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Subject: Maybe Next Time 4 See original story (fty//gay/authoritarian/maybe-next-time/) for warnings and copyright. Highlights: All fiction. All rights reserved. Includes *BULLYING* and *ABUSIVE SEX* between male teens and between teens and adult males, many of them related. Go away if any of that is against your local rules. Practice safer sex than my characters. Write if you like, but flamers end up in the nasty bits of future stories. Donate to Nifty **TODAY** at donate./donate.html to keep the cum coming. ***** Pops came in about eight and kissed Tyler goodnight and lifted me onto his shoulder. “Come on, sport! Time for us to have a little fun!” His voice was thick from the booze, but he wasn’t — sadly — so drunk he might just fall asleep. Thank God he couldn’t see my face, the dread clear to read there. Tyler looked up and just smiled. ***** Maybe Next Time 4: Pop’s Displeasure By Bear Pup ***** Pop had his hand up my shorts, playing with my ass as he carried me, then dumped me playfully onto the big bed, making me bounce. I immediately stripped and jumped to kneel in front of Pop, hoping for damage control. “Daddy, can I take off your clothes so I can make you happy?” He stared at me for a moment. “You know you’re in trouble? That I’m really disappointed in you, right?” “Yes, sir. I never meant–” “Shut it. I don’t care if you’re sorry cuz I’m gonna make damned sure you are *really* sorry tonight, Kyle. I want to know why you ran away from me; why did you tell Tyler that?” And that was the moment when I had to choose. Tyler had lied just to hurt me, just to get Pop to hurt me, probably real bad. He deserved to get some blowback from lying. He deserved to be hurt, too. That’s when I realized that, well, I wasn’t Tyler. “I, uh, I think he misunderstood me, Daddy.” He laughed harshly, “So Tyler lied, huh? That’s your story, is it?” “NO! No, Pop!” I said, “I told him that I was going to get out from under your feet today like normal! I know how you like alone time on Saturday. You like some quiet time. I didn’t know it had changed, Daddy! I didn’t know!” He stared down at me, frowning fiercely. “Why didn’t you ask me?” “Because, um, because,” I thought frantically and suddenly it dawned on me, “because I was afraid you’d say no, that you didn’t w-w-w-w-want me anymore, Daddy.” I put a bit of simper in there. “I couldn’t take it and so I just… did what you’d always wanted me to do. I gave you space, Daddy. So, um, you really d-d-d-d-d-did want me?” As repulsed and sickened by my performance as I was, I still managed to sound hopeful. “Get me undressed, Kyle, and we’ll talk.” I leapt at the chance and I soon had Pop skinned, though he had to take his t-shirt off by himself since I wasn’t tall enough to get it over his head. “Can I suck you, please, Daddy? Please let me make you happy.” “You can lick the tip, no more, while I think about this.” I did just that, trying with my tongue to make him horny and ready. It’s not easy really, with just a dickhead to work with, and not even the whole head at that. It was only a minute or so before he said, “No.” I sat back and looked at him, praying, ‘Please, don’t let it be piss!’ My prayer was answered in perhaps the most perverse way I ever imagined. Pop moved to sit on the dressing-table chair that mom had always used for makeup. He purred, menacing and smooth, “Come over here, Kyle.” In mounting anxiety, I walked over and stood in front of him. My father was a large, powerful man and I watched the muscles flex under the skin of his shoulders. “This is the first time that I’ve had to punish you, Kyle, since you started cumming. When you were younger, I just had you stand in a corner or get some swats or be grounded. That doesn’t work as well for guys once their balls start to drop, and it damned sure doesn’t work for cocksuckers like you. Cocksuckers need to learn, and there’s only one way to send the lesson home.” With effortless ease, he lifted me and placed my naked form across his knees, his rampant cock poking into my side and belly like a spike. “I never want to cause you pain, baby, but you have to learn. This is going to hurt me a lot, Kyle. All you have to do is just tell me how you failed and apologize.” Uh, what? “Um, I left when you needed me around? And I’m sorry?” “Wrong answer.” I heard a brief whistling noise and got a sensation I’d never imagined. It was like being spanked but at the same time being jabbed in the ass by hundreds of little spikes. I looked over my shoulder and saw Pop pull his arm back for a second stroke. What he held shocked me to silence. Yesterday, he’d made me look at my cum-drenched face in Mom’s hand mirror. What