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Double Penetration

Master big SurpriseIm a very sub t-girl and blessed with a slender girlie figure and i like to think im quite convincing. I had met a local Dom guy a couple of times and things where going well. He made me feel the slutty lil girl i crave to be, but it was the third visit when things really started to get interesting.It started when i received a text from my master that said , ” Hi slut, i want you at my place 9.00pm tonight.dressed in your sexiest lingerie, smooth, clean and ready to be used.”. As soon as i read the message i started to feel excited. I sent a message back saying ” ok see you later Master”.I spent at a couple of hours getting ready to visit my Master. Making sure i was totally smooth from the neck down and freashly showered and smelling sweet. spent ages on my make up so it looked perfect and flawless. With nice glam eyes with false lashes and nice pink glossy lips.I put on some black stockings with suspenders, black lacy thong, a very short mini skirt, and a very pretty black lacy basque top and some very sexy strappy high heels.I packed a bag with a few essentials. Spare makeup ect and a few other outfits in case my Master wanted me to change into another sexy little outfit. One last look in the mirror and mmmmm i looked hot and sexy. Now i was all dressed up i felt so fem and girlie and a little horny.It was a short drive to my Masters house. I parked my car on his drive. It was a large posh house with a long gravel drive. I quickly checked my make up and then my made my way up to his front door. Rang the bell.My heart was racing all ready. I felt a bit exposed standing on the door step in my sexy little outfit. My Master answered the door and with a big smile said hi ya my little slut, step in.” He was a very handsome 6ft stocky guy, mature businessman type with a Dominant nature but was a kind, friendly gentlemen too.I stepped inside and put my bag down. “Wow your looking so gorgeous tonight Sindy,, Very Hot””Thakyou Sir” I said.” I have a special evening planned for you Sindy””First im going to put this new collar on you, That i bought specially for you” It was a pink leather collar with diamonte studs and a D ring on it. After buckling it up around my neck he then attached a matching leash. I was now trembling a little with excitement and now felt so submissive.” turn around slut, lets have a good look at you” I did as i was told and he then lifted up my skirt around my waist and said ” mmmm nice your ass looks so cute in that little lacy thong.” and gave it a little slap.I could here what sounded like a porn film on comming from the living room. still holding on to my leash he said ” right Sindy get on your knee’s ” of cause i done as he asked.”Right tempobet giriş Sindy are you ready to serve me? are you ready to please me and obey me and show me what a little slut you are?” “yes Sir” i replied . ” I have something special for you tonight. Do you still want to be a total slut for me?”. ” Yes Sir, i’d luv to be your slut” i replied.”good girl, i need you to be totally submissive and be prepared to be well and truly used a a slut tonight”. “Yes sir i will do whatever you want me to do”.. “Good Girl, now get up of your knees and follow me”He led me to the living room on my leash. when we got to the door he then put a blindfold on me. Then he tugged on my leash and i followed him into the room. As we went in he said ” SSSSHHHHHH ” which seemed odd cos i never speak unless im spoken to any way.” Sindy stand there… put your hands behind your back and put your feet together”. He then came up behind me and put his hands in the waist band of my skirt and then yanked my skirt down to my ankles.” step out of your skirt then stand with your legs spread wide”I was now standing in just my stockings, suspender,thong, basque and high heels. With my cock rock hard and bulging out of my tiny thong.” your a dirty little slut, aren’t you Sindy?”” Yes Sir “” you love pleasing cocks don’t you Sindy?”yes Sir”” you love being used as a slave and a sex toy don’t you Sindy?””Yes Sir ” ” what are you?”” I am a dirty little slut Sir”.” good girl, now take off your blindfold slut”As i took off my blindfold my breath was taken away with what i saw. There was another 4 GUYS sitting in front of me. omg…..Then my Master said ” let me introduce you all. Well my friends as you all ready know this is Sindy my little slut i have been telling you all about and Sindy these are my friends who have come round tonight to use you. I was so shocked i wasn’t expecting this at all. I was now standing in front of 5 guys with a bulging hard cock and looking a total slut. my heart was racing even faster now and had never felt so excited, but also a little nervous and humiliated. Then my master said ” Sindy tonight you are here to please me and my friends your our little sex slave. I have told my friends they can do whatever they want with you and your gonna be a good lil whore and please them all aren’t you Sindy?”” yes Sir”” good girl, now get on your hands and knees with your pretty little ass facing my mates. Now spread your legs wide… Ass up Head down ” I did as i was told then master ripped my thong off and i felt some cold lube rubbed into my hot lil ass. then he pushed 2 fingers inside me and started to loosen up my tight pussy. next i could feel the tip of a butt plug and he shoved tempobet yeni giriş it in deep inside me, stretching my tight little hole. then gave my ass a few