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Holden,” the voice on the phone said, “but it’s not in our records. Could it be under a different name?”

“No, it’s under Holden,” and she spelled it out.

“I’m sorry again, Mrs. Holden, but it’s just not there. Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

“No, and thank you.” Amy put down the phone, her frustration barely winning the battle over her own anger.

Phone call after phone call revealed the same results over and over. It was almost as if the two hours she spent had been a dream.

Amy sighed, frightfully confused.


The next part of Dave’s plan for Amy worried him slightly. He knew her very well, and to a large degree could predict her moves and actions. It wasn’t until he was on the phone with the restaurant that his nerves subsided. He was right.

“Yes, Mr. Holden, I see the reservation.” said the voice.

“Excellent. Now, I have a strange favor to ask. My wife may call to cancel, if she does please inform her that it doesn’t exist.”

“Understood, sir. May I ask why?.”

“Call it an Anniversary Surprise.”

“I see, sir. Very good. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, thank you, that will be all. Good day.”

“Good day, Mr. Holden.”

Dave pressed the receiver button, released it and immediately dialed another number; a similar conversation proceeded. Within half of an hour Dave had anticipated and nullified all of his daughters hard work.

The plan was almost complete: he needed only one thing.



Amy Holden, get a hold of yourself, she thought to herself.

She sat comfortable in a small lounge chair in the living room, her legs curled up underneath her body. In her mind a violent struggle took place. Each side of her had a different point of view over the recent fiasco, and they all fought to be heard and accepted.

“He has to work!”

“He should have given work the finger, it’s his anniversary.”

“Your father loves you, he wouldn’t intentionally hurt you.”

“My father?”

The phrase broke Amy’s train of thought. Never once had she stopped referring to him as ‘Daddy’ but this was the first time in two years that she had thought of him as her father. She pondered on it for a moment before deciding that too much thought never did anyone any good and she headed upstairs for a shower.

She undressed slowly in the bathroom and reached into the stall to turn the water on. Steam began to raise after a while and soon the entire room was filled with a great humidity. Even the mirrors had started to fog up.

Amy stepped inside the shower and tried desperately not to think of her father. That action however was just short of impossible. As soon as Amy had become acclimated to the heat of the water and started to soap herself up, the bathroom door opened. She peered around the curtain to see Dave standing there wearing nothing but a grin.


With his trap set, Dave packed up his belongings and walked out of the office. He had scheduled the time off weeks ago and was walking at a feverish pace to get home to his angel as quickly as traffic would allow.

The thirty-minute commute was completed in just under half the normal time. When Dave arrived at home, he walked into the house, still using his familiar brisk step, and headed in search of Amy.

Upstairs, he heard the shower running and knew immediately where she was. With a quick stop in the bedroom that he shared with his lover, Dave was undressed and heading towards the bathroom again.

No sooner had the bathroom door been closed behind him, he saw Amy’s glance from around the shower curtain. The look on her face was that of a confused yet excited young woman.

Dave walked towards the shower and stepped in. Amy began to say something but Dave brought a single finger to her lips. She smiled and nodded. In an instant Amy knew she had been deceived again and they both understood not a word would be said.

Without so much as a second thought, Amy had her arms wrapped around Dave. The two lovers embraced each other and their lips joined together in a passionate kiss. Amy’s tongue grazed across Dave’s and he returned the favor, sucking Amy’s tongue into his mouth.

Dave’s hands moved slowly up and down Amy’s back: starting with her hair, feeling its silky-smoothness caressing everything it touched and then Gölbaşı Escort Bayan sliding down absorbing with his touch every inch of her until he had reached her ass. A small moan escaped from Amy’s mouth into Dave’s when he gently squeezed her bottom.

Amy was in ecstasy. Dave’s hand was sending chills throughout her entire body with its touch. She held back the moan growing inside her as long as she could until his grip had squeezed onto her backside. It caught her off guard and she let out the moan. The sensation invigorated her; she was upset at being duped again but at that moment it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except that the man she loved was in her arms, that she could taste his tongue and feel his touch, and that soon he would be deep inside her.

