Mother-In-Laws Secret Video Found (ch 1)

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Mother-In-Laws Secret Video Found (ch 1)She made life hell for me, until I found her “dark” secret.I had never gotten along with my mother-in-law, Ann, until recently…My mother-in-law had fought me every step of the way while I was dating her daughter, my future wife, or should I say my currently estranged wife. Sometimes I think our marriage was part of a plan by Ann to get her off of her hands. Her trying to push us apart only cemented us together.Unfortunately, after we got married various issues, many caused by some of the fucked up ideas Ann pushed on her daughter, destroyed our marriage. Sex was one of those areas, Ann had poisoned her daughter’s mind to trying new things, and I, to her delight, suffered for it. Eventually we were forced into a separation and are seeing a ther****t to try to work things out. To keep peace in the family I had helped Ann clean out her garage, this also provided me with an opportunity to see my wife. I had carted away a box of old video tapes to check; she wanted some of the old movies transferred to DVD. As I stood at home feeding the videos in a VCR, which was hooked to my computer in order to digitize the movies I actually found a movie I liked, one of those goofy teen comedies from the 1980’s. Then I noticed the tape on the recording tab, meaning someone could have taped over the video. I put it in the VCR and for a minute the movie played, then it changed to a backyard barbecue, with my mother-in-law twenty years ago serving burgers in her backyard. Great! She was too cheap to buy a video tape, and the one movie I actually wanted to see was ruined. Paranoid I thought that she had plotted this out even then, to ruin my afternoon.I forwarded the film an extra few minutes forward to look to see what else was on it, and then I saw something that made me freeze the film. It was a close up of a woman, she had a necktie around her eyes as a blindfold, she was on her knees, her lips wrapped tight around a huge black cock. For a second I thought my mother-in-law’s husband, Ed, could have taped a porn film onto a regular tape to conceal it in plain sight (which would have been a bit too clever for him actually), then it hit me. That red hair, pale milk-white skin, it was Ann my mother-in-law, the destroyer of my marriage and sex life sucking that huge black appendage.”What to do?” I wondered at the moment. This was an opportunity for blackmail (pardon the pun). But first I carefully copied the tape onto DVD, editing the file down to the main action. I preserved the tape itself as extra evidence. Then I sat down and watched the tape from the beginning.It çankırı rus escort started out in their backyard. Was it the Fourth of July, Labor Day? I could not tell. They were having some sort of barbecue. It was Ann, and Ed, and some of their friends including four black guys I did not know. Some of the guests left including one of the black guys. Then everyone else left. Just to let you know the tape was edited, by I presume Ed; so I did not watch what must have been an all day party. The shots in the backyard seemed to be from a fixed camera. The next shot was inside the house. Ann seemed to have had a drink or two. Ann and Ed got on the sofa and made out; (I fast forwarded past that piece). Then he said he wanted to play their “game.”He took a tie from the closet and wrapped it around her eyes as a blindfold. She got onto her knees and undid her blouse; and you know what? She had a nice set of jugs, I could see where her daughter got hers from. “Who am I pretending to suck off today. A sailor, cop, bill collector.” She asked”No, let’s pretend a big black guy broke in here. And is now making you suck on his cock.” Ed said. Ann laughed and said, “Oh! The usual.” I was so going to put this video on line I thought.Ed pulled his dick out and put it in her face, I had to say he was packing a pretty sizable weapon. He pretended to talk like a black man as she sucked his cock. Then he said he thought he heard the police and went to the window after telling her not to move. He went out into the hall and brought in two of the black guys I had seen earlier in the tape at the party.Now how to interpret what happens next depends on if Ann knew it was going to happen or not. One was very erotic, so was the other, but a bit criminal. “Here suck it some more bitch.” Ed said as one of the black men stuck his cocks in her face. She started to suck on it some more. She wanted to put her hands on it but he growled at her to keep her hands behind her back. “You must be excited tonite. I have never felt it so big.” She said.Ed said he must have heard the police again, letting the man she was blowing switch places with the other black man and get some head. Finally the second man started to groan as he busted his nut. Ann heard a totally different voice and ripped off the blindfold just in time to get his spunk all over her face and neck. “Oh shit! Ed! What the fuck did you do! You asshole! I can’t believe you actually did it. You fucking prick! I though it was Hank or John” She said naming two of their white friends as she looked at all the men çankırı rus escort bayan in the room angrily, her face turned blood red as she chased Ed out of the room.She then turned