he held was her matching hairbrush. The first swat had evidently been a ranging-and-aiming exercise because the next set my ass on fire. I howled with the pain as about ten very hard, very fast blows landed. I was sobbing but didn’t really have any words. He stopped and I dropped limp, not realizing that I had clenched every muscle. “Tell me how you failed, Kyle, then apologize. We’ll do this until you get it right.” “I-I-I-I-I-I, I, um, I wasn’t here to give you what you needed, Daddy! I’m so, so sorry!” “Wrong answer.” The brief respite had allowed every nerve in my buttocks to scream in pain, sensitizing them beyond measure for the next set. I was wailing and begging for mercy, for him to stop… for anything I could think of. “Tell me how you failed, Kyle, then apologize. Think about it this time. I told you what you were and what your job was, Kyle.” My job? My JOB? My voice was shaky and gasping but I managed to squeak out, “I’m your c-c-c-c-cocksucker and I’m supposed to be here for you! I’m sorr–AAIIEE!” The swats were harder, and covered a wider area. And they went on and on. “It’s close. That is what *happened*, Kyle, it’s just the effect. It’s not how *you* failed. Tell me how you failed, Kyle, then apologize.” “No! No! Please! I-I-I-I-I-I-I don’t understand! I’m a cocksucker and I wasn’t here? I’m YOUR cocksucker. That’s right, isn’t it? Please, Daddy! Help me understand, Daddy. Teach me, please!” He sighed deeply. “Well, you will damned sure understand after tonight, but you seem to have finally figured out that you are my cocksucker. My pleasure is the only thing that matters to my cocksuckers. How you failed, Kyle, is deciding to put your pleasure, a day running out goofing off, in front of MY pleasure if I’d decide I felt like letting you suck my cock. That’s how you failed, You. Worthless. Piece of. Shit. Cocksucker.” With that the gates of hell opened upon my ass. I was close to vomiting in pain when he finally stopped and it was a couple moments before I stopped shrieking my pleas for mercy. I vaguely, as if from a distance, heard him set the brush down, then found my head jerked around violently with his grip in my hair. Pop was holding Mom’s mirror again, forcing me to look at my screaming-red ass cheeks. I could see where the bristles of the brush had not-quite pierced the skin as pinprick welts blossomed across my tortured ass. He took the back of his middle fingernail and slowly, methodically scraped upwards from my leg to my hip, across the center of my right butt cheek. I screeched with the tiny thread of agony it brought. He pushed me off onto the floor in front of me. “Look up at me, cocksucker. Tell me what you did wrong, apologize and then thank me for teaching you.” There was no hint of fight left and I rushed to speak, tripping over my words, “Thank you! I, I put myself in front of pleasure — in front of YOUR pleasure, Daddy. I’m a — YOUR — c-c-c-c-cocksucker and y-y-y-y-your satisfaction is the only thing that means anything at all to me! Please, I’m so, so sorry. It will never happen again. Thank you, Daddy! Thank you for t-t-t-t-teaching me!” His stern face broke into a wide and delighted smile. “Well, that wasn’t so hard, now was it son? You’ve learned a lesson and even though it killed me inside to have to punish you, you obviously see now that it was the only way. That’s a good boy. Now, beg me to let you suck me. You said my satisfaction is all you want. I need to hear that when you ask.” Swallowing bile and trying to kneel in a way that nothing, preferably gaziantep escort not even air, touch my ass, I looked up into those terrifying, sparkling, cruel eyes. “Oh, Daddy. I wanted all day to suck you! I was so scared you w-w-w-w-w-wouldn’t let me. Please let me suck you! Please let me make you holler with joy. Please, Daddy, please fuck my face!” “Hands in my ass-crack, cocksucker, and I better not feel teeth.” I dove onto his cock and started to root with my hands under him to get to his hole. I knew better than to lose eye contact, watching those malicious orbs glint down in predatory satisfaction. He didn’t move at all, making it incredibly difficult to worm my hands under his meaty ass, but he moaned loud and long when I got there and started to tease his ass-lips. “That’s it, cocksucker. Get down on Daddy’s big cock. That’s it, Daddy’s own little boy slobbering my knob. Suck your siblings outta me.” He moaned and cussed at me, calling me his bitch, cocksucker, baby and son. He had me fellate him for a minute or two then said, “Pull your left hand out.” I did and he grabbed my hair and dragged me off his cock. “Suck my ass off your hand, cocksucker.” I did, making a show of it as I knew he expected; he