My Husband’s Camay Introduction

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Part 1.

I surprised my husband with a bath last night, it’s been a while since we have been so sensual. Well Ill say this was the most sensual we have ever been.

I filled the bathtub with hot/warm water and soaked a new bar of soap in the warm water for 10 minutes before he got in. The soap of my choice was Camay classic, I enjoy the scent, color and rounded sides and hopefully he will also ….. OooOOoooooOOOoooo.

He sat in the tub unaware of my thoughts as I cleaned his muscular body outside and maybe in, (the mouth that is).

Bathing in the tub was new to us, we usually shower separately so the sensuality of bathing together has not been with us in our marriage for years.

5 minutes later……

After sitting in the tub for a bit, he mentioned the pleasant scent of the soap, I mentioned I bought it last week when grocery shopping, I needed a change of soap and mainly the scent, and he did also……

I saw my opportunity opening up as he showed interest in the new soap, so I thought how to get him introduced to the association between the senses.

I soon decided to place a few fingers full of suds below his nose to get a better smell of the sweet perfumed bar of Camay soap. I slipped the soap in and out of the kızılay escort water for a few seconds, getting as much later on my hands as I could.

Slowly, I slipped my index and middle fingers from my right hand under his nose for a brief second as he quietly inhaled and then I gently rubbed my fingers across his lips getting his lips soapy. I also rotated my fingers slowly and smoothly to get the most soapsuds across his lips, he was surprised at first as his eyes bulged a bit, but seemed to enjoy the soft lather on his lips, he did not know this was intentional.

With no resentment from him I was feeling adventurous so I continued to clean his chest with the sudsy warm bar of Camay. He had not made any motion to wipe the suds from his mouth, in fact he was rubbing his lips together, seeming to enjoy the slippery, soapy and sudsy feeling around his mouth.

A few minutes later….

He wanted to smell the bar of Camay, with this I noticed his cock getting aroused. Hmmmmm, this is getting erotic. So I pulled the bar of Camay out of the water and rubbed it a few times as it was moved towards his nose, I wanted it to be lathered with suds so the scent would radiate the tub area, little did he know more was in store kolej escort for him!

He smelled the Camay soap by deeply inhaling through his nose and smiled. He mentioned the sweet smell again, I see that he likes it, this is getting very interesting now.

The smell of Camay soap is now all around us, very pleasant odor to both of us.

All this time I am rolling the bar of Camay around my hands a few feet above his body in our clear view, to scent the air and lather up the bar, until it sadly (well intentionally) it slips out of my hands and into the water. A little water will help get the suds rolling again, my hands are very soapy now….

We are both so relaxed now, he is so cute with his lips full of soapsuds, since he has been rubbing his lips together for a few minutes now, the lather is getting thicker, he can feel it, I can see it. J

Moments later…..

I asked my husband to kiss the bar of Camay, he was a bit shocked, but not offended. Go ahead honey, its OK. The smell is so pleasant he said, well I guess I can. Suddenly, NO! I am scared, my mom used to wash my mouth out and that was AWFUL!!!!!!

Oh sweetie, I will never harm you, this is not punishment. Well he quieted down, and after maltepe escort a few minutes, he smiled and was very relaxed again.

Kiss the soap dear I will not tell anyone, this is just between us.

I position the bar so the most suds on it will touch his lips when the Camay is kissed. He noticed that I made the bar very soapy and sudsy, to my enjoyment he liked that and smiled a bit.

I slowly kept lathering the bar and said come on honey, kiss the bar of soap for Lisa, be a good husband and kiss the sweet bar of Camay that you are enjoying so much.

He looked me right in the eyes and smiled, there was no tension just interest.

I move the soap towards his mouth, oh so soapy now, hhhmmmmm he groans and smiles as he closes his eyes and pinched his lips in anticipation.

Oh honey, you do not need to pinch your lips together, I’m not going to wash out your mouth out with soap.


Or am I, wow what a sensual idea that is, well maybe next time I thought……..

I move the soapy bar of Camay to his now un-pinched, relaxed yet closed lips and I asked him to open his eyes for the first kiss, of many I hope. As the bar gets close to his mouth, the lather runs across his lips as I rotate the bar slowly across his lips for the anticipated kiss.

He kissed the end of the bar of Camay soap, at this point 50% of the Camay has rolled across his lips which were very soapy upon the kiss which lasted a few seconds to my amusement.

Lots of Suds doll,

Soapy Lisa.

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