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my sis megan 1My sister Megan is 19 years old, a year older than myself. She has long dark hair to about half way down her back and big brown and she stands at 6 foot tall in her bare feet. I would say she had medium size boobs and a cute little ass on her which everyone enjoyed looking at her and that included me too. As for me well my name is Tommy and I am 18 years old and the runt of the family as Megan usually calls me. I am also 6 foot tall with short dirty blonde hair and I am of average build. I am kind of geeky looking but in a nice way.Megan has always been a teasing bitch to me for as long as I can remember and always plays practical jokes on me especially in front of her friends who would laugh their heads off at me predicament. Dad always let her get away with it no matter how bad it was. Mom on the other hand always favoured me over Megan and would take my side and give Megan chores to do for treating me so badly. One day while watching television in my room I came across a practical joke show, ok some of the jokes played were pretty lame but a few of them were brilliant. There was one in particular that I thought would be perfect payback and for also making my life miserable with all the torment she caused me.Halloween was 2 weeks away and the practical joke I had in mind would be perfect for that night. My parents always go to one of the big Halloween parties in town and now that I was 18 there was no problem for me to go to one of them too. Megan had gotten herself grounded for the week of Halloween so she would not be going to any parties that night. Instead she would be staying home and watching the usual horror movies that they show on television around this time of the year.Our parents left around 7pm in their outfits for the night and I left dressed up in mine to. Megan looked really pissed off and as I walked out the front door I looked back at her and smirked.”Yeah Tommy you may be smiling now but just wait till I get you on your own we will see who is smiling then.” She istanbul escort shouted at me as she threw a pillow in my direction.I wasn’t really caring what she said I was really looking forward to scaring the shit out of her. As I shut the front door I sneaked around the back of the house and jumped into the empty wheelie bin and shut the lid. I was dressed as they guy out of Scary movie with the mask and black cloak and now I waited till she came out to the bin. It was about 20 minutes later that Megan came out to put a black bag into the bin. As she opened the lid I sprang up waving my arms about screaming at her.The look on Megan’s face was priceless I could not have done a better job of scaring the shit out of her if I had tried. The bag flew into the air and she ran away screaming her head off back into the house. I had scared her that much that she had actually wet her pants as she left a trail of pee behind her on the slabs. Of course after I had gotten my revenge on Megan I bolted out the drive way and down the street to my party. The Halloween party had been great and it was after midnight when I was on my way home again that I wondered what Megan would have in store for me when I got in the house again. As I walked up to the front door and put my key in the door and opened it I noticed that the house was eerily quiet, was she waiting to jump out on me and beat the shit out of me for earlier? There was no sign of Megan at all and I looked all over downstairs for her thinking she must be hiding somewhere. As I went up the stairs I noticed that her bedroom door was ajar and that her light was on. I peeked through the crack in the door and there was Megan sitting on top of her bed with her knees tucked up under her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs.”Megan you ok?” I asked as I poked my head in the door.Nothing, not even 1 word back from her, had I scared her that much I wondered or was she up to something?”Megan is everything avcılar escort ok?” I asked again looking at her.She looked up at me and it was then that I noticed how red her eyes were and that she was still wearing the jeans that she wet herself in too. I opened the door and walked over to her bed. I sat down on the edge of her bed and asked her again if she was ok to which she just looked up at me and shrugged her shoulders at me. This was not the like Megan I used to know she should be beating the shit out of me for scaring her like that but all she was doing was just sitting there.”I’m sorry for scaring you like I did earlier Megan.” I said with all sincerity.”It’s ok Tommy I deserved it after the way I have treated you.” Megan finally said as she looked up at me again with her swollen red eyes.”It’s me that should be sorry for everything I have put you through, I’m a total bitch.” She said this time with a tear running down her face.I couldn’t really disagree with her because she had put me through hell for most of my life and in front of her so called friends too. Now that I had finally got my own back I think she realised what she had done to me. Megan started crying again and I moved on to the bed beside her and put my arm around her and hugged her.”It’s ok Megan please don’t cry I am really sorry for scaring you like that.” I said trying to keep a smirk off my face as I thought back to earlier that evening and the look of shear horror on her face.”I think you should get changed Megan you smell a bit wiffy.” I said again as the smell of pee went up my nostrils.Megan got up off the bed and began to take her jeans off but they were stuck to her and she asked if I could help her get them off. I got off the bed and helped her pull them down over her knees and it was then that I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. She then turned away from me and pulled her t-shirt over her head before walking into her en-suite bathroom and took her bra off. She hadn’t şirinevler escort shut the door over it was still ajar and I so wanted to watch her shower.I took the chance and walked over to her bathroom door and looked in and saw her standing there in the shower behind the clear partition. She just stood there letting the water fall on her. Her hot naked body was bringing my cock to life and before long I was standing there with a hard on while watching my sister in the shower.”Are you going to come in and wash me?” My sister asked from the other side of the partition.There was no need to ask me twice, I had alwhays fancied my sister even if she was a bitch to me. Her hot body always got my cock hard. I loved watching her from my bedroom window when she would sunbathe by the pool. Even seeing her walk about the house in hardly any clothes always made a tent in my trousers and now here I was seeing her totally naked for the first time through her shower partition. My clothes were on the floor pooled at my feet and my cock was standing out in front of me wishing to be buried in my sister’s pussy.I stepped in behind my sister and as my cock touched her bare arse she turned around and looked down at my dick. Looks like he is pleased to see me she said with a smile now growing across her face. Now I was the one feeling scared.”So little brother you think you got the better of me did ya?” Said Megan as she took hold of my now rock hard prick.”I really had you fooled didn’t I you little shit?” She asked again as she gave my cock a little jerk up and down.”It’s amazing what a little bit of make-up and a little acting can do.” She now said with a smile as broad as can be.She squeezed my hard cock a little tighter now as she still jerked it up and down making sure that on the down stroke she jerked it really hard and tight. It was then that we both heard a little cough coming from the toilet part of Megan’s bathroom and as we both looked round with Megan still holding my throbbing dick in her hand as we saw mom sitting there watching us. She was playing with one hand in a boob and her other hand was inside her Wonder Woman pants and was obviously intoxicated sitting there playing with her pussy.”Well now looks like I just came in at the right time.” Mom said again as she looked at us both while playing with herself.

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