My step daugther’s birthday

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My step daugther’s birthdayWhen my wife and I went to lived in Espirito Santo (Brazil), we brought my step daughter Lillian and she grows there until eighteenth, before we could come back to States. By the time she was twelve she could speak three languages: English; Portuguese and Spanish. My wife and I would have to travel often for work, so we would take Lillian with us in order to be our interpreter, without foreign acents.During one trip my relationship with Lillian changed forever. We were in the Rio de Janeiro on business, just the two of us. My wife was dealing with supplier issues back home. Lillian and I had been here in Rio several times, so we love the people, night life, the food stands, the night clubs, everything. We usually go to some local spot to unwind from the day. Today was Lillian’s eighteenth birthday, and I had promised to take her out for the first legal drink.I was sitting at a club across the street from out hotel waiting for her. I noticed a woman at the bar. Her blonde hair flowered over her shoulder masking her face, across the thin strap of her black dress. A long slit down the side revealed her long legs; her high heels gave her legs just the perfect shape. I peeled my eyes away from the woman to watch for Lillian to arrive. Besides I had never cheated on my wife. Ever! My attention on the entrance of the hotel, I was wondering where she was, she never takes this long to get ready. I was about to leave when the waiter placed some drinks on my table. I began to turn to object when I saw who was the woman in black. My eyes slowly moved up her gorgeous figure to discover that this mysterious woman was my Lillian.She was stunning. I had never seen her dressed so elegantly, so formal, so sexy. Her neck line plummeted accentuating her voluptuous breasts. I had never thought of Lillian in a sexual manner, she had always been my little Lillian. I watched her grow from an awkward little imp, to a young lady with a muffin top, now into a stunning young woman. Lillian leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then wiped the ruby red lipstick from my face. She sat next to me watching me waiting for a response from her step daddy. Lillian took a long sip of her drink through a straw; she ran her tongue over her plump crimson colored lips. Her twinkling eyes penetrating me with her stare. I found myself awe struck by her beauty. I started laughing at myself when I realized that my mouth was hanging open like some fly catcher.”What, don’t you like this?” Lillian asked a little put off by my reaction.”No not at all. I mean yes. I’ve just never seen you like this, Lillian look around, every woman here is envious and every guy wants you.” My response brought a wicked grin to her face.We sat enjoying our drinks, listening to the band for a few hours. Lillian now tipsy from her drinks shifted and swayed in her seat to the beat of the music. Every so often I would catch a glimpse of Lillian’s large braless breast. Trying to keep from having the thoughts that were racing through my head, I stood and grabbed Lillian’s hand leading her to the dance floor. Lillian loves to dance with me; my dancing is what attracted her step mother to me. The band was playing some Bossa Nova, Girl from Ipanema, Lillian’s favorite. The way she swings her hip always amazes me, the added little bump at the end of each swing of her ass. As we danced, I became more aroused by her intoxicating beauty. I found that my hands stayed in contact with her hips and waist longer than they needed to be. My eyes türbanlı ordu escort devoured every flash of her tits, my cock aware of every bump and grind of her body. With every movement and turn of her body, my hand would get a little higher on her body to just below her tits.My step daughter and I danced into the night, stopping only long enough quench our thirst. With every drink she put a little more gusto into her steps, slightly more pressure in her grinds as we slow danced. She would place a leg between mine and grind my thigh as we strutted our stuff; soon she was humping my thigh openly. Lillian pulled my head lower to whisper in my ear.”Daddy, I’m so horny I think I’m going to explode.” My daughter said licking the lobe of my ear in to her mouth, sucking it briefly as she humped my leg.I pulled away, looking at her in horror, shocked at what I had just heard. Lillian pulled me back to her continuing to dance and hump my thigh, again pulling me in she said.”Its ok daddy I know what I’m doing. I want you.” My daughter bit my ear this time as she pulled my hand to her breast holding it there.The song was ending; I gave Lillian a final spin away from me, releasing her hand I went to our table. My