My first time. Please excuse the grammar.

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My first time. Please excuse the grammar.The phone rang out it’s message tone, shrill but welcoming at the same time. I picked it up and looked at it. It was from him. I thought about ignoring it, my nerves getting the better of me at last, as I was a nervous wreck about this whole adventure. Several weeks ago I had met a man who suggested that I should sell my body for much needed cash. I laughed at first but the seed of the thought grew with every passing day. Should I do it? Well, I put an advert in a website specializing in escorts from all walks of life. Shit! What was I thinking? My advert wasn’t very good and I hoped nothing would come of it. Wrong! On the second day of the advert appearing I had seven men wanting to meet me.I looked at the texts and thought yes lets do this. It wasnt the money anymore it was the thrill of these men wanting my body to use as they please. The first night of my “new job”, I got ready and put on black sheer stockings, rubbing my hand over my smooth legs. I noticed I was wet through my panties, my small smooth cock was dripping pre cum in anticipation of things to come. I put on my sexiest dress and played with my erect nipples, tweeking them and rubbing them, pushing my other hand down my front gripping my balls and squeezing them softlly. I moaned and realised what I was doing. I hadnt even started putting on makeup yet. Fifteen minutes later I was ready. I looked in the mirror and thought that I looked good and sexy for my client. He he, I let out an involuntary giggle and laughed out loud. Jesus, the nerves were killing me. I need a drink. I poured myself a large one and took a sip savouring the strong alcohol and noticed the slight shake in my hand. Ok he will be here in a minute, calm down. I sat on the sofa and let my long red hair fall down over my bare shoulders, noticing my legs looked amazing in the expensive sheer stockings.The buzzer rang and I nearly jumped out my skin, I was in a daze, a reverie whatever you want to call it. Crap, he was here, outside at my door. I slowly got up and buzzed him in, my hands hardly able to hold the phone. I tottered on my impossibly high heels to the door Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort and opened it slowly. He stood there outside drinking me in, looking at me up and down, appraising every inch of my body. “Very nice indeed”, he said as he smiled slyly.”Thank you, hunny”. What the fuck did I just say? He just smiled and came in. I looked at him for the first time as I was still in a daze when I opened the door. He was tall, maybe 6′ 2, well built and very handsome, with dark hair and a full head of greying dark hair. His scent wafted in to the flat and it was delicious. He was wearing jeans and a top, with a very expensive leather jacket. He went into the bedroom and threw his jacket on the floor. His hands went for me and he kissed me passionately, drawing me close to his muscular frame. My hands went around his waist pulling him even closer. His tongue probing my mouth, flicking and rolling and making me feel amazing. It made me forget who I was and we were lost in our own private universe. He pulled away from me suddenly and put his hand in his pocket, pulling out a bundle of cash. He handed it to me and winked.”Plenty more where that came from,” he said with a strange smile on his face, “but only if you are a good girl.”He went for me again and threw me onto the bed, leaning over me, kissing me, touching me. His hands all over my body, feeling my legs and my little cock. My hands were pinned down and he kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears and nipples. I was in ecstasy already.”do you have any lubricant?” he said breathlessly.”Yes, in the drawer,” I replied in the same breathless way.He reached over and took out a black bottle from the cabinet. He hesitated and took out another bottle.”Naughty girl.” he drawled as he took out my bottle of poppers.He unscrewed the stopper and made me sniff the strong smelling liquid. My heart began to race and my head span as he forced me to take the terrible smelling d**g. His fingers, silky wet with lubricant started probing my tight ass. One finger went in and I felt like I was in heaven. The feeling was intense Yenimahalle Rus Escort and I wanted him more than anything else I could think of. As he forced me to take the poppers he probed me and used fingers to open me up for him. I swear he had three fingers all the way in at one point.”Take this,” he gestured towards his crotch area and I looked down to see his manhood. It was out of his jeans and pointing at me, almost like it was begging me to touch it, suck it.I took it in my hands and guessed it was maybe 8 inches in length and so thick I could barely get my hand around it. My first thought was that I will never be able to fuck that. I rubbed my hands up and down its length, stroking it and squeezing it gently. I started licking it from the tip and slowly ran my tongue down the shaft towards his tight balls, flicking my wet tongue over them making them even tighter. I then ran my tongue back up towards the tip, but this time I covered the tip with my mouth and plunged down taking him as far as I could in my mouth. I felt his hard member touch the back of my throat, but instead of gagging I welcomed him in and tried to take it further.I went up and down making it wet with a mixture of saliva and pre cum. It tasted salty and good and I wanted more, more. I looked up under my beautifully made up eyes and his head was thrown back in pleasure, his eyes closed.He pulled away after a few minutes and took the rest of his clothes off hurriedly, like he didn’t have time to wait for me any longer. The world was ending and he needed me now, right now. He pulled me around and put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I drunk in the strong odour while he fingered me deeply and urgently. He placed his wet cock against my equally wet hole and pushed. Holy crap, the pain was intense. He was so big and hard I nearly pulled away, but I didnt. I stuck with it.”Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear.”Yes,” I groaned and bloody hell I meant it. I was starting to enjoy it, the feelings of pain were subsiding to be replaced with a strange pleasant feeling in my tummy. I wanted more and I sucked deeply on the poppers as I started moving with his thrusts.He pulled out of me and roughly pulled me around so I was still facing away from him. He lay down on the bed and yanked me down with him so I was lying on top of him facing upwards. He then put his cock deep in me again and I groaned and moaned with pleasure. Fuck me I was loving this so much. I started riding him slowly at first then picking up the pace, moving in time with his movements. I felt that strange feeling again and really was in heaven. I reached down and grabbed my own cock and was surprised to find it was rock hard. He then pushed me off him and I nearly fell over, teetering on my high heels. He saw this and grinned. He grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed. My legs went flying upwards and he held onto my ankles. He then put his cock in me again, but this time he thrust really hard and fast, the bed rocking and shaking. I felt that feeling again, but this time it was like I was going to cum and pee at the same time.”Just let it happen.” He gasped as he thrust, the sweat starting to bead on his forehead.I took more poppers and tried to relax as the feeling became more intense. Ah fuck me I am going to cum. My god it squirted everywhere I even hit my own face with it. It tasted salty and good. I felt amazing as I came and tasted my own cum. Wow.He kept fucking me hard and I could sense a change in his urgency. The feeling inside was intense now and I cried out with pleasure. He pulled out of me and started stroking as he moved up the bed to cum on my face. It came out slowly at first and I could taste the familiar saltiness and licked my lips. He then started wanking really fast and I realised I was in for a huge load of gorgeous cum. It came out thick and fast covering my face. It went in my eyes and I could feel them sting and burn, but I didn’t care I wanted it all, every drop. He came for seemed like ages and my face felt completely covered in the sticky, beautiful man juice. I wanted his cock then so I took hold of it and sucked it dry, swallowing every last drop.It was finished, over, my first client made me feel like an amazing woman and fucked me so good I came. Wow. He quickly dressed and said,”That was amazing babes. Same time next week?””Yeah sure,” I replied, cum all over my face, lying back on the bed exhausted. He left and I lay there savouring his seed on me and tasting it. I thought if the next client is that good then I am in for a great time.

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