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Below is my second attempt at writing something creative. Hope you enjoy! Also it involves sexual things between two boys, so if you are not into this or it is illegal for you to have access to such content, please leave.

Being a treasure trove of all kinds of pervert and taboo stories that fuel our nightly fantasies on almost a regular basis, I am sure donating to such a wonderful source is only FAIR!. You can do so here it doesn”t take that long

Also note that these are all going to be short stories. Meaning they would portray a slice of life for different people in different stories. The central theme is incest in this one, but may change in other stories depending on my mood. Also I may decide to continue some of them if I find them interesting (and more relatable 🙂 )

The next chapter will be the last for this story. With a new chapter will begin a story of a new character. Once again, it is going to be incest-themed

Max and Jake: The eventful night

I was somewhere hoping that Jake wasn”t mad at me at the thing I had just done, but did he even know that? Did he know what he had just received was a blowjob? Something you are meant to receive from girls, and not boys, and especially not a brother!, I looked back at everything I had done, did I go too far? Sure I was horny, but is that the excuse that I am going to put out for everything I did? Does that really make it alright to do what I just did? Now that the haze cleared from my mind, I somewhere felt guilty. I might have looked so, as Jake bought himself closer to me. His minty breath inches away from me.

“I am sorry Max, did I pee in your mouth?” Jake asked with concern. He was oblivious to cumming yet. That is obvious considering he has not jerked off even once. And kocaeli escort bayan the fact that I was the first to swallow it whole did make me feel connect with him on a deeper level.

“No Jake, you didn”t”

“But I felt something trickling out of my pee pee”

“It wasn”t pee. Your.. dick doesn”t always release pee, it is what most of us call cum or semen” Gosh! I seriously felt embarrassed about this sex talk. I knew the course it was taking and heading to. And then the obvious came.

“Is that what came out of yours?”

His curiosity was infectious and yet strangely innocent. “Yes,” I replied.

“But it was a lot”

“Because I am a year older than you” There was a small pause. A kind of an awkward one, one when you don”t know what you are supposed to do because anything you say might be taken in a wrong way. “Max.. was that also jerking off? You know when you put my .. dick in your mouth?” he asked.

Again I was faced with the impossible, how do I explain it that it wasn”t simply a jerk off, but something much different from that. Do I tell him that it was a BJ? And then the next obvious thing he would ask is do boys give each other a BJ? And then a series of more complicated and embarrassing questions are sure to follow. I decided it was best to leave out the details for some other day.

“No Jake, that was not. Hmmm.. let us say it was something that you can have only with me, alright?”

There was a momentary silence between us again.

“Can we have it again?” he asked, “It was the best feeling I had got, I am sure you want it too”

The idea of receiving a BJ did make me hard. But I decided it was best to draw a line here. I don”t want it to go further, I was afraid and scared of what we had already done. It was irrecoverable kocaeli sınırsız escort as it is.

“Why don”t we call it a night Jake? I am sure we would have lots of other days when we can do that right?” I said in my most assuring tone.

Jake thought about it and we agreed to call it a night.

“Max.. will you hold me through the night?” Jake asked. “I had seen a really scary movie today”

“Jake, I told you to stop doing that, you have night terrors don”t you?”

“But Stefan told me that to overcome fear you must face it yourself”

I had to laugh a bit at that. However true it was, THIS was still not the time to face it. Then I thought about it, “face your fear huh?”.

At that point, I realized what was I afraid of? Jake is and will always be my little brother. No matter what things we do with each other, if that is what makes us happy, I will do it willingly! There is no need to be afraid, besides what was I afraid of in the first place..?

“Max.. will you? Please?” I came back to reality.

“Alright!” I said and shrugged. His beautiful face lit up with a smile as he came closer to me. The room was chilled out as his warm body pressed against mine. It was so cozy and comforting. I felt the air around us had lightened, the ambiance cleared. I switched off the lamp beside us.

“I love you, Max.. More than anyone” Jake said as he spooned himself in me.

I instinctively wrapped my hands around him. That sweet smell of the talcum hitting me occasionally reminded me I was with Jake, here, together, holding him in my arms, there to always be by his side.

“I love you too Jake” I said.

“You always make me so happy Max, I.. really felt good when we kissed. Is it strange for brothers to do izmit anal yapan escort so?”

That question again? But I felt this time I had an answer, my mind felt clearer than before. “Jake, sometimes there are certain things that people consider wrong. But are they really?”

He thought a bit, “Like what?”

“Take a violent criminal for example, if he is killed by one of his inmates, did that inmate do the right thing?”

“But we are not supposed to take someone else”s life. That is murder.”

I caressed his hair. “Exactly so. There are people who think that what the inmate did was wrong, it was not his place to do what he did. But think about the people that criminal might have done bad things to, like killing there loved ones, what would they feel?”

Jake clenched me tighter. “I don”t want you to go anywhere” he said sobbing.

“Don”t worry, I am not” I assured him

“So how would they feel?”

Jake pondered realizing everything was just a perspective of the mind. “You see now, there are things people consider right while others may not. I feel the same way, if we both are okay with loving each other as we do, I don”t see where the problem is”

As if my message had reached him, he turned to face me and gave me a long kiss. I reciprocated back as we fell in the pleasure of physical senses.

“Max.. I think I love you”

“Yeah?! Me too” I said as we again enveloped ourselves in kissing each other. After which Jake slept.

I kissed his neck and sniffed him a bit and then fell asleep. That was the first night that I felt what it means to be closer to ones you loved. It was comforting, assuring, strong, and yet it was intangible, you could feel it, but you couldn”t touch it. The entire night our warm bodies snuggled against each other. Before soon it was morning. I woke up to my alarm and then I realized that Jake was holding me tightly. I couldn”t help but smile, this was an awesome start to an awesome day.

If you want to drop me a feedback, suggestion or your own story, mail me at : ail

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