Mistis’ Adventures Part 215

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 215Floyd and Maria had a family emergency. Floyd’s sister was having surgery, and it was serious. Doctors said she had to have it right away, so Floyd, Maria, and the girls packed up and left to go to Arizona. They would call when they found out more.Mel decided that it was a good chance for her to visit her Aunt Vera. They hadn’t seen each other in almost 4 years, and needed to catch up on what had been happening to each other. She, Bob, and Albert got in Albert’s pickup, and left for Aunt Vera’s house for a week or so. Things had slowed down so Albert could take some time off, and Bob had resigned his job, at Melody’s request, so he was free, too.Albert still was wondering about what his Mom had told him about his cousin, Pam. She said that Pam had felt guilty about the way she had done Albert, and wanted to apologize to him. So did Aunt Vera. Her other daughter was going to be there, also. She had been married at the same time they were there, before, but they had had too many problems, and had separated, then divorced. He, like Vera’s husband, worked on the offshore rigs, and the life wasn’t easy. A month out and two weeks in wasn’t good for a marriage. Especially when part of the crew was female. Things happened. Vera had coped with it, and had taken lovers, just like she knew that her husband was doing. Both had agreed to the arrangement. The older daughter, Christine, and was called Christie, should have figured on such things, but she hadn’t. She had come back to live with her Mother and Pam about 11 months ago.They made the 12 hour drive, with the three of them taking turns with the driving. They had seen many things that had changed, and other things that seemed to be timeless. They pulled down the long dirt road to get to Vera’s house, and saw the three women sitting on a swing on the front porch. As they climbed out of the pickup and stretched to get the kinks out, they were hit by a stampede of three lovely women. Aunt Vera was only a little older than Melody. She had been born a year and a half sooner, and had been more like a sister than an Aunt. Great Aunt Bessie and Melody’s Mom had had a time with the two when they were teenagers.They could get into mischief faster than anybody could imagine. Vera grabbed Mel and hugged and kissed her as soon as she reached her, then stepped over to hug and kiss Albert. She was amazed at the way he had grown and filled out. WHY!!! HE was a MAN, now. Right behind her was Pam, hugging and kissing both of them, and Christie was the last, but no less overjoyed. Melody finally answered all the questions they had thrown at her, and had a chance to introduce Bob, who was sitting out of the way, watching the reunion. When they found out who he was, he received the same welcome as Mel and Albert. Their luggage was carried up and put in their bedrooms. They were shown where all the facilities were, and given time to take care of those things, and they went out on the back patio instead. There was a big tree there and it had a nice breeze blowing through to make it nice and cool. They wanted to know about Albert’s girlfriend, and asked Bob many questions about him and Mel. Vera, knowing her “niece”, asked the question that she figured would make both of them blush. “How long did you know her before you got in her pants?” She was surprised when they looked at each other and nodded, replying, “About and hour and a half, or thereabouts. BUT!!! She wasn’t wearing any pants. Just a miniskirt and a tank top. Nothing under them. I fucked her three times, and she was still wanting more, but I couldn’t give it to her, so she asked me to come to her house the next morning. EARLY!!! Then I gave her some more.” All three of the women broke out in laughter. Vera looked over at Mel. “Do you think we can borrow him for a little bit? None of us has had anything in almost longer than we want to admit, now.” Bob looked at Mel. “Honey? Did you pack my vitamins and Viagra for the trip?” MORE LAUGHTER!!! Albert was sitting next to Pamela, who they just called Pam, and was amazed by the changes she had gone through. Before, she had been just about the same size that he was, at the time. Both had been about 5′ 6 or 7″, and had been nearly skinny. Pam’s hair had been cut short, but now, was all the way to the middle of her back, and instead of being streaked from being in the sun most days, was now a very dark brown, almost black. Before she had been covered, head to toes, with freckles, but now was slightly darker complected, and looked like she had just stepped out of a tanning booth. Her breasts were a little larger, but not much so. They had always been nice, but now were spectacular. She was wearing a middy that came about halfway between them and her belly button, “Daisy Duke” cut off jeans, and a pair of tan deck shoes. When she had first hugged him, on their arrival, the top of her head had not reached his chin. She was a beautiful sight to behold. She had taken the swing and pulled him down beside her. It was hung from a limb in the tree. IT was a big sycamore, and held four more such swings. From where they were sitting, he could also see the barn, where many of their misadventures had taken place, and just over the rise, a small hill, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was