My New Boss Pt. 09

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After Suky and Rim made me their bitch, my relationship with the two of them changed. I could tell Suky viewed me as a weak-willed man, and Rim saw me as a ‘pussy’, in her own words. By this time, I had fallen in love with Suky and was prepared to do whatever it took to keep her. Suky smelled my desperation, and once she realized just how under her spell I was, she started to take liberties with me. I couldn’t blame her. I would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed. She got lazy and unmotivated when it came to my release, putting in the minimum amount of effort to get the job done. She knew that I was madly in love with her, and that she would get a perfect score on her exit interview, that Joy conducted right after my weekly session with her niece.

Many times Suky would dictate the script for my exit interview. I would tell Joy how fantastic my session was, fabricating all the wonderful sexual delights Suky had given me, when in fact I had just worked very hard to earn one handjob. The three handjob sessions were much less frequent after Suky moved in with me, and my girlfriend now preferred me to work for a single, hard-earned orgasm.

I have no clue how she came up with all these humiliating ways for a man to have an orgasm. Either she watched a lot of cuckold porn or she had some help, which seemed more likely, given that the entire crew of masseuses knew Suky dominated my ass.

The first time she changed up her routine, she barked instructions at me.

“Get up on the massage table on all fours,” she told me. “Like a dog,” she added, which seemed unnecessary.

Once I was in position, she lubed her up her tiny manicured hand and wrapped it around the tip of my cock. She adjusted her fist so that it was fairly tight around my cock-head, and placed her other hand on my ass. Then, with a slap, that reverberated around the room, she signaled for me to start.

“Fuck my fist,” she ordered. “Slow and steady strokes.”

I started to fuck her hand and was immediately on the road to orgasm. Suky offered me absolutely zero assistance, and just held her hand still, as I did all the work. I did look like a dog, humping her fist on all fours.

It had been a week since I last ejaculated, and I had endured all kind of sexual torment at the hands of Suky and her young friends. They were over my place all the time now, looking good, smelling good, talking dirty to me, and kissing each other. One of her friends, Amy, was there almost every day after school, and her main interest in life was getting, and keeping me erect, particularly when Suky was not around.

As I approached my orgasm, it was Amy that was on my mind. I closed my eyes and imagined her blonde hair cascading across my nuts, as she blew me. A few seconds later I exploded and emptied my nuts all over the massage table. A week’s worth of ejaculate, extracted from my nuts, by the very capable Suky, in about three minutes.

After I came, Suky kept her tight little fist wrapped around my cock and allowed me to continue to thrust into it, until I was completely spent.

“Do you want me to eat your load,” she teased, echoing Rim’s offer of a few weeks back.

Apparently, this lewd act had been shared with the senior VIP members, voted upon, and incorporated into the service, as standard. Wow, that was great news.

“Yes, Suky,” I replied, “I would like to watch that very much.”

“Well,” she said with a tint of contempt, “here is how that little degrading act is going to go down. You are going to eat your load from my massage table, and then you are going to tell Joy what a dirty bitch I was.”

Suky didn’t give me much time to process her directive. She opened her fist so that my softening cock fell from it. Then, using the same lubed-up hand that I had just fucked, she grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced my face into my pool of semen.

“Eat, bitch,” she ordered.

I was shocked. I had done so much for this beautiful young girl, and because I had shown some weakness, she was exploiting it to the max. Suky made me lick my load from the table and swallow it all. Then, she took her rightful place on the massage table and we utilized the remaining hour and twenty minutes, on her pleasure.

Suky came several times as I ate her pussy and ass, and once she was completely satisfied, she made me prepare her for Fat John’s anal assault. At the end of my session, I went to leave the room, but Suky told me to stay.

“I want you to let Fat John know that you prepared me for his enjoyment,” she said, continuing to push my boundaries.

“Please Suky, not that,” I begged.

“He is expecting to meet you,” she responded dispassionately. “He knows you lubed me up for him before, and he wanted to thank you.”

“Please,” I began, before she silenced me.

Suky had me arrange her just so for John, on her stomach with her ass raised invitingly on the pillow. Her rosebud was already lubricated, and my earlier protracted analingus session, had opened her up nicely for him. She asked me to spray her with perfume ankara olgun escort just before my session ended.

