My Student, Final Chapter

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Bobby and I had changed the venue of the party. I thought that my shower would suffice. On further reflection, however, we decided that the pool deck would better serve our needs. The men had started arriving. Bozeman had arrived, early of course, with his buddies, Jimmy and his twin brother Jay. I was amazed at how identical they were. Mr. Harvey was here along with Jerry, the janitor, Mr. Boyd, and Mr. Jones. A knock on the door signaled the arrival of Coach Joe. I was very pleasantly surprised that he brought a friend with him. Introduced as Tony, he was a tall athletic man about the same build as Bobby. I directed them to the pool, where there was a cooler full of beer, cokes, and waters. Soon the doorbell rang and there was Hargass, Scott, and a smiling, nurse Abernathy. “I hope you don’t mind my crashing your party,” she said, holding out a bottle of Jim Beam Rye.“Glad to have you,” Bobby smiled, taking the bottle and leading them to the pool. Mr. Hargass lingered with me and said that he took the liberty of inviting a few others. “Don’t worry, they are nice and discrete.”“How, many?” I asked, feeling the wetness between my legs begin to seep down my thigh.“Oh, don’t worry, it’s only eight of the guys from the school administration board. You know them all, I’m sure.” “Eight?” I asked, doing the math in my head. There were, including Bobby, twenty swinging dicks plus Ms. Abernathy going to be here. “Wow.”“They are on their way,” he smiled, “unless you want me to call them off.”“No,” I smiled, “The more the merrier.”By the time Hargass and I arrived at the pool, they were all talking and drinking. The sun was beginning to fade to the west. Probable only two hours until sunset. I clinked my glass of wine with a fork, getting everyone’s attention, “Welcome everyone, I hope you are all ready to have some fun.” There was another knock on the door and I asked Bobby to go see about it. “If you would all remove your clothes, we can get started. Bobby returned with the eight men that Hargass had invited. They too undressed. I got my phone and dialed my husband. He was off work for the evening and had time to watch. Connecting the GoPro to my phone, I stood in the middle of the crowd and undressed. The camera witnessed everything. I kneeled on a blanket and the men started to surround me. Bobby made sure that no one blocked the camera view. There were dicks everywhere. Mr. Scott and three of the school admin guys were black. I loved the color contrast with my pale skin. They were eager to get to me so I decided to make the first part of the video, interracial. You know, white chick and black dick. I had a cock in each hand, stroking and licking, looking at the camera. Bobby made sure to get nice shots and closeups. The black men all had very nice, long cocks, not as big as Bobby’s, but big nonetheless.I kaçak iddaa took the first one in my mouth, sucking him in, all the way to the hilt. He put his hand on the top of my head, holding me tightly against his belly, his cock deep in my throat. Pulling away, I turned and swallowed the guy on my left. Back and forth, to sucked both guys as the other two black men stood close, stroking their cocks. The first man came, sending a looping rope of sticky cum across my forehead, before I took his cock in my mouth, catching the rest of his load. As I was looking at the camera, mouth open and showing my husband the mouth full of cum, I was pelted in the face by another thick, white gob of cum. Quickly taking his cock in my mouth, I received his load. Talk about a mouth full of cum. He pulled away limp, as I turned back to the camera, cum faced and mouth open. Scott and the other black man replaced the two spent cocks. I swallowed hard, feeling the hot sweet cum sliding down my throat. I take Scott next, his long cock sliding past my tonsils and into my throat, he cums immediately. I am disappointed but, some guys are like that. I look at the camera, shaking my head then go to work on the other cock. As I do, Hargass positions me so that he can fuck me doggy style as I suck the cock in my mouth. I feel so slutty in front of all these men, naked and being taken as I suck cock after cock. The cock in my mouth spurt its cum, sending a mouthful down my throat. Some of these guys, especially the first four turned out to be disappointing. Oh well, there are sixteen that I know will come through.Abernathy knelt in front of me, kissing me like a lover. She licked cum from my face and swallowed it. Laying on her back, she spread her legs and I devoured her sweet pussy. She had freshly shaved it since this morning. I was a novice at eating pussy, but I was quickly becoming addicted. Another of the remaining fifteen men stepped over her, his dick in my face. Bobby got into position to get the video. His cock exploded in a shower of cum. My face and Bonnie’s pussy were covered in thick white ropes of cum. I looked into the camera and told my husband I wished he were there. Another man stepped over, taking the place of the last. He pointed his cock at my face and let loose a golden stream. I opened my mouth, drinking every drop of his offering. Abernathy, or Bonnie, was surprised but didn’t seem to mind the warm, golden shower. Hargass was steady, and forcefully pounding my pussy with his hard cock. He was no amateur, lasting longer than the first four, together. After a few minutes, he pulled out, rubbing his pussy soaked cock on my asshole. I pushed back against him, taking him into my back door. He pulled me into a sitting position on his lap and laid us both back. Another of the men stepped between my legs, kneeling, kaçak bahis he pushed his cock into my pussy. I was double