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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental. This story depicts sex between consenting adults with a little Anal play, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Mark was having a really good time at his customer’s expense. He, and a number of his colleagues, had been invited to the Project team’s celebration meal at the successful conclusion of their implementation. Few people doubted that they would achieve launch, what was in doubt was whether they’d come in on time and within budget and what do you know they did.

The latter had been stretched but a few evenings of burnt candles had ensured the former and the customer was very gracious in their praise of Mark’s team who, in fairness, had spent so much time in their customers company it was almost like a second home to them as they seemed to spend more time with the customer than at their own offices.

The seating had been completely random, and Mark found that one of his companies’ trainers, Claire, had come and sat next to him. “Hope you don’t mind, most of the people I knew aren’t here.”

Being a gentleman Mark naturally replied “Not at all. It isn’t every day that I get to share such glamourous company.” In truth Claire was a looker if a shade too young for Mark but it was her chest that regularly held his attention as she had the habit of walking around her training room making them jiggle invitingly. Claire stands at around the 5 8-mark, shoulder length brunette hair, piercing blue eyes that hold you like a tractor beam and a nicely rounded figure — oh and did I mention her perfectly rounded boobs?

The evening proceeded well with the dishes coming in quick succession. The customers Project Manager had chosen well, and the wine was free flowing as all concerned were staying over in the neighbouring hotel so that the customers directors could formally sign off the Project the following day. Unconsciously Claire had repeatedly bumped against Mark shoulder as she was holding court with the people to her front and opposite side. She regularly apologised but as the evening wore on Mark could tell that the alcohol was having an effect on her.

Purely by accident, Mark’s napkin has started to slip from his lap, and he made a quick lunge to catch it before it hit the floor. Inadvertently his hand had brushed against the young woman’s leg. He had just opened his mouth to apologise when she turned to him and whispered “Oh Hello. Are we progressing to that stage of things this early in the evening?” and then proceeded to move his hand under the tablecloth and place it flat on her knee.

Mark held it there for a few minutes trying to gauge the situation before proceeding. So far, he had been the personification of charm and was at first apprehensive to progress things. Eventually he moved his hand slightly so that his fingertips gently grazed the inside of her knee and then held still again. Because of how the two were seated and the length of the tablecloth no casual viewer could discern what was going on. Claire knew what was going on, turned slightly towards Mark and let out a barely audible “Mmmm, that’s nice. I hope you are going to carry on.”

This emboldened Mark who stroked his fingertips slightly higher so that they started to graze the woman’s inner thigh still feeling nylon and began to wonder how high they stopped and how high he should enquire with his fingers. Claire tentatively put her left hand on Mark’s forearm. At first, he thought it was going to stop his progression and he would have accepted the ladies wishes if she didn’t want him to progress.

It turned out that Claire’s hand merely wanted to caress his arm, she leant towards him and placed her lips near his right ear whispering, “If you progress much further, I don’t know if I’d be able to stop you.”

With those words Mark returned his hand to rest flat on her knee replying in an equally hushed tone “I wouldn’t want to push you into something you’d end up regretting in the morning” and nodded to the woman, subconsciously stating she was in the driving seat.

Claire gripped his arm firmer and pulled it towards her slightly so that his hand travelled in the same direction up her leg. She then leant back into Mark’s arm and said into his ear “I didn’t say I wanted you to stop, did I?” to which Mark raised his eyebrow in an unspoken question.

Claire shot him a stunning grin and added “We’re both free agents and you have no idea what your fingers are doing to a certain area not a million miles away from where they are right now.” Mark gave a chuckle just as Claire tugged on his nearest arm once more and so Mark stroked his fingertips higher up her inner thigh. She fixed him with a withering stare and added “You’re very good at that. almanbahis adresi It makes me wonder what else those fingers are capable of?”

The rest of the room was forgotten as they stared at each other. Taking the bait, Mark replied “Play your cards right and you’ll be able to find out, although I should say that is not my only talent” letting the comment hang in the air.