At eleven thirty, there was a knock on the door and Suky signaled for me to answer it. I opened the door with trepidation, and Fat John bounded in like he owned the place. Once he saw Suky, served up to him on a platter, he smiled and began to speak.

“I want Rim to join us Sucky,” he informed her, using the derisive form of her name, that Joy favored. “I want to butt-fuck you, while she eats my ass.”

“Whatever you want, John,” Suky said cheerfully. “Rim and I will be honored to serve you today.”

I was disgusted by Suky’s subservience to this fat pig. It was also way more information than I needed and I went to leave the room. However, Suky had other plans for me. She was thoroughly enjoying my participation and was looking forward to my upcoming debasement, and so she spoke up.

“Tim, be a doll and go and fetch Rim, would you?” she ordered me, as Fat John started to undress. “Leave your car keys here.”

I didn’t know what to say, but John looked at me expectantly, as he lowered his underpants, so I followed her direction, put my keys on the side table, and left to find Rim. Rim was not at all enthusiastic about her upcoming session with this fat bastard.

“Did he take a shower?” she asked timidly. “That fat fuck stinks.”

“I am not sure Rim,” I lied, “I left before he got undressed.”

Rim and I walked back to Suky’s room in silence. When we got to the door, we exchanged a mournful look, and Rim tapped quietly on the opaque window.

“Enter,” John said forcefully, his confidence bearing no relationship to his physical appearance.

As the door opened, I went to leave. It was then that I realized why Suky had instructed me to leave my car keys on the table. I had to go back in and get them. Suky wanted me to witness how disgusting servicing Fat John, must have been for her. The transformation in Rim’s attitude as she entered the room was fantastic to watch.

She had a huge smile on her face, as if she was absolutely enthralled to see Fat John.

“John,” she said cheerfully, “great to see you again.”

The smile was wasted on John, as he had his back to her. He had already mounted my girlfriend, and was balls-deep inside her anal passage. He was making a half-hearted attempt to support his weight, but at his physical size, any exertion was difficult, and probably dangerous. His belly flopped all over Suky’s slender back, and spilled over her sides to the massage table. His flabby, snow-white ass barely had a visible butt-crack, and he appeared to have just one huge buttock.

His fat thighs lay squeezed together on the table, even though his knees were several inches apart. His whole lower body, particularly from his waist down, was also very hairy. Rim was undeterred, and placed her manicured hands on his massive ass.

She raked her nails across his fat ass, his cheeks jiggling as she did so.

“I have been looking forward to eating your ass, all day,” she lied.

John let out a grunt to acknowledge her enthusiasm, and Rim spread his cheeks apart the best she could, extended her tongue, and lowered her face towards them. The actions of a desperate woman, in Joy’s words.

I saw her take a tentative sniff as she got close to his buttocks. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, and recoiled slightly as she realized that he had not bothered to shower. She had a pained look on her face as she inserted her tongue between his ass-cheeks, his lack of respect for her evident by his decision not to freshen up before she rimmed him.

“Fuck yeah, you dirty bitches,” John exclaimed as he started to thrust into Suky’s tight little asshole.

I couldn’t watch that fat asshole enjoying my girlfriend, so I grabbed my car keys and slinked out of there. I was two hundred dollars poorer, I had semen on my lips from being forced to eat my load, and John’s moans of pleasure were ringing in my ears.

Joy intercepted me on my way out, with her usual, “Do you have five minutes for me?”

Five minutes turned into twenty, as we sat and enjoyed a cup of tea together.

“How are you and Suky getting along now that you are living together?” she asked.

“Pretty well, Joy,” I answered reluctantly, not wishing to get drawn into this conversation.

“Have you exerted control over her?” Joy continued. “Brought her to heel, made her your bitch? That is all Suky has ever known. She responds favorably to a dominant touch, like Fat John’s,” she taunted.

I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat. I wasn’t sure how to categorize my relationship with the beautiful young Malaysian girl, but I definitely hadn’t dominated her. Quite the opposite, if the truth were known.

John had obviously unloaded into Suky’s asshole, because a few moments later the three of them ran down the hallway butt-naked, towards the shower. Joy tolerated a little bit of over exuberance in her facility, and she smiled as she saw Fat John having fun.

“Sucky ankara ucuz escort must have told John about the latest standard act for VIPs,” she said with a smile. “That fat fuck never showers.”

