Meeting The Neighbor While Shoveling Snow

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The weather report said that we were expected to get four inches of snow last night. We got the dreaded phone call that school had a delayed opening. The kids slept in and their bus picked them up at ten o’clock. I looked out the window and saw that my husband hadn’t shovelled the driveway. I really hated him for just leaving without bothering to help me out. I guess since I was a stay at home mother, he figured I had all the time in the world to take care of it. I really did think he thought I sat around watching television and eating bon bon’s. After breakfast, I got myself dressed and did my make-up and hair. I knew I was just going outside, but I wanted to look good in case any of the stay at home dads were out shoveling. There were several in our neighborhood. I went into my garage and took my shovel out. I walked outside to the front yard and then locked the door. I had noticed my new neighbor was outside snow blowing his driveway. We had never talked before, but always waved at each other. I didn’t know if he was married, because I never saw a woman there. I definitely needed to find that out. My curiosity was definitely peaked. The whole driveway was covered in snow. Thankfully, somebody was kind and did the sidewalk. I was annoyed that my husband didn’t even have the decency to shovel our driveway. I started to push the snow with my shovel. The snow was very wet and heavy and it was not an easy task. I started to cry a little, because we had a double driveway. This was going to take me a while şişli escort to get it clear. I was not really an outdoorsy type of person. My new neighbor waved at me and then started to walk towards me. I didn’t want him to see that I was crying and wiped at my eyes to dry my tears. “Hi! I’m Rich and I live over there. I always see you, but we have not officially met.” “So nice to meet you. My name is Ellen.” Rich approached me and put out his hand. I shook it and we started to talk. “When did you move into the neighborhood?” “I guess we’re here about six months now. I used to live a few blocks away.” “Are you married?” “No! My wife and I recently got a divorce. She lives a few blocks away. I wanted to be near my kids, so I saw this house for sale. My kids come over every other weekend.” “I’m sorry to hear that. How long were you married?” “We were married fifteen years. One day, she woke up and didn’t want to be married anymore. It was really hard on my kids. We were such a close family. Are you married?” “I’m married, but sometimes I feel like I’m a single mother. My husband works like twelve hours a day and is never home. We just don’t connect anymore. I think our marriage has lost its luster.” “How long are you married?” “It was twelve years last month. I just feel so alone sometimes.” “Have you ever had an affair?” “No! But, I have thought about it. I guess if I was to meet somebody interesting, I might think about it. It’s not like I go looking to cheat, but if an opportunity mecidiyeköy escort presented itself, I might entertain the thought.”  “I know how that feels. Before my wife left, she was going out all the time with her girlfriends. She was acting like a single girl not a married one with kids. I often wondered, if she was cheating. She always claimed she was not having an affair. She has a lot of men that she dates now.” “It’s really kind of cold out here. How about I plow your driveway? After I’m done, how about you come over for some hot chocolate and I’ll light a fire.” “That would be wonderful. I’d really be so happy if you could help me out. As you can see, this snow is really heavy.” “I would be happy to help you. It would be my pleasure.” “Thank you so much, Rich. You’re an absolute doll!” Rich then went back to his driveway to grab his snow blower. He then plowed my entire driveway and went over the sidewalk again. It only took him about fifteen minutes and then we both walked back to his house. He put away his snow blower and I followed behind him. I made sure that nobody saw me going into his house. I didn’t need anybody starting any gossip about the two of us. “Let me take your coat, Ellen.” Rich helped me off with my coat. We walked into his living room and he lit a fire. “I love fires. My husband and I rarely use our fireplace. I haven’t sat in front of a fire in years.” “Why don’t you sit down and I’ll go make the hot chocolate. I’ll be back in just a few minutes. Ellen, please make yourself comfortable.” I sat down and Rich walked into the kitchen to prepare the hot chocolate. I just looked around the room. He had a very nice house from what I could see. I was enjoying looking at the fire and immediately started to feel warmer than I did when we were outside. He then came back with two big mugs of hot chocolate. He even put whip cream and sprinkled some cinnamon on the cream. He looked amazingly handsome. Rich was about fifty-two with brown hair and green eyes. He was about 5’10” and had a nice body. He was so friendly and had a really great sense of humor from what I could see. “Thank you so much. This is wonderful. I haven’t had hot chocolate in years. I make it for my kids, but never have it myself.” I then blew on the cocoa and I took a sip. Rich was just smiling and talking to me. I felt really horny and was thinking all kinds of naughty things. My husband and I had not had sex in a very long time and I knew that he was divorced. If he made a pass at me, I wasn’t going to say no. “You’re a very attractive woman, Ellen. I hope you don’t mind me saying that.” “Thank you. My husband never tells me things like that anymore. It’s nice to get a compliment.” “Really! Are you having trouble in your marriage?” “We don’t have sex very often. I don’t think he’s having an affair. I really just miss the closeness that we used to share. Even when he’s home, he doesn’t really talk to me much.” “Shit! If you were my wife, I’d make love to you every day. You’re so beautiful and I can tell you’re an amazing woman.” “You’re so very sweet. I’m so glad you moved in. It’s always nice to have a handsome neighbor.” “You’re much to kind.

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