Merry Belated Christmas , Happy Friggin’ New Year’s

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Kate and I had only been dating for about seven months by the time we went to that New Year’s Eve party.She was, is, my everything.We had actually met back in college, earlier that year. We had a class together during our last semester before graduating. She sat next to me and was friendly at first. It took me a while before I realized she was flirting with me. But, despite my obliviousness, she stuck with me. Once I registered the fact that she was flirting, we out and it was awesome.I always thought she was attractive, with her short, black hair always kept in an even smaller bun, her sharp brown eyes that always felt like they saw right into my soul. She had long, muscular arms that made me feel safe when she wrapped them around me. Kate was a little taller than me, but she made me feel like I was as small as a puppy when she picked me up to kiss me. She’d wrap her arms around my waist and ever so gently lift me to my tippy toes, smile longingly, and then kiss me, each one like the first time. She constantly gave me that soft, warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach.She was also sexy as hell. Her left arm was covered in a sleeve of tattoos, which is a personal weakness of mine. Quotes, hearts, and symbols, all meaningful to her, covered the area from her wrist to her shoulder. We’d often lay together in bed, sometimes after having sex, sometimes after having spent the whole day together, and I’d ask her about the different stories behind each of her numerous tattoos. I’d lie there, curled up next to her, and point to different ones on her arm. She’d tell me the story, and I loved listening to her because it made her seem so vulnerable. She would talk about how one represented a personal struggle she went through, or an accomplishment she wanted to celebrate. It was so deeply personal, so emotional, and it connected us.In addition to the tattoos, she was also super confident in the bedroom. Like, confident in her skill, and confident as in like super dominant. And yes, I was more submissive, I’ll admit. She would come into the apartment after a long, stressful day at work and just point to our bedroom and say “Get in there, now.” That commanding force of hers naturally made me horny. By the time I’d get up off the couch and run into the bedroom, I’d already be wet enough for her to start fingering me right away if she wanted. Of course, she never went right to that. She took her time, touching me all over my body, caressing my long, brown hair, and kissing me. I always let her do whatever she wanted to me. It just felt so good to be used like that.By New Year’s Eve of that year, we were moved in together and loving every second we spent with each other. We had just gotten home, after spending the holidays with my family, when Kate said she was invited to a party through work.“This girl’s having a party at her place New Year’s Eve, and she’s like, dying to meet you,” she informed me.“Ooo, you gonna show me off?” I teased.She just grinned. She put her hand on the top of my head and ruffled my hair.“Stop that, you know I hate it,” I said while laughing.“I can’t help it, you’re just so damn cute,” Kate replied.Despite the fact that she was older than me only by two months, Çukurambar escort she liked to think she was much older than me. It annoyed me, like when she would pat me on my head, or call me “kid” or “kiddo,” but deep down I kind of liked it. Sure, it made me feel small and helpless, but it also made me feel cared for. Just another way I felt like a dependent puppy to her. Another way she was dominant and I was submissive.The next couple of days were excruciating. For both us, work had really become stressful that month of December. We hadn’t had sex or even fooled around all month. Then, when we finally got some relief for the holidays, we went to my parents’ house and we sure as shit weren’t going to have any fun there.But that didn’t stop either of our libidos from calling it quits. We thought about each other constantly during the day, but when the night came, we were just too tired. So when we got back from my parents’ place, I thought for sure as soon as we both walked into our apartment and put our bags down, Kate would give me that look and command me to go into the bedroom. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.Instead, I made an advance and she put a stop to it immediately. “Not yet, baby girl,” she said, hands clasped over mine, “not yet.”The next day is when she told me about the party. I knew what that meant. She wanted us to continue to sexually starve ourselves so that when we went to the party and got shitfaced, we’d come back home and just fuck each other’s brains out. She didn’t say any of that, but she didn’t have to. I understood completely.So we finished out the week, which was incredibly hard to do given how horny we both were. But then New Year’s Eve finally came around, and I woke up so excited.I jumped out of bed and danced around in the kitchen in my pajamas where Kate was already up and making breakfast.“What are you so happy about?” she asked, half laughing.“I know what today is,” I sang.“Oh yeah? And what’s today?”“There’s gonna be a party,” I continued singing and dancing, “in my pants!” With that last part, I got up behind Kate and started to grind on her.She started laughing. I looked over her shoulder and saw the eggs she was making. They smelled delicious. I told her so.“Good god, Veronica, you’re like a child sometimes,” she said.“What?” I asked in a slightly wounded voice, pulling myself away from her.“Nothing. It’s cute on you,” she said, turning away from the stove to look at me.She smiled. I smiled back.We ate breakfast over eggs, toast, and poorly phrased innuendo. It didn’t matter. It was happening. Tonight.We spent most of the day getting ready. As I was in the shower and she was at the sink, I asked “What should I wear?”“Something hot,” she said. “And easy to get out of,” she added after a few seconds.I smiled a giddy smile to myself in the shower.In the end, I did my hair in a half ponytail, put on a little makeup (primarily around my eyes like mascara and eye shadow), painted my nails white, put on tiny faux diamond earrings, and wore a maroon-colored dress with three-quarters sleeves. The dress was incredibly tight, and also incredibly short. To finish it all off, I wore a pair demetevler escort bayan of nude heels.When I stepped out of the bathroom to meet Kate (who was always ready to go first), she gave a wolf whistle to signify her approval.I approached her and spun around so she could get the whole 360 view. “Whaddaya think?”