Maggie’s Change of Heart

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This story is dedicated to Jim, for all his help and support. Thanks Jim!

This whole thing started with Anna’s Birthday bash…so, in all fairness I suppose we have her to thank for helping us come together….pitty we can’t actually thank her! So Anyway, Charlotte called me a week before the event, to say we were going to have a night out, as it was Anna’s birthday…

“Hey sweety! Did you hear, Kate booked a section of that new club for Anna’s party next week. She wants all her old school friends to be there, and since we are her very close friends, she is not taking no for an answer.”

“Oh Charlotte…I don’t have anything to wear to a place like that.” I sighed.

“Don’t worry about that babe, I’ve got it covered…And I know you don’t drink Maggie, but it’s been so long since you broke up with David, so please say you will come!”

“I don’t know Charlotte…I wont be much fun to have along.”

“Maggs, I love being with you! I promise you, we will both have fun! Even if the others get lucky with a boy or two, we’ll still have fun, just you and me. So Maggs…just come for me…please, please!”

“Oh, alright, fine, I’ll come ok…but only becuase you asked.”

“And I promise to stay with you the whole night. You can even sleep at my house, tell your mom that’s the plan.”

“Alright, so…when’s this taking place? Friday night, right? What time?”

“Yeah, 7:30. I’m gonna pick you up in a cab, so be ready. I don’t want to be late…and if your not dressed, I’ll just drag you out naked!” Charlotte laughed.

“Ha ha, very funny Charlotte,” I laughed, “Now that would be something to see.”

“I know, right…Ok, so I’ll ring you tomorrow then. I’m taking you out so we can get some new clothes for the party.”

“Great, thanks! I think some new clothes are just what I need. Maybe it’ll help me to stop thinking about him.”

“Oh, please….fuck him Maggie, he’s history!” Charlotte scolded, “Maggie, your life is starting over for the better…ok? Trust me. I’ll see ya tomorrow, alright.”

Then she was gone…sitting down on my bed, I thought Charlotte was right. I don’t need David… just like he didn’t need me when he dumped me. ‘Screw him!’ as Charlotte would say.

So, the next day came, and I was ready for Charlotte to take me shopping. I could hear her say to mom, ‘Is Maggs ready, mom?’. She always called my mom, ‘mom’, from when we were little girls, and mom loved it.

Walking down to meet her, she took hold of my hand, leading me out to the door of the cab. Just before we drove off, she leaned over and kissed me. I was some what taken back…but then, Charlotte did that all the time. It became a habit of hers, but lately her kisses had become harder, and a bit longer. I didn’t mind though, ’cause I was getting to like her doing it, and she would always tell me she loved me as well.

Upon getting to the mall, we went into this shop we had never been to before. They had lots of very sexy things I had never thought of looking at…but Charlotte did, and taking my hand again she pulled me inside. The first thing we came to, she said…

“I would love to see you in that Maggs!” It was a tight black dress, of lace and silk, that left very little to the imagination.

“No way!” I said.

“Oh, come on! Open up, let your hair down.”

I don’t know why, but David’s name came to my lips. Before I could stop myself, I found the words, ‘David wouldn’t like that,’ flowing from my mouth. Charlotte turned quickly from the dress to face me…

“What did you just say!” She asked with a smile.

“Sorry, it slipped out.” I tried not to laugh.

“Fuck David!” She said a bit louder then I’d have liked, “He’s history, I told you that….so, don’t let it happen again.” We both looked at eachother and started to laugh.

Friday night came sooner than I expected. I slipped into this short black skirt, with a white top, and heels…no bra, per Charlotte’s suggestion…and a thong, if you could even call it that, it was so small. Charlotte arrived in the cab, right on time. Calling out to mom…

“Hi mom! Is my date ready?” I heard mom start to laugh.

“She’ll be down in a sec hun. Be sure to take care of her for me.” Mom said.

“Don’t you worry mom, I won’t leave her side, I promise.”

I walked down the stairs to meet her, and got Charlotte’s version of a wolf howl…

“Wow, look at you!” She laughed, but mom looked a bit shocked.

“Is that all you are wearing?” She was skeptical, but said nothing more.

“Mom,” I laughed, “This is our time to be free, as Charlotte tells me…we’re young and we only live once…and I’m sure you did some crazy stuff when you were young.” I laughed, as mom blushed without a word about it.