I shuddered at the thought of my girlfriend and Rim on their knees, eating John’s ejaculate from the shower floor. It was just so lewd, so dirty, especially as John’s standard tip was twenty dollars per girl.

“I know,” I said, beating Joy to the punch, “The actions of a desperate girl!”

I left Joy’s place planning to head home and get some lunch. I was just getting out of my car when Suky called me via FaceTime. I answered her immediately knowing that failure to do so would result in punishment for me. It was Fat John’s face that occupied the entire screen of my iPhone, and he had a huge smile on it.

“Where are you?” the fat asshole asked me. “Sucky wants to know.”

“Is everything okay?” I replied nervously, “is Suky there? Put her on the phone.”

“Sucky is right here,” John said with a smirk. “She can’t talk right now though, her mouth is full.”

I felt jealousy start to course through my veins, as I imagined what Suky was doing that would prevent her from being able to talk.

“Are you home yet?” John asked.

Once I affirmed that I had just arrived home, he had fresh instructions for me.

“Sucky wants you to stream this call to your big screen tv,” he informed me.

I knew full well the implications of resisting Suky, so I followed his directive without question. However, instead of streaming the FaceTime call directly to the monitor, I connected my device to my iMac first. I hit the record function knowing that I would now be able to rewatch both the audio and video part later, and then I streamed it to big screen.

Seconds later, John’s fat face appeared on my eighty-inch monitor. I told him that I had his image on my big screen.

“Good,” he said, “enjoy the show.”

He slowly panned his phone’s camera down until his fat gut came into focus. Partially hidden beneath it was a girl’s head, unrecognizable as she sucked his cock. I knew it was either Suky or Rim, but there just wasn’t enough of her face visible to determine which one of them was blowing him.

“Is that your girlfriend down there sucking my cock?” John asked me with a chuckle. “I can’t tell these bitches apart, but surely you will be able to recognize her. Suky said you guys will probably get married soon. Is this your future wife?” he taunted.

I honestly couldn’t tell. From his vantage point, looking down at the top of her head as she sucked his cock, there wasn’t much to distinguish the two beautiful girls. They both had straight black hair, were both petite Asians and were equally enthusiastic when it came to giving blowjobs. I really didn’t know if that was Suky blowing John, or Rim.

“I can’t tell for sure,” I said hesitantly, as John stuck the knife in further.

“If you can’t tell them apart visually, do you think that you would be able to feel them apart?” he asked with a laugh. “I mean without a condom? I doubt that very much, you fucking pussy. Rim and Suky told me that they allowed you to fuck them. Well, that is that they allowed you to fuck your pocket pussy, positioned right under their tight wet pussies. They must have felt exactly the same to you. So my question, again, is could you tell them apart?”

“I don’t know for sure,” I admitted hesitantly, “but I did get to fuck Suky bareback.”

“I am not sure that a few frantic strokes inside her pussy, before she told you to come inside your sex toy, constitutes fucking,” John said derisively. “I can tell you from experience that there are subtle differences between the two of those bitches,” he taunted. “Suky is a little tighter and self-lubricates more readily under a dominant touch. Maybe you will find out on your wedding night, when you finally ejaculate inside your wife’s well-used pussy.”

I averted my gaze momentarily from the huge monitor, but Fat John regained my attention

“Maybe this is your beautiful girl, on her knees behind me?” he continued, holding the phone over the back of his fat, hairy shoulder.

I did recognize Suky now as she knelt behind him. Not from her face, which was buried between his flabby ass-cheeks, but from the hot-pink silk scrunchie, that held her hair in a ponytail.

“That’s my fiancée,” I said with more certainty. “I recognize her now.”

As soon as the words left my lips, I realized how lame I sounded. John picked up on it immediately.

“Well she is in a more recognizable position,” he said with a laugh, “on her knees eating my ass. Did you recognize her by some defining physical characteristic, or by her obvious desire to give me the world’s best rimjob?”

I wasn’t going to let John know that I only recognized Suky by her hair scrunchie. I had purchased it for her at the Lululemon store, on one of our recent trips to the mall. At the time, I just thought it made her look really cute. Now, however, as her pretty little face was ankara yabancı escort magnified by the eighty-inch monitor, to which John was streaming her debasement, cute was one of the last adjectives I would have used to describe her.