the pond where he had seen her naked, and had fucked her, causing the misunderstanding.He looked over at Christie, and couldn’t help but to smile. She was built more like Aunt Bessie, her Grandmother. She wasn’t fat, but was “sturdy.” She wore a smile most of the time, and was as jolly as her Grandmother had been. It was hard to believe that she had gotten a divorce from her husband. Something MAJOR must have happened to them, or her. He would probably know, soon enough. Christie was a slight bit taller than Pam, and almost two years older. She had been married a month after finishing High School, and hadn’t had any c***dren. Could THAT be the PROBLEM? She was a little on the thick side, and had a “Kewpie Doll” face, with brown hair that barely reached her shoulders, and was just a little on the wavy side, but not curly. She had a very nice shape, and was wearing Jamaica shorts, a tie-dyed T-shirt, and flip flops. She still had beautiful legs, and almost dainty feet. The T-shirt was loose enough that if she turned just right, her nipples poked out, revealing that she STILL hated bras. Aunt Vera had had to scold her to make her put on a shirt, many times. Hers had been the first “full-grown” breasts he could remember seeing. He didn’t remember his Mom walking around naked all the time. He had been too young.Aunt Vera was sitting next to Christie. They, her and his Mom, looked enough alike to be sisters. Their faces looked nearly the same. The differences being that, where his Mom had bright, blonde hair, Aunt Vera’s was a medium brown, and where his Mom had fair skin, that tanned easily, Aunt Vera’s was darker, like she always had a deep tan. Her eyes, instead of being sky blue, were more hazel. It was easy to see that they were related, but the commonality was in their personalities. Both were always looking for ways to “get” someone, and loving to pull practical jokes. Aunt Bessie had said it was a good thing they weren’t together more, so they didn’t have time to cook up more mischief than they did. Her and Uncle Jesse were always having to correct them. When he was a baby, he and his Mom had come to visit for two weeks every summer. Aunt Bessie loved the chance to take care of her Great Nephew, and spoil him rotten. It gave the two girls time to get reacquainted, and get into trouble. Both were excellent students in school, and had skipped grades several times. Mom had been the only one, though to graduate college. Aunt Vera had dropped out in her Junior year. Her and Christie were watching him and Bob like a pair of hungry hawks. MOM HAD SAID….Aunt Vera, Christie, and Pam had all excused themselves several times, and gone into the house to tend to their supper, and the smells were tantalizing. Vera came out the last time, and told them that it was almost ready, if they wanted to wash their hands. They went in and took turns washing in the kitchen sink. The table was in the kitchen, too. They had a HUGE kitchen, and the dining table was there. They didn’t have a dining room. BUT, they had enough space for 10 or 12 people, but not the place for a large gathering that they did. The more Albert looked at it, the more he liked it, though. They went and sat down to a table full of food. Aunt Vera had fixed fried catfish fillets, rolled in cornmeal, a big bowl of fried potatoes, and another with beans. A large bowl with some greens, that Christie said was poke salad, mixed with eggs, and a platter full of sliced cornbread, or, as Pam called it, “PONE” made the meal complete. The beans were simply canned pork and beans Albert had eaten meals like this a few times, but Bob and his Mom both pitched a fit over it. Bob looked up at Vera, and asked, “How did you know this was one of my favorite meals?” Vera leaned down and kissed him. “I didn’t know. I knew that Melody loved it, and fixed it for HER. Mama used to make it for us all the time when we were girls, and Mel used to eat until she could hardly take another bite. She would eat like a pig, and groan for the rest of the evening about being TOO full, and her tummy hurting. Mom would give her a bicarb, to make her belch, and we’d all make fun of her. BUT she was never too full to take a piece of apple pie with a big chunk of cheese, and a glass of cold milk, though.” Melody looked over at her. “YOU CHEAT!!! You’re not supposed to tell THOSE STORIES!!! What will Bob and Albert think of me, after hearing THAT?” Vera went over and kissed her, too. She smiled and said, “OINK OINK!!!” The windows shook from the laughter.Pam had seated Albert between her and Christie, and both took turns putting things on his plate. Pam placed a big heap of the fried potatoes on his plate and put a healthy dose of ketchup on top, and then Christie place a large spoonful of the beans next to it. Then Pam put a large spoon full of the poke salad on his plate, and put a big piece of the cornbread on top of IT. Christie looked at him and smiled. She placed several pieces of the fried fish on the side of the other things, and reached over and took a bowl and placed IT next to his plate. “My own recipe tartar sauce, with plenty of lemon in it. Groan when ya güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri want some more.” He was having serious doubts as to whether or not he could finish what was already on his plate. He looked over and