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Meeting up with an exHaving run into her at the train station earlier that day, and having had her accept my casual offer to meet up at the bar for a drink after work that evening, I was looking forward to meeting up with my ex. It has been a long time, several years in fact, since our relationship that, if we are honest, centred around sex ended. As our 6 pm meeting time drew closer, so too did my nerves. Was she as excited to see me as I was her? Would we have enough to talk about after all this time that we wouldn’t have any awkward silences?As I approach the bar, I see her. She’s sitting on a table out the front, having a glass of wine. She gets up as I approach, and I give her a hug as we say hello. I linger a little longer than I should with the hug, and as we politely kiss each others cheeks I immediately feel that little familiar tingle, and wonder if she is thinking the same. I get a drink and order a refill for her, and we move to a table inside. We sit down across from each other, yet we’re still close enough together that her knee sits just in between mine, and her bare leg shows from beneath her skirt, just lightly resting on the inside of my leg to provide a mild, but pleasant distraction. Happily, despite the years that have passed, the conversation flows. She makes a joke typical of the fun loving girl I remember, and I laugh, as I do lifting my hand and it just happens to come to a rest on her knee. I know now that she feels the electricity too. It’s all coming back to us, it’s incredible, and as we continue to talk I can tell by the look in her eyes that she is no longer really listening to a word I’m saying, rather she is just nodding and smiling politely. That devilish smile only makes it harder for me to concentrate. As we continue to have increasingly light hearted, meaningless conversation about past events and our lives since we last saw each other, we both pretend not to notice that my hand is slowly, lightly moving up her leg, along her inner thigh. And as I realise there is no resistance, I become more and more bold until soon enough come to realise she has no panties on. I can feel the moisture and warmth from her cunt even before my fingers graze her in her centre.I move a little closer, and she opens her legs a little wider to welcome me in. All the while we are pretending to those around us in the bar that nothing is going on. I start to gently rub her clit, and then slide my long fingers right up into her, making her gasp with pleasure.She can now clearly see my erection through my pants – which I make little effort to hide – as I feel her wetness, and any sense of innocence is now gone. She samsun escort then leans into me to tell me she needs to feel my big hard cock inside her, as she reaches across to my lap to me as I rub it with her hand through your pants. We decide the damage is done and rush across to the road to her apartment building. On the way she tells me she is so wet that she is practically dripping, which immediately sense a pulse to me ever hardening cock. As soon as we are in the lift to go up to her room I start to fuck her hard with my hand, and as I am overcome with the need to be inside her I slide a couple of my well lubricated fingers into her ass at the same time, which makes her moan. She reaches into my pants to squeeze my now rock hard cock, and as we reach the apartment we’re practically ripping each others clothes off before we even get through the door.I order her to lay on the bed and spread her legs wide, and she willingly obeys. I then tell her to masturbate as I watch her, as I take off my pants and shirt so that I can rub my cock to the show she is putting on for me. She begs me to fuck her mouth, and I jump at the chance, having her choking on my cock while she fingers herself, her little screams of pleasure muffled by my dick in her mouth.I then roll her over and stand her up, spreading her legs wide as she stands. I open up her ass cheeks and struggle to control the urge to fuck her tight ass. She looks over her shoulder at me and with a smirk tells me its mine, go for it. She rubs her clit as I bury myself deep into her ass. She moans with pleasure, and tells me it wont take her long until she has her first orgasm of the night. I slide my fingers into her pussy while I fuck her ass, using my other hand to pull my hair as you slam into her over and over. As I finger her pussy, I can feel my cock through the wall of my cunt as I fuck her.The feeling of ecstasy is almost too much for her as I feel her cum, screaming, and I have to hold her up to stop her collapsing. As her orgasm subsides she looks over her should at me again and says “your turn babe, fill my asshole with your cum. Fuck me how you want till you burst in me.” I bent her over the edge of the bed, her face on the side so she can look back, smiling at me while I pound her, and in no time at all I fell her ass contracting around my cock as she prepares to cum again, and I have to cum with her this time, as I let go I can feel my balls emptying into her asshole, filling her deep as I’ve pictured so many times before, in wave after wave of orgasm, and I fall forward onto the bed, laying on her. But there’s no way I’m antalya escort even close to finished. No sooner have I regained my breath, when she rolls me off her, and takes me in her mouth slowly, gently, lovingly, sucking