MISS. WRESTLING (Erotic Fiction)

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MISS. WRESTLING (Erotic Fiction)Disclaimer: This is an erotic fiction story I found online about Tammy Lynn Sytch. I am not sad to say the one who wrote this story. This story was written by Wonder Mike. Sole credit goes to him for the writing of this story. I read it and afterwards I knew it just had to be shared with all of you. Enjoy…and thank you Wonder Mike for such an erotic tale of hot Tammy fiction.MISS. WRESTLINGBy Wonder MikeRob Black was determined to move X P W from an Indy federationto a major player, the quickest way was T and A, and lotsof it. He decided on a bikini contest.Rob made calls to his former X girls, Tammy Sytch, ChastityKristy Myst and Jasmine St Claire, Tylene Buck couldn’t wait,she loved showing off her body. Jasmine and Kristy toldRob to go fuck himselfDaffney Unger couldn’t wait, she loved California, Rena Merowas waiting to get back into wrestling, x p w seemed likea good start.Barbara Bush was on the first plane to Los Angeles, Spicecouldn’t wait to promote her band.The Fabulous Lana Starr heard about the contest, she demandedto be in it, she said she was the king of the bikini contest,Rob called the Kat and told her what Lana said, the Kat hoppedon the next plane to L A.Kimberly Page and Torrie Wilson told Rob they had bigger plansthan x p w, he told them what they could do.Francine and Dawn Marie called together, Rob couldn’t wait to gethis hands on them, Stacy Keibler, Missy Hyatt and Miss Elizabethall declined too, that was o k, Rob had a big enough field tohave the greatest contest ever.The night of the show Rob gathered the eleven girls he hadcontracted Dawn Marie, Francine, Spice, Lana Starr, Daffney, Tammy,Kat, Rena, Chastity, Tylene and B B, he told them they could wherewhatever they wanted, there would be a $15,000 cash prize to thewinner, $10,000 to the second place contestant, the losers wouldhave some kind of punishment, he told them the audiencewould determine the winner by applause, all the girlssigned the contract.Rob told them there would be 3 rounds, the first round wouldeliminate five girls, they would be sent home immediately, thecontest would start in earnest then. The girls where stoked, noneof them had earned $1000 over the last year, this was theirchance.This was going to be a special event, no wrestling, just thebikini contest, Rob had the biggest crowd in the history ofX P W.The arena was overflowing, the crowd began stomping theirfeet and rattling chairs, as the start time passed, They had paid$75.00 a seat, Rob promised them it would be worth it. LizzieBorden hit the ring and announced it was time, Dawn Mariehit the ring first.Dawn walked down the aisle wearing a long black overcoat,she climbed through the ring, bending over and letting the coatride up as she wiggled her ass.She leaned over the ring ropes, twirled around and whippedoff her coat, she was wearing a red white and blue stringbikini, the crowd was pumped.Spice hit the ring wearing a Catholic school girl skirt,two sizes to small, she was wearing a white bra and matchingpanties that where fully exposed.Lana Start climbed into the ring wearing and orange thongand open v neck top, the top was open to her navel.Daffney entered the ring wearing black shorts with a seethru mesh top with two dots covering her nipples and thighhigh boots.Tammy Sytch hit the aisle wearing a striped overcoat,she straddled the ring ropes sliding back and forth asshe entered the ring, she threw off the coat revealingan x shaped bikini, it was two crossing strings.The Kat climbed through kadıköy escort the ring wearing a clearplastic bikini.Francine climbed into the ring wearing leatherpants and a silk shirt, she tore off the pantsrevealing a black thong, she unbuttoned her shirtand ripped it off, she was wearing two band aidsover her nipples.Chastity climbed into the ring wearing cut offjeans and a silk shirt, she unbuttoned her shirtto the bottom button, her breast swayed back and forthinside her shirt.Barbara Bush climbed into the ring wearing a nursesoutfit that didn’t cover her ass, her shirt was unbuttonedto the waist, she stood next to Chastity, they each shooktheir tits.Rena strutted her way to the ring to a chorus of boo’s,she was wearing a mini skirt and a bikini top. She steppedout of her skirt revealing a thong bikini, she then rippedoff her bikini, her breast where covered in body paint.Tylene was the last contestant, she was wearing a red whiteand blue bikini, she ripped it off, she used Band-Aids tocover her privates.The girls paraded around the ring, Lizzie told the fans itwas time to vote, she walked over to each contestant and puther hand over them and asked for a response, the five whogot the loudest