saw that his Mom, and Bob’s plates looked similar to his. He looked at his Mom as she took her first bite. He had never seen her eat like this, in his LIFE!!!A while later, everyone had eaten their fill. Albert had tried the poke salad one time at the Kelly house, and it was okay, but nothing special. THIS had been FANTASTIC!!! He looked over at his Mom. “Do YOU know how to fix this?” His Mom smiled at him. “I DO!!! I never fixed it, because I didn’t know where to pick it at, and I didn’t know if YOU’D like it. William knows where to pick it, so I can go with him to get it, and cooking it isn’t such a big thing. I just need a pressure cooker to can it with. When we cook it, just mix in the eggs and it’s done. We ate just this, and cornbread many times. A quick and easy meal, that will stick with you.” Pam looked over at her. “Don’t worry about picking it, right away. We have over 200 quarts in the cellar. You can take some home with you. We have several nice stands of it in easy hollerin’ distance of the house. It’s just getting good, now.”Vera had gone over to the oven and opened the door, letting the smell join the others. She looked over her shoulder, and asked. “Would anybody like a piece… of HOT apple pie?” She took four of them from the oven.A bit later, Pam had taken Albert to see some of the things that had changed since he had been there last. She took him to the pond where she had shown him her body, and introduced him to sex. Just past it, was another even larger pond. “This is where we grow our catfish. We have four more around the farm. They make us good money, and we always have plenty of food. The bayou is just a mile over north of us. You skirted it as you came here. Not much to see except for the trees, but a little further in, it gets wilder. I pick mushrooms in there, and sometimes get a gator. Not too often, though. Got muskrats and beaver, too. Heard that some people eat THEM, but I never have. We have enough wild hogs to get one once in a while, though. Mama didn’t say anything, but Daddy divorced her. He gave her 2/3 of what they had in the bank, and the farm. He took a job overseas, and met someone that he liked better. He divorced Mom, and married HER. Christie’s ex and him were working together, and he never said a word about what was going on. She got mad and told him to go and find someone for him, too. He would come home, and never lay a finger on her, no matter what she did. She figured he already had someone over there, and told him to git.”She stepped over to him, and put her arms around him. “Mama told me that you were angry at us, for laughing at you the way we did. I never meant to hurt your feelings. I thought the faces you made, and the sounds, were funny. I was laughing at THOSE things. I regretted that I never made love with you, before you left. It’s bothered me ever since. Now I want to make it up to you. I love you so much. THIS time, though, I don’t want you to stop. I want you to cum in me as much as you can. I wanted it, before, but now that I see you here. I want it even MORE!!!” She took his hand and led him to a tall patch of Bermuda grass. “The goats eat most of it, but there’s more things that they like better, so this is thick enough to made a good place for what I have in mind. Take my clothes from me, and see if you STILL like what you see.”He took the blouse and lifted it over her head and off, to reveal her breasts. They were just a bit smaller than his Mom’s but just as soft and succulent. He took one and held it as he leaned down to suck the nipple. He heard and felt her breathing get faster. The nipple got even harder, the longer he sucked it. He went and took the other in his mouth to give it the same treatment. Her knees bent, and she squeezed his biceps, as she groaned aloud. She straightened up as he released her breasts. Her hands went to unfasten his pants, and soon had them around his ankles. He kissed her, and asked, “What will your Mom say if SHE finds out?” Pam smiled at him. “Who do you think suggested THIS? The Tooth Fairy? We’ve talked about me giving you my pussy, ever since we found out you were coming. Her and Christie are both going to give you all you want. too. Mel never said anything about Bob, but he’s gonna get some of all of us, too”Pam had knelt down to pull Albert’s pants from around his feet, and he steadied himself with a hand on her shoulder. She had his clothes in a pile just over from where they were standing. He unfastened her shorts and they slid down her legs to reveal what he had dreamed about for so long. He had meant it to be a revenge fucking, but now… He would NEVER be able to do anything to cause her pain, or anguish. The sun was still over the horizon, and she leaned down to pick up both sets of garments. “Let’s go over and go skinny dipping like we used to.” They walked the short distance, and waded out to where the water was about waist deep. They embraced once again, kissing and holding each other. They held each other as they kissed, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri soon, it became apparent that neither of them was interested in anything, except each other. They waded back to the shore and lay down in the soft sand. Just as they had so long ago. He rolled over to look down at her, and she put her arms around him to draw him near enough to kiss some more. Her tongue opened his willing lips and darted inside, testifying to the depth of feelings she held for him. She looked deep into his eyes, and whispered, “It’s too bad that you’re engaged, already. Did you know that first cousins can marry here. We’re THIRD cousins. I hope it doesn’t, but, if anything happens with you and her, just remember that I am HERE. You might like what you found waiting for you.”He started kissing his way down her body and was soon sucking her nipples, again. She had the same reaction as before, only stronger. This time she whimpered and groaned and clutched his head to her breast as he sucked her nipples. “OH, YES!!! SUCK MY TITTIES!!! IT MAKES ME SO HOT!!! SUCK ‘EM OUT TILL THEY LOOK LIKE ROPES HANGING DOWN!!! OH GOD!!! IT MAKES ME SO HOT!!! DON’T MAKE ME WAIT ON YA’!