With that, we got into the cab to leave, sitting close together in the back seat, bare legs touching. Charlotte had told the driver the name of the club we where going to. He eyed us up casino siteleri saying…

“Ah…to be young again!” We looked to eachother, and all we could do was laugh.

Not too long after getting in, we were getting back out. And as we walked into the club, we saw the other girls standing by the bar, and quickly made our way over through the crowd.

“What ya havin’ to drink?” asked Kate.

“Oh I…” I sarted, but Charlotte interrupted me…

“I’ll have wine,” She said, “And she’ll have the same, please.” She smirked, and I opened my mouth to protest, but she nudged me with a smile, and we both started to laugh again.

“Great! One won’t hurt you Maggs,” said Anna, “Besides, it’s my birthday! You wanna make me happy, don’t you?” She smiled, and then pouted with big puppy eyes, before laughing.

“Alright, but just one,” I said firmly…

Which was just a crock, and they all knew it…cause I can never be firm with anyone…and well, one turned into two, and so on…and before I knew it my head started to spin and I began to loosen up. At which point Charlotte pulled me to dance, holding me up at points when my knees began to buckle under.

We were having a great time…and the rest of the girls, some I knew, some I didn’t, were dancing with a few boys they had met there. No boyfriends in sight! The evening progressed quickly to 2am, and we were still there. By this time, I was way past caring about anything…the drinks where still coming and I was still up on the dance floor with Charlotte. She was having a wow of a time and so was I.

Next time I checked, it was 4 am. Way past my ‘bed time’ so to speak, and the club was about to close. The other girls where going off to another party with the group of boys they met on the dance floor. But I wasn’t really up for anymore partying at that point…

“Can we go home?” I asked Charlotte. Putting her arms around me, pulling me close she said, “Yeah, let’s go.” And she kissed my cheek as we headed for the door.

The cab we order was outside by the time we got out, and when the cold air hit me, my head started to spin. I Nearly fell over, and had Charlotte not been there I probably would have. She caught me up with a laugh and lead me to the cab, easing me into the back seat before sliding in beside me.

The driver asked if we had a good time. We both said, “fab”, and then giggled lightly.

Finally at Charlotte’s house she helped me out, I was so tired. I naturally followed her down into the basement of the house. It was her parents house, but they gave her the basement flat so she could come and go as she pleased.

As soon as we got in the door I had to use to the loo. Charlotte walked with me saying…

“I don’t think you will make it on your own baby,” she laughed at me, then stood watching me pee. I was too far gone to care, besides, it was only Charlotte…I didn’t think anything of it. Then I tried to wipe, but nearly fell over, laughing at my stupidity. Again Charlotte saved me, taking the paper from me, she wiped my pussy. The thong was still down at my feet, she lifted my legs out of it, one at a time, ad then threw them aside, saying… “You won’t need them anymore.”

I leaned against her as we made our way back to her bedroom. Once there, she laid me down on the bed, and began undressing me. I must have fallen asleep, which seemed like hours, but in fact it had only been a few minutes. Still naked, Charlotte had me in bed with her, arms closed around me, caressing me all over. At first I thought I was dreaming, but I could feel myself getting turned on.

And still thinking I was in a dream, I felt someone kissing me…sucking on my lips, their tongue sliding over mine. I could feel myself heading for an Orgasm, and as if I were detached from my body, I heard myself saying… “Fuck me harder…please! Don’t stop! Oh my god, it feels so good! ”

Then…”Yes… yes!” The next thing I knew, I was waking up. My thighs where very wet, my pussy dripping with cum. Had I had a wet dream or what? I didn’t know…then, turning toward Charlotte I could see I was not the only one naked…

Charlotte was laying next to me, uncovered and as naked as I was. As I looked around in search of clues for what might have happened, I could see our clothes, laying mostly on the floor, on her side of the bed. Then as I watched her laying there, my eyes couldn’t help looking over her body. Her legs where stretched, opening her pussy to my view…it was shaved bare, and beautifully smooth…and also much larger then my own. Her breast as well were bigger… her nipples very long, standing out a good inch or more. Non the less, she was still Gorgeous. Then, when I looked closer, I could see she must have cum too…she was still dripping from her pussy. I couldn’t help but stare and then…she moaned! It startled me so, that I jumped, my heart pounding within me.

