My Educational Lesbian Rendezvous

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Hello again ! It’s been a long time coming, but I finally found time to write about my second foray into the world of lesbian sex.

Anyone who is reading this without having seen my previous confession of shall we say, experimental sexual activity, should probably go onto my stories page. If you want more context or just to understand how I came to this website I recommend you read ‘My Inspiring Lesbian Encounter’ before reading this story.

I have to admit I have been slow to submit the circumstances of this encounter onto . Uni has kept me busy, but to be honest that’s not why I took so long.

I have gotten a lot of messages from you guys asking about myself and lending advice to me in the situation I have found myself in, all of which I really appreciate. That is why I’ve chosen to finally upload this story. I like to hear what you lot have to say about my experiences, even if that does make me somewhat of an exhibitionist. To be honest I don’t know what is more revealing about myself, the stuff from my confessions or the fantasies I have written. I guess the reality of my confessions doesn’t yet match the lust in my fanfiction, but believe me I’m working on it.

Over the last few months my sexuality has been the source of both confidence and confusion in my life. I have been with a few guys and enjoyed myself, and yet my curiosity about same-sex encounters has only increased since Emma jumped me last year.?

Honestly, intentionally or not, she rocked my world. Girls have gone from being friends and sisters, people I thought I understood, to objects of desire and lust within my life. Girls whom I’ve known for years suddenly appear in a whole new light for me. Even my roommates! Can you imagine what that’s like? Being surrounded by people you’ve gotten to know so intimately, only suddenly to realize you have some sort of repressed attraction to them! Some even trust me to the extent that they have no problem strutting around in just their underwear in my presence! Suffice to say I’ve been in a state of almost constant horny-ness, which for me at least, is kind of awkward. So eventually I decided to just seek out another girl who would be up for a little play and just go for it. Easier said than done… Since I’m not ready to admit to friends or family I’m into women at the moment, I’ve had to be pretty subtle with my quest. Which it turns out, just makes finding a hot girl to sleep with go from improbable to practically impossible.

So when I heard that a girl in one of my tutorials was rumored to have dabbled in the same club I admit, I pounced on that story. This girl is named Bethany. I met her on a couple of nights out but I can’t say we’ve gotten all that close. However, since my interest in my own sex has blossomed, lets just say she caught my eye.

So how to describe her… lets start with the generic facts. Bethany is from Glasgow, which if you can overcome the accent is all-good. Suffice to say she owns it. Bethany is a year or two older than myself and has become a little bit of a rock star around us younger generation. I guess that always applies to the people you respect in your life that have travelled your path and done well. However, for me it is physically that I respect her all the more. She has dirty blonde, wavy hair that reaches her shoulders and green eyes with flecks of brown. Although a little quiet, she has a reputation for being fast and loose when out on the town, which more than makes up for this in the opinion of every guy I’ve asked. And she knows how to dress provocatively. But what really drew my attention? That glorious butt of course!! If you’ve read any of my fan fiction, or my previous confession, then you know I am a big fan of the butt and have been since Emma and I had our little accident.

I admit what went down with Emma was unintentional, maybe a little gross, but hell, it turns me on even now. And it sent that blonde right over the edge, despite being so off-limits and kinky. Suffice to say I definitely want more ass play in my own sex life, but I’ve avoided going there with guys, as I get the feeling I don’t want that region of my own body handled without, delicacy… Point being a girl’s butt? It’s the business. And Bethany’s behind That’s where I want to go to work! She always wears these heels that perfectly emphasize her wide hips and wears these tight leggings that leave little to the imagination. Frankly, in those her cheeks look like two Pringles hugging!

I never thought she would have even considered lesbian sex though. Bethany seemed just too hot, quiet and repressed. Of course my opinion changed when I heard Mairi say she was seen making out with some random first year girl at a club weeks earlier. Then the wheels in my head just started turning. I started pursuing her, making greater effort to get to know her. Things after that just sort of fell into place over time.

