Messy Mayhem with Megan

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Megan rang the door bell, she stood waiting by the door, she felt quite nervous. The door opened and Micheal appeared, he gave Megan a happy but nervous smile and let her walk inside. Micheal closed the door and took a deep breath before turning round to face Megan.

“So, here we are… You got everything you need??” asked Micheal nervously, he kept his distance from her, his heart rate was sky rocketing faster than ever before.

Megan smiled at him and stepped towards him, placing her hand on his upper arm and looking into his eyes “I’m ready, and don’t worry I’m nervous too ok. But, we’re here now so let’s not waste time shall we… I’ll go get ready alright” she said reassuringly, she came in close and kissed him on the cheek gently. Megan gave him a quick hug before walking off to get changed in the next room.

Micheal’s cheeks flushed red, as Megan walked off to get changed he looked at her divine body, to him she was the very definition of beauty, she was a goddess taken physical form. After Megan had left the room Micheal dashed into the kitchen to grab everything they would need for their first Wam session together, Micheal was worried that it wouldn’t happen and that things would be too awkward between them. But he was wrong, firstly she was only a few rooms away getting ready to have her knickers filled with all kinds of sticky sweet things. Micheal had prepared lots, it would keep them going for hours of messy fun.

Micheal had three tables full of loads of messy substances, many huge jugs of custard, rice pudding, cake mixture and many different thicknesses of green slime. One of the tables was filled with nothing but cans of squirty cream and shaving foam. Micheal pulled two of the tables on wheels into the living room, he returned for the last table. Also a special surprise, two huge fire extinguishers filled with marshmallow fluff.

After a few minutes Megan came back to the living room, she was wearing white socks, her snug fitting blue leggings, underneath she wore a pair of running leggings and knickers, she wore a black bra and a striped T-shirt and a blue hoody. She leant against the wall by the door.

“So… I’ve read some of those fantasies of yours, I think I know what to do…” said Megan calmly, running a hand along her small shapely thigh. Micheal took another deep breath before moving over to the table full of cans of squirty cream.

“I actually can’t believe this is about to happen, wow…” said Micheal grabbing two cans of squirty cream. Megan walked over to him and wrapped her arms gently around his waist.

“Aww, bless… You’re so nervous. I’m sure once we get started you’ll be alright, if it makes you feel any better I’m pretty nervous too…” she said quietly, sliding her hands up his arms and towards the cans of cream. Micheal turned round and put his arms round Megan, holding the two cans of squirty cream behind her.

Megan smiled at him as she grabbed his arse with one hand firmly, Micheal was already becoming hard downstairs. He smiled back as he poked the nozzles down into her leggings, making sure they went into her knickers too.

He squeezed the triggers of the cans, sending two huge jets and smooth cold squirty cream down into her knickers, Megan gasped briefly, tightening her grip on his arse ever so slightly, she pulled herself closer to him and she continued to grip harder. Megan’s arse began to expand rapidly as fresh soft squirty cream rushes into her knickers rapidly spilling out into her leggings, Micheal watched her squirm slightly as she let out a small moan. Micheal was having a sudden rush of horny excitement as now they had started what would be the best wam session on earth, and would be the messiest.

Soon the cans hissed as the emptied completely, Megan’s leggings were holding the large amount of squirty cream nicely so far, her arse was slightly larger and rounded than before. Micheal dropped the cans on the floor and quickly grabbed two more, he poked the nozzles down the back of Megan’s leggings again, making sure they went inside her knickers properly, this time he didn’t hesitate he squeezed the triggers unleashing two more huge jets of squirty cream down into her knickers. Megan continued to moan as the cream started to get pushed down her legs, filling up her trousers even more, her arse was now even larger, Micheal looked over her shoulder to see her arse visibly growing in size gradually. His eyes were open wide with horny excitement, he could barely contain himself, he was actually filling Megan Bean’s leggings up with squirty cream, something he had dreamed of for so long.

Once those cans were empty he simply held Megan for a while, he ran his hands gently over her arse, trying not to disturb all the cream inside her leggings, it currently held a perfect shape, filling out her legs a little bit too.

