My Photogenic Mom Ch. 07

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Harold had packed all his clothes and was getting ready to leave. He found it hard to believe that 18 years of his life had ended in so short a time. As he walked through the house, a lot of memories came rushing back to him. He guessed that deep down, he still loved Susan they had drifted apart over the last several years, but he never thought it would ever come to this. After her catching him in bed with her sister he did not know if things could ever work out.

Harold left the house and headed back to Karen’s. At this point he had nowhere else to go. It was after 11 PM when he got back to Karen’s apartment and let himself in. Karen had already gone to bed. Harold mixed himself a drink and stood looking out of the window. He heard Karen walk up behind him. One thing he did not feel like tonight was sex. He did not think that the scene with Susan would affect him this bad.

He felt Karen sliding her arms around him and she shoved one hand into his pants. His mind said no to sex, but when her warm hand closed around his cock it said yes. Karen smiled to herself as she felt Harold’s cock growing as she stroked it. She had known he would be upset when he got back, and she was determined not to let him wallow in self-pity.

They had discussed so many times how different it would be if he was not married to Susan. Now shortly he would not be. Karen had not worn any clothes when she went to bed, when Harold turned around her slim naked figure stopped all objections he may have had. He kissed her as she unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor. Karen dropped to her knees and pulled his shorts down also. Harold’s cock sprang free and brushed her face. Karen sucked it in and started licking its angry red head. Karen knew that this drove Harold mad with desire.

Harold pulled off the rest of his clothes and stood there in the living room with Karen sucking his cock. She was doing an expert job but tonight Harold did not want to cum in Karen’s mouth. His frustration showing, he shoved Karen over backwards and dropped down on her.

He pulled her legs apart and with no foreplay he rammed his huge cock into her cunt. This took Karen by surprise; Harold was usually a considerate lover. He knew his size was painful if not started slowly into her cunt giving her time to adjust to it. She felt as if he had ripped her into pieces this time. He held her legs apart and started ramming into her as hard as he could.

The pain to Karen was almost unbearable. Tears were rolling down her face, but Harold did not notice. He just kept ramming her ravaged pussy like there was no tomorrow. Harold felt his cum boiling in his balls like they were on fire. As he exploded into Karen’s pussy, he could feel his rage and frustration boil away also.

Karen on the other hand was feeling more pain than she had ever felt from being fucked. Her legs ached from Harold holding them apart in the air while he fucked her. Her pussy felt like it had been ripped apart Çeşme Escort and she had rug burns up her back from sliding on the carpet. When she felt Harold cum in her tender pussy the only thought she had was at least it’s over.

Karen had not enjoyed this experience at all. When Harold pulled his cock out of her Karen got to her feet and went to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and just stood there and cried. Harold just sat on the couch. He did not realize nor at the moment did he care about the pain he had caused Karen. He would never have done it intentionally is what Karen kept telling herself.

She could not believe how tender her pussy was after the ruthless way that Harold had just pounded it. She had almost screamed when the hot water hit the rug burns on her back. After she finally got out of the shower she put on a nightgown and lay down in the bed. After what seemed like hours, Harold finally came to bed. He kissed her on the shoulder and went to sleep.

Harold was supposed to leave on business in the morning and Karen pretended to be asleep when he got up. She was so stiff and sore that she could hardly walk. She called work and told them she was sick and would not be in for the day. After that she soaked in the hot tub for a while. Karen was finally able to function and had breakfast.

She had waited so long for Harold to be free of Susan, but the side of Harold she had seen last night was completely foreign to her. In some ways it had scared her. Harold had fucked her like she was not even there. She was just some object to take his rage out on. He had not even noticed that he had hurt her. She hoped that he had some time to think before he came home.

Michael woke up to a bright sun shining morning, Susan was lying in the bed in her night gown. She had put it on after his aunt and father had left. Michael knew that Susan was tired and upset so when she went to bed he just lay on the couch until she was asleep. She did not even stir when he finally went to bed. During the night Susan had kicked the covers off of her, and sometime during the night her nightgown had ridden up her shapely thighs exposing her golden triangle to the early morning sun.

Michael lay there studying her sexy legs and thighs, and the pink slit showing through her silky golden bush. Michael was not sure if he should try to start something this morning or not. He really did not want to screw up what he had going. Susan rolled over totally on her back and her legs spread opening her pink cunt wide before Michael’s eyes. This was more than he could stand. He softly crawled between Susan’s legs, not wanting to disturb her before he was ready.

Lying flat he started to gently lick Susan’s pussy lips. Susan let out a low moan as Michael stuck his tongue into her moistening slit. Licking faster he started licking her clit. Susan came awake to the wonderful feeling of her pussy being eaten. She had not planned on anything happening like Çeşme Escort Bayan this today. She was still upset about the scene from the night before. However, Michael had not given her a fair chance. He had started on her cunt, and she knew that she did not have the will power to stop things now.