me hard again. Working it up and down with her mouth, letting out the occasional moan. I can feel myself swelling once more and I decide its wrong for me to have all the fun and push her back on the bed, and get into a 69 position and immediately begin lovingly lap at her pussy with my tongue.While smothering your pussy with my tongue I start to finger her, gently at first, but then with more vigour as her breath quickens, and I can already hear her next orgasm building, and she starts to tense. I wrap my arms around her as her tensing builds, and as she cums with my tongue on her clit, my fingers in her pussy, I gently fill her ass with my thumb, hot and wet with my load of cum in there, and she cums in an intense wave. I keep holding her around her waist and don’t take my tongue or fingers off her. Once her orgasm subsides, I roll off her and turn to look at her, her sex hair all over the place and a look of dizziness mixed with satisfaction on her face, and slobber on her chin from sucking my cock. Whilst she is in her dazed, cum drunk state I turn around and slide down to enter her pussy in the missionary position. She spreads her legs as wide as she can and I start slowly, enjoying the sensation of being inside her, my full weight on her. After a few minutes I warn you her I need to fuck her really hard for a minute or two, and she just lay back and smiled and put your hands up over her head. The look of warm satisfaction on her face, coupled with her large, full, heavy breasts swaying , barely restricted by her still on bra in this position gives me wonderful motivation to fuck her hard and deep, and enjoy the view. Then I slow down and have to pull out for a minute for fear of coming a second time already, and she seizes the opportunity to push me back and jump on top, having regrouped and regained some energy. She guides my cock into her, only to stop and remove what’s left of her clothes, letting her huge boobs finally spring free in all their glory. They seem bigger than I recall, and just as she used to, she smiled upon seeing my reaction to them, somewhat hypnotised by them. She then starts riding me, wiggling her hips to start, making her boobs sway sexily, before slowly riding up and down. She played with your clit while riding me, and we concentrate and the feeling of the shaft of my cock sliding all the way in her, and out right to the tip as she lifts ankara escort her weight off me. She then starts raising your hips up slowly, then slamming them down hard forcing my cock all the way in to the hilt, over and over again. She then starts rubbing her wet clit while telling me to play with her bouncing boobs.She starts to throw her head back as her next orgasm approaches, and she starts to cum as I keep fondling, massaging her big, soft, milky boobs, and I lift myself up to suck and lick at her nipples. She starts to shake again as another orgasm immediately rushes over her, consuming her beautifully. She collapsed forward on me, her boobs pressing into my chest, and we take a moment to catch our breath. She sees that I am still hard, but decides to hop up and move into the next room to run her spa. I watch her, naked, leaning over to turn the taps on, her heavy tits hanging and swaying. She walks back towards me, tits still bouncing, her smiling at my dreamy expression. The spa fills and she grabs me by the hand and I follow her into the bathroom, looking at her ass cheeks wiggle as she walks, swaying her hips out to each side subtly as she walks. We sit back to relax in the spa, taking a moment to feel the hot water over our bodies.She turns on the jets and finds a nice strong jet that’s hitting her just the right place, like I’m sure she has done in here a thousand times before. I sit back and watch the water streaming right onto her clit, as she starts to squirm, enjoying putting on a show for me. She reaches over to grab my cock and starts to wank it under the water. She then tells me she wants to suck it, and has me sit up on the edge of the spa, and opens her mouth wide taking me down her throat, moaning from the intense pressure of the water combined with the feeling of my erection pushing deep into her mouth.I massage her nipples while she gets more and more worked up from the stream of water teasing on her clitty, and she can feel my cock pulsating. While continuing to suck me nice and hard, she gently slides a finger into my ass, massaging my prostate. The sensation instantly makes me even harder, my dick pulsing full, and I automatically thrust my dick even deeper into her mouth. There is so much sensation for both of us we are hot and dizzy and in ecstasy. I felt her orgasm building and this time we cum in perfect harmony, and as she orgasms I pull back and let it flow out all over her face, neck and tits, and she lets out a little scream of pleasure as the water on her clit absolutely unhinged her, and we collapse together panting and sated. We dried off, and I watched her get dressed, as I always used to. My cock still swelled when I saw her trying to contain her huge tits in her bra. A sight I’ve missed. But one I think I may just get to see again some time, as I kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye, and she whispered “your cock is welcome back here any time you like you know…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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