It was now Claire’s turn to express a silent question with her facial expression but when Mark responded with a neutral expression she was compelled to ask “And? You can’t just say something like that and not qualify it.”

Mark barked a laugh and leant into his colleague whispering “Let’s just say that at college I used to go by the nickname of Gecko — you know the little critter who has a tongue so long that he can lick his own eyeballs” immediately afterwards he stroked his fingertips slightly higher. He couldn’t work out if it was his hand or what he said but the young brunette gave a hushed whimper and was squirming in her seat.

She shot him a stern look and said “You had better be serious about going through with your words. I haven’t had any of that action for months and I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight now you’ve said and done that.”

Mark sealed the deal by replying “I’m too much of a gentleman to make false promises to a lady. I will just say that it would be an honour to be able to provide such an obviously much-needed service to an esteemed colleague.” He still didn’t believe it was happening, but his words sealed it for Claire. She gripped his arm purposefully and drew it to her stomach while fanning her legs open safely hidden by the tablecloth, her actions had the effect of dragging his fingers up her inner thigh until his fingers came to rest where lacy stocking tops met soft flesh — the back of his hand could feel the warmth radiating from her crotch.

Mark pulled his hand clear and theatrically stretched his arms announcing to anyone nearby “Well some of us need more beauty sleep than the rest of you young un’s and so I’m off to my bed” he then exchanged a knowing look with Claire.

As he stood up, she in turn announced, also using a slightly raised voice “If you can wait for me to visit the little girl’s room would you mind escorting a lady on this dark night”.

Perhaps a little dramatic given the hotel was only next door but Mark smirked and bowed theatrically flourishing his hand and replied “Of course my lady, your virtue is in no danger while a good knight is close at hand” prompting a few jeers and no small amount of laughter from the remaining members of the project team.

As Claire emerged into the restaurant foyer Mark continued with the theatrics bowing deeply and crooking his arm so that Claire put her arm through, and they then left for the hotel. Claire leaned into him and said in a low voice “Can we walk a little faster. A certain part of me is quacking and if you don’t attend to it soon, I don’t know what will happen.” Mark smiled. nodded and stepped up his pace enough for Claire as she too increased her stride. He held the door to the hotel open for her and they quickly stepped on the elevator as it stood with its doors open ready.

Claire pushed the button for her floor and as she drew her arm back Mark reached out with his hand and in a very serious tone asked “Can I just clarify that this isn’t the drink talking? The gentleman in me has got to make sure you aren’t about to do anything that you will regret in the morning, or next week or next year?”

Claire put her hand against his chest and pushed him against the wall of the elevator, leaning in and gently kissing his lips. As she pulled away, she replied “I might be a little buzzed from the wine but after what you were doing and saying just now, the sober me would want this more than the current me. I only have one ask and it’s that you be discreet about this around the office please.”

The elevator floor chimed, and the doors folded open to reveal the floor landing as Mark declared “My lips are sealed, Scout’s honour”, although he neglected to say that he had never been in the scouts — she got the meaning that he wasn’t going to blab her secrets. Claire seized Mark’s hand and with the gentlest of tugs steered him towards her room. The key card was flourished, and she pushed open the door with Mark still in her wake. Once inside she steered him towards a chair and pushed him backwards until he sat down.

Claire fixed him with a stern expression. Her heart was beating rapidly and as she was undoing the buttons of her jacket she announced “I’ve seen the way you look at my breasts. Don’t say you don’t want this as much as me” and with that the jacket was removed and she started on the buttons of her blouse.

Mark smiled back at her and could only reply “Guilty as charged” although his expression changed once the blouse was tossed off to the side and she stood there in her bra and skirt as he exclaimed, “Sweet Jesus, but they look even more impressive now”. Claire’s reply was a broad grin that lit up her face almanbahis adres — he was good for her ego; she had always been in two minds about her chest. When someone praised it like that, she liked to flaunt it but there were other occasions where she tried to hide its size in baggy clothes.