reaction would go on to the second round.It was time to vote.It was close, they had to vote five times but the finalfive whereSpiceFrancineDaffneyTammyand TyleneLizzie called for the X P W wrestlers to come out, the blackarmy hit the ring, they escorted the other girls out of thering and to the back, the then came back and surrounded thering.Lizzie told the remaining girls it was time for the secondround, three more girls would be eliminate, they had to convincethe crowd to cheer for them, she them pulled out the contractsthey had signed, the four girls who didn’t win had to bodysurf the crowd.The five girls scramed “What” in unison, they hadn’t seen thatpart, Daffney tried to leave, the Messiah grabbed her and tossedher back into the ring, Lizzie told them if they didn’t do whatthey promised, she would sue them for everything they had, themmake them to stars of a series off movies that wouldn’t be ableto be shown in the United States, she told Spice to win thecrowd approval.Spice ripped off her skirt, and unhooked her bra and letit rest over her breast, she wedged her panties into thecrack of her ass.Francine pulled the Band-Aids off her nipples, she coveredher breast with her fingers and pinched her nipples.Daffney pulled down her shorts revealing her thong panties,she then ripped the dots out of her shirt, her nipples pokedthrough.Tammy unhooked the top of her bikini, letting the strapshang down, she took two fingers and placed them on her nipples.Tylene pulled the Band-Aids off her nipples and went fromring post to ring post shaking her tits at the crowd.Lizzie told the crowd it was time to vote, she reminded themthere where two ways to vote, the girl you wanted to win, andthe girls you wanted to body surf, she walked from girl togirl.The crowd cheered for each girl, it wasn’t close this time, thegirls who where eliminated whereTammyFrancineSpiceLizzie called the black army into the ring, Krac picked up Tammy,the Messiah picked up Spice, Kronus picked up Francine, they carriedthem out of the ring.Lizzie signaled to the back, New Jack came out carrying agarbage can, it was full of vibrators and beads, HomelessJimmy came out with his shopping cart, it was full of fruitsand vegetables, the two wrestlers started throwing theirtoys into the stands.Lizzie told Daffney and Tylene it was ümraniye escort time for an intermission,Tammy, Francine and Spice where thrown into different sectionsof the arena.Tammy landed in the second row, the fans lifted her into theair, her bikini was immediately ripped off, ten pairs ofhands where pinching her breast.Kronus tosses Francine into the forth row, she was quicklystripped naked, and held upside down spread eagle.The Messiah dropped Spice into the front row, the fans laidher across two chairs and ripped off her panties, they spreadher legs as wide apart as they could.Tylene and Daffney stood in the ring and watched in horror, theywhere more determined than ever to win, neither one of themwanted to thrown to the wolves.The men began taking turns sucking on Tammy’s breast, shestruggled but it was no use, she was surrounded by hundredsof men, four of the men began to rub her clit.Francine was on her head, two men each jammed a finger intoher pussy, two more quickly joined them, two more men thenjammed a finger into her ass, the rest of the men lined upto take turns sucking her breast.Spice had her legs d****d across two chairs, one of the mencleared a space he worked three fingers into her red bush, Spicebegan to moan, her pussy was dripping wet, he then worked a fourthfinger inside of her, she screamed as his entire hand vanished insideher pussy.It was now a contest between the sections, they wanted to see whichsection could make their valet cum first, Tammy’s section turnedher over and put her on her hands and knees, one of the men beganworking his fingers into her cunt, Tammy screamed as another manbegan to spank her, the first man soon had his entire hand buriedinto her cunt.Francine was pumping her legs like she was riding an upside downbicycle, all the men had grabbed vibrators, one was turned on highand jammed into her pussy.The men had grabbed her nipples, they where being pulled out as faras they would go, a second vibrator entered her pussy, then a third,then a fourth, she was cumming hard.The hand inside in Tammy began pumping in and out, the man pulledhis hand all the way out, then slammed it back in, Tammy Howledeach time the fist was removed and shoved it. He began to twistand turn the fist.The men grabbed bananas out of Jimmy’s cart, they began rubbingthem across Tammy’s clit, they shoved two of them into her cuntat the same time, they began pumping the banana’s alternately intoher cunt, another man worked a third banana into her pussy.The men rolled Spice