“Oh my god… That’s just fucking amazing, I can’t believe I just filled your pants up with so much cream, so fucking sexy! Hang on… One more thing” said Micheal, he reached back to grab a large Bostancı Escort heavy jug of rice pudding, Megan smiled as he pulled open the front of her leggings, making sure her knickers were open as well. He tipped the jug forward until a thick stream of lukewarm rice pudding rushed from the jug and down into Megan’s knickers, he didn’t stop until the jug was completely empty and Megan’s trousers were bulging because of all the rice pudding sitting in her knickers, drowning her cunt completely.

“Oooooo, shit… Fuck that actually feels quite nice, warm and soft, I like it!” said Megan, pinning her bulging leggings to Micheal’s crouch, he could feel the warmth of the rice pudding on his dick. So far she was enjoying it, watching Micheal quickly succumb to his raging hormones.

Micheal squeezed at the rice pudding in Megan’s trousers, feeling it move, sliding over her soft skin. Megan turned and reached for a few cans of whipped cream and two large jugs of thick custard, she opened up the front of his trousers and poured a whole jug of thick cold custard down into his pants, smothering his hard erect penis in a slimey layer of custard, his trousers also began to bulge as they filled with custard. He moaned as she continued to fill his boxers with custard, once the jug was empty she grabbed a can of squirty cream and let go of the material of his trousers, letting it snap back into place, trapping all that custard inside his pants.

Megan took the can of squirty cream and poked it down the back of his pants, without hesitation she squeezed the nozzle sending a thick jet of soft cold cream down into his boxers, rapidly filling up his arse with cream. Micheal stood there moaning, closing his eyes and biting his lips.

Once she had finished, she grabbed more can of cream and pulled open the front of her shirt, she opened one bra cup and began to fill it with squirty cream. Within seconds it was overflowing with soft cold cream, so she opened up the other bra cup and filled that too. Micheal could barely contain himself, he had become so horny and excited all he wanted to do was run over to Megan and grab her, feeling her body, squeezing at her cream filled bra and leggings, enjoying every single bit of her as much as possible.

Megan let the material of her T-shirt cling to her sticky creamy breasts, she smiled at Micheal, throwing him the half empty can of cream. She walked over to him and backed him up to the sofa were she sat him down and they began to kiss, at first it was just on the lips, but soon they began to probe into each others mouths, moaning as they did. Micheal groped her body, squeezing her arse firmly, causing all the cream and rice pudding to come cascading out of the top of her leggings.

They quickly and easily fit into the swing of things, all their worries were now long gone. Before getting too engrossed in making out, Megan jumped up, reaching for more squirty cream. Having a cheeky thought, she squirted a heap of cream into her hand, she then threw it at Micheal, it hit him straight in the face. Megan laughed, covering her mouth, Micheal flicked the cream of his face, and with a smile he jumped up to grab a can of cream as well.

Megan ran off giggling, squirting more cream onto her hand and lobbing it at Micheal. The cream stuck to his clothing, he grabbed a can and ran up to her, pulling the trigger on the can, spewing a jet of cream at Megan, it covered her face and hair. The laughed as they squirted cream at each other. Once their cans ran out, Megan grabbed a heavy jug of slime whilst Micheal went for more cream.

They ran around trying to catch each other, but in the end Megan caught Micheal and she poured the jug over his head. But in doing so Micheal had the chance to grab the back of her T-shirt, he began squirting the entire can down her back, she squealed as he did.

After she got free she grabbed him gently and they giggled as they held reach other, looking into reach others eyes. “I don’t think there’s anywhere near enough in these yet, come on, get filling!!” she laughed, tickling him on the ribs. Micheal took her over to one of the tables, he grabbed a jug at random and began pouring reach of them into her knickers. Megan bit her lips as Micheal filled her leggings up with sticky sweet liquids. About four jugs later he ran to grab as many cans of crab as possible, shaking them he unloaded each one down Megan’s trousers, soon she was bulging because of everything now trapped inside her leggings.

“Oh that’s much better… God I never knew how did this was! I wish i had done this sooner with you” she said, pressing her body against his tightly so he could feel everything inside her leggings.

“oh just you wait… This is just the start! Your Knickers are gonna be bursting with so much Foam and custard, you’ll want me to lick it off your body” said Micheal, leaning in to kiss and suck her neck gently.

That’s when Megan noticed the fire extinguishers, she would bet good money on him wanting to empty whatever was in there Ümraniye Escort into her knickers without hesitation. But since it was far too late to turn back, she would be more than happy to make his dreams become a very arousing reality.