head was swimming, I didn’t know if it was the drinks, the long day, or the words spoken in hushed tones in my ear. The band said something that I didn’t get, I watch as the dance floor cleared of men leaving only the women. The band started playing some samba music; a cheer went out from all the men in the joint. I watched as my darling step daughter began to bump and grind her hips to the beat. Standing in front of my chair Lillian ran her hands up her sides pulling her dress up as they rose; she stopped when she was able to lift her leg to place her foot on my thigh. I could see her sheer panties, her hairless pussy visible beneath, as she began to undulate her hips. Lillian knowing that she was giving me a great view of her snatch, dropped her foot to the floor spinning around, she wagged her ass in my face tempting me to touch her.My step daughter ass bobbing and gyrating before my eyes got my cock’ s attention fast. She spun again to face me, she straddled my knee lowering her crotch grinding it on my knee. Oh good the heat I felt, coming from my baby girl. Lillian leaned in to brush her tits on across my face, just enough for me to feel her hard nipples through her black dress. She rose from my leg to turn around to show off her talented dance moves once again. Lillian backed her ass to the bulge in my pants, and began to pump her ass up and down on my cock. She ground her ass cheeks on my rigid shaft, twisting to kiss me on the lips. I was hesitant at first keeping my lips tight, but as soon as she felt me release the pressure her tongue darted between my lips exploring my mouth.My step daughter stood to climb on my lap facing me, our mouths meeting in a lust filled passionate kiss. Oh the taste of my baby girl’s mouth, her tongue doing its own dancing with mine. Lillian now openly humps my cock while we sat drawing the stares of the other patrons. She wraps her arms around my neck talking loud enough for me to hear over the cheers of the men in the club.”Daddy I’m so horny, Fuck me. Please”I grabbed my daughter’s ass as I stood thrusting my cock forward, mashing it on her pussy mound. I released Lillian’s ass lowering her so she could stand on her own. I led Lillian across the street to our hotel. Once in the privacy of our room, türbanlı ordu escort bayan Lillian slipped of the straps holding her dress up exposing her trim pale body. Her luscious tits now standing proud before my eyes, their perfectly round nipples hardened to eraser sized points, the crotch of her panty’s showing an obvious wet spot. My step daughter came close to kiss me with reckless abandon, her hands furiously working to expose my cock, hungry for the taste of it between her lips. Lillian dropped my pants to the floor following them down she dropped to her knees. She cupped my balls with one hand as she stroked the length of my shaft with the other. She lowered her mouth to the tip of my cock, flicking her tongue over the tip, swirling it through the pre-cum drooling from my steely shaft.Lillian slipped the tip into her wanton mouth, sucking the sweet nectar from the tip. She swirled her tongue around the tip like a pro, she attempted to take the whole length of my shaft into her mouth. I felt the back of her throat on the tip of my shaft, she didn’t gag, and she just tilted her head to the side slightly, slowly taking the rest of my ten inches down to my balls. I had a flash back to when she was about ten, we had stopped at a candy store. Lillian chose an all day sucker, not the big round ones, the long one about an inch or so in diameter. On the way home I watched in awe as little Lillian deep throated the whole length of it. It became Lillian’s party trick, she was our own little sword swallowed, she would show anyone who would watch. My wife tried to tell her that she shouldn’t do that because it was unlade like, to which Lillian responded.“I like the way it feels when it goes in mom, it’s fun.”I remember commenting to my wife latter about how lucky some boy was going to be. Now here I stood! I was the lucky boy with my cock buried deep in my step daughter’s throat. I felt their muscles twitch as she fought off her gag reflex, sending exquisite sensations through my shaft. Lillian took a few strokes of my meat before pulling it out of her mouth. She led me to the bed lifting my shirt over my head as I lowered her panties off her hips. Lillian pushed me onto my back as she guided my cock back into her talented mouth. She shifted to sixty-nine with me, her drenched pussy lips parted as she straddled my face. The folds of her lips flushed bright pink from arousal, her juices dribbling out of her expectant pussy. Lillian was guiding my cock in and out of her throat making it hard to concentrate on what I was doing. The song Oh what a