on the two guys. “I ought to really call the police.””Look lady, I’m sorry. We thought it was some sort of crazy game. We didn’t realize.” “Besides do you really want to call the police and have to explain it all to them. I’m sure one of your neighbors out there is a cop or knows a cop. It will be all over the place before you know it.”Ann stopped to think about it as the man went on getting closer to her. “Besides now that you have tried it was it really that bad?” he said laughing.”I am not that type of girl.” She countered. Someone did some editing at this point as her last words had a heavy echo. The scene dissolved and she was on their bed wearing only stockings, a garter belt and high heels. “Oh fuck! I can’t believe I am doing this.” She said as she lowered herself onto one of the guys cocks, with her fat but shapely as facing the camera. Her pussy seemed to be so tight that his cock bent slightly from her downward pressure, then it slid into her. The movie jumped forward a few more minutes and now she was pounding herself up and down on the cock of the man she was talking to as Ed and the other guy looked on.”Ed you wanted me to be a slut for these black guys and now I am I hope you are happy.” She said which earned her a slap on the ass by the guy she was getting fucked by and then she was told to fuck harder and talk less. He grabbed her hips holding her still as he thrust up into her faster and faster until she screamed, then he slowed his pace again.The other guy went over and shoved his cock down her throat, holding the back of her head until she gagged. He let her cough then he did it again making her take more cock down her throat than I thought possible.The scene changed again. Ed was sitting in a chair jerking off, Ann was on the bed on all fours with a black leather collar around her neck attached to a dog leash. One man was fucking her as he pulled on the leash. Then after a while he pulled out and the other guy rammed his cock into her making her gasp. Ann was a mess at this point begging them to fuck her and cum in her. Finally the guy first guy fucking her screamed he was going to cum. He pumped his load into her telling her to milk it with her pussy. Then he put his cock in her face and told her to suck it clean. She made a little grimace that said she did not want to do it as it was covered with her “pussy juice” her words not rus escort çankırı mine. The other man thrust hard inside of her and grabbed her hair telling her to do as she was told to do so as he squeezed her nipple so hard I thought they would bleed At this point I wondered was it still a game? She opened her mouth and dutifully licked and cleaned the man’s cock and balls off. Then the other man came, but in fond porn tradition he pulled out and squired his load so far up her back even her neck was covered.As Ann cleaned the other man’s cock off she said, “I hope you are happy. I am ruined for your small dick now.” She said.If this tape ended there it would have been enough, but there was one final scene so kinky and full of fetish imagery I wondered if they did it the same day or not. Ann was dressed in her dowdy business suit including glasses. She was saying goodbye to the men kissing each one of the them deeply saying she had to go to work. Had the guys spent the night, I wondered. Then one of them pushed down on her shoulders. She seemed to cooperate, going down onto her knees. “Guys I can’t I am going to be late for work.” She pleaded.”Well I guess you better call them and tell then you are going to be late.” One of her black lovers said as he put his cock in her face. What followed was one of the most brutal and aggressive throat fuck scenes I had ever seen. They even had her lean backwards and pile drove their cocks down her throat. Her blouse was a mess as her the spit dribbled down her chin soaking the front and collar. She opened her mouth for them to spit into. They undid her blouse and pulled her tits out and over her bra squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Under their direction she raised one of her own tits to her face and sucked on her own nipple then their cocks, alternating.One of the men came all over her face dousing her hair and glasses as she pumped his cock followed by the next man whose load was so large he managed to ruin he skirt, blazer, and blouse all in one continuous shot.The guys said kissing was out of the question at this point and shook her hands as a joke before leaving. She got up and called her office to say that she would be in until noon. After she hung up Ed pulled out his cock wanting some relief but she brushed him aside and in that dismissive voice that I knew so well told him that she had to get ready for work.The tape ended and after watching it several times I debated what to do. There was no way I was going to erase it. Was I going to blackmail her? I did not know. Then I discovered that there were several other tapes whose contents made this one look mild in comparison. I resolved that I would review and copy the other tape, then confront my mother-in-law the next weekend. Those were my plans, however, a call she made in the middle of the week, a frantic call, would change those plans, for the better or worse to this day I have not been able to determine.

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