Never the less, she caught we up in her arms as she turned towards me, her face laying near canlı casino my breast, where I could feel her warm breath tickle my nipple alert. She was still asleep…but… was she having a dream? And what about? It became more clear as she began mumbling something I could not understand at first…and then my name. She licked her lips, and at the same time my nipple.

I was afraid to move, but this was giving me a strange and familiar feeling between my thighs. It was actually turning me on.

I had never been with a woman before, or even had thoughts of doing so, but this was something different. As I lay there not daring to move or wanting to, my thoughts drifted back to David. I don’t know why, as I had never had such strong feelings as this in all the time we had been together.

Charlotte was my best friend I could tell her anything…and I thought that maybe this was why I was feeling this way. We had always been very close friends… all our lives it seems. My mom was more of a mother to her then her own.

Then I came back to my feelings, and thought how Charlotte had always made a point of putting her arms around me and kissing me. I just always figured that was her way…but then again I did always like the kisses she gave me, probably more then I should have. They where soft and gentle…much more so than David’s kisses even.

As I laid there quietly, thinking about all this, she moved again… her leg came across my lower body and I could feel her warm pussy against me…very wet and sticky. Her cum began running onto my thighs. She still had her face on my breast, her tongue licking my hard nipple now and again. Part of me wanted it to stop and apart of me wanted more.

In my thoughts, I started mindlessly stroking her hair, and caressing her naked body. I kissed her forehead and it caused her to move once more. In fear she would wake up, I dared not move. As she settled back, her head tilted up, and her lips were in reach of my own now…they looked so soft, and warm…’What was I doing!’ I thought to myself, but the other half of me pressed on, and I gently touched my lips to hers. Charlotte immediately began to kiss back, though she did not wake. It must have incorporated itself into her dreams, and her hand moved to my pussy, she found my clit and began gently caressing me.

It almost became too much…I could feel an orgasm starting, and I pushed her fingers away…I was so very wet! I wanted to cum so bad and now I had to pee as well. I unlatched from her mouth, and slowly turned away. After a moment, I moved her arm from me and slipped out of bed.

I started quickly for the bathroom, and could instantly feel my warm pussy juice dripping down my legs…all wet and sticky. Looking back, Charlotte had turned over, still asleep it seemed.

Getting into the bathroom I quickly peed, before getting into the shower. I started washing my hair first, then my body…but this feeling between my legs was so strong, and it wouldn’t pass. So, I pushed my fingers inside my pussy again. Just as I started to finger myself, and it felt so good…e the door opened, and in walked Charlotte. I thought she could see me through the clear curtain, and quickly pulled my fingers out. She was rubbing her eyes, and I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think she saw what I was doing…

“I had a very strange dream last night Maggs, and you where in it with me…but I can’t remember all of it.” There was a pause and I heard the stream of her pee hit the porcelain, “I think it was I wet dream,” and at that she laughed… “I woke up soaked with cum, and the sheets were all wet…on your side too actually.” I heard the flush, and then saw her body nearing the tub…”Mind if I share your shower Magg? The hot water doesn’t last much longer then one go.” Not waiting for my reply, she stepped in behind me.

“Nice ass Maggs!” She laughed…”Makes me want to grab it.”

“Ha ha ha…very funny Charlotte.” I was sort of hoping she would, it was such a Charlotte thing to do, but she didn’t.

“Listen girly…don’t tempt me! ” she teased, reaching around me for the soap, and I felt her warm, wet breasts touch my side…and then…

“Hey Magg, could you wash my back for me?” Again, without my reply, her arm reached around in front of me with the soap. Now, I don’t know if it was on purpose, but she touched my breast as she did. Instantly my nipples got hard. I turned around, skin touching skin again, and saw she was still facing me….she smiled…

“Hi…” and then she noticed my nipples, “Aww, what cute little nips you have! They’re much nicer then mine,” she said peering down at her own.

“Nah, yours are very womanly…they’re just as good as mine.” I reassured her, and she looked up with a smile and kissed me.

“That’s why I love you Magg!” And she turned around for me to wash her back.

This was getting me turned on once again…and my thoughts went back to her arms around me, her mouth on my breast…licking my nipple…and the kaçak casino cum dripping from her onto my thighs.

Never have I been so turned on! Even with a boy. This was so strange a feeling. I had to have a talk with her about last night…but, how do you ask your best friend if they made love to you?