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!”He released her nipple, and went to her stomach, kissing and licking it, and her belly button and making her squeal,even more. He was far from finished with her, though, as she soon found out. He kissed the tiny creases, where her legs and abdomen came together, and pulled the tiny patch of hair that grew on her pubis Mons, with his lips. Her hands went to he back of his head, and her legs opened for him. “OH MY GOD!!!” she growled at him. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? I NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THAT DONE, BEFORE.!!! GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!”She had only had the beginning, though. He went between her legs, and as he kissed her butt, he took one finger, and pressed it to her anus, and applied pressure to put it in to the first joint, while he was licking the tiny space between her anus and her vagina. She felt the pressure of his finger going inside her, but the tickle of his tongue at the same time. Her arms went out the thrash at the ground beside them and her back arched as she cried out. OH, GOD!!! OH, GOD!!! OH GOD!!! FEELS FANTASTIC!!! DO MORE!!! PLEASE DO MORE!!! I LOVE IT!!!” His tongue went from her “taint,” to the opening of her vulva. Her labia stretched and allowed his tongue to enter her, as far as he could put it in her. Her hands quit slapping the ground, and went around his head, pressing him to her. It was the best feeling she had ever experienced. Her body jerked with the spasms that took her from an earthly creature, to something she had never imagined, and shook it. She was in a world of her own. It was warm and fuzzy, and made just for her. Her eyes were wide, but unseeing, her mouth was opening and closing, but making not a sound, until he hit her G spot. Suddenly she screeched, and her legs stretched out and the muscles quivered. Albert smiled at the reactions his cousin was having, and took his thumbs to pull the hood aside and lick and suckle the tiny, now red, button, that lay there before him. He licked it gently, and the screams grew in volume. She was gasping for air, and he gave her one more good, long, slow lick. Her legs went around his neck, and her hair was filling with sand.He raised up and got over her, leaning down to kiss her some more. Her arms went around his neck and she ground her lips into his, painfully, kissing him and whimpering at the same time. Her legs had remained open enough for him to stay between them, and he reached down and paced the tip of his penis to the lower part of her vagina. SHE was so WET!!! He pushed and felt her labia move to the sides to allow him entry. She stopped moving, but her body was shaking from the inside. In and in, and soon he was all the way inside of her, He felt the muscles of her vulva contracting to grasp him tighter. He breathing was so fast…He began to withdraw from her, and her legs went around him, squeezing until it was hard for him to breathe. He lifted her up and she was shaking as he went back in, as far as he could push. This time she rose to meet him, and their dance of love went on. In and out, up and down, over and over. she was mostly silent, except for an occasional gasping, “YES!!! PLEASE!!! MORE!!!” He did har for a bit longer, but his own needs overwhelmed him, and he drove deep inside of her, and he felt his cum going into her. This time she screamed. It was the loudest he had heard any woman scream. She held him and sobbed as she covered his face in her kisses. She repeated, “OH GOD!!! THAT’S SO GREAT!!! OH. GOD!!! OH, GOD!!!”He heard a whisper of sound from behind him, and turned his head, to see the rest of the family standing there, looking at them. Aunt Vera snickered. “I guess he accepted her apology. I hope you can accept MY apology the same way. Christie smiled and commented, “If that’s the way he accepts an apology, then I better do something TERRIBLE to him, so he can accept MY apology, too. Melody came over and leaned down to kiss him on the back of his neck. “WELL DONE, BABY!!! WELL DONE!!! Now let me and Bob help you to the house, and I’ll give you a shower. You need to rest after what you’ve done today. BOB. Take his other arm. Christie, can you get their clothes. Honey, I think you need to help Albert. Pam looks like SHE needs help more than Al does. Poor girls gonna cum when she pisses.”They started making their way to the house. Vera was looking over HER shoulder at Bob. Her smile spoke volumes.

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