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Subject: Me & James O (15) This is a fictional tale of this hot guy I met online. I don’t totally remember how i got to his chat page. But I remember at one point finding him on post and then on Twitter. I have chatted with the guy a few times, but not hooked up. James is a bicurious,. average guy with average body and a nice bearded face. But it’s his cock and balls that make me crazy. Perfect size. About 7 or so inches long and with a nice curve. And a set of balls I could eat for days. Well as mentioned. It’s a tale of fiction as we have not physically met. And I don’t see that really happening. But one can hope. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me & James O (15) … I had a wonderful time with James at the festival. And that moment when we just sat there next to each other on that bench was almost a dream. The tender and passionate kiss that we shared. I knew I still had feelings for him. Even love I gather. And as the day moved on I knew I was falling back into them. Then as we walked a bit more we ran into Jaden of all people. He was with some new hot muscled dude. I didn’t pay much attention to his name, as the moments were awkward women we saw them.. “I thought you weren’t gonna see him again” Jaden said to me. “Looks bursa escort buddy” James started to say “He can see whom he wants” Jaden gave him a strange look before backing off his assault. He just place his hands on his hips and then declared that he wasn’t gonna pick me u off the floor when I was hurt again. I tried to let him know that I was willing to risk this. That james was worth it and he was wrong. But he brushed off my challenge if him. “Its your bed man” he said “Lets go Billy” It was a brief and uncomfortable encounter. I was caught between my friend an the man I liked alot. After the confrontation I was a bit put off because of Jadens words. But then I felt James’ hand grab mine. He squeezed it tightly. And then he smiled at me. That cute some he had seemed to get to me. So I smiled back. “I am sorry about that” I them said to him. “I know he means well” “No he doesn’t” James said back “But so long as you don’t let him rule your decisions.” James then leaned over and kissed my cheek His bearded face tickled as he did. I then kissed his face back. “Lets go” he said “I will take you home” We left the festival shortly after. We were back at my place sometime later. And all I can say was I wanted to have James again. My like turned back to lust as I looked at bursa escort bayan him that day. The handsome face and the hit body I knew was under his clothes. I made us some soup and sandwiches as a quick meal. Then we hung out in my living room for some time longer. We drank some wine and just enjoyed each others company. And yes I gave him more liquor as we sat there. Wanting him to tipsie to drive home. Because when he suggested it was time to go I said he could not leave. “Give me your keys” I said to him “What do you mean?” He replied “You have been drinking. And I don’t want you driving James”. “You will stay here tonight” He smiled at my slyness. Leaning in to me and kissing my cheek. Then I turned and kissed his mouth. And that began the passion again. I grabbed his head and locked my mouth to his as we sucked face. My hand reached for his shirt. Grabbed at the buttons and undid several to get his shirt opened. Then I reached in and found his hot furry chest. And I started to rub him. “Come on” I said to him as I pulled from his mouth I stood up and clicked off the TV that was nothing more than background noise to my sitting with him. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up too. James got up and I lead him to my bedroom. And then closed the door and locked it. escort bursa I wanted to have him again. “You wanted me all boozed up didn’t you” he said with a smile “No” I huffed back “I still wanted you here again” “Your drinking was all you” I pushed him to the bed and he looked up at me. I removed my shirt and then my pants. He looked at me with desire. Then he lay there fumbling with his pants too. Unzipping to get them opened. I looked at the gorgeous guy in my bed. His shirt opened to show of his delicious body. “Let me” I said to him “I’ll get your pants off James” He then pulled off his shirt and threw it at me. “Okay then” he said “I am all yours” “Do with me what you will” I grabbed at his pants and pulled them down his legs. The meaty lump in his briefs was beautiful. I tossed his pants aside and then turned to close the door. Then back around to him. He spread his legs and told me to crawl between them. “Dinners ready” he said I I got in the floor between his legs and placed my hands on his thighs. Looking up at his body and bulging crotch. James smiled down at me and it made me so horny for him. I moved in there between those legs and went for that gorgeous bulge. My hand grabbed at his confined cock and balls. Feeling the bug wonderful lump of them under my hand. The fullness and heat rising up from his awesome crotch driving me crazy with lust. I needed James and I pushed my face into his crotch… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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