After some thought, I decided to let it go for the time being, in hopes that the moment would present itself in good time, and with the I turned off the faucet.

We stepped out of the shower, naked, wet and glistening. Charlotte gabbed a towel and as if it were the most normal thing ever, started to pat me dry. This just made my lust for her worse…but no way in hell did I want her to stop. It was like being hit by an electric charge, that traveled straight down to my pussy…and it was a major turn on. I could feel myself getting so wet, as Charlotte dried my breasts practically massaging them. My nipples had gotten so hard, they were proudly standing out. Charlotte noticed, although you’d have to be blind not to. With a smirk, she made eye contact, and slid her hands over my breasts in place of the towel, taking my hard nipples between her fingers and thumbs…

“I’m sorry Maggs,” She whispered in my ear, “But I just had to touch them, it’s been killing me.”

“It’s fine Charlotte,” I laughed, “I don’t mind at all.” And with that she took up the towel again, moving downwards.

Her lips touched mine as she reached my wet pussy. Little did she know it wasn’t going to stay dry for long. She massaged my pussy with a heavy hand, and I thought I was going to burst, but then she dropped the towel…although, I found was only to replace it with her bare palm, and she let loose my lips…

“What a soft, fuzzy pussy you have Maggs…but I have an idea. Why don’t you let me shave it for you?” She continued to play through the bush of my pussy, “You have such smooth skin too.”

I don’t know why, well…I knew…but, all I could manage was to whisper….”Yes.” As if there where other people around us who might hear. With this, her face lit up…

“Great!” And taking me by the hand, she lead me back into the bedroom.

She pushed me to sit down on the bed, and then walked away again. Looking back seductivly, still naked, she said…”Don’t move.”

What a joke that was, I didn’t think my legs would hold me up, much less work to move me somewhere…not that I would have anyway…but she was back in no time. And I could see in her hands, soap, a razor, scissors and a small towel. She set all the things on the bed beside me, before pulling me up to place the towel beneath me…

“Sit.” She said firmly, as if I were a little girl being ordered to obey by her mother. Upon sitting, I covered myself in the towel she had dried me with, “You don’t need that,” she said, and took it from me, throwing it to the floor, out of my reach.

Charlotte knelt infront of me, and pushed my legs apart. I could feel the cum begin to drip from me, and onto the towel, collecting under my ass. I was worried that she would see…but I doubt she would really care. She grazed over my pussy once, and kissed my inner thigh…then she took up the scissors. I took a deep breath, and leaned closer to be sure of what was going on.

“Relax babe, I would never hurt you.” She smirked.

First she cut away the longer hairs, and then soaped her hand with shaving cream…covering my pussy from top to bottom. Then, with the razor, began to shave me around the edge of my pussy first, then moved towards the lips of my pussy. All of a sudden, I felt her fingers inside my extremely wet pussy…they slid right in, and I gasped with surprise, and pleasure.

“Calm down Maggs, It’s easier to control what I’m doing this way…and I certainly wouldn’t want to cut your pretty pussy. I just nodded, not caring if that were really true or not, cause it felt so good.

Feeling her fingers inside me was adding to my nearing orgasm, but I didn’t want to tell her how badly I wanted to cum, and it was getting harder and harder to hide…

“Are you ok?” She asked, looking to my face, sinking her fingers further in with a slow turning motion.

“Yes,” I moaned, opening my legs even wider.

Just as she finished, about to move her fingers out of my pussy I started to cum… grabbing her hand I pushed it back into me. My need to come far outweighed her response… “I’m cumming!” I moaned loudly…and I had never cum so hard in my life.

“Wow Magg…did you enjoy that?” She laughed, and moved up beside me on her bed. As I came down from my orgasmic cloud, her fingers parted from me. “You’ve got me so horny now, you naughty girl!” And she sucked her fingers clean of me, and reached down for herself…

“No, let me.” I said, “Just lay back…and close your eyes.” As she did, I pushed her legs wide apart to get between her thighs.

Her pussy was so wet, even more then my own. I slid my fingers between her lips, up and down over her beautifully smooth pussy. My fingers were glistening with her hot cum, and running into the palm of my hand. I’d never seen so much in my life…

“Damn Maggie…you’re good at that. Get up here and kiss me!” She moaned.

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