My Best Girlfriend

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My Best GirlfriendChrissy was my best girlfriend, a normal night for us included opening a bottle of wine, gossipping for hours, google searching makeup techniques and trying them out, and playing dressup. There had to be a million pictures of the two of us all dressed up, stashed away in a secret folder on Chrissy’s computer. It had to be kept hidden, because in Chrissy’s regular everyday life he was Chris, a computer tech with a desk job, and nobody knew his secret but me. Chris wasn’t gay, not even bi, he just really liked going full girlie on the weekend, and we met because he was dying for a friend to share it with. To me, he was a she, she was Chrissy, and I only knew the bare basics of her other life, just what I had learned in the name of safe and sane play. It seemed to be very theraputic, over the course of our friendship, Chrissy smiled a lot more these days, with hardly any lipstick on her teeth any more.This particular evening, I had come over with a big bottle of beaujolias and we were two glasses in when we started playing with the case of makeup I had brought as well. In the middle of Chrissy’s floor was a pile of clothing, the contents of a giant bag that I had dragged in and dumped out, we were going to spend the whole night dressing up. I had ordered a couple of cute wigs online, nothing too expensive, but Chrissy was desperate to try them out, and I repeatedly complained of being elbowed while trying to share the mirror to apply some bright red lipstick. I gave up fighting with the mirror hog and turned to the pile of clothes, plucking a couple of garments out and tossing them onto the bed. Stepping over, I could just see myself in the mirror behind Chrissy, and started gabbing about the dress I was putting on, a strapless number that I had bought in anticipation of better weather. Without even a thought, I stripped my t-shirt off over my head, then yanked down my yoga pants and stepped out of them. It wasn’t until I had already unclasped my bra and let it slide down my arms that I realized I was the only one moving, and looked up towards the back of my friend. In the mirror, I could see Chrissy’s reflection, her eyes focused on my reflection, standing there in my panties with the dress I intended to put on in my hands. It hadn’t occured to me, every other time we’d played dressup, we changed at the same time and Chrissy went into the bathroom, this time she had been distracted by the new wigs so it was the first time I had changed in front of her. I wasn’t really sure what to say, I had done it unthinkingly, “Um… sorry?”. Chrissy’s eyes never left my reflection, but in a voice that must have been the one used in everyday life, she said, “You’re Chrissy’s best friend in the world, and I wouldn’t want to do anything to change that… but… fuck, Chris really wants to bend you over the end of that bed right now…”.I giggled, blushing, bashfully clutching the dress to my chest and peeking up at Chrissy’s reflection through my lashes, “I don’t think Chrissy would mind. Maybe I should hang out with Chris sometime.” Chrissy’s eyes went wide, and then she smiled at me, “You might not have a choice unless you give me a minute.” Her chin dropped to her chest, my eyes followed where she was looking, and there was quite clearly the outline of a semi-erect cock in the stretchy pants she was wearing. Like I said, she was Chrissy, what was in her panties was her own business and I had never given burdur escort it much thought, but it was unavoidable now. I may have been privy to Chris’ big secret, but Chrissy was keeping a secret of his too, the fact that there had to be an nine inch dick compressed into those pink pants. I threw the dress back on the bed, walking up behind Chrissy and slipping my arms around her. I let my left hand trace lazily down her belly as I rest my chin on her shoulder, looking at her reflection, “Maybe you should introduce me to Chris now then?” I purred into her ear, my fingers dipping lower to trace just above the hardening shaft in her pants. She didn’t say anything, just plucked a tissue from the box on the dresser and wiped it across her lips, leaving a pink smear on the white paper before she dropped it. Her eyes met mine in the mirror, and the coy smile I gave her must have done the trick. She reached up and yanked the wig off her head with one hand as she turned, and with the other, she grabbed my arm and pulled, making me change places with her. The wig was discarded and petal pink leggings were pulled down to let loose a monster cock that felt hot when it was pressed against