Claire tossed her head back and laughed at the compliment as she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, similarly, throwing it aside and this time Mark was speechless. Her tits looked even more magnificent in the flesh as she took a step towards him and closed in on him. She came and stood in front of Mark so that she could reach behind his head and pull his mouth to her left nipple; he began to suckle on it as he reached around her and used both hands to squeeze her equally impressive butt. She could tell from Mark’s expression that his words had expressed his opinion admirably well, but the actions of his mouth confirmed his adoration of her tits.

A few minutes of suckling on her tit was enough for Mark, he stood up, lifted Claire slightly and then carried her the single step and dropped on the bed behind her. She loved the way he took control and how secure she felt in his arms. As her legs came to rest, Mark reached up her skirt and started to tug her panties down her legs. In no time he splayed her legs apart and drove his head forward and attached his lips to the already enflamed clitoris. With some determined suction and no small amount of tongue bashing Mark soon had Claire bouncing her hips up and down as she gasped and clutched her hands in his hair.

With a shrieked “Oh god” Claire tried to convulse as her long anticipated climax hit hard, making her lay back while extending her legs straight as little electric shocks ran through her to her extremities. If Mark were a true gentleman, he would have allowed the lady some recuperation time but instead he pressed on by working his way down her labia and driving his lovely long tongue deep inside her, scooping out as much juice as possible — he found the taste addictive and went searching for more.

Mark reached up his left hand and captured Claire’s extended right nipple between his thumb and forefinger rubbing it continuously making her thrash about even more. Her head was switching one way and then another, her teeth gritted, her hands digging into his scalp at the same time as her legs thrashed around. All the while she muttered a string of “Oh yes”, “More, more” plus the odd “Oh please” just before she came crashing down to earth.

Amazingly only 20 minutes had elapsed between now and the two of them entering the room, but Mark had already encouraged two orgasms from his colleague. He leant back on his heels while he tried to wipe the copious pussy juice from his lower face, surveying the sight before him. Claire lay with her legs at two very strange angles, they were held open giving a very clear view of her labia as it continued to twitch and flex, her impressive chest rose and fell in patchy gasps and her beautiful long locks were straggled all over the bed.

Slowly — very slowly — Claire adjusted her posture and propped herself up on her elbows as she swept her hair to one side exclaiming “Oh my god. I knew I needed to get off, but I never knew I needed it that badly. I’ve never had my pussy licked like that before and I’ve never come like that in my life. My god.” Mark smiled, stood up and leant over her so that he could capture her right nipple between his lips. Claire cradled his head as she added “Oh baby, that tongue of yours could drive a lady insane”.

Still leant over her, Mark managed to remove his shirt and then kicked his way out of his trousers before climbing between her still outstretched legs and positioned to tip of his cock at the opening to her pussy. If there was ever a time for her to have second thoughts he couldn’t think of a better time, instead, Claire ground her hips forward and impaled herself on his nice thick cock. He wasn’t the longest lover she’d ever had but his thickness and that tongue guaranteed she was enjoying herself, so much so she pulled Mark’s head off her tit and brought it higher so that she could kiss his lips and capture that wonderful Gecko tongue to duel it with her own.

After the frantic tongue-lashing they both relished Mark slow fucking as he drove his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt before pulling back, enjoying the feeling of Claire’s pussy as it clawed at his cock, trying all it could to stop his dicks removal. Their tongues and lips continued to duel until Mark pulled away, knelt between Claire’s legs and pulled at her hips until she rolled over face down on the bed.

This new position surprised the lady but figured she was safe in his hands. Mark pulled on her hips so that they were raised to the point that her pussy was level with his cock and then he pushed forward once more. With her mouth unoccupied, Claire babbled a string of groans as Mark push all the breath out of her lungs followed by a deep guttural moan. Mark wanted a different pace this time and started to almanbahis adresi thrust forward ever faster. Claire’s fleshy butt flexed mesmerizingly shaking in time with his thrusts. The sight prompted Mark to suck on his right thumb and push it inside her tight sphincter, the sensation sending more shocks through her being.