Susan could feel the beginnings of a climax running through her body. She had never come this easily before in her life. Michael was also aware that his mother was getting ready to come. He quit licking her cunt and sucked her clit into his mouth flicking the end of it with his tongue. Susan locked her legs around his head so tight that Michael was afraid he would pass out. She ground her pussy into his face smearing her juices all over him.

Slowly Susan settled back onto the bed. Michael started kissing her stomach and worked his way up her body to her mouth. When he kissed Susan, she slid her tongue into his mouth and teased his tongue. Susan reached down and guided his cock into her cunt. Michael knew he was going to cum quickly in his mom’s pussy. He shoved his cock into her hot wet pussy and started pounding it.

He had almost blown his wad when she came while he was eating her and he could feel is cum boiling out of his balls. Susan wrapped her legs around his hips and held him tight as his cock swelled then exploded inside her. Susan could feel her resolve to stop this situation wash away with every splash of Michael’s hot cum in her pussy. She knew that she would let him have her body whenever he wanted and any way he wanted.

Michael had not moved from his place on top of Susan’s luscious body. He nestled his head on her pillowy tits and just lay there enjoying the feeling of her body. Susan noticed that Michael’s cock had shrunk very little in her cunt and she started squeezing it with her pussy muscles. Michael raised his head and smiled at her, feeling the massage his cock was getting. He could feel Susan getting wetter around his cock. He started nibbling on Susan’s nipples stretching them with his lips and letting them snap back to her tits.

Susan started to move out from under Michael rolling him over so that he was under her. She sat up on his cock moving it as far up in her pussy as possible. She sat there for a moment, then just barely moving on it she slid her hips back and forth about an inch. There was just enough movement for Michael to feel her clit riding his hair and the bottom of his shaft. Susan leaned backwards and kept riding his cock. Michael had a great view of her cunt filled with his shaft, and of her big tits above his head.

Michael slid his hand up the inside of Susan’s silken thigh and worked his thumb between her cunt lips and started massaging her clit. Michael could feel Susan’s cunt squeeze him every time he stroked her sensitive clit. He found great pleasure that he could control his mother’s pussy and make her come so often. He knew that she enjoyed it too. She was now a very willing Escort Çeşme partner to their sexual escapades. Susan’s cunt was starting to spasm wildly and Michael spread her lips apart and watched Susan cum sitting on his cock.

He loved the way his mom’s cunt grasped his swollen cock. He could feel her hot cunt juice running over his balls and down the crack of his ass. Susan dropped forward on top of Michael and lay there panting. “I have not had this many orgasms in the last ten years” she panted. She could still feel Michael’s swollen cock inside her cunt. After resting a minute, she slid his cock out of her pussy and slid down lower on the bed.

Taking his cock in her mouth Susan started sucking it. She slid it farther into her mouth each time she went down on the shaft. Michael watched Susan kneeling beside him sucking on his cock. He still found it unbelievable that all his fantasies had come to reality. His sexy mom was his when he wanted her, and how he wanted her.

He could feel the head of his cock bouncing off the back of Susan’s throat. he hoped she was going to try and swallow his cock like she had the other night. It had been an accident then, but he remembered the feeling like it had just happened. The silky-smooth slipperiness of his mother’s throat. Almost like having a second pussy but without the burning heat of a throbbing pussy.

The sensation of his balls lying on Susan’s eyes when his shaft had slid clear down her throat. The way his shaft had to bend slightly for the curve in her throat. Michael was brought back to reality when he heard Susan gag a little as she forced Michael’s shaft into the beginning of her throat. He was fascinated as he watched her push a little more and saw his cock disappear into Susan’s mouth. She swallowed his cock clear to the hilt and started working her throat up and down his shaft milking Michael’s cock for his cum juice.

Susan was pleased with herself. She had not been sure that she could get Michael’s cock down her throat again. She had gagged when his cock had hit the back of her throat but forced the muscles to relax. When she slid her head down again, she forced his cock into the passageway of her throat until her chin stopped her from swallowing any more.

She had to pump him quick because his cock blocked her airway, and she could not breathe. Susan pumped Michael’s cock for a minute or two then had to slip it out of her throat to breathe. As she swallowed his cock again, she felt Michael grab her tits and start squeezing them. She knew by the fast way he was squeezing them he was about to shoot his cum into her throat and directly to her stomach.

Susan could feel the head of Michael’s cock swelling in her throat and Michael arched his hips toward her as he shot his load. Susan could not believe how much cum Michael shot into her each time. It must be his youth she thought.

When Michael’s cock quit squirting his come Susan pulled it out of her throat and licked it clean of all the remaining cum. Smiling at him, she said “I think we had better get up now or we will be in bed all day.” Michael told her that that did not sound all bad and grabbed for her tits. Susan laughed and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

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