me, Chris trapping me between his body and the dresser. His right arm came around me to hold me against him as he buried his face into the back of my neck, inhaling deeply. “Shit,” was all he said, leaning forward and pushing me down with him, his left hand slipping between us to pull my panties aside, grasp his rigid member and slide it between my thighs. He rocked his hips back and forth, his veiny shaft tickling against my clit as he slid against me. Just the idea of such a delicious cock had me dripping wet, so without much trouble Chris began to sink that giant cock into my tight little hole, causing me to whimper. This just seemed to excite him more, his breath was coming faster into my ear, and he was pressing against me harder, forcing me facedown onto the dresser, pushing deeper and deeper into the cloying depths of my body. Chris reached down and grabbed my leg, pulling it up so my knee was on the dresser, my legs spread wide for him, and he stood up, his arm slipping from around me so he could rest his hand on my back, keeping me where he wanted me. My pussy was stretched around his massive cock, and he moved teasingly slow, pulling out so just the head was still inside me and then pushing in deep, pushing until I gasped with how deep he was, and then a little more. I couldn’t move, he held me tight against the dresser, his hand still on my back and the other gripping my thigh so I was trapped and being impaled repeatedly by a huge, thick cock. Peeking into the mirror, I could see Chris intently watching his member invade my body, then his eyes roaming over my creamy skin sluttily on display before him. Before I knew what was happening, Chris had withdrawn from me and pulled me up, I found myself spun around and lifted up, and the contents of the top of the dresser spilled on the floor to make room for me to be sat on it. Chris grabbed my knees, pulling my legs apart and drawing me towards the edge of the dresser, letting one leg go so he could drive his cock back inside me. He gripped my hips, and wriggled me around just right so that I was far enough back that he could pound against the dresser and not hurt me. And pound he did, one hand held my hip and the other was wrapped up in çanakkale escort my long red hair, so he could tilt my head and press his face into my neck, his breath hot on my skin. The dresser smashed against the wall with the force of his hips against it, the head of his cock bottoming out inside me, painfully every once in a while. “Fuck,” Chris whined against my neck, his fingers digging into my hip, and pulling my hair to force my chin up. Two more thrusts and he pulled out of me, his prodigious manhood trapped against my belly as it went off, hot sticky ropes of cum spurting all over me, splashing up to my breasts and dripping down, pooling on my thighs. He came and came, like he’d been saving it for weeks, and when he finally stopped twitching and jerking and released his grip on me, I was practically covered. “Stay right there,” Chris said, crossing the room to get his phone. With practiced skill he opened his camera and snapped a picture of me, cum-soaked, sitting on the dresser. He hit a few more buttons and I heard my phone go off in my purse, an indication he had sent the picture to me, then his phone was discarded and I found myself being scooped up off the dresser and carried down the hallway to the bathroom. I was gently sat on the counter while the shower was set, then I was helped into the stream of water and given a fresh bar of soap before the curtain was closed. After I bathed and turned the water off, I found a fresh towel had been laid out for me, as well as my nighty from my overnight bag retrieved and left folded on the countertop. I dried off and dressed, and when I returned to the bedroom, I found Chrissy waiting for me in bed, fluffly pillows and snacks ready, and the opening credits of a movie already rolling on the tv. We didn’t say anything, I just climbed into bed with my best girlfriend and we snuggled in to watch a flick until we crashed.Chrissy and I never said anything about what happened that night, I didn’t see Chris again, it was like nothing had happened at all, and I was ok with that… except… I couldn’t forget what my friend had under her dress when we played dressup, couldn’t help but get distracted when she was talking, forgetting to listen and instead daydreaming about nine inches…I had come over again, this time with beer and a stack of dvds. It was the middle of August, and although Chrissy had central air, we were both dressed for the weather in little sundresses. We settled on Kick Ass, a fun movie that made us