My Unwanted Butterfly Tattoo

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Divorce can be hard for a single Mom like me. Especially if you’re a practicing Catholic. But I felt like I had to do it, given that he ran off with one of my best friends. I’ve been trying to keep it together for my eighteen-year-old son. I’ve gotten a lot of help from my support group and the parish priest.Yesterday I was just relaxing by the pool for a while before I had to get dinner ready for Jeff and I. He wasn’t home from marching band practice yet so I figured it was ok to put on a swimsuit and get some sun. It was getting hot out so before I came inside I threw on my white scoop-necked cover up in case he came home early.I sure didn’t want him to see me in the suit I chose to wear; a relatively skimpy number my ex had bought for me when were on holiday. I could just hear Jeff admonishing me for not being modest enough.As I walked down the hall toweling myself off I heard voices from Jeff’s room. I guess practice got over quicker than I expected. I was glad I had slipped the top on so he wouldn’t see his Mom in the bikini his Dad bought for me back in what seemed like another life, even though it was only seven months ago that we split up.From the muffled sounds I heard it appeared that his best friend Eric had stopped over. I realized I had better get some clothes on if we had company. I guess they were playing video games or something. I smiled as I thought that Jeff was handling the breakup of the family pretty good. He wasn’t moping around or turning inward. He has kept his grades up and I was glad he and Eric were doing normal stuff.As I got closer to his room, I was able to hear their conversation and stopped in my tracks. I heard Eric say, “She’s got a nice set of tits, that’s for sure!” OMG, they were watching porn on the computer! I couldn’t believe it. Jeff was an altar boy back in grade school and still attended church with me. Was this how he compensated for not having his Dad around?I pressed my ear to the door and after a few seconds I heard Eric say, “Did you know she had a tattoo down there?” I thought, is it possible they have pictures of someone they knew? Maybe a gal from school? I heard about these web sites where you can post nasty pictures of yourself and they disappear after a while. I don’t know much about these things.I nearly collapsed in the hall when I heard what Eric said next! “I’m surprised your Dad didn’t take off her bikini top. But at least he pulled it up so we could see everything!”I tried not to sob audibly as the images of that trip to Jamaica for our anniversary came back clearly. I had been trying to suppress those memories for the past two years. I’m not much of a drinker but Ken had coaxed me into getting a small butterfly tattoo just above my groin one night after I had a couple of Pina Coladas. I was sober enough that I said I wouldn’t do it unless it was a woman tattoo artist (thinking he wouldn’t be able to find one). Darn, if he didn’t.Afterwards, we went back to our hotel room and he insisted on ‘admiring’ my new look and even though I was drunk, I had to admit that the sex that night was pretty amazing. He wanted to take pictures of me posing but I refused. He had brought some booze back to the room and like an idiot, I had one last glass of rum and Coke.I was sleepy and dozed off. Or maybe passed out, I guess.  When we got back home, I thought about confessing this to Father Francis but I was too embarrassed to bring it up. Was it even a sin?I ran to my room and grabbed my cell phone slamming the door to the hallway behind me. I was hurt, humiliated, and enraged. How and why did Ken do this? He left some picture I didn’t even know he took on our son’s computer? I was shaking so bad I misdialed his number two times before I got it right and he answered. I was crying now and my face was flushed with embarrassment şişli escort when he picked up.“Did you leave a nasty picture of me on Jeff’s tablet?! How could you do that?” “Not a picture. Two pictures. No, I didn’t leave them. I forwarded them to him.”“Are you crazy!! What were you thinking?”“What were YOU thinking when you changed the locks on the doors so I couldn’t get in to get my stamp collection and other stuff. I told you I was coming back and now your lawyer calls me and says I can’t have anything until it’s all appraised. Screw you!”“But he’s just a kid. YOUR kid!”“Yeah, and the little goofball is on your side. I called to ask him to let me get back in the house and he hung up on me. Maybe if he sees his Mom is selling nude pictures of herself on the internet he might rethink I’m not the reason for this divorce. I wonder if Father Francis might like to see them, too.”“Selling…? You know that’s a lie. You took those when I was asleep! Do you do that kind of stuff with my former best friend?  That’s disgusting. I bet she even lets you do it when she’s awake!”“Yeah, Brenda’s awake and she loves the attention. And none of this might have happened if you weren’t so repressed sexually; no blow jobs, no licking, no anal. I put up with your ‘holy-holy’ shit for almost two decades. Maybe I’d have stayed if you were normal. See you in court. Now leave me alone, I’m working.” CLICKI tried to calm down when he hung up. What on earth was I was going to say to Jeff? I hadn’t heard his voice through the door. I bet the poor kid was traumatized. My mind spinning, I went out to the kitchen to make dinner.As I passed Jeff’s bedroom door I slowed down and heard Eric say, “Well, you gotta admit she’s hot for her age, right? I mean, it’s cool that you let me see them. You wouldn’t have shown them to me if you weren’t proud of her.”