“Damn, Veronica…” Kate trailed off as she looked me up and down.I’ll try not to sound vain, but I know I looked sexy. My breasts pushed nicely, but not obnoxiously, against my dress, which highlighted my thighs and my ass. My legs themselves were shapely (shoutout to dance lessons) and you could see miles of them given how short the dress was.Was it too much for a New Year’s Eve party at someone’s house? Probably. Did I like to dress up all fancy and sexy before getting fucked? Definitely.Kate meanwhile had on a pair of black jeans (my favorite, actually, because they were extra tight around her hips and butt), Adidas sneakers, and a denim button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to show off some of her tattoos.Was her outfit more appropriate for the party? Probably. Did I still find her incredibly sexy, imagining her ripping of her shirt and the buttons flying off while she ravaged me? Definitely.We stood there for a moment, admiring each other’s bodies. Then Kate went and grabbed her keys. She put a hand around my waist and said “After you.”I led us out of our apartment, but not before Kate gave me a swift and unexpected spank. I squealed a little, my face blushing, but didn’t turn back. She followed me down and out of the building to the garage where her car was parked. Her hand had moved down to my butt and squeezed it gently as we crossed the garage floor. Once inside her car, she put her hand on my thigh and kept it there the whole ride over to the party.—We arrived at the party around eight o’clock. As Kate and I got out of the car, we could already hear the music playing. She put her arm back around my waist and we walked up to the front door of the building. We took the elevator up to the top floor. Lauren, the girl whose place we went to, had texted Kate to just come in, the door was unlocked. As I swung the door open, Kate once again gave me a sharp spank. A tiny one, but it still made me jump. I bit my lip and smiled as we walked inside.Lauren’s apartment was nice. It was big and open, and there were already around thirty people inside. Straight out ahead of us was the kitchen table which had several different snacks on it. Beyond that, the apartment opened to a room that had an L-shaped couch and two chairs in it. The TV, opposite of the couch, was on and was showing the New Year’s Eve party in Times Square. In between that room and the dining room, one hallway extended to the left and right, presumably to the bedrooms. To our immediate left was the kitchen.As we walked inside, we turned into the kitchen and saw two girls there. One of them turned around and exclaimed “Kate! You made it!” The girl ran over to give Kate a hug. A rather long one for two people who were just friends and had seen each other two days ago.“And this must be Veronica,” the girl said after the hug finished.“Yup. Escort dikmen Babe, this is Lauren.”We hugged and exchanged pleasantries, and she seemed nice enough. She had that little bit of arrogance that comes from having money, and she looked like the stereotypical rich white girl, but she didn’t seem mean or anything. Still, that hug bothered me.Kate got right to business.“So, where’s the booze?” she asked, looking around the kitchen.“Oh my god Kate, you are so funny,” Lauren said, and she put her hand on Kate’s arm.It was too friendly. Too familiar. That, and the hug, and the way she smiled at Kate…I’m not the jealous type, but something about Lauren rubbed me the wrong way.“It’s all right there,” she said, pointing to the row of kegs in the corner. She smiled devilishly at Kate. “Go easy on ‘em,” she said and winked. She then left to go back to whatever she was preparing in the kitchen.We walked over to the keg and Kate grabbed a solo cup.“What was that all about?” I asked, standing next to Kate.“What was what all about?”“‘Oh my god Kate, you are so funny.’” I did my best to make my impression of Lauren sound dumb.“Can’t help it if bitches like me,” Kate joked, handing the filled solo cup to me. I just stared at her.“Jesus Veronica, it was a joke,” Kate continued, grabbing another solo cup and filling it.She was right. I was getting worked up over nothing. Maybe I was just defensive because I was so excited for tonight.“I’m sorry,” I said quietly.“Don’t sweat it,” she said sweetly, and we clinked our plastic cups in cheers, then downed our beer.Over the next couple of hours, I was introduced to several of Kate’s coworkers, some of whom I remembered, some of whom I should’ve remembered, and some which I had never met before. I lost count of how many beers I had after Kate filled my third cup, by which point I was feeling kind of frisky. At one point, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls came on.“Oh my goooooood, Kate, we have to dance!” I slurred. I dragged Kate with me away from where we were standing and over to some open dance space. I loved to dance, having taken ballet, hip-hop, and pointe since I was a kid. Kate wasn’t much of a dancer, but she indulged me from time to time.It’s not like Kate didn’t get anything out of dancing, either. After all, she got to watch me dance. And the kind of dancing you do when you’re drunk is either embarrassing or sexy. I always did sexy.We danced close to each other, sometimes grinding, sometimes kissing. At one point, when my back was pressed against her chest and she was kissing my neck, her hand went under my dress. I gasped at the sensation of her hand brushing against my upper thigh and at the potential embarrassment if anyone saw us.“Kate, not here…” I whispered as I pushed her hand away.“Shhh…” she said as she continued to try to get under my dress. Her touch tickled my inner thigh and I felt myself getting warm and flushed. I giggled. I wanted to protest, but I was too drunk to stop her and her touch felt too good for me to want to stop her.It had been too long. Even though she just laid her fingers on my thigh, I felt my lips start to moisten.Just as I was getting used to the feeling, we heard some commotion coming from the kitchen. Kate turned to look around and muttered “Shit yeah!”I turned around and saw people clearing off the kitchen table and setting up a game of beer pong. Kate took her hand away from my thigh (which was disappointing) and took my hand, leading me to the table.We joined the crowd as two guys started playing.

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