yanked my hand out and pushed me back onto his cock and told me to get back to his hot hole. If anything, my tears of disgust and degradation made him happier, hornier. He started fucking my face and repeated the process with my right hand. He went on like this for perhaps ten minutes, the ass-finger-sucking breaks from my blowjob making it so he could prolong his pleasure… and my discomfort and shame. At long last, he finally decided to end it. He grabbed both sides of my head by the hair and simply throat-fucked me. I screamed and begged around his cock, desperate each time I got so much as a sip of air. He finally plunged as deep as he could go and let out a string of profanity as I felt his thick cock throb and paint the back of my throat. He pulled out just barely enough to be in my mouth and continued to pump his scum into me. I fought the urge to swallow, and thus to breathe, knowing that he’d brutalize me even worse if I failed to show him his own cum. “Show, me, cocksucker!” I opened my mouth and leaned back so he could see, now suddenly able to breathe through my nose. He reached in a finger and stirred the slime around, coating my teeth and under my tongue before telling me to swallow. I did, tears streaming. “Very good! Now come on to bed Kyle, I’m tired.” “Um, uh, Pop? Can I use the, um, the bathroom?” He slapped me just barely enough to sting and said, “No, you hold it until morning. It will make you think about what you did. And if you piss in my bed, you will regret it for a very, very long time.” I crawled into the bed and laid on my stomach as much as my side due to the pain in my ass, and Pop snuggled up right against me, his thick and bristly hair prickling. He was out and snoring in moments. I awoke perhaps two hours later, desperate to piss but knowing it couldn’t happen. To relieve the pressure on my bladder, I rolled onto my side and choked back a bloodcurdling scream as Pop’s fur assaulted the nerves of my abused ass. I didn’t sleep again that night for fear of pissing inadvertently. I silenced the alarm when it went off, then licked the night-sweat from his cock, nuts and gooch. Bending over nearly made me pass out from the piss-pressure, but I sucked him vigorously until he came, damned near singing with joy. He popped me hard on my tormented ass and said, “Come on sport, let’s shower!” He ran the water a moment as I shifted desperately from foot to foot. The sound of running water was perhaps the worst. “So, cocksucker, do you think you learned your lesson? Holding it all night, plus the punishment you forced me to deliver to your ass had an effect, right?” he enquired cheerfully. I nodded and tried, stutteringly to thank him or say anything else that might make him let me piss. He lifted me into the shower and stepped in behind me, water still coming from the faucet instead of the showerhead. He pushed me into a crouch with the water at my back and said, “You can piss after I do.” With that, he let loose and again soaked me in his bright-yellow, pungent urine. “Open.” I did and he pissed into my mouth. “Swallow.” I complied as his stream finally petered out. “You can piss as you wash me, cocksucker, but if one fucking drop of your cocksucker piss hits me, you will pray for death.” He turned the water to the showerhead and I started at his feet, locking my cock between my thighs so the torrent of my own urine would flow straight into the drain behind me. I was weeping with both humiliation and physical release, and was able to dawdle enough with his legs, cock, balls and ass that I was drained before I had to stand and wash the rest of him. Throughout, his bird-bright eyes watched me closely, looking for something to criticize or punish. Pops, of course, had to do his own hair but after I rinsed him, he climbed out and told me to wash. “And since you did so well with your punishment, this morning you can brush your teeth. No toothpaste or mouthwash, though. I want to make sure you come to not only accept but crave that taste, bitch.” All I could think was, ‘Maybe next time, he’ll treat me like a person.’ He left and I heard him dress and leave for work. I huddled in the shower — weeping, sobbing, retching — until I felt the water fade toward cold. I washed and rinsed quickly and went to get dressed. There was a sheet of paper on the door to the bedroom where Tyler was still sleeping. “IF YOUR N THE HOUSE YOU STAY NAKED. BOTH A YOU.” I didn’t have tears left and, to be honest, it was probably less humiliating that any of the other things he’d done. Plus, the idea of even soft cotton touching back there made me quail. I decided to let Tyler sleep. Pop worked Sundays, but neither Tyler nor I had anything other than routine chores. I was cleaning the shared bathroom, having finished Pop’s, when I heard Tyler start to grumble. He came in, saw me and simply stepped over me into the shower. He turned the water on and I watched as his piss-stream, usually a torrent, trickled out of the plastic cage. He looked down at me with loathing and then smiled. “You got the brush last night, right?” I nodded. “Good, and I hope he added extra for calling me a liar.” I looked up, puzzled. “What? I didn’t call you a liar.” “Fuck you. Are you telling me that you admitted saying you ran out on him? Is that what you’re selling, you lying little bitch?” I sighed and sat back, wincing. “No. I told him that I said I was going to get out from under his feet and that you just misunderstood what I meant and that it wasn’t your fault.” Tyler stared at me like I was speaking Ojibwa. “You what? Why?” I sighed again as I stood, done in this room and ready to tackle the kitchen. “Because I’m not him, and I’m not you, Tyler. I don’t want to see you or anyone else punished.” I walked out of the bathroom, leaving him gaping at me. He walked into the kitchen as I was finishing there and sat back-to-front on one of the dining chairs. He was naked — except for the cock cage — so I knew he’d read Pop’s note. “What did you really tell Pops?” He was frowning like he does with a math problem that he can’t quite solve. “I already told you, Tyler. I didn’t lie to you, I lied to Pop.” I went to move past him and he grabbed my arm, staring intently into my eyes, back and forth, searching. “Kyle. Sit down and talk.” I just stared at him with as little expression as possible. “Um, Please?” WHOA! Common courtesy from Tyler Volker! I involuntarily shot a glance out the window to check for flying pigs. The novelty of the situation was shocking enough that I just sat opposite him, yelping as my bare ass hit vinyl. “About what?” “He, uh, he really went to town on you, didn’t he?” I sighed. “Tyler, the walls aren’t that thick. You heard what happened. I don’t understand how the neighbors didn’t.” His voice was small and frightened for the first time I’d known it. “They do. They hear it. Pop knows something, I don’t know what. One time after he… he… anyway, it was really l-l-l-l-loud and the man next suriyeli escort door came over and threatened Pops. Pops went all quiet and serious and I couldn’t hear what he said, but the man looked like he’d been gut-punched and went away. He never complained again. And he never looked me in the eyes after that day, either.” I filed that away as another hateful bar on my prison. No one was going to come to the rescue. Tyler coughed, his voice thick and he said, “Anyway, in our bathroom, second drawer, is a tube that says Brave Soldier. Smear it on after you take a shower and then later in the day. Make sure not to do it when Pops will see, and start using the deodorant spray. It covers the smell. It makes it possible to sit and wear clothes without, you know, crying.” He quickly turned and I think he was doing just that — crying — but for a reason I couldn’t really fathom. I did everything but run to the bathroom and found the tube. I squeezed a bit onto my palm and rubbed it in. The rubbing nearly made me scream but with a sudden rush, the pain vanished nearly making me faint. I was crying as I rubbed the gel-cream over the area, getting relief for the first time since nightfall. I heard his voice behind me, back to the furious tone I was used to. “That shit ain’t free, bitch. There’s a place that does pussy-waxing at College and Drake, behind the pricey burger joint. It’s about fifteen or twenty a tube. You buy the next one, cocksucker. And don’t get your fucking ass juice on the cap.” He went into our room and I heard him getting dressed. “I’m out for a couple hours. For the Brave Soldier tip, you’re doing the vacuuming.” He was gone before I could think to protest. I didn’t give a fuck, though, flying as I was on a post-pain high. I stripped the bedding and remade the beds (Tyler was supposed to help but rarely did) then did his vacuuming. All the while, I was planning. What Pop wanted was to degrade me as far as he could. It was clear that Tyler, who resisted everything, had paid a dear price for years. I decided to try the opposite. I’d embrace it and see if I could somehow survive. The thought sickened me, but so did every alternative I could imagine. I did make one change to my routine; I chugged some Pepto-Bismol about 30 minutes before Pop was likely to get home. Maybe next time, the urge to puke could be staved off, at least a little. Tyler came home about then, stripped reluctantly and started fixing dinner. I heard the garage door go up. I waited inside the door to the