Her senses raged wild and Amy needed fulfillment. Dave’s touches and kisses and groping had electrified her entire body. Every nerve, every muscle was tense with anticipation. She took her hand and slide it between their bodies and sent it down until she could feel her lover’s cock, already hard with a wanting of its own.

Amy stoked Dave’s cock from that position for hours, days. The lover’s kiss never once broke and Amy felt her lover’s desire growing even harder in her grip. Her own body had called out for it and she felt her own pussy getting wetter and lusting for the eminent and most desired intruder.

Not thinking and almost without realizing, Amy lifted a leg onto the side of the shower. Taking Dave’s cock into a firmer grasp she pulled at it, guiding him to her entrance. He was positioned at the opening of her pussy and Amy felt her hips moving with a will of their own, reaching for the cock, straining for it.

Dave needed very little direction or thought of his own. When he felt the tip of his cock rubbing against Amy’s hot pussy his instinct took over and his own hips pushed forward towards his lover. At once the two were connected and Dave felt a surge of pleasure sweep across his body as he entered into Amy’s wet and warm pussy.

The two, never breaking their kiss, pressed towards each other in the heat of their own passion and soon Dave’s entire cock was safely secure inside his lovers warmth. Slowly he guided it out as each pulled their hips away and just before his cock was removed entirely, the couple pushed forwards at each other again.

They continued this over and over, each slowly pulling away and then thrusting forward into the other. Faster and faster they moved, picking up speed with each and every stroke. Their bodies tingling with a desire they knew could only be satisfied by the other. Harder they pressed against each other until Amy’s orgasm grew larger and larger to an insatiable level.

With her hands in Dave’s hair, Amy gripped hard and pulled his face into her own, he tongue probing deeper into the depths of her lovers mouth.

The actions were transparent and immediately Dave knew his partner’s orgasm was quickly approaching. Taking one hand from her back he pushed it between their moving bodies and searched for her heavy breast, almost suspended in mid-air upon her chest. Dave found the tan globe with great ease and circled his fingers around its base, spiraling towards her nipple.

Only seconds had passed before Amy’s nipple was in Dave’s grasp. He took it between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it, softly at first and then quickly rising to an almost painful level.

The sensations were too much for Amy: Dave was sending wave after wave of what seemed to her like an electric current through her body. Each pulse heightened her feelings even more. With the warm and heavy cock thrusting deep inside her wet and wanting pussy and the electric surges coming from the pinching and pulling of her nipples Amy lost control. Her orgasm hit like a train. It crashed into her and her entire body shuddered with an intense pleasure. She screamed her ecstasy into Dave’s mouth, their tongues still feverishly grazing and racing across each other. Her pussy tightened around the intruding cock but not for a moment did its pace soften or slow.

The two bodies pushed into each other harder and faster still. Amy’s release left her in a state of awe and she longed for the others. She craved his cum deep inside her and this was evident by the energy she used fucking into his cock.

Once her orgasm had finally subsided, Amy broke the kiss. She wanted Dave’s attention on his own orgasm, on his cum shooting out into her desperate pussy.

Their arms were tightly wrapped around one another and Amy broke the rules: she brought her lips close to Dave’s ear and spoke.

“Cum for me, Daddy,” she said, still thrusting her hips into his, his cock pushing deep inside with every stroke.

“Cum for me, Daddy,” she repeated, “Cum inside me.”

The urging continued until at last Amy could see the face of her lover start to contort. It grew twisted and red and she knew he would be coming soon. The sight energized her further and while digging her long fingernails deep into Dave’s ass she Escort Gölbaşı whispered again.

“Harder, Daddy. Fuck me harder. Cum inside my pussy, Daddy. Cum deep inside me.”

The combinations of his daughters taunting and fingernails sent Dave over the edge. His orgasm washed over him heavily and every shot, ever drop of cum that erupted from the tip of his cock landed deeply inside Amy. He continued thrusting in and out of her until the very last drip was gone. He was spent and leaned in to kiss his lover again.

