My brother Perving on My Wife….

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Alex Grey

My brother Perving on My Wife….For some of you, this is very tame. For me, it was exciting. My wife and bother are very close and both very conservative…My wife, Karen, is 33 and in very good shape. My brother, who is two years older than us, has always thought my wife was hot. At our pool we hang out together. She looks great in a one-piece. It’s amusing when I catch him looking at my wife’s boobs. They’re not overly huge, but nicely shaped (34d). When we are alone he’s made comments about her, but not in an obnoxious way.One night after a few beers and the wives went to bed we started talking. I told him that his wife, who is much skinnier and has a much flatter chest than my wife, that her ass looked good in her bikini. You could tell after that comment his wheels were turning. I asked him what he thought about seeing my wife constantly walking around him in a hot swimsuit. At first he just smiled. Then he surprised me by blurting out “God, Karen has great tits.” I cracked up. We both did. I then told him how Karen likes to skinny artemisbet yeni giriş dip in the pool. He was very intrigued. As the evening progressed I admitted that I might have a video of her taking off the same swimsuit she was wearing all day. He was at first a bit coy, saying “you have a video of her naked?”. I said I did. Just to tease him a bit, I changed the subject, talking about sports. After awhile he directly asked if he could see the video of my wife changing out her swimsuit. I must admit I was strangely turned on. No one has ever seen her naked except her doctor and me. I offered the obligatory, “are you sure?, you are so close in-laws, do you really want to see her completely naked?”. Though a bit restrained he was more interested, “I’d love to see her in her birthday suit.” I can’t explain it but I was completely turned on by the fact that my brother was about to see my hot, conservative wife naked.I got the DVD out of the cabinet and put it into the receiver. I asked him one more time, “are you artemisbet giriş sure you want to see Karen naked.? I knew the answer, but he is so conservative, I had to ask him.I hit they pay button. At first there was nothing, just a shot of our bedroom. After awhile Karen enters wearing then same one-piece he’s been drooling over. She was in our bedroom not aware of the camera (I do this once in a while). She walking around in the bedroom in her suit. We she walked right in front of the camera I hit pause. My brother was now free to ogle my wife, not having to sneek peeks of her chest and cleavage. I could tell he was fired up! I asked if I should continue the tape. He just nodded. I hit play again and Karen resumed strolling about the bedroom taking off her earrings ready to strip and shower. I was incredibly turned on by the fact that me brother, in a few short seconds, was about to see my wide and his sister-in-law completely nude.In front of the camera, oblivious that anyone was watching, my wife was examining artemisbet güvenilirmi her body. She cupped her boobs and turned around in the mirror to examine her nice butt. My brother was glued to the screen. Then she slid the straps of her swimsuit down exposing her wonderful breasts. She had great tanlines and her boobs were white. My brother let out a gasp. She stood there a moment looking at her tits and briefly tugged at her nipples. It was so hot. She then bent down to remove the rest of her swimsuit. Her boobs were hanging at the perfect angle. She took off her swimsuit exposing her completely naked. My brother is gawking at my wife’s complete frontal nudity!Karen’s tanlines, great boobs and trimmed bush looked amazing to me and I see her naked almost every day! What a rush. I must admit I had the biggest hardon and I’m sure my bother did as well.We watched the video a few more times. I then went to bed to join my my wife. My brother stayed out in the living room to watch some more. As I lay in bedI fondled my sleepy wife’s breasts so turned on that at the same time, my bother was jacking off to her nude video!This is an absolutely true story. Please let me know if anyone would like to hear how I let my brother, in real time, watch my wife shower and put on and take off her swimsuit (and perhaps do more things!)….

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