over so she was on her hands and knees,three men began to slap her ass, one of the men pulled a 18inch double dildo from New Jack’s can, he worked one end intoher cunt, he then folded it in half and slowly worked theback end into her ass.Another man found a second double dildo, he worked his endinto Spice’s tight pussy, he then also worked the back endinto her ass, Spice went limp.The men tilted Spices head up, one of the men whipped outhis cock, he began working it down her throat as his sectioncheered him on.Francine screamed as a vibrator entered her ass, they rolledher over so she was on her hands and knees also, a secondvibrator was slammed into her ass.It wasn’t long before a third vibrator was slammed intoher ass, Lizzie screamed for the crowd to fuck that bitchsilly, she really hated Francine.The section saw what was going on with Spice, the men beganwhipping out their cocks, two of them shoved their cocks downFrancine’s throat.Tammy’s section didn’t want to fall behind, one of the mengrabbed ataşehir escort her long blonde hair, they yanked her head back, twoof the men began stuffing their cock into her mouth, they yankedher head working her head up and down on both cocks.Lizzie grabbed the microphone, she told the crowd the girls wheresupposed to be body surfing, each section had to pass their girlover to the next section.Lizzie told Tylene and Daffney the intermission was over, itwas time to choose Miss. Wrestling, she told Daffney to struther stuff.Daffney pulled her shirt over her head and screamed, she shookher small breast at the crowd, she dropped to her hands andknees and shook her ass at the people, she then turned fromside to side giving each section a look at her perfectlyshaped ass, she pulled her thong to one side and inserteda finger into her ass.Tylene grabbed the microphone from Lizzie, she told the throng“Bigger is better” she shook her major guns at the crowd,she then ripped off her two remaining Band-Aids.Tylene laid on the floor and spread her legs, she then spreadher pussy lips, she jumped to her feet and took a bow.Lizzie congratulated the finalist, it was now time to vote.Lizzie wanted a more accurate count this time, security passedaround slips of paper, the crowd would write down the nameof the person they wanted to win.Lizzie had a chore for the audience, she needed to collect cumfrom everyone, she ordered Francine, Tammy and Spice to collectit.Lizzie gave each of the valets a four liter jug, she told eachof them they had to fill it with cum, she told the audienceto form three lines.Tammy, Spice and Francine each had over a 1000 men lined upin front of them, they each dropped to their knees as the menapproached them and dropped their pants, each girl began tosuck off the men one by one.There was a guy spanking each girl as she sucked the men,the girls where side by side they wanted to see who could finishtheir line first.Each man handed in his vote for Miss. Wrestling as they shottheir loads into the valets mouth, each girl spit the load intothe jug as the man finished.It took three hours for the girls to suck off every guy inthe arena, they all had a thick white stream of cum drippingfrom their chins.The votes where all tallied, Lizzie called Daffney and Tyleneinto the middle of the ring, she declared the bikini contesta tie, but she had a tie breaker.Lizzie reached into New Jacks garbage pail, she handed thetwo girls a hand shaped dildo, the hand was curled into a fist,she then handed them each a cum filled jug.Lizzie told them the first girl to get the fist all the wayinto her cunt, then drink the jug dry would be declaredMiss. Wrestling.Tylene stood the fist on it’s end, she straddled it andbegan lowering herself on it. She began giggling as thefist began to pierce her tight cunt.Daffney looked at the fist, then looked at the exhaustedlosers, she told them a thousand dollars to the girl whoshoved the fist inside of her.Tammy crawled over to her, Daffney bent over and wiggledher ass from side to side, Tammy shoved the dildo withboth hands, is slide deeply into Daffney’s cunt.Tylene saw she was losing, she threw her feet into the airand used her weight to slide down onto the fist.Daffney had the fist inside of her, she stood up with itdangling between her legs, she tilted her head backand began swallowing the 4 liters of cum.Tylene was right behind her, she had lowered herselfto her knees, she leaned back and lifted her jug overher head and began to drink.It took five minutes, Daffney began to gag on all the cum,Tylene swallowed it all down.Tylene jumped up, yanked the fist out of her cunt andwiped the cum from her lips, Lizzie presented her with thecheck and crown. She was proclaimedMiss. WrestlingTHE END

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