Last semester my Arts study group and I went on a field trip to Rome. Although the intention of the trip each year is to visit sites of interest, art galleries and to absorb the culture, us students almanbahis adres tend to use this time as an excuse to get blind drunk in a foreign country. The hot weather is a draw as well of course, not that its all that sunny towards winter, but you have to remember that in comparison to Scotland anywhere is a tropical paradise.

Anyway one night we were determined to get smashed. We moved from club to club as the evening progressed, mixing as much as we could with the guys we met along the way. Communication doesn’t really matter when you’re a hot girl on the town, so the language barrier in the Italian city wasn’t an issue. Not that I cared. I only had eyes for Bethany and tried to stay close to her all night.

It just seemed like the right time to pursue another girl. Most of my friends didn’t come to Rome and that actually suited me. Less prying eyes to judge. Martina, whom I arranged to stay with, was literally my only obstacle but one night there was a window of opportunity and I just took it.

On that night I made sure the dirty blonde got totally hammered, offering her shots constantly just to ensure she reached the necessary level of inebriation. Soon enough Bethany was stumbling around cheerily and dancing with anyone or anything within her limited radius of movement. All I had to do was step up behind her and soon we were totally entangled, our whole group just lost in the moment. I held onto Bethany with the pretense of keeping her upright, but pretty soon my hands began to wonder. In the dark of the club I doubt anyone could see me sliding my hands around her waist. When I was sure she was comfortable with that I began pulling us flush together. Our close proximity combined with our collective gyration created fantastic pressure, her delicious behind grinding into my pelvis.

Honestly that alone was better than masturbation itself. Bethany was so close I could smell her excitement, feel the heat of her body, that dirty blonde hair brushing my face as she swung her head around manically. We were practically dry-humping right there in the club. After a while she even began to bend at the waist, bouncing her tight ass against my pussy over and over. I doubt she realized then how aroused that got me. I should say she was looking amazing. Bethany was wearing this tight cotton navy blue dress which ended just at mid thigh, combined with these amazing boots. Too much mascara, of course, but what can I say? That works for me. Anyway… it was obvious she was enjoying herself so when the next song started I swung her around and pulled the girl against me. I think she was pretty surprised to see whom she had been dancing so provocatively with, but soon enough she was following my lead again, draping her arms around my neck and swinging her body to the music. I guess she just want to be taken for a ride.

So I let one of my own hands drop down, hidden between us. As slowly, lightly and nonchalantly as possible I began tickling her inner thigh with my fingertips, before grazing a little higher. Now I could tell she was a little aware of how intimate things were getting, green eyes not meeting my own. It was obvious she would try to pull away soon so I did the opposite, pulling us together. Her boobs felt amazing squeezed against my own, momentarily keeping her distracted. Then I leant in and began breathing right against her ear, a tactic I have used to tease several guys before. She practically melted against me, at this point too drunk to even stand without support. So all Bethany could do was giggle as I slid into her intimately, our pussys only separated by our thin clothing.

I suppose I should remind you guys of my appearance at this stage as well, to set the scene and such. I guess I am a little short and curvy in form. As far as I’m concerned theres always room for improvement, but I’m proud of my body nonetheless and I go to the gym regularly to stay ‘fit’. I am most proud of my hair, which changes in tone every now and again, as I get bored with conventional colouring. That night however it was my natural dark brown and as straight as I could make it. My eyes are dark brown. I like to think I am more cute on a day to day basis, rather than down right sexy like Bethany, but you would have to ask someone, cos lets face it, I’m totally biased.

Anyhoo back to my confession. I spoke into her ear, telling her how hot she was looking that night, ensuring none of the others were in earshot. This might seem like an obvious move to some of you, but there were two factors. First, I was hammered and it’s hard to hide your feelings when drunk of your ass. Secondly, and just so the men among my readership know, us girls appreciate reminders of how attractive we are, even if you have told us a thousand times! However, I may have come on to strong, as Bethany’s reaction took me by surprise.

