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Arched Back

This is my first story; tell me what you think and if its good enough I’ll publish some more!! Cheers.

Dave had just arrived at University, his Mum and Dad had just said their goodbyes and were to due to start their long journey home. Seeing as it was 6 or 7 hours home, they had got up early. He had spent the night in a b&b with them seeing as he couldn’t get into his room till today. Now having unpacked all his stuff, and said his goodbyes, he was unsure of what to do. He entered the kitchen of his shared flat to see if anyone else had arrived but there was no one around, so he decided to look around the campus.

Dave slipped on his jacket and left with his iPod playing some of his favourite songs, listening to a playlist he had set up the night before whilst his parents were sleeping. He hadn’t been walking round more than five minutes when he came across the Student Union. He decided to have a look around, as he had heard that he could pick up useful information here. And maybe some free stuff!

As he wandered round the building he came across a closed bar which seemed to have some form of nightclub attached. Dave was a fan of nightclubs, having spent many evenings since his 18th trawling the nightclubs of London trying to pull some fit (or not depending on his alcohol intake) girls. His groin ached at thought of some of the girls he might meet here, having not had sex for a month or so since deciding to start saving up for Uni.

He left the SU and looked round some more, he found his department and saw that some of the tutors were in today to answer any questions that First years may have. He looked for his name on the list and he found it under the list for Ms. Veronica Goss and found that she was indeed available today and could be found in her office in room 229. There were directions to her room at the bottom as well. With not much else to do, he decided to pay her a visit even if it was just for a chat about nothing in particular.

When he reached her room, Dave turned off his iPod and knocked on the door. “Come in!” came a voice from inside. As he opened the door, he saw an open plan office with a large leather sofa and a coffee table, facing a large window overlooking the campus. Ms. Goss was sitting at her desk at the far end of the office looking at her desktop computer. As she looked up Dave could she that she had medium length blonde hair tied back in a pony tale, and a cute face with some square glasses resting on her nose. She looked like she was about 30/31. She stood up and walked round the table to greet him. As she stood up Dave saw that she had a fantastic body, curves in all the right places with a set of tits that Dave guessed to be about 34DD. She was wearing a black suit jacket with a tight black pencil skirt. He couldn’t make out if she was wearing a shirt or anything under her jacket. He almost got an immediate erection but managed to control himself.

“Good Morning”, she said, “And how may I help you?”

“Err…” he stuttered, “…. my name is David Todd and I think you’re my personal tutor. I just came to say hello really.” He was sweating already, standing in front of an absolute stunner.

“Oh, hello!” she said cheerily and she offered him a seat on the sofa. gebze escort “You’re up early for a student, is everything ok?” she said as she sat down, he skirt riding up a little bit, showing off some of her cracking legs. She smelt like nothing he’d ever smelt before, some form of expensive perfume that the girls he usually met couldn’t ever afford.

“Yeah, my parents left about half an hour ago and I had nothing to do. There was no one in my flat so I went for a walk, and came across the poster downstairs and decided to pop in.”

“Oh ok, just for a chat huh?”

“Yup! Unless you’re busy? I could always come back….”

“No, no” She said, “Have a seat and I’ll make some coffee. Black or white?”

“Black please.” He said as she got up. As she walked past him, he caught himself staring at her arse.


“No thanks, I’m sw….” he stopped himself from saying ‘I’m sweet enough’ like his old man does, but she finished it for him.

“Sweet enough? Now that’s something I like to hear, a touch of humour, too many students just come in and give me a bunch of yes and no answers.”

“Oh ok” he said, “Something to remember, anything else I should remember?”

“My birthday is next week, I love getting presents!!”

“Er…excuse me?”

“Ha ha, I was just joking…. it’s not till march!” she laughed, “but I do love getting presents!”. She sat herself closer to him this time and put their coffees on the table. “So, where are you from David?”

“Dave, call me Dave please, and I’m from London. Just outside really.”

“Oh really? I’ve never been to London, is it nice?”

“Well it can be, but I try to stay away from the touristy bits, I’ve seen them all a million times!”

“Well, if I’m ever in London outside of term time I know who to call! So how old are you Dave? 18…. 19…20?”


She took a sip of her coffee, and sat back, showing off those great tits of hers, Dave couldn’t help but sneak a peek. She turned round and caught him. “Enjoying the view, Dave?”

“Er…. sorry…. I…Er…. they…. just look so great!” He stammered, “I’m so sorry!” he got up bright as a beetroot and went to leave but she caught his arm.

“Don’t leave, Dave.” She said softly as she got up and pushed him back down on to the sofa. She walked over to her office door, put an old ‘out of office’ sign on the front, and locked it. As she walked back to him she took off her jacket and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a black lacy bra that showed off a large amount of cleavage; “This better?”

“Oh my god, they’re amazing!” Dave said, feeling that familiar twitch in his penis. She reached out and grabbed the back of his head, pushing it deep within her cleavage and sat on his lap. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned, “that feels good”, feeling his lips kissing her breasts. He reached round her with both hands and released the catch of her bra letting her tits fall free, he lent back and admired her perky, round, full breasts before encasing her right nipple with his mouth. She started to moan loudly and he reached up and tweaked her other nipple. She squealed with joy at the slight pain and told him to do it again. She could göztepe escort feel a wet spot forming in her knickers and was surprised at how good he was at sucking her nipples, if he was so good this what would be like with his lips around her clitoris. She lifted his head off her nipple and kissed him hard and forcing her tongue into his mouth. He kissed her back, not quite believing what was happening.

