My elderly Neighbour

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My elderly NeighbourThis is based on my true story in Beaverton Ont, i will change the names to protect those of interest.My neighbor Mrs. Wilks is an elderly woman, close to 65. My mom had me mow her lawn once a week because she doesn’t have anyone else to do it. I use to hate mowing her lawn because she paid next to nothing and it took forever… until she started giving me tips.It all started on a typical sunny day in July. I personally never thought of Mrs. Wilks in a sexual way because she was my neighbor and I would only see her when I mowed her lawn. She did have an in ground pool she would sometimes let my brother and I swim in; but nothing more than friendly neighborly banter. She did have a great body for her age since she was involved in water aerobics at the local gym, and would walk everyday rain or shine. Her hair was staring to turn from blonde to gray, her face was starting to wrinkle, and her eyes were losing their blue gleam. She was a fit woman; very slender. Her breasts were in great shape for a woman her age and her ass was very tight from all of the exercise she did. I never noticed these features until that typical sunny day in July.Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have a real nice body. My arms are thick (that’s not the only thing), I have great abs and my chest is ripped. I’m 17 years old, and this was my last summer vacation before I left for college in the fall. I would always get compliments from girls I didn’t know, and catch people staring; but I never noticed Mrs. Wilks looking at me until that typical sunny day in July.I’m going to start from the very beginning.It was a typical sunny day in July. The morning air was cool, and I was deep in my mid afternoon slumber when I heard the phone ring. Ring and ring with no one to answer since I was the only one home. I tore myself away from my bed to answer the phone and on the other end was Mrs. Wilks.“Joe? Do you think you could mow my lawn today? I’m having company tomorrow and I think it needs a trim.”Not being able to say no to an old lady I agreed.After breakfast I threw on a muscle shirt and shorts, socks and sneakers. Mrs. Wilks lived in a one story house alone for as long as I could remember. Her husband died close to twenty years ago and I don’t think I ever saw another man enter the house that wasn’t a relative. “Well! Aren’t we looking fit?” Mrs. Wilks said as she greeted me at the door. I didn’t think anything of it because it was just friendly old lady talk and she would always compliment me for something; it didn’t matter if I was a total mess, I would always receive a compliment from Mrs. Wilks. I smiled and thanked her. I started to mow the lawn when Mrs. Wilks came out and was sitting in a chair sunning 1xbet yeni giriş herself as I mowed the grass. She was wearing a blue tank-top and short black running short over a swimsuit. It was a typical sunny day in July, and any woman no matter how old would want to be out in the sun so I didn’t think anything of it.I was half way done with the lawn when I noticed that Mrs. Wilks was no longer sitting outside. Usually at the point I was at I would refill the gas and continue until I was finished so I went to the shed, got the gas can and went back to the mower. As I finished filling up the tank I turned and Mrs. Wilks was there holding a glass of water for me.“Thirsty?” She asked politely.I accepted and drank the cold water. It was very refreshing and I was thankful she gave it to me since I forgot my water bottle.“Do you think you could reach something for me in my cupboard? I can’t stretch like I use to.” “Sure Mrs. Wilks.” I said. “Lead the way!”Often to entertain myself I would talk to her in an overly sarcastic tone but she never seemed to mind… or she didn’t notice; either way I didn’t care.We went into the bathroom where I had to reach up and grab a feather duster which for some reason I thought was placed there. As I stretched up for it, I looked in the cabinet mirror and saw Mrs. Wilks staring down at my ass! Not sure what to think I grabbed the duster and handed it to her.“Thank you dear! You’re such a young strapping man; I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten over the years!”Smiling I tried to move around Mrs. Wilks but she was standing in my way.“Hmm, I wonder how big you’ve actually gotten.” Mrs. Wilks said as a scandalous smile crept across her face. She put her hand over my package and started to move her hand up and down. “Seems like you’ve gotten pretty big!” I could feel my face getting red, but what I couldn’t figure out was why my cock was getting hard!“I-I gotta go!” I said as I pushed past her and ran back to my house. My cock was rock hard, I was short of breathe and I couldn’t get Mrs. Wilks cleavage out of my head when she squeezed her arms together while she was playing with my junk.I sat down at my desk chair and took out my cock and began to masturbate. I imaged her thin, semi-wrinkled lips wrapped around my penis and she was sucking hard. Within a minute I was covered in jizz, but I wanted to plaster Mrs. Wilks face with my cum instead.The phone rang just as I finished cleaning up and I noticed on the Caller ID that it was Mrs. Wilks. I nervously picked up the phone and greeted her. “Joe I’m sorry. I’m not sure what happen; I guess I sort of got myself too worked up. Do you think you could finish my lawn before my company comes? I promise I’ll 1xbet giriş stay inside.”My cock got hard just hearing her voice. I agreed to finish her lawn; but I wanted to trim her bushes as well.I went back over to her house and knocked on the door. When she opened it I pushed myself in, closed the door and grabbed her in my arms. I shoved my tongue down her throat and moved my hand towards her twat. As I rubbed her vagina, her hand was back around my hard cock.