By the time their kiss faded, Dave’s cock had softened and fell from his daughters satisfied pussy. With one more small kiss on the lips, the two finished their shower in silence and in peace. Each were completely contended for the moment.


With the deception revealed, the two dressed quickly after the shower and left for the restaurant. The look on Amy’s face told Dave how thrilled she was at his rouse. Every detail was reproduced to perfect accuracy, from dinner to the music to the flowers. The evening proceeded leisurely, and the two enjoyed it immensely.

Only one small problem arose the entire night. Dave, not thinking, ordered glass after glass of wine.

Live it up, he thought to himself. It’s my anniversary.

When the time came to leave for the hotel, Dave was in no condition to walk, let alone drive. He was surprised that Amy hadn’t had a disappointed look on her face. She simply smiled and helped him out to the car.

When Dave figured out his daughter was heading towards home instead of the hotel he didn’t have the energy or clarity of mind to object. He sat slouched in the passenger seat and went along for the ride.


Amy had guessed by the midpoint in dinner that the trip to the hotel was off. Her father continued drinking and showed no signs of slowing. She was a little disappointed, but refused to show it. She did want another night in the penthouse but realized that the location didn’t make her time special, it’s who she spent it with.

When dinner was over she helped her father to the car and drove him home. When the car pulled into the driveway, she helped her father again into the house. Either through lack of strength or lack of desire (she couldn’t tell) Amy let her father fall onto the couch and decided they would sleep their tonight.

She undressed him slowly as he dozed in and out of sleep. When he was naked she went to the bedroom an took the comforter off the bed before returning downstairs. At the couch again she removed her clothing as well, and slide herself into the small gap that was left on the couch. She pulled the comforter over her and her lover and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Within moments, Amy’s arms were wrapped around him as best as she could manage and she fell fast asleep.


The next morning Dave woke before his daughter and found himself surprisingly sober. He struggled gently to remove himself from her grip and, leaving Amy asleep on the couch wrapped in their comforter, he went off into the house to start his morning routine.

After he was finished, he left his bedroom to make breakfast. Before he got to the kitchen though, he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Ah, Robbie, finished mowing the yard? I didn’t even hear you but it looks great,” he said after opening the door to find his next door neighbor looking up at him. Robbie was a young kid, maybe 15 Dave thought. He made his money mowing yards in the area during the summer.

“Yep, all done, Mr. Holden,” Robbie said.

“You really did do a fine job, Robbie, but I seemed to have misplaced my wallet. Can you stop by later today to pick up the money?” It sounded to Dave like a lie but it really was the truth. He hadn’t been aware of what happened to the wallet last night and had no clue where it might be this morning.

“No problem, Mr. Holden. I’m going to get a hair cut with my mom later, but I can send Scott over.”

“Scott? Is he home already? I thought he was still in school.”

“Yes, Mr. Holden, that is to say, he graduated college a little while ago. He’s gonna stay with me and my mom and dad for a little while, until this new job of his can get him on his feet.”

“Well, that’s good to hear,” Dave smiled. “You tell him I said ‘Hi’, and just have him come over sometime this afternoon. I’m sure to have your money by then. Thanks again, Robbie.”

“Anytime, Mr. Holden. Thanks for your business, see ya around.” Robbie waved and left down the garden path.

Dave closed the door and headed back to the kitchen when his daughter’s voice caught his attention.

“Who was that, Daddy?” she said. Still groggy from the night’s sleep.

“Little Robbie from next door, he just mowed the yard.”

“Aww, I like him, he’s so cute.” Amy smiled. “Come here, Daddy, I want to tell you something.”

Dave walked towards the couch and sat down at Amy’s motioning. She sat up and leaned close to him.

Whispering into his ear she said, “I love you, Daddy,” and she wrapped her arms around Dave and pulled him down to the couch with her. Already she was dozing again but refused to let go. At length, Dave gave up the struggle and snuggled into his daughter’s loving embrace. Soon, the two were fast asleep, basking in the quickly fading morning sun.

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