I think she snapped out of her trance when she realized what I was saying; either that or she felt my left hand subtly tracing her behind. Either way, after that song she staggered away and fell into a seat at the side of the club. Martina joined almanbahis adresi her when it was apparent Bethany was too drunk to continue but was distracted by the guy she had been on and off with the whole of this semester. To be honest, I had been counting on this. That meant when I offered to take the dirty blonde back to mine everyone was happy, except Bethany herself, who drunkenly expressed her trepidation, seeming ashy even in her drunken state. I suspect she kind of knew my intentions from the way I had been around her. Eventually however we poured her into a jacket and found her purse, everyone keen for me to take care of her. So I pulled the girl out with me out onto the street.

The rest of the way home was easy, I just walked her along the pavement, arm around her waist whilst she kept her head on my shoulder, giggling and hiccupping as she went. I was glad to see she was comfortable around me again, as I was still sure I had pushed her too far earlier, but now that we were together she was just really great-full to have a guide, telling me repeatedly she had no idea where we were. In my experience its the sense of direction that is always the first skill to breakdown after excessive drinking. Whether its on the dance floor, or the streets. So she clung on to me, tangling a hand in my hair as we walked. This I took as a good sign.

When we got to the hotel I led her straight to my room, praying she was nowhere near sobering up. We struggled to get through the door but eventually we collapsed against it on the other side, slumping against the wood.

That was when I stepped authoritatively back into her personal space, moving my face close to her and rubbing the back of her thigh gently, under the pretense of keeping her warm as she caught her breath. I was sober enough to be nervous as hell, not even sure what to do next now that I had the girl all to myself. So I just softly pecked her on the cheek before chickening out, the dirty blonde becoming a little flustered but still grinning in what I hope was appreciation.

At that point I felt kind of bad, she was just an acquaintance after all and I was taking advantage. With cold feet I let her slip past me and helped her struggle out of her jacket.

I still wanted her though, even as she collapsed against Martina’s bed. On the floor she pulled off her boots before climbing on all fours onto the sheets. I just couldn’t help myself. Staring at Bethany, I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked in that position, hair hanging loose around her head, butt perched at such an inviting angle. The curve of her back and her ungraceful climb left that cotton dress dangerously bunched around her waist and the undersides of those soft round cheeks were tantalizingly visible. So I just did what I wanted to, rather than over thinking things. I told Bethany I’d help her undress as I climbed up behind her. She just nodded breathlessly and without incident I pulled her cotton dress up and over her backside, revealing pink and blue panties with a thick stretchy waistband, a brand I recognized: BOND. Anyway she twitched but made no move to stop me so I just slipped the dress up her spine and along her soft back, caressing her skin blatantly as I went. She shivered a little and sat back on her haunches when I reached her armpits, which I intentionally tickled as my hands ascended up her sides.

Once I had tugged the garment over her head, I made a show of folding it and swinging the dress over the back of a chair. When I turned back I have to admit she was a sight to behold. In her drunken state Bethany seemed almost wild, her hair messy, the strap of her bra hanging loosely off her shoulder. So I took charge of the situation, shimmying forward and kissing her hard on the mouth, taking Bethany completely by surprise. The dirty blonde pulled away quickly, seemingly embarrassed but still staying close to me on the bed.

This was awkward for her I could tell; Bethany’s eyes were locked on the sheet between us and her dirty blonde head stayed low. She looked like a naughty child awaiting punishment, but she spoke up before I could get another word out. Bethany said she realised I had been sending her signals all evening, and that she also knew she had gained a reputation in the group for kissing that girl.

Then came the dreaded admission, the one I’d been hoping not to hea hear, that she was flattered but not really a lesbian or even bicurious, just that she had been ‘over excited’.

I was really disappointed and quickly slipped backward off the bed when she leant forward anxiously, babbling in earnest, eyes wide and apologetic. She took me by surprise when she pulled me by the hand back to the bed. It was then that I noticed her body language, big pupils, twitchy hands and deep breaths. She was definitely horny, no matter what her orientation supposedly was. So I remained hopeful.