“I see you have a little something over there…” She said quietly in his ear, staring at the extinguishers with eager anticipation, she gently bit his ear lobe.

“God, i was really hoping to get onto that! You really have been reading those fantasies of mine!” he said, she could feel his cock pulsing inside his trousers eagerly. He kissed her again before going to grab both of the extinguishers, they were very heavy so he had to bring them over one at a time.

“What the hell have you got in those??” she giggled, standing beside him rubbing the front of his trousers, encouraging his hormones onwards as she grasped his cock through his trousers gently.

“These, are full of soft, fresh marshmallow fluff, perfect for turning you into a Foamy wreck” he squeaked excitedly. But before Megan would let him pump all that marshmallow fluff info her Knickers, she thought his boxers weren’t quite full enough either.

“Jesus, you really do put a lot of effort into this… How much did this all cost??” asked Megan, she grabbed some cans of cream from the table, ready to empty then into Micheal’s boxers.

“Trust me… You don’t want to know, and or would take long to explain where I got it all from” replied Micheal. Megan actually did want to know, but she pushed that aside, simply because she was rather enjoying herself and didn’t want to spoil the rather sexy atmosphere steadily building.

“Fair enough… Anyway… Before you get too carried away and clog my underwear with all that, I think you’re trousers are still looking a bit, empty…” She said cheerfully, sticking the nozzle down Micheal’s boxers and squeezing the trigger. Micheal gasped as cream filled the front of his boxers, coating his cock and balls in soft cold cream. The cream cascaded down, filling his boxers with a thick cold layer of cream. As the first can emptied, she didn’t hesitate to get a second, third and fourth down there, there was now a huge creamy bulge in the front of his trousers, the front of his boxers were tightly packed full of cold squirty cream.

“That looks pretty good… Now, how about a trifle or two?” She said, walking over to Micheal with two huge trifles. She took one of the trifles and opened the back of Micheal’s trousers, he took a deep breath as she slid the trifle out of its plastic tub and down into his boxers, the trifle clung to his arse as it dropped into his boxers. Megan let go of his trousers, letting the material cling to his body, pressing the trifle against his arse. Micheal moaned, wriggling to smear the trifle through his boxers and round his arse. Before Micheal knew where she wanted to put the next trifle, his world went dark as Megan dumped the other trifle straight into his head, she smiled as she lifted the tub, freeing the trifle. Micheal felt the custard, jelly and cream spill down over his face, completely covering his eyes, nose and mouth, he licked some of the mess covering his mouth, moaning and breathing heavily as horny excitement flooded his entire body.

“Oh, that’s much better! All nice and messy!” she giggled, grabbing his trifle filled arse and squeezing, running her other have over the front of his trousers, pushing the cream into his genitals. Micheal started to get weak at the knees, he was quickly succumbing to his orgasms.

“Serve me… Be mine forever” she whispered seductively into his ear, she stood on the tip of her toes. Micheal’s eyes opened wide, she cleared the mess from his face so he could see better. He turned round and kissed her, squeezing her arse firmly.

Micheal was completely under her control, he wouldhappily do anything she said, Megan looked over at the extinguishers smiling. Micheal didn’t hesitate to get the ready, he pulled out the hose for the first extinguisher. On the end of the hose was a compact dual outlet nozzle, this would evenly distribute the fluff throughout her arse, giving it a an even rounded look once done. Megan turned round and Micheal slid the nozzles into the back of her ruined leggings and Knickers.

Micheal grabbed the trigger on the extinguisher and squeezed it, holding it down and unleashing the marshmallow fluff info the tubes, Megan let out a squeak as huge amounts of marshmallow fluff burst into Megan’s knickers, rapidly filling them up. Megan’s arse expanded at an incredible rate, she giggled as the marshmallow fluff forced it’s way out of her Knickers and down into her leggings. Since the fluff was so sticky it held in place very well, making Megan’s arse rather big very quickly.

Megan wriggled her legs to allow the marshmallow fluff to settle in her leggings, soon legs began to expand as well. “oh wow… Fuck, that feels great! I can see why you love this! How much is my leggings already??” said Megan, trying to look back at her rapidly Ataşehir Escort growing arse and legs, so far it was getting fairly weighty, but she could cope with it without any trouble.

