My Daughter the Dancer Ch. 02

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“Well another day, another dollar right?” Ken declared much too cheerily for someone opening a shoe store on a Monday morning.

“Yeah. Now shut the fuck up and get out on the floor. I’ll guard the cash register.” Chris replied trying to sound less annoyed with his chipper coworker than he was. There weren’t a lot of things in the world that annoyed him quite like people who could be bright eyed and bushy tailed before nine o’clock. Unfortunately for Ken one of the other things on his top ten list happened to have also occurred. He hadn’t had time to stop by and pick up a cup of coffee along the way. Normally he’d be sipping it while walking the aisles making sure the people who closed the night before had done their job properly dressing everything down but right now the only thing he wanted was to be left alone and that meant getting rid of Ken in the most efficient way possible.

“Sure, I’m on it. Make sure all the shoes look pretty for the people who won’t be here probably until next shift but certainly for another three hours.” Ken shot back, again far to happy.

It was true though, in both of their experience the only reason you kept a shoe store open on a weekday before noon was to receive shipments, deal with the odd door to door salesmen who couldn’t read the no solicitors sign and of course the dreaded inspection from management. The last one was especially frustrating since it usually involved trying to bulshit your way through a shouting boss who’d found some stray hair out of place that the closing crew should have taken care of but didn’t in their haste to get home and you hadn’t had time to take care of.

Ken didn’t mind in the least, he liked mornings. He did have his cup of coffee (not that he needed it) and his big breakfast. The only downside for him in working mornings was that he inevitably got stuck with someone who was a grouch until noon. In fairness to Chris he was far from the worst, as long as Ken stayed out of sight and out of mind Chris wouldn’t so much as blink in his direction.

The store had been open for a little over an hour and Ken had managed to get every display in tip top shape when the door chime went crazy going off at least seven times in rapid succession. “Goddamnit, Ken go turn off the alarm and if you think we need to lock the door. We don’t want the wind whipping it open and breaking it. Again.”

Ken was halfway to the front of the store when he stopped in his tracks. He’d been expecting that Chris was right and the wind was just getting out of hand pushing the door open, the sight of six girls who looked like they’d stepped straight out of an MTv Spring Break video was not what he’d been expecting. “Wow.”

“Hey don’t just stand there with your mouth open, ask if you can help us!” A red head in a short white skirt and a pink tube top called.

“Of course, how can I help you.” Ken stammered. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes on their faces. Judging by the way the red head had turned her hips slightly and just out her chest none of them particularly minded his ogling.

“Well duh, we’re here for shoes. I assume you can bring us some?” The redhead asked with a giggle. “By the way I’m Rena, this is Lara and since we’re the only ones buying anything today you don’t need to remember my friend’s names.” There was a collective rolling of eyes and groaning. “What, he’s having a hard enough time telling our faces apart as it is. I bet if me and Lara switched tops he’s be confused all over again.”

“Sorry.” Ken felt his face flush.

The ladies let the embarrassment sink in for a second then Rena spoke. “Don’t worry about it. Just bring me two pairs of boots, one black, one red, thigh high and Lara?”

“I’ll go fetch my own heels thank you. I would never trust a man to pick out shoes. C’mon girls.” Lara replied.

“You really should. It’s not like you want me to fuck you, so you know you’ve got it right when a man is excited about your shoes!” Rena called bouncing on her heels her miniskirt flaring as she did. “Oh, and take me to the dressing area, I’ll wait.”

“Right this way.” Ken said making a brief motion and then leading Rena towards the back of the store. He made a point of pausing at the register just long enough for Chris to get a good look at her. “I’ll be helping a customer, there are Demirli Bahçe Escort a few more who may need some assistance.” The two men exchanged glance and then Ken continued to the back guiding Rena to a bench. “Just wait a minute, let me get your measurements.”

He pulled out a small metal foot shaped device and sank down to one knee. “May I?”

Rena gave the fakest, sweetest, smile she could muster and extended her foot toward him. “You may.” She made certain she poured the sugar on thick enough.

Ken hesitated only a moment before untying her tennis shoe and slipping it off, then reaching for the other. Rena kept from giggling as he delicately placed her foot on the metal device and measured her foot.

God, she has such cute, sexy, little feet. Ken thought hoping she assumed he was staring so intently at the way her tiny toes wriggled in her socks because he was determined to do the best job possible. “I really should measure them both just to be absolutely certain.” He extended his hand for the other foot only briefly looking up at Rena who lifted the other foot. Ken took his time gently unlacing the shoe and setting it next to the other repeating the measuring process. So sexy. “I’ll be right back with a couple of pairs that I think you’ll like.”

Rena giggled lightly at the sight of Ken disappearing down one of the aisles. He was practically skipping. It probably wasn’t every day that a woman like her paid attention to him even in a playful way and she was dressed like some kind of teeny bopper. It was just adorable, college guys always tried to pretend like they didn’t actually notice how attractive she was, it got old. It was refreshing to be back around guys who were a little easier to read.