garage and when Pops came through, I literally ran to him, “Oh, Daddy! Welcome home, Pop!” I looked at his shocked eyes and went to my knees, started to roll my head and face in his pants-covered crotch. “I missed you, Daddy. Can… Can I take your pants off, please? Please, Poppa?” I tried the childish version of Pop on a whim but felt his cock twitch under my cheek. “Get off me, cocksucker.” His voice was equivocal, he loved what I was doing but hated not having anything to punish me with. YES! He flipped me backwards with his hips and walked to his bedroom… our bedroom, now. I followed, trying to be as much like a puppy as possible. When he started struggling out of his shirt, I helped and put it in the hamper before returning, doing the same for the soiled and extremely ripe t-shirt underneath. He sat heavily on the chair and I dove forward to start helping with the boots. Pop wore engineer boots, square-toed and steel-reinforced. Getting them on was easy; getting them off was not. He normally used a bootjack, but I straddled his leg and started pulled from the heel and he grunted in approval. The boot finally yielded and I pulled off the sock as well. “Suck my toes, cocksucker, and lick my feet.” In the range of disgusting and degrading things, this was pretty simple. I curled my body forward and started making love to his foot. I pretended that I was kissing a mouth or something, relishing the moans I was getting from Pops for my efforts. He finally said, “Enough!” and sat back, panting a bit, as I released his leg. “Turn around.” I did and then blushed as he sneered at my cock. “Hard as a fucking rock. You are one damned fine cocksucker.” “Can I do the other one now, Daddy?” I asked, turning around and straddling his leg. He stuck his leg up quickly, slightly racking my balls in the process which apparently was the goal; I could hear his satisfied chuckle. I started to grab the heel and he said, softly but firmly, “Stop. Spit on my boot. Get it good and wet.” Oooookay, whatever. I hocked up spit and he said, “Smear it around. No, bitch, not with your hand, with your prick.” Um, okay. I did and he told me several more times to spit until the black leather was slick with my saliva. “Now hump my boot, boy. I want to see that cute little puppy ass hunching. When you’re ready, you can ask me for permission to cum. I might even let ya.” The mental image I got when I closed my eyes and started to hunch was about as humiliating as anything I’d done before. Pops could be counted on, thought, to make it worse. “Yeah, hump my fucking boot like the dog you are. Hump it, bitch. I sensed him leaning forward and gasped as his rough hand invade the crack of my ass. “Yeah, you little slut, you like that. Tell me you like it, cocksucker.” “Oh, yeah, Daddy!” Thank God I was turned away, as the revulsion and shame on my face would have made him even worse. “Yeah, Daddy, play with my ass, please? More! As I hunch your slimy boot, Daddy, play with me!” He started panting again and I felt myself reaching my climax. I yelped, then I whined with pain when I felt his finger actually slip into my asshole. It burned! I worked hard to maintain my erection and also to keep hunching around the invader. It burned horribly but I knew what he wanted to hear. “Yeah, Daddy! That’s so fucking hot! Please can I cum on your boot with your finger in my ass? Please, Daddy? Please, will it make you happy for me to c-c-c-c-cum on your boot?” “How long since you came, cocksucker?” “Um, um, the night you made me your cocksucker, Daddy! I need it, sir, please?” He jammed his dry finger in further and said, “Yeah, you fucking cocksucking dog. Cum on my boot with my finger in your worthless pussy. Do it, bitch, cum!” I had enough stimulation then that I could overcome the humiliation and I started to cum. I also knew what he wanted to hear next, “AYIIEE! Daddy! Daddy! Yes! Thank you, Daddy! Oh, I’m cumming so hard and your finger in there is so good. I’m cumming all over your nasty boot, Pops. Tell me it makes you happy to hear me unh-unh-unh shoot my load on your boot, Daddy! Please say it’s good for you!” “Yeah, cocksucker. Dump your worthless slime onto my boot.” Right about as my orgasm subsided, Pop wrenched his foot down which overbalanced me and I fell forward. “Now clean up your mess, cocksucker. Lick your cum from my boot, bitch.” Pop worked at a recycling facility, but it was still a garbage dump and smelled like one. I was really, really grateful for that shot of Pepto earlier as I leaned down, trying not to gag or vomit while licking my cum from his reeking boot. When I was done, he had me pull it off and again lick and suck his foot. “Turn around here, cocksucker. Yeah, I