She reached under his t-shirt and scratched his chest with her nails, this made him shiver and she felt his cock grow from under her arse. He wasn’t the biggest of guys but he was at least 6.5 to 7 inches and she felt the wet spot get wetter. She lifted off his shirt and saw that her nails had left long red marks down his otherwise perfect chest. Dave had been his secondary school’s swimming champ so he knew how much girls loved his body, but he was still shocked when she leant down and planted kisses all down his chest, and especially when she started biting his nipples. He moaned loudly at this, and she knew this was a good sign. She hadn’t been fucked in months and badly wanted his cock inside her but wanted to taste him first and have him taste her sopping cunt. So she got off him and started to kiss down his chest, towards his now rock hard tool. As she got to his groin, he sighed loudly and stroked the back of her head. She reached up to his waistband and slid her fingers underneath it. As his hips rose to let her slide his trousers down, she teased him by just reaching round and squeezing his arse. She gently kissed the impressive bulge and blew hot breath onto the head of his penis. At this he moaned loudly. She then undid his flies pulled down his trousers. And pulled out his throbbing member and his big ball sack.

She started by licking from the base of his shaft all the way to the top and then back down again. She was in complete control of this student and she was loving it, with her free hand gently touching herself through her knickers. She licked around the tip of his penis and gently massaged the base with her hand. She looked up and stared into his eyes, and he could see that she was full of lust for him as she plunged her hot mouth over his straining cock. She was a damn good cocksucker, he thought to himself as she took all of his cock into her mouth and into her throat; he’d never been deep throated before and she could feel his balls twitch in her hand. He grabbed her head and started to buck his hips against her. She stopped her sucking and lifted off him, not wanting him to cum in her mouth, as much as she loved it she wanted to feel his cock inside her. As she did this, he bent forward and picked her up and swapped places with her.

Kneeling on his jeans he started to kiss the inside of her thighs, but found himself restricted by her skirt. She reached down and undid the zipper at the side of her skirt and lifted her hips so he could take off her skirt. When it was all the way off he returned to his kissing and teasing. He was met by the smell of the sweet aroma of her dripping pussy and could see her soaked panties waiting for him. He reached under the waistband and pulled them off. He started by teasing her by kissing over and under and to the sides halkalı escort of her pussy, then by gently blowing on it. He flicked his tongue over the entrance to her hot hole, gently touching her swollen pussy lips, making her moan loudly. He licked up and down her entrance but not quite reaching her clit. This used to drive his ex-missus mad and it seemed to be having the same effect on Ms. Goss, as she kept on moaning every time he stopped just short of it. He did this a few times before setting back and gently running his tongue up the length of her pussy until flicked off the end of her hard nub. She shook when he did this and she could feel her orgasm building. He knew she was getting close by the gentle shaking of her legs and her ever-quickening breaths that were interrupted by long loud moans. He clamped his lips around her clit and flicked his tongue quickly over her sensitive clit. “I’m going to…. cum!!!” she moaned loudly and Dave knew this was his cue to gently nibble her clit. When he did this she screamed and came all over his face. Her cum dribbled down his chin and dripped onto his rock hard cock. He looked up and wiped his chin. She ordered him to sit on the sofa and she straddled him. She grabbed his cock and guided him into her sopping wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh”, She moaned, “That feels so good!! You’re SO deep!” as she leant back, pushing his cock right onto her G-Spot. He could see his cock deep within her and how much pleasure she was getting from it. “One more orgasm for her”, he thought, “then I’m going to make it my turn!” so he gyrated his hips under her, moving his cock from side to side not just up and down. “Oh My GOD!” She screamed, “I’m going to cum again!! Right….. NOW!!!!” She screamed loudly and shook violently, she collapsed on his chest breathing heavily, “Where do you want me? I want your seed deep into my cunt!”

“Bend over the arm of the sofa”, he ordered, “I want to enter you from behind.” So she got off his cock, and flipped her legs over the arm of the sofa and opened up. He stood behind her and pulled her legs so they were around his waist. Now he had a perfect view of her cum-soaked hole and knew that he was going to add to it. He slowly entered his cock into her feeling the perfect warmth. She was still moaning, coming down from her last orgasm when he started his rhythm. He picked up the pace quickly; as he knew he was nearing the limit. Sensing this, she started to encourage him, “come on baby, give me your seed!” She could feel his balls twitching, and he let out and almighty roar as he came deep inside her. “Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy Godddddddddddddd! That was so good, Ms Goss!”

“Call me Veronica, baby, and I’m glad you enjoyed it, ’cause I certainly did. How about we make this a regular thing?” and she strode over to her desk, with his cum dripping from her cunt. She picked up her business card and wrote her mobile number and address on it.

“Ok, Veronica, when do you want me to call?”

“Well just drop me a text whenever you’re feeling horny and I’m sure we can arrange something. Now scoot as I’ve got a meeting in 20 minutes and I’ve got get showered and sort myself out, that was some ride” She said softly, kissing him deep and gently.

As she shut the door behind him, Dave thought that this was going to be the best time of his life, and walked back to the flat, thinking about how good his wanks were going to be over the next couple of days. He put her number in his phone and pocketed it. He knew that he couple fuck that older stunner whenever he wanted and he loved it!

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