Meeting my Lovely Cumslut, part two

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Meeting my Lovely Cumslut, part twoAs we reach the elevator, I make a point of standing next to you, so that I don’t block the other guest’s view of your ass, as you’re standing there, in your very short dress, and high heels… I can see that you are impatient for the elevator doors to open, and as they do so, I place a big hand gently on your left ass-cheek, give it a little squeeze and guide you inside, telling you to stop in the middle of the elevator, with your ass still towards the door. I walk around in front of you, look down into your beautiful eyes, and as the elevator door begin to close, I slowly raise the back of your short dress, exposing your firm little ass, and your sparkling plug, to everyone in the lobby… The place goes silent, apart from a woman’s voice calling you a slut, right before the door close behind you…Once inside, you realize that you’re not quite in the clear, as the right side of the elevator is made out of plexi-glass, and you can see right out to the street, and there are perhaps half a dozen people outside with a good view of what goes on inside the elevator. I press the button to the top floor, and pull a leash from my pocket. As the elevator rise, you can see several people following ataşehir escort it with their eyes, as I secure the leash to your collar. I can see your cheeks are red, and I know you are all hot and bothered. We both know what that means as well… “Down on all fours Cumslut”, I order you with a strict voice. “Yes Daddy”, you reply, as you obediently go down on all fours, giving the people outside a last good look between your legs, before the elevator gets too high up…The Elevator reaches the topmost floor with a pling, and the door opens. We meet an elderly couple, clearly well off, that was clearly waiting for the elevator. She gasps loudly, and hold a hand over her mouth. The man just stares with big eyes. With the least in one hand, and your coat d****d across my other arm, I just nod and say “Pardon me Lady, I was just walking my little pet slut here”, as I begin to walk past them. I can see you look directly down at the floor as you begin to crawl on the carpeted floor. As we pass them, and they enter the elevator, you know that they have a perfect view up under your dress. You have no doubt they can spot how wet your panties are, or the plug that sticks kartal escort out on the side of the little black string of a thong…I use the leash to guide you from the elevator to the suite, through a long L-shaped corridor. I walk behind you, enjoying the view immensely as I see the muscles of your firm little ass beneath your soft skin as you crawl obediently on all fours. It is clear that you want to get to the room as quickly as possible, as I have to pull back on the leash as we move down along the corridor. As we get closer to the corner, we can both suddenly hear voices around the corner. Female voices… You look back over your shoulders, a bit hesitant, but I also see the look of pure lust there, so I just nod and urge you on. Rounding the corridor, we can both see two cleaning ladies talking amongst themselves. This stops immediately as they see you come crawling on all fours down the corridor, collared and leashed. I can see their jaws drop, and the look of shock and amazement in their eyes…As we get right next to them, I stop, and ask them if they will be cleaning my suite tomorrow. One of them simply nods, not quite able to take her eyes off from you. pendik escort I hand her some bills, and tell her it’s a little extra for the cleaning tomorrow, as things might get a little messy. “She does tend to get things quite wet, don’t you my little Cumslut?” – I ask you, when you’re standing there on all fours… Your face turns a darker shade of red immediately, and you stumble out “Y-yes D-Daddy… I tend to make a mess daddy…” I can only imagine how hot and wet your little pussy is as we walk on towards the end of the corridor, with two pairs of big eyes watching. As we get to the correct door, you can hear some giggling from them, before they go back to work.As we reach the door, I stop. I look down on you, and ask if you’re ok, and if you want this to continue? I remind you that you do have been given a safe word that you can use if you’re not, or if you need to take a break. I see you look up at me, looking incredibly cute and hot with your slutty makeup, and your tagged collar, cheeks still smoldering red from embarrassment… We share a look of understanding, and I can see that you are very excited and embarrassed, but also that you trust me to take good care of you. You can see that I’m proud of you. “When I open this door, I want you to crawl in, then crawl to the door on the left side little Cumslut. I want you to look down at the floor, until I specify otherwise. Is that clear?” “Yes, Daddy” you answer with a little determination in your voice, and look down at the carpeted floor again. I find the keycard, and unlock the door…

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