see where your eyes are looking. Unbuckle me and get your face in my nasty, crotch-rot shorts, boy. I’ve been wearing them three days just for you.” I did and repeated the face-rolling I did earlier, knowing that the gesture of subservience might make it better this time. I started to nibble and blow on his cock through the thin, skanky cotton. He pushed me away by my forehead which made me land on my butt, looking up at his glee-filled face. “I’m ready for dinner. Get me a cold beer and have it waiting for me while I use the head.” I ran off down the hall and started setting the table. Tyler glared at me with a renewed hatred that took me a moment to place. He had been Pop’s cocksucker and, I’m guessing, was brutalized for all four of those years, and it seemed like I was already getting away with no more than a little humiliation. He wanted me, somehow, to feel the four years of torment as if he could shift it all to me, as if it had never *really* rus escort happened to him at all. I’d been thinking about it most of the day, trying to piece together how they’d done it without me even suspecting. One of the keys was Saturday. Pop had always made it clear that I was not to be anywhere near the house on his leisure day. Thinking back, though, that was never true for Tyler. And Saturdays were when I was most likely to find Tyler subdued or enraged later in the day. I still couldn’t fathom, though, how they accomplished it the rest of the week. I mean, it’s not like Pops had just suddenly bought a libido or something. Pop came in just as Tyler served the pork chops, pan-fried potatoes and lima beans. He had refastened his jeans as if to emphasize our own subservient nudity. Pop was in fine spirits, asking us each about the coming school week and such. After dinner, he grabbed Tyler in a bro hug and said, “Let’s get you out of that and cleaned up, champ.” The look of relief, joy and gratitude on Tyler’s face was magnified by the contrast of his horror when Pop tuned to me and said, “Kyle, bring up a big silver bowl full of ice and water in five minutes.” I heard the water running and waited the allotted five minutes and then I carried the freezing-cold bowl into the bathroom. Pop had Tyler standing in the tub with the shower running. The cock-lock was off to the side, on top of a book. For the first time, I could see its constituent parts, and recognize just how horrible an experience it must be. I looked to Tyler and realized that the attention Pop was giving his cock and balls was very thorough, very sensual, very erotic. My brother was rock hard and leaking so much that it left trails in the soap suds. His breathing was short and desperate. I watched his balls slowly pull up alongside his cock just as Pop’s did when he was getting ready to shoot. Tyler’s head was thrown back and all of his muscles were tight and stood out under his smooth skin. With no warning at all, Pop turned to grab the bowl and started ‘rinsing’ Tyler. My brother shrieked when the icy water hit his blazing-hot cock. It was a sound so far beyond mere torment that it shredded part of my soul to hear it. Pop was a master. He’d done what was needed by washing Tyler’s cock and balls under the chastity device, but he also added layer upon layer of anguish, first by titillating him to the very edge, then by denying him release, and finally by the physical torture of ice water on his desperate cock and churning balls. I was crying as I watched my brother’s hardon flag then shrivel. Pop dried it quickly and with a curiously-practiced set of movements, got Tyler’s dick in the receptacle, closed it and pulled the metal ball-strap tight before locking it all with a satisfying — and terrifying — click. Tyler sank to the bottom of the tub and curled slightly, sobbing uncontrollably. Pop grabbed his book and said, “Come on, sport. Your brother needs a little alone-time to think over what he did.” Mortified and shaking, I followed Pop into the bedroom. I noticed he put the book down on the dresser. I wondered when he read it. The night was actually unexceptional. He fucked my face and throat, using the numbing spray as a reward for my submission (in reality, my playacting) before he fell asleep. I felt him curl his body around me as I dropped off, exhausted by the lack of sleep the previous night. Monday — I lick Pop’s nuts, suck him off, go to school, come home, do the ‘Please, Daddy’ act, suck him off twice (he was very impressed with my performance), go to bed. Tuesday — I lick Pop’s nuts, suck him off, go to school, come home, do the ‘Please, Daddy’ act, suck him off, go to bed. Wednesday morning, though, was a different matter. The alarm had barely gone off when Tyler came into the