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My little brother, Jason, and I, Nalla, have always had a special connection; we’ve been super close since the day he was born. I’m 18 now and my brother is 2 years younger than me. I grew up to be beautiful. I have long, straight, light brown hair that drapes over my back; eyes, which are a light shade of green and a thin face. I am quite slim and as I got older my boobs grew more than my height, I am only 5’2 and I have C cup boobs. My little brother isn’t bad himself, he is a natural blond though he often dyes black that sweeps over his forehead. His eyes are an amazing shade of blue and he has a fit body that I could never get enough of. I realized how cute he was when I spent the day with him and his friends. I met them at the park near my house wearing a bikini under my clothes. It was a hot, sunny day. When I got there, I greeted his friends and tried to remember their names. I got most of them right; Claire, a slim, red head, John, a burly sweet-faced giant, Chris, a self-assured nerd and Dan, with eyes that I could swim in. I hugged Jason before taking off my clothes to tan. I took my shirt off my slowly, exposing my mint green bikini top. I looked into my brothers blue eyes and realized that he wasn’t looking at me—he was looking straight at my boobs. That, I remember is the first time I saw my brother in a different light. I smiled a bit then, and slid my shorts off my hips. As they hit the grass I looked at Jason once again and saw that he was staring intently. My mint green bikini caught his attention şişli escort bayan like a child to candy. I was definitely turned on, but couldn’t act on it.Claire was already tanning, as I had wanted to do as well, so I laid down next to her on my back to catch some rays in the sun. It was then that Jason crouched down next to me and whispered in my ear, “Let’s ditch my friends and hang out just you and me today.” I stole a look at Claire; she was lying on her stomach, seemingly oblivious. I took that as a cue to sneak off. I looked back at my brother, smiled and said, “Why not little bro? It’s been too long since we’ve hung out one on one!” I got up, grabbed my clothes and as I was running towards the river I yelled, “Bye everyone!” I could hear my brother doing the same behind me. Once I got to the river’s edge I dropped my clothes and waded into the water until it reached my knees. I turned around, shivering, but refreshed, and saw Jason running towards me, making big splashes in the water that cascaded in the light. He pulled his shirt off at the same time. This is the second time I saw my brother as something more than a sibling. He was a hot guy that, in any other circumstances I’d have been drooling over but since he was my brother I looked away, quickly. Jason ran past me and dove into the water. I ran after him and as his head popped up, I pushed it back under, playfully. He grabbed my leg and pulled me under the water with him. When I came up to take a breath, my legs were mecidiyeköy escort bayan wrapped around my brothers’ waist and his arms were around my back as he hugged me tightly. He pulled away slightly and looked at me straight in the eyes. I tried to get my legs off of him but he grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer. I put my arms around his neck but I wasn’t sure what to do. Before I could stop myself, I leaned in and kissed him. The fire between us was amazing but he pulled away first and let go of me, uncomfortable. I got out of the water hastily and put on my shorts. “I’m going to head home, okay? I’ll see you for dinner.” He replied, stunned, “Sure, I guess.” He gave me a wan smile and I grabbed my shirt, before I could be tempted to run back to him, I practically ran off the beach, embarrassed. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked towards the sidewalk leading to our house. That was the first time I kissed my brother, but certainly not the last. The following weekend things got heated again. Saturday morning I woke up to Jason going through my drawer. I didn’t say anything at first; I wanted to see what he was doing. He picked up a pair of my underwear, ran his finger over the lace, and stuffed them in his pocket. As he tiptoed to the door, “What are you doing?” I inquired. I must have scared him right out of his pants because he let out a (manly) yelp and looked at me suprised. “I, um, wanted to see if you were up yet. C-can I talk to you?” He asked nervously. “Sure” I escort şişli replied as I gingerly sat up in bed. I smoothed out the spot next to mine, signaling him to sit. He took off his sweater and in the pocket was my bright pink thong. As he sat next to me, he was having some trouble getting his words out. “Mom and dad our out for the day…” he started, “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out again.” I looked over at the digital clock on my bedside table; it was ony 8:34. I rolled onto my side and grunted. Jason stood up, suddenly, angry, and shouted, “Nalla! You kissed me and I’m your brother!” My eyes widened in shock. I was so embarrassed to have it brought it up like that and, he just yelled it out! I did the only thing I thought made me seem calm. Although I was dying on the inside, I looked at him and asked, “Did you like it?” I waited. “What?” His eyes were squinted in suspicion. “Did you like it?” I repeated, slower this time. “I mean you come into my room a week later, take a pair of my underwear,” he blushed, despite himself. “And ask to hang out! You must have liked it then,” I said, challenging. My cheeks were beet red, but so were his. “I liked it, better then kissing any other girl.” He said quietly, almost to himself. “Would you like to do it again?” I said quickly, inwardly cruising myself for not being strong. I grew aware of how close he was. He was sitting next to me, his light arm hairs brushing mine. I was looking down, still bright red. “Nalla?” he asked tense. “Don’t avoid the question,” I said in the most dominate voice I could muster. “Nalla,” he said once again, growing serious. He looked up at me and almost lunged at me giving me the biggest hug we’d shared in a long time. When we were kids he used to hug me like this when I’d get home from school.

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