feeling rang in my head, it was incredible how she would take my shaft all the way to the base and then out for a quick breath then back on till she needed another breath.I wanted to make my step daughter come as I licked her pussy, according to my wife I have a talent of my own, and I was putting it to work on my step daughter’s pussy right now. I rolled my tongue over her clit, and then would plunge it as deep as it would go into her juicy pussy hole making a circle around the walls of her cunt. Lillian’s hips started to hump my face, and I could sense an urgency to their pace. She was moaning, I could feel the vibrations on my shaft. My step daughter ground her clit hard on my tongue, trying to get as much pleasure out of it as possible. Suddenly she arched her back, expelling my cock from its deep lair. Lillian let out a long loud screaming orgasm, as she bucked and humped my mouth. She went türbanlı escort ordu back to work on my cock, but wouldn’t let me lick her cunt . I knew her clit was too sensitive for me to keep licking.My step daughter pulled my cock out of her throat, she scooted down my body until her tight little box hovered over my cock. I watched as she sank onto my shaft, sliding her cunt over the tip, guiding it deep in her juicy hole. Her pussy was so tight and hot, it was driving me nuts, I thought I would blow my wad too soon and it would be over, never to happen again. I managed to hold off spilling my seed into Lillian’s steaming pussy hole. She was finally fully impaled on my shaft, facing away from me bent way over. She began to hump and grind my cock like she had at the club, bobbing her ass up and down, side to side, to some silent beat. My sweet drove my cock deep inside her hole gyrating and twitching hips. I watched amazed at the sight of my cock playing peek a boo in my step daughter’s cunt hole. Lillian humped me like that for what felt like an eternity, I was clinching so hard trying not to loose my loads. Lillian shifted again to face me, as she settled back on my cock Lillian’s tits hung before my face, those luscious nipples begging to be sucked.I grabbed them, more than a handful each, their flesh pressed through my fingers as I squeezed them, suckling my step daughter’s mammary. I watched her suck her mother’s tits as a baby, now I was feasting on her beautiful breasts. Every image, sensation, emotion are being forever burned into my memory. Oh God! Here I’m fucking my little girl! What was I doing! I pumped my cock up into my step daughter’s pussy meeting her every thrust. I grabbed her, pulling her face to my own, kissing her madly, passionately, as I thrust my cock repeatedly, deeper and deeper in her tight young cunt. I felt new warmth over my shaft as Lillian came again, sending me over the precipice to my own orgasm. Holding my step daughter’s hips tight to mine I filled her hole with my cum, the overflowing spunk dribbling out of her and down my leg. Lillian rode out her orgasm pumping my cock for all she could get, every last inch of its hardness.Growing soft my shaft slipping slowly from her cunt, Lillian lowered to lap our juices from my cock. Tears of guilt flooded my eyes, as I looked at my little girl licking the evidence of our sin off of my cock.”What did I do, what did I do? Oh god honey what did we just do!”My daughter looked up to see tears streaming down my cheeks. She still had my cock in her hand, as her own eyes filled from having caused this sin to transpire.”Daddy I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me!” Lillian pleaded with me to forgive her.”Daddy I’ve wanted this for so long, I wanted you to be inside me. I love you so much.”I told her that it was my fault, that I should not be fucking her, my job was to protect her, raise her, give her away to be married, I was supposed to be her step daddy, not her lover. Lillian held my face in her hands tears rolling down her cheeks, as she told me that this is what she had wanted her whole life, and that she would never leave so we could have sex like this when ever we went out of town.“No one would ever know daddy. Please don’t let this be the end. I’ve waited too long for you to stop now.”Lillian, crying so intently now I didn’t think I would be able to get her to stop. I pulled close to kiss her forehead, telling not to cry, every thing would be ok. Lillian looked into my eyes, her tears had stopped, she kissed me gently the way she used to when she was little. Our lips parted only briefly before locking together again in passion, Lillian’s leg wrapped around mine pressing her mound against me, I could feel our warm juices still oozing out of her freshly stuffed box. My cock stirred, growing back to life eager to probe my step daughter’s body.

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