Quickly she got the rest of her thoughts out in the open, rushing to explain her predicament. She said it had been so long since she’d last had sex and that essentially she wanted to reduce her almanbahis adres pent up anxiety, a little pretentious I know, but she was a drunk, horny art student. Essentially, she wouldn’t fuck me but she was open to having ‘a little play’ if I essentially did all the legwork and told no one what occurred after. Bethany knew she was being unfair and gave me another apologetic look. How could I possibly resist? Sitting back on her knees, thighs squeezed tightly together, all guilty and horny… So I tested the water. Pressing forward I squeezed my hands between her legs and cupped her pussy with my hand. She bit her lip and turned away from me, shuddering as I rubbed her nethers experimentally. Although she just sat there dumbly, the girl was definitely ready to go, and as I stroked her core she got increasingly wet. Meanwhile my other hand went for a breast. When I squeezed her boob she inhaled deeply and I admit I jumped a little, now as nervous as she clearly was even as she grabbed at my hand and held it in place. When I went to kiss her again she was still apprehensive, again reminding me not to let things get too weird. I just let that slide, continuing to massage her into a frenzy. With a little convincing she was putty in my hands, squeezing her eyes shut and just letting me roam free over her body, my fingers even twanging at her stripy sports bra (perfect for dancing in town, even if a little confusing for those boys who have no idea how annoying jiggling can be). She panicked again when I slipped my fingers into a cup, even as I felt her hard nipples, like she was embarrassed by how turned on she was. Frustrated, I gambled, telling her if she was going to be this frigid she could get herself off. Bethany backtracked and babbled, apologizing again. She promised to stay quiet if I just turned out the lights. So I did as I was told, darkening the room and then blindly struggling back over to the bed.

Following the sounds of rustling I came back to find her beneath the covers. However, when I pulled up she lifted the sheet and let me climbed in beside her. It was when I mounted her under the sheets I realized how overdressed I still was. I insisted she help me out of my jacket and shoes. So I was definitely surprised when she reached down and unbuckled my belt, even if she was just trying to appease me. It may have just been the bravery she gained not being able to see me, but it felt good to have a girl servicing my needs for a change. So I let her tug energetically at my fly. To add to my sense of satisfaction I crept forward up her body, so my butt hovered over her midriff. That way my pussy was dangerously close to her face and she knew it, now almost frantically pulling my skinny jeans down my legs as I helped. Once they were off she threw them to the side and I was finally comfortable enough to give her what she clearly needed, a good fucking.

I was still kind of upset if I’m honest, once again forced to do all the work in another lesbian experiment. She obviously didn’t want to be labeled and hell, neither do I. But it does seem a strange coincidence that both girls I’ve slept with were afraid to admit what they were doing. Maybe I should write a thesis, as it seems to me like a lot of girls are at least curious about same sex liaisons and seem to love them when the situation arises. However, at the time I wasn’t going to question Bethany. Drawing attention to the obvious flaw in her ‘I’m not even bisexual’ argument would have been too easy. After all, turning off the lights didn’t change the fact there was still a half-naked girl in her lap. I can only assume the alcohol in her system overcame this obvious fact.

Anyway, being on top of her essentially ensured I was back in charge, just the way I like it. She looked so hot, pinned down between my legs, hair spread out on the pillow beneath her head. We made out for ages like that, before I slowly moved my hand down her belly, slipping my digits under the hem of her knickers. My first time fingering another girl. Totally amazing. I remember she had a little hair above her clit, not that I minded. Lets just say I can’t judge. At first I just massaged around her entrance, not wanting to scare her off. She fidgeted and twitched beneath me as I massaged her endlessly. It was as if she had no idea what to do with herself, afraid to touch me like I was made of glass. If it hadn’t been so endearing I would have been offended. Bethany was just too adorable, trying to avoid my stare from millimeters away, even as I nuzzled against her she continuously bit her lip, whining in frustration as I refused to get her off lightly.

When I started dipping my fingers lightly into her pussy she quivered and moaned even more, clearly desperate for me to pump her silly. That was when I announced my ultimatum: I wouldn’t wank her off until she gave me a little leverage in return. She was shocked by this request of course; reminding me she wasn’t for what felt like the gazillionth time. I told her I wasn’t either, but that there was no way I was going to let her off that easy. She whined and babbled some more after that, but all I told the dirty blonde was she had already come this far and that I would not take no for an answer. Of course she protested, but eventually I guided her fingers to my own snatch and, not wasting any time, forced her to cup my pussy.

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