“That’s just about a quarter of the tank, your arse is gonna be fucking huge once this is finished” said Micheal, eagerly watching Megan’s arse and legs continue to expand as marshmallow fluff continued filling up her leggings. Megan pulled up her leggings slightly, adjusting the position of the fluff in her knickers a little. She thought it was actually quite comfortable, it created a rather nice soft pillow, she didn’t mind it being a really sticky.

The material of her leggings stretched as her arse continued to grow, her leggings were at their limits, with just over half of the extinguisher empty there was still a hell of a lot yet to pick into her trousers. With her arse tightly packed, the marshmallow fluff travelled down her legs, it had just about reached her knees. She kept glancing round to try and see how big her arse and legs were. So by now it was getting pretty heavy, there was a hell of a lot being pumped into her leggings.

After a few more minutes, the extinguisher was completely empty, it’s entire contents now tightly packed into Megan’s almost bursting leggings, the seams of her leggings strained to hold everything, but they did very well in staying together. Micheal removed the nozzles and moved the empty extinguisher aside.

Megan pulled her leggings up again, making herself comfortable. Michael walked over to her and held her, feeling a now incredibly soft spongy arse and legs, “Mmmm, fuck… it all fits so well! So soft! I think these are tight enough to hold it all in place” said Megan, giving Micheal a quick kiss. She moved over to a mirror to see how big she was. Megan smiled, running her hands over her arse and down her legs. She was impressed, she actually liked the look of her body, a nice huge arse and plump legs, made of Marshmallow fluff yes not perfect, but good enough.

“Come… Your queen wants a hug!” she said cheerfully, grabbing Micheal as he hugged her, he grasped her fluff filled arse and held it gently. After a warm hug, Megan took Micheal over to the sofa, they both say down. Megan say there for a bit, squishing the fluff against her arse, it flowed gracefully over her curves, forming to her body.

“How does it feel to be filled with some much foam??” asked Micheal rubbing her leg gently.

Megan smiled, putting a hand on the side of his face “it feels amazing… But, I haven’t rewarded you yet have I??” she said seductively, going in for a kiss, they made out for a while on the sofa before Megan slowly undid his trousers, gently laying him back on the sofa until she was on top of him. She pulled down his trousers and his boxers, releasing all the sticky mess she put down there, trifle, custard and rice pudding spilled out on to the sofa. His erect cock, released from his trousers sprang to attention instantly. Micheal’s breathing had already started to get heavier, knowing what Megan intended to do.

She gathered a load of custard that had spilled out on too the sofa, gradually drizzling it over his cock, now that he was lubricated, she slowly wrapped her small, soft hands around his cock, starting to stroke it slowly. Micheal gasped and moaned as Megan began rhymicly stroking his rock solid cock, she thought she might edge him, but as she read in his fantasies, that normally always happens. So this time, she would take it slow gradually building up until he burst, because knowing just how horny he was already, just by doing Wam with her, he was going to explode big time.

Megan continued stroking, she could tell by his heavy breathing and growing moans that he was getting close, she had been working at his cock for nearly 5 mins before his back began to arch, he tensed as suddenly he let out a huge gasp of relief, as he blew Megan sped up, making squirt so far it hit him in the face.

“Ooo, oh fuck yes!! Ooo fuck!” he gasped in a huge sigh of orgasmic relief. Megan laughed as he squirmed uncontrollably.

“Wow! I have a feeling you’ve been holding that in for a good few years…” she giggled, leaving his trousers down and continuing to toy with his extremely sensitive cock.

“You… Have, no idea… Jesus fucking Christ, you’re good at that!” he said through heavy breathing.

“Oh come on, I’m not that good… That’s the first time I’ve given you a hand job! I bet what made it feel so good was you holding in all those fantasies and emotions all this time.” She said, giving Micheal a plain stare, Micheal simply lay there giggling, soon he tried to get her to move up a bit, just enough so he could squeeze her marshmallow fluff filled arse again. As she shuffled up over his body, the fluff inside her leggings squelched a bit as she moved. Now close enough he squeezed her fluff filled arse, Megan leaned over and began kissing him.

They lay there together for a while making out, Michael couldn’t keep his hands of her arse and legs because they felt so good. After probing each others mouths and feeling up one another’s bodies for a while, Megan decided to turn the tables, instead of the rest of the messy liquids, Slime and trifles they had left being used on her, she thought they’d play a game.

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