penetrated. Never having had the experience, I had to get used to the feeling. I came suddenly, feeling another of the men cumming on my face as the two fucked my ass and pussy. Convulsing and moaning, I squirted my juices on the two fuckers. The guy fucking my pussy shot his thick load into me and was replaced by one of the twins. His cock was thick and hard, squishing into my cummy pussy. His brother stood at my side, offering his equally thick cock. I took it into my mouth, sucking for all I was worth. His brother was just inches from my face as he fucked me. After a minute or so of sucking the standing brother, he pulled his cock away, offering it to his twin. I came again, watching him suck his brother’s dick. Surprised that it was such a turn-on, I devoured his cock when he offered it back to me. We took turns sucking him until he blew his load on my face and in my mouth. His brother came in my pussy soon after. Two more of the men from the school admin walked up, pissing all over me and Hargass, who was still fucking my asshole. Bobby was still filming, albeit with Bonnie sucking his huge dick. Looking around, some of the men were just watching. Others were stroking their cocks. I wanted them all. One, two, three at a time. I didn’t care, I just wanted to be fucked like a whore for my husband. I wanted cum dripping from every hole on my body. The two guys who pissed on us were hard now, offering their cocks to my mouth. I took one in either hand, sucking each one at a time. They moved even closer, taking the back of my head and pushing both cocks into my mouth at once.I was taking all they could give and wanting more. My body glistened with sweat and piss, three cocks pounding me at the moment, and my pussy was vacant. It needed attention too. I motioned to the janitor to come fill it. It took him a minute to get into position, but he got there. All my holes were now being plundered. Bobby was taking video, having filled Abernathy’s mouth with his cum. I just knew that my husband had his cock in his hand, stroking it while watching his slut wife. One of the men in my mouth pulled out, stroking his cock frantically in my face. He was ready to blow. The other man soon followed suit. I opened my mouth wide. The second man actually came first, shooting a huge rope of cum across my face and over my head. The first exploded into my mouth and all over my face. The second guy’s remaining cum ended up on my face, one long looping blast at a time. I was covered in it. It dripped onto my tits and flew past onto Hargass, who still pounded his cock in and out of my ass. Another of the men came over. He didn’t want to touch me. He just stroked his cock and added more cum to my face. He illegal bahis was followed by another who was then followed by another. I must have been unrecognizable. One of the black men came back, his cock hard and dripping precum. He took me by the back of my head and shoved his cock deep into my cummy mouth. He was getting into it this time. Thrusting his cock into my throat and back out hard and fast. There were several strands of cum connecting my chin and his balls. Hargass finally convulsed in orgasm, filling my asshole with a huge load of cum. He was trapped beneath my body though and couldn’t pull out. I felt him soften inside my anus. I was being pulled up off the principal and roughly throat fucked at the same time. Another man replaced Hargass and I sat back down on his dick, burying him deep in my pussy. Things were sore all over my body, from my nipples to my asshole, but I was having the time of my life. I looked to my left and saw Scott and another of the black men in a sixty-nine position, sucking each other like madmen. Another man stepped up, shoving his cock in my face, joining the black dick in my mouth. Two cocks sawing into and out of my throat. I opened wide and took it. Bonnie was to my right, sucking another dick. I had known her for three years and never thought she was so wild. I guess she could say the same about me.  One of the men seemed to mind getting cum on them. It was just a good time all around. I worked on the two cocks in my mouth as another man stood in front of me between the two. He began pissing in my face as the black man spurted his cum in my throat. I swallowed hard as the other cock spat its load also. My belly was so full of cum that I could hear it slosh when I moved. I wanted more. Another cock then another. Some I had sucked twice or even three times. I couldn’t tell you how many men had cum in my mouth, pussy, or ass at this point. I was basically a bottle of cum. It dropped from my pussy and ass. It stuck to my face and hands. It was in my hair. Needing a break, I laid on the lounger and was immediately surrounded by eight men. Their cocks spraying golden piss all over my body. The sun had disappeared behind the distant trees. A warm glow filled the sky. It was beginning to get dark but everyone hung in. The twins were both kneeling in front of Bozeman, sucking his dick. I let the warm flow of urine cleanse my body. It felt good. Some of the men rested, gathering strength for the next round. Bobby handed me a glass of wine to wash my mouth out with. I turned it up and swallowed it in just a few gulps. “Coach Joe,” I yelled.“What?” He answered with a smile.“Got some cum for me?”He stepped up, his deformed dick, hard and curved, and said, “Fuck, or suck?”I smiled and took his dick in my mouth, sucking for all I was worth. He wouldn’t last long. I sucked him so hard, taking him in and out of my mouth quickly, over and over again. he pushed his cock as deep as he could, holding my head for control. I felt him tense and I knew the dam was about to break. 

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