hard slaps making my ass sting and start to go red.My Master said to his mates ” ok who wants to have the first go on her”I guy sitting in an armchair said ” yer sindy crawl over here on you knees i need my cock sucking.”I crawled over and kneeled between his legs, i took his cock in my hand and lowered my pink glossy lips down onto his cock and started sucking. He told me to put my hands behind my back cos he only wanted to feel my mouth around his cock. He had a nice hard 8″ inch cock an i sucked on it eagerly. god i was so horny now..Then another guy come a stood to the side of me and i was soon sucking on them both, going from one to the other. The second guy told me to look up into his eyes whenever I sucked his cock. he loved watching his cock fuck my pretty lil face. Then i felt a third pair of hand on my ass and caressing my thighs. He spread my legs even wider and the he put 1 hand around my tiny little waist. next he slowly pulled out my butt plug and replaced it with a couple of lubed up fingers. He lent over and whispered in my ear ” i can’t wait to get my cock inside you, you dirty little bitch “To be honest i couldn’t wait for him to fill my pussy too.By now i was so sexed up and horny i was willing to do anything to please all these cocks.Then the guy behind shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose and held it there for ages.” breath deep you slut”I did as i was told and my head was spinning. The poppers made me feel even more slutty if that was possible.Then i felt the guy behind rub the tip of his cock between my cheeks, then slowly push deep inside me, stretching me open until his whole length was buried deep in me. As he paused for a minute i could feel his cock throbbing deep in my hot little pussy. My cock was now dripping with pre-cum and i was aching for it to be played with. I now how 2 cocks inside me for the first time as they spitroasted me and they started to fuck me both ends. Soon he 4th guy came over and he took my hand and guided it to his cock. I now had a cock in each hand, one in my mouth and another in my ass.. I was in heaven, the feeling of having 4 guys using me at the same time was unbelievable. I was now definitely a total slut as my master had promised he would make me.There was lots of flashes as my master started to take photos of his little slut being gangbanged by his friends.The 1st guy sitting in the chair started to moan louder and he grabbed my head and held it down as he thrust his cock in my mouth. I felt his cock spasm as he shot a huge load tempobet güvenilirmi into my mouth. He held my head down as he kept pumping more and more cum in my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow his big load. As i finally lifted my head up loads of cum run down my chin. Seconds later the other guy i was sucking started to orgasm, splashing his load all over my face. Then he rubbed his sticky cock over my face before making me suck him clean.The guy fucking me from behind pulled his cock out, then lay back on the floor and told me to come and sit on his cock. I straddled him and guided his cock back into my pussy and started to ride him like a cowgirl. He put both hands on my hips and pulled me down onto his cock with every bounce i made and he thrust upwards to get as deep as possible in my hot little ass. As i bounced my stiff throbbing cock slapped against my belly .Then my master handed his camera to someone else and come and stood in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my face.My Master Said ” god i’ve never seen such a cock hungry slut your such a dirty little whore , I think we will have to make sure you get gangbanged more often” i tried to reply with a “Yes Please Sir” but it was hard with my masters cock on my mouth.Then my Master said to his mate ” Do you wanna swap ends?”They pulled there cocks out and my master pulled me by my leash and made be bend over a foot stall. ” put both hands on your ass and spread your cheeks and spread your legs as wide as you can you dirty slut” the other guy that had just been fucking my ass came and knelt in front of and said ” getting sucking bitch “My master was giving me a good hard fucking and his balls was slapping against my ass. It wasn’t long till the guy i was sucking exploded into my mouth and filling my mouth with hot sticky cum again.My master took my hands of my ass and started to slap my ass as he fucked me. I bucked, wriggled and kept grinding my hips onto his hard throbbing cock. Then at last he grabbed my dripping cock as he fucked me. Soon he gave a couple of big thrusts and a load moan and exploded his cum deep inside me, pumping me full of cum. The feeling of him cumming inside me made me cum too. I had the biggest and most intense orgasm i had ever had. I was well and truly fucked i rolled over and lay back on the floor with cum leaking out of my pussy and running down my thighs. I had cum all over my face and in my hair. I felt such a dirty cum whore and i loved it. I had just made 5 guys cum and loved being there slut mmmmmmmmmm.After short break and a couple of glasses of champagne they started to use me allover again. I spent the rest of the night sucking and being fucked . Getting passed from one cock to the next. I got tied up and used as there sex toy and cum whore for the rest of the night……..THE END …… for now !!!Hope you enjoyed my story. Its my first attempt at writing a short story. Would appreciate any comments …. Thanx xx

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