This pushed Claire over the edge once more and Mark felt both her pussy and ass grip at the dual invaders, pushing him over the edge too. They hadn’t had time beforehand to have a conversation about where she wanted his come and so Mark erred on the side of caution and withdrew his cock from her grasping pussy just in time to shoot three decent ropes of come over her butt and lower back.

This was all too much for Claire who collapsed on the bed face down gasping and breathing very heavily. Mark reached for the box of tissues beside the bed and cleaned Claire’s back up the best he could. He rightly figured the lady was done for the day and so arranged her limp, unresisting body so that she lay on one side of the big bed while he hopped on the opposite side and lay facing her with no small amount of concern that he may have done her irreparable damage.

After a couple of minutes Claire stirred and worked her aching torso up so that she could drape her head on Mark’s shoulder and wearily whispered “Thank you. I have never felt anything close to that in my entire life.”

Mark quickly cut her off replying “It was my very great pleasure, and I mean great pleasure, to have given you that”.

He could tell she was a broken woman and chuckled to himself as she wearily proclaimed “I’d love to be able to reciprocate but I think you might have internally re-arranged me” making them both chuckle.

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time in the morning. I need you to rest right now” stated Mark but he could make out the distinct heavier breathing before the last words were out of his mouth.

Mark managed a deep slumber despite the alcohol and was slow to react as he groggily woke up – what was that sensation? Slowly his sleep addled brain began to register that soft hair kept brushing his crotch while his cock felt damp. Eventually though the sensation registered, and he looked down his body to find Claire’s head rising and fall along his crotch as her lips were wrapped around his inflating dick. She cast her eyes up to his face and her cheeks reflected a broad grin — or as best as she could manage while providing a blowjob.

Taking her lips from his clock she had a particularly shit eating grin as she said “Morning sleepy head. I hope you don’t mind me having an early breakfast. After what you did last night, it was the best way I could think of to thank you.” At the same time her right hand flexed along the length of his dick.

Mark smiled back at her — a man could get used to this kind of treatment very easily — replying “It’s certainly a first for me to be woken like that but don’t let me stop you” and so she dipped her head back down and licked around the spongy head before wrapping her lips tightly around it. Although blowjobs weren’t top of her favourites last, Claire felt compelled to return the favour for how he made her pussy feel last night — merely recalling it was making her damp again.

Although Claire wouldn’t class herself as an expert Mark would have given her top marks for working his dick with her mouth, lips and tongue. Once Claire had gulped down the inevitable come Mark had her wriggle up the bed “Come sit on my face, I haven’t done that for some time, and I need to dine on that exceptionally fine pussy of yours”. Claire giggled and was more than happy to comply. She got comfortable as she perched herself hovering over his face but soon found she had to hang on desperately to the headboard to steady herself as his tongue drove her rapidly to another come.

This proved a useful 10-minute interlude to reinvigorate Mark’s clock and lubricate Claire up nicely. Once she came on his darting tongue, he then manhandled her down the bed until she came to his erection where, completely of her own volition, she knelt up, grasped his dick and slowly sank down on the length of his cock. Mark enjoyed seeing Claire’s delightful tits jiggle about during the first half of last night’s fuck but now he had them dancing and jiggling around in his face and so naturally he strained his neck to capture the nearest nipple between his lips. As Claire bucked and rode her sloppy pussy up and down Mark’s dick, he did his best to not lose contact with her tits which proved harder than it sounds but the dual sensations of Mark’s cock in her pussy and his lips on her nipples sent her over the edge once more as she groaned and moaned her way through her second climax of the morning.

One thing Mark could say about Claire is she always put 100% into her climax and this morning was no exception as she lay on top of him panting and exhausted, he decided to just hold onto her until she had calmed down sufficiently. Slowly she pushed her upper torso up enough so that she could lean forward and kiss him full on the lips whispering “Thank you so much. I have never come like I have these last 12 hours” and kissed him once more. She realised his dick was still erect inside her and so started to push herself down further impaling her pussy to rise and fall along his length.

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