Slutty, whorish, and dirty all came to mind immediately, as John’s ass hairs tickling my girlfriend’s nostrils, were amplified in 4K clarity on the huge monitor.

“Say hi Sucky,” John ordered, continuing to use the derisive version of her name.

Suky’s beautiful young face emerged from John’s fat butt-cheeks, and she looked up at the camera. I knew her well enough that I could see the shame and disgust behind her eyes. However, to everyone else, she appeared to be smiling broadly, as if she was honored to eat Fat John’s asshole.

“Hi baby!” Suky said cheerfully, her face glistening with John’s ass-sweat.

Before I could answer, John’s fat hand enveloped the rear of Suky’s head and forced her face back between his ass-cheeks.

“Don’t worry about that fucking pussy,” he said with disdain. “Focus on the task at hand. I am getting close.”

Suky withdrew her face from between his fat, sweaty buttocks and looked up briefly at the camera.

“Yes, John,” she said submissively, “come for us baby.”

Then, in a demonstration of her obedience, she extended her tongue fully, and as I watched in disgust, stuck it deep inside his asshole.

“Oh, yeah,” John exclaimed, pleasure written all over his face. “Are you really going to marry this dirty slut?”

My heart sank as I contemplated walking down the aisle, with Suky dressed in white like some virginal bride, as the guests snickered at her sordid sexual history. John snapped me out of it once again, as he couldn’t resist his running commentary.

“Now for the finale,” he exclaimed, “I am close.”

Suky scooted out from behind John and knelt next to Rim in front of him. John extended his arm outright, so that the camera view of the two young Asians blowing him, was no longer blocked by his enormous gut. When he was close they stopped sucking his cock and put their lips on either side of his shaft. John started to fuck the tight little space created by their mouths, and continued to film and stream it to me.

A few seconds later he increased the speed and depth of his thrusts, and as the girls knelt silently with their lips stuck to each side of his shaft, he exploded all over the shower wall. They let him unload his nuts completely before they removed their lips from him. Then as his semen started to slide down the wall, he spoke.

“Eat my load, you bitches.”

They moved obediently, in unison, towards his ejaculate, and both extended their tongues under the glob, as it continued its slow journey to the shower floor. I watched in disgust as Rim and my girlfriend licked John’s mess up. They kept looking up at the camera, apparently seeking his approval. John, emboldened by the fact that he knew they were desperately in need of a perfect score on the exit interview, continued to humiliate them.

“Make sure you don’t miss any of my precious load,” he taunted.

Rim and Suky were licking the shower floor now, greedily slurping up anything that slightly resembled semen. Suky’s long black hair was spilling all over John’s feet as she licked around them, and at one point she let out a cry of discomfort. The image on my huge monitor showed that John had stepped on her hair, thus pinning her to the ground. Suky made no attempt to fight him, but just adjusted to her new reality, and remained passive under the new assault. John wrapped his fist into Rim’s hair and pulled her head down close to Suky’s. The two young girls looked up expectantly at the fat bastard, both of them smiling as if this was the greatest moment of their lives.

Rim was able to move a few inches in any direction, but Suky was pinned to the shower floor by John’s foot, rendered motionless by his huge mass. I thought he was just dominating them for my benefit, so it was a complete shock to me when he started to urinate on the two young Asians. Judging by their reaction, this was not the first golden shower, for either of the girls.

John’s flaccid cock was pointing straight down and he was pissing on his own feet as much as the girls. However, because both of his hands were occupied, one wrapped in Rim’s hair, the other filming the lewd acts, it was Rim who grabbed the tip of his cock and redirected his piss stream directly onto the girls’ hair and faces. Suky and Rim continued to smile up at Fat John until he had completely emptied his bladder. He released Rim’s hair from his fist, moved his foot from Suky’s hair and turned on the shower to hose them off.

They were smiling and giggling as he sprayed them down, and then Suky blew me a kiss, right as the phone went dead.

My heart was pounding as I processed what I had just witnessed. My girlfriend had just been completely dominated by an obnoxious, hairy, obese bastard. I have fantasies like every other guy, and I have contemplated the whole cuckold scenario before. However, in my dreams, Suky was swept off her feet by a tall handsome well-groomed man, and they made love passionately, until they were both completely satisfied. My role, in my fantasy, was one of passive observer, either hidden in the closet, or tied to a chair and forced to watch, by my girlfriend’s lover.

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