laugh, and when it was over, I plucked the sequel from the pile and waved it, which Chrissy nodded emphatically to. Halfway through the second movie, the empty bottles were piling up, and as tipsy girls do, Chrissy and I lost interest in the movie and became super heros ourselves. Pillows were suddenly weapons, each hit overdramatized as a critical blow until we fell laughing into a pile of arms and legs and tattered bedclothes. It was at this point that Chrissy got the brilliant idea to test a theory as to whether or not I was ticklish. I am. I squealed and squirmed and giggled, which inspired Chrissy to tickle me more until I was begging her to stop, pleading with her with her stop lest I wet her bed. She relented, flopping back onto the bed, such a big mistake. I sprung into action, pouncing Chrissy and tickling her back, turned out she was ticklish too. She tried to fend me off but I was wiley and quick, çankırı escort and soon she was the one making bargains on the promise I stop. “Oh yeah,” I asked, pausing my assault, “you’ll do -anything-?” Chrissy laughed and nodded, affirming that she would indeed do anything if only I’d stop. I grinned, “Ok then,” I settled down kneeling on the bed beside her, “show me what’s in your panties.” I watched the crimson rise from the affectation of cleavage to her hairline, but she only paused for a heartbeat or two before she shyly slid her dress up her legs to reveal simple black bikini panties, the bulge that had been haunting my memory filling the dainty fabric. Chrissy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and drew them down, releasing that beautiful uncut b**st that flopped against her belly with a slapping sound. I couldn’t help it, I must have sat there in an awed daze for a solid fifteen seconds before my mind kicked back into action, and a devious little smirk toyed around the corners of my mouth. “Close your eyes,” I said to Chrissy. She asked why, and I simply repeated my statement, more insistently. She narrowed her eyes at me first but then acquiesced, her masara’d lashes so long they rest on her cheeks. As carefully as I could as to not give away what I was doing, I leaned forward, the delectable scent of cock permeating through the light flowery fragrance Chrissy wore and making my mouth water. I held my breath, quietly opened my mouth… and ran my tongue from the base of that cock all the way up to the top, placing a soft kiss on the foreskin-encased head. I was suprised, I expected Chrissy to jump or gasp or something, but she didn’t so I looked at her. She still had her eyes closed but she was trying very hard not to smile. I did it again, this time pressing my tongue flat so the bead in the middle traced its way up the underside of that fattening dick, skipping over veins as I made my way back up to the head again. This time when I looked at Chrissy she wasn’t trying to stop the smile, she was outright grinning, “Whatever you do to me, I get to do to you, just sayin’,” she said, furthering my surprise, and giving me pause for just a moment. Then, like a k** given free reign in a candy store, I bounced over to snuggle in against Chrissy’s side, my head on her belly and that gigantic dick right there at the end of my nose. My tongue explored every inch of it while it grew bigger and bigger, and I did my very best to fit as much of that hard cock into my mouth as I could, but it was just so big that I often found myself suckling on the head while stroking the saliva-slick shaft with my hand. Chrissy didn’t seem to mind this, and I was rewarded for my efforts when she clutched my head with a groan, pushing the head of that cock deep into my mouth and holding still while cum shot down my throat. I had to keep swallowing around that mouthful else it would soon start leaking out and I didn’t want to waste a drop. It became easier and easier to get more of that flesh into my mouth as it softened, and Chrissy stopped holding my head and instead ran her fingers through my hair, reaching past my face with her other hand to steal my soother from me and place it back into the cotton confines of her panties. She let me lie there with my head still on her belly, cock drunk and content, licking my lips, for a few minutes before she said, “Guess what?” I was so comfy I didn’t even want to move enough to answer so I enquired with a “Hmm?”. No matter how lethargic I may have felt, with the fluidity of a feline Chrissy had me off her and flat on my back in one motion, a devious smile on her face as she began to slither down my body while lifting up my dress at the same time, “My turn.”

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