“Let me have at your dick!”Mrs. Wilks got on her knees and started to unzip my pants. I removed her shirt and started to feel her breasts as she began kissing and licking my penis. Her nipples were beautiful and pink, while her breasts fit into the palm of my hand. I could hear here gag a little as she deep throated my seven inches, but she kept going faster and faster. She worked her way down to my sac and started sucking each of my balls.“You wanna fuck my titty pussy?”“FUCK YES!!!” I replied.She straightened her back, and squeezed her breasts around my cock. I grabbed her shoulders and started to fuck the shit out of her tits. I was so close to busting a wad of cum all over her face when she stopped me.“Whoa. Before you get a head of yourself, how about doing me a favor first?”She took my hand and led me over to the sofa. Removing her pants, she exposed her red, shaved pussy. She didn’t have to tell me what to do as I dove in and started running my tongue around the lips of her cunt. “Ahhhhh! Joe don’t you dare fucking stop! Like my dirty pussy! I bet you never would have guessed Mrs. Wilks was such a whore!”She started gushing cum, but I didn’t stop. My face was pushed as deep into her pussy as possible, and her cum was all over my face.“It’s time you fucked me Joe! I want you to give me everything you have!”My dick was rock hard and I ran it over her wet pussy. I spread her legs a part as wide as they could go when I stuffed my cock into her. She grabbed my arms and I sped up the pace, faster and faster. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck Mrs. Wilks as hard as you can!”I was slamming my cock into her as hard as I could. Her pussy was still so wet and I didn’t think she could be satisfied. I pushed my cock in her all the way and she began grinding against it. Every now and then she would let out a queef, but I didn’t care because I was fucking the hottest old woman I’ve ever seen.Finally she slowed so I took advantage. I sped up once more and released a wad of cum as my penis was as deep as it could go in her pussy.“Joe I’ve never been fucked like that; not even by my husband.”Out of breathe I pulled out and sat on the sofa next to her, my cock still somewhat hard. I leaned my head back on the top of the pad when I felt Mrs. Wilks 1xbet güvenilirmi hands on my cock.“Ready for round two?” She said as she began to suck my cock again.Unbelievable! I thought to myself. How could this old woman have so much left in her after I pounded her for a good twenty minutes! What I found more surprising is that my cock was getting hard again. Just as I pictured when I masturbated, her thin, semi-wrinkled lips were wrapped around my cock. When I thought I was going to bust again, the door bell rang.“Right on time.” Mrs. Wilks said as she got up to answer the door.She opened the door completely nude, and left me with nothing to cover my huge erection as she let a young girl in.“Joe, this is my grand daughter Vanessa. I told her you were going to come over to finish my lawn and thought she’d like to get a look at you.”Vanessa was the same age as me. She almost looked like an 18 year old Mrs. Wilks; with her short blonde hair, bright blue eyes and perky breasts. Her boobs however were a bit larger than Mrs. Wilks, but her ass was not as tight.“Mind if I try you out?” Vanessa asked as she took a seat next to me on the sofa.She pushed her short blonde hair behind her ear and fit my entire cock in her mouth without a problem. She had very red lips that were fuller than Mrs. Wilks. As she sucked me off, her hand moved and started playing with my balls. Mrs. Wilks stepped up onto the sofa and put her vag right in my face. Taking both hands I grabbed her ass, and pushed her cunt right into my face. As Vanessa sucked me off like a pro, I ate out her grandmother… I never would have thought I would be in the situation.Mrs. Wilks stepped down and Vanessa stopped. “You know Joe, Vanessa has never been with a man before. I think you’re just the guy we’ve been looking for.” Mrs. Wilks said with a smile.Vanessa undressed and showed off her slim body and bouncy, perky breasts. I was sitting on the sofa as she climbed onto my cock and began to ride me. Mrs. Wilks joined us on the sofa sucking on her granddaughters’ breasts which made them nice and hard. I could feel Vanessa’s pussy juice run down my cock as I pounded her virgin cunt.In a wild orgasm, Vanessa let loose all of her cum on my cock. I was about to unload another round of cum when Mrs. Wilks told Vanessa to get off. “I want you to cum in my mouth!” Mrs. Wilks instructed.I pulled on my rod once or twice and blew a load of cum right into Mrs. Wilks’ mouth. She didn’t swallow it however. Vanessa opened her mouth as Mrs. Wilks spat my cum into Vanessa’s mouth; and then Vanessa swallowed.“We’re a couple of dirty little sluts!” Giggled Mrs. Wilks and Vanessa as they began to dress themselves. I on the other hand had no strength to get up so I just sat there not believing what had just occurred. After a while of sitting naked on the sofa, I dressed myself as well and left Mrs. Wilks’ house. The sun blinded me as I walked outside, but what did I expect? It was a typical sunny day in July.

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