room and knelt by Pop’s side of the bed. I went to work cleaning him and was shocked when Tyler’s head was there in Pop’s crotch next to mine, even more diligent on the tongue-work. Pops woke and noticed, throwing back the covers and laughing. “Well, I have a feeling that someone wants to ask a favor!” Tyler’s voice was so obviously desperate and submissive that I didn’t recognize it. “Please Poppa, please let me out today! I have weight training for the squad and, and, Oh, GOD, Poppa, I can’t let them see it! Please, I’ll do anything, and I know what I did was wrong and I’ll never bully anyone. Ple–” “Hush!” Tyler fell silent as if a guillotine had cut his throat. “No… you haven’t learned yet. I could see it yesterday and still even this morning. You need at least another day.” But he was smiling as he said it, obviously encouraging more begging, which Tyler supplied. I’d heard the term, ‘groveling’, before, but I suddenly realized it was a very real thing, distinct from any other human behavior. Tyler groveled and begged. Finally, Pop pulled him up by his hair. “I shouldn’t, but I’ll do this. I’ll give Kyle the key.” Wait, what? Me? Oh, fuck, this is not going to end well. “You two can meet up in a bathroom immediately before your lifting session. He’ll unlock you. You do NOTHING other than the weight training. And you come straight home. No shower, no changing clothes, nothing.” Tyler was weeping with relief and thanks. “That is, if you do one small thing.” Tyler’s voice again stopped like he’d been struck dumb. “Show your cocksucking brother how to make me feel really good. Show him what a trained cocksucker can do.” Pop leaned back. “And do it now, Ty. Do your Poppa, big boy. Make me moan.” Tyler looked like he was about to vomit but he didn’t hesitate. He took Pop’s prick to the base in a single lunge. I was stunned at the sight. One hand flew to Pop’s ass-trench and started diddling and the other went to his nipples, playing and gently teasing and twisting each before going to the other. His head was constantly in motion. After each deep-throat, he’d pull up so very slowly, humming throughout, and I could see his tongue franticly licking all the way up the shaft. When he reached the head, he moved his face around, moaning as he tantalized the mushroom at the top of the stalk. Plunge then swallow a few times while moaning, hum and lick upwards slowly, titillate the head. Repeat. Pop’s nipples were now distended like little cocks and he was moaning, a low growl as his head was thrown back. He started to grunt and he reached down and thumped Tyler’s head once, hard enough to hear. That was a cue. Tyler dove fully down and started to swallow and moan and growl and shout around the buried cock, not moving from that deep-throat plunge until Pops howled, loud and long. I watched as Tyler sucked down a couple of Pop’s shots and then pulled back, laving the head with his tongue as he accepted the rest of the load. As soon as Pop stopped shooting, Tyler was sitting on his haunches, hands behind his back, face tipped up and mouth open, presenting the load to Pop. “That, Kyle, is what you’re gonna learn to do, and eventually do it better. Now, this is something I’ve been waiting for. Tyler, share your little swimming siblings with your brother. You and Kyle kiss and swap that load before you both swallow some.” The look in Tyler’s eyes was one bordering on madness driven by rage and humiliation, but again he didn’t hesitate. He leaned forward and I bent to kiss him. We made sure Pop could see us swapping the load back and forth.” I want to see tongue action, Tyler.” I felt his tongue enter my mouth and I let it happen. “Okay, swallow.” We did and sat back. “Good boys. Now run off and get ready for school while I head to work.” Beat Readers: Special thanks to the folks who spent their own good time looking for my fuckups. Special kudos to Jack, Thom and Lee. Now on Tumblr: Bear Pup — Beyond Nifty https://orsonbearpup.tumblr/ – Now including INSTA-PORN, sexual vignettes based on pictures that appear in my feed If you want to get mail notifying you of new postings or give me ANY feedback that could make me a better author, e-mail me ail Active storelines, all at fty//gay… Canvas Hell: 34 chapters …/camping/canvas-hell/ Beaux Thibodaux: 26 chapters …/adult-youth/beaux-thibodaux/ The Heathens: 26 chapters …/historical/the-heathens/ Lake Desolation: 19 chapters …/rural/lake-desolation/ Culberhouse Rules: 11 chapters …/incest/culberhouse-rules/ Raven’s Claw: 9 chapters …/authoritarian/ravens-claw/ Ashes & Dust: 4 chapters …/rural/ashes-and-dust/ Maybe Next Time: 4 chapters …/authoritarian/maybe-next-time/

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