“Holy shit.” Ken whispered to himself as he started quickly walking up and down the boot aisle. “I know they’re around here somewhere. He smiled when he found the perfect two pair and then pulled up a third and a fourth set balancing all the boxes and returning to kneel at her perfectly petite feet.

“Four boxes? But I only asked for two.” Rena said with a smile.

“I strive to please. That’s what we do here is provide the best possible service. Now let’s start with these if you’ll excuse my French ‘Fuck Me’ boots that you requested.”

Rena smiled and allowed him to zip her into a pair of white boots. They were definitely hooker boots, laces from her ankle all the way up to her knee, thick platforms with an even higher heel (thankfully not stiletto since she didn’t want to break an ankle) and glossy. After Ryan helped her to her feet Rena took a moment to try them out marching back and forth for her attentive crowd before letting him lace her into an identical black pair for a repeat performance.

“Okay, now let’s see these surprises.” Rena offered wriggling her toes after they were freed of the tight confines of the boots.

“Well, I understand if you don’t like them. Not every woman thinks she’ll make a great cowgirl, but there aren’t a lot of things guys find sexier.” He pulled a pair of ankle high cowgirl style boots with tassels.

“Not really my style, but you’ve been such a sweetheart so I’ll try ’em on.” Rena conceded letting the clerk dress her again and then standing up. He really had already done a pretty good job so she walked back and forth putting on her best strut and almost sat down then stopped. These are fucking sexy. She stopped right there and did here very best impression of a quick square dance. The look on the clerk’s face told her all she needed to know. “Okay, I guess I’m convinced if you can get me a discount I’ll take these too, what’s your other surprise for me?”

“Okay, these are more a personal eh-“

“Fetish?” Rena offered.

“I guess that’s a. . . term you could use.” Ken said opening the box. “Anyway I’m not the only guy who like punk rock or Goth chicks.” In the box were a pair of black leather military boots, only with shiny steel toed boots. “So?”

“Sure. Why not.” Rena watched him once again lace her into a pair of boots and this time noticed something she hadn’t earlier. It was subtle but there a definitely a slight bulge in his pants. Oh crap. Rena had completely forgotten that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath that tiny skirt of hers. The entire time Demirlibahçe Escort Bayan she’s been holding out of her feet and flashing him her intimate parts. He probably somehow noticed right when she walked in the door and that’s why he brought extra boots. Clever boy.

Ken finished lacing up her boots and helped her upright. “So how do those feel miss?”

Rena took a quick stomp around in the boots. She wasn’t big on the kind of leather outfits that she’d need for these but it was easy to see how a man who was into girls with green hair and pierced noses would find them sexy. “They feel fine, just not really my style.”

Ken unlaced the boots taking his time to enjoy her slender ankles, the arch of her in step. He really wanted to lean in and take a whiff of her delicate feet but resisted.

“You can put my shoes back on if you like.” Rena offered pushing her tennis shoes toward him with her other foot. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Best to pretend this was all according to plan.

“Thank you.” Ken responded genuinely. He looked up at Rena and for the first time noticed that the sexy girl with the adorable toes that he could easily imagine painted pink and he craved to suckle one by one wasn’t wearing any panties. He felt his heart skip a beat and then he finished tying her shoes. “All done.”

“Good. I’ll take the white, the black and the cowgirl. Thank you for all your help uh. . .what was your name again?”

“Ken. My name is Ken.”

“Ken, please bring those to the register. I’ll be there as soon as my girlfriends are finished. If I need any more help I’ll be sure to come find you.” She said.

“Yes ma’am!” Ken replied a bit more enthusiastically than was professional. He picked up the boxes and quickly walked back to the register. “Well that made for a good morning. Give her my discount on the cowboy boots Chris.”

“She’s not that hot.” Chris grumbled.

“You’re just pissed you decided to work the register instead of the floor where you get to help the customers. You wouldn’t believe how cute her feet were, little tiny things.” Ken whispered.

Chris rolled his eyes. “Yeah you’re such a fucking perv. I know you’re all into feet and toes, you probably wish she’d give you a foot job. I’m not into all that kinky shit. Helping a woman try on shoes doesn’t do anything for me, cus I’m not a freak.”

“Yeah, yeah. I saw you looking.” Ken replied.

“Looking of course, at those long legs and high firm ass. I could care less if she was walking around in clogs though. This is just my job, my day job at that.” Chris replied. “Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind watching those girls strut around the store all day, I just don’t have any desire to be down there with their funky ass feet.”

“You just don’t appreciate the finer things in life.” Ken shrugged. “I’m gonna go make sure they are all finding everything ok. After all I only got to help one of the six, maybe some one else isn’t wearing panties.” He hissed the last words so low that Chris didn’t really hear them so much as read his lips and figure it out.

“I think you should work the register for a while. After all custom service is what we live for around here.” Chris replied.

“Nope, they specifically asked for me after I did such an outstanding job. I just came to drop these off at the counter.” Ken taunted and walked away from the register.

“Oh my God. Ken, that clerk guy is such a pervert!” Rena gasped to her gaggle of friends who were currently trying on heels.

“Oh? Do tell? Did he take your shoe size?” Lara replied sarcastically.

“Of course he did. But he was staring up my skirt the entire time and got himself hard. I bet he’s in the bathroom rubbing one out right now.” Rena said. “Course it might be my fault a bit.

“A bit? I saw you honey, do you even know how to walk any more or do you just strut?” Lara asked.

“Oh, not that, I was putting on a show. I thought he deserved that for being so sweet. Half the time guys in these stores just ignore me and no offense but unless I’m going to a ball I don’t trust a woman’s opinion on clothes.” Rena paused slightly. “But you kinda caught me a little off guard this morning.”

“I told you when I was coming.” Lara replied.

“I know, Escort Demirlibahçe I was just not quite ready when you arrived.”

“You certainly looked ready to walk out the door.” Lara said. Rena’s replied by lifting her skirt just high enough to make her point. Lara gasped. “Oh my God. You were sitting there that entire time, with your legs up and spread while he pretended he was measuring your feet and helping you try on different shoes. That sly little bastard. Oh well, that sounds like you were begging for it, even if you did forget. Can’t exactly blame a guy for taking a peak if it’s right there can you?”

“Oh I’m not mad at him. He’s cute enough for a little peak and if he hadn’t ehem gotten aroused I would never have known he was checking me out. He’s either really good at looking out of the corner of his eye or he doesn’t need to watch what he’s doing at all with shoes cus he didn’t miss a beat, even pulled up my socks when they were getting a bit slack.” Rena replied with a shrug. “Like you said I can’t be mad at a guy checking me out. Anyway pick me up a pair of those strappy heels you’ve been looking at and let’s get out of here. I gotta get home and show and then we have to practice the routine before we hit the Kandy Kat tonight.”

“Oh right.” Lara tilted her head slightly to look past her friend where Ken was just rounding the corner. “You’re boyfriend’s back.”

Rena rolled her eyes and turned around to face Ken. “Hey Ken, can you help us? We need all of this.”

“Of course.” Ken took his time sinking to one knee. He wasn’t in any rush to get up, not when Lara was wearing a pair of open toed high heels with her toes painted bright blue, and except for one girl in low cut hiking boots with sexy purple frilly socks peaking out over the top the others were all wearing common tennis shoes. Still the view was enough that he didn’t mind gathering the boxes one by one into a pile before carrying them away.

“You’re right. If I didn’t know he had to have been getting a peak up your skirt when he went by I’d have been certain he was just looking at your feet. Well all of our feet really. He seemed to think Kimmy’s boots were kinda interesting too.” Lara laughed. “Wouldn’t that just be the funniest thing? If he was really just checking out your feet the whole time? Got himself a hard dick looking at your toes?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve met a guy who had some odd fetish he wanted to try out. Some guys are seriously twisted.” Rena mused. “Honestly if a guy gets off on feet and can get his fill working at a shoe store that’s fine by me. Did I ever tell you about my boyfriend Xavier?”

The girls continued talking almost until they reached the register paid for their items. “Chris is it? Would you mind? We bought more than we can carry and Ken’s been so helpful to us already. . .”

“Fine, fine, he can help you ladies carry your stuff to the car. I can help as well, he might have to make two trips if he goes alone.” Chris replied starting to step out from behind the counter.

Lara stopped him with a gentle hand to the chest. “No thank you, we think he can handle it alone.”

Chris stopped and deflated almost visibly. “Okay, just don’t keep him too long. I’ll need him if any more customers arrive. He is my number one worker.” Chris stepped back behind the counter as he spoke.

“You heard her, figure it out Ken.” Rena taunted leading her friends out.

Ken shrugged at Chris then found a way to balance all the boxes and follow through a combination of familiarity, faith and watching what he could see around the edges of his pile of boxes to follow the ladies out of the store and into the parking lot. “Right here.” Lara said bringing them all to a halt. One by one the boxes were taken away from Ken and as each block was taken away he was greeted to a vision.

Rena was sitting in the backseat with her feet together, toes pointed skyward. The next blocks revealed her toned calves, followed by her thighs. When the last boxes were taken away he saw that she had one hand between her thighs prying her lips open for him. “Bye bye.”

Ken’s jaw dropped. “You want to see her again?” Rena reached into her purse and gave him a post card.

He was still standing there like a statue when the girls drove out. A few minutes later he managed to drag himself back into the store where he laid the post card on the counter.

“Holy shit, those girls work at the Kandy Kat and gave you a free pass with a friend? I hate to ask but. . .”

“Yes Chris, you can come with me if you cover for the next couple of minutes, I need an alone minute if you catch my drift.”

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