“Yeah, she looks good, don’t she? I always thought she was attractive but never thought she was a MILF.”“Well, she sure is! And I like the fact that we can see she’s not a ‘natural blonde’, hehe.”I couldn’t believe my ears and ran to the kitchen mortified. I didn’t know what to do. I saw on the counter that the boys must have stopped for some fast food before they got home. They had left the bag on the counter.  I could just imagine them coming out of his room and Jeff saying, “Hey, before we eat, I got something to show you.”I didn’t know yet how or when I was going to give him a good scolding once we had a chat about all of this. After I got done with Jeff, I was going to send him to church for confession for sure. How was I going to face him? What was I going to say?I knew I was going to make him delete those pictures.  And what was I going to say to his friend Eric? Was I going to pretend I didn’t know that he saw me naked? I could tell my face was flushed with embarrassment.As I was working through how I was going to proceed I started thinking about what I had heard. Did Eric really say he thought I had nice tits…I mean breasts? And I knew what MILF means. I had heard that from Ken before. A disgusting little abbreviation. I was also flattered that my son thought I was attractive still.  And he didn’t react adversely when Eric figured Jeff was proud of how I looked in those pictures. That was nice.As I worked at the cutting board, I heard the bedroom door open. “Hey, Jeff, let me get our tacos. I’m famished!” I realized now was not the time to admit what I knew. Eric came into the kitchen.“Oh, Mrs. Brooks. You’re home. How are you this fine day?”I couldn’t bring myself to look up.“Hi, Eric. Are you and Jeff doing homework?”“Yeah, we’re working on a project. It’s an audio/visual thing. Getting great views of some pictures we can use. I see you’ve been out at the pool. Great afternoon for that.”It was then I realized I hadn’t changed out of my two-piece. şişli escort bayan At least I had on the white cover-up. I wished it was longer but it only barely came below my butt.He walked to the other side of the kitchen island from me and started taking out tacos from the bag. I didn’t dare look up at him as I would have probably passed out from embarrassment but I could sense that he was staring down my loose cover up as my breasts were probably jiggling as I chopped the carrots. Boys! They’ll take any opportunity to see things they shouldn’t see.“Hey, Mrs. B, could you get us two plates?”I immediately turned my back to him which was a relief as I knew I was still red in the face. I reached up to the cabinet door and as I opened it, I realized my bikini bottom must be visible to his eyes as my cover up pulled further up on my hips. I reflexively pulled my arms down as I heard him sigh. I had to force back a smile as I realized I couldn’t get his plates unless I reached high with both hands to get them.I did so slowly. Why did I do that? Oh well, this randy little cute friend of my son’s had already seen more of me than my upper legs and covered butt so what difference could it make? I thought of him glaring at my nakedness in the pictures. I bet I looked gross to him when he saw I didn’t shave myself down there. I hadn’t stuck around in the hall long enough to get his reaction after he said I wasn’t a ‘natural blonde’. I had to admit it was a little flattering to know that if he wasn’t grossed out, he might have gotten the plates himself. Or was I fishing for mental compliments?I turned back around and for the first time, made eye contact with him. He was smiling as he stared at me and I realized he was having a hard time keeping his gaze from drifting further down. I went back to chopping carrots. I started to use more force on the knife this time, raising up on my tiptoes and pushing down hard as my heels landed back on the floor, bouncing a little with each cut, smiling to myself.I figured he’d get bored with this gawking and take the tacos back to Jeff’s room. Maybe what I was doing would make the boy’s snack get cold. Poor babies, it would serve them right.From my peripheral vision, I saw that he was liking what I was doing as he put the tacos on the plates. He got one of the salsa packets out of the bag and was biting it open as he stared. The waist of his shorts was at the level of the countertop so I couldn’t tell if he was….What just happened?!He exclaimed, “OH, Mrs. B! I’m so sorry!”I looked up and saw he had the empty salsa packet flapping limply between his finger and thumb and was staring at my top, his eyes wide. I looked down and saw that the salsa had squirted out all over the left side of my white cover up just above my chest! Red sauce and bits of salsa were running down my top. I gasped as he reached for a napkin from the take out bag.He practically ran around the island to get to me and started to rub the napkin on the salsa, his fingertips brushing liberally into the top of my breast through the cover-up and my bikini top.“Give me that, Eric. I’ll take care of it. No problem. I know you didn’t mean it.”Or did he?I took the napkins from him and pulled the white material away from my chest and inserted my fingers under where the stain was forming so I could apply better pressure on the outside and get the salsa moped up. As I looked down at myself it was then that in the background, I could tell Eric was erect! There was a fairly sizable bulge in his shorts.I realized with no small amount of pride that I could still excite a male. Not bad for a thirty-eight-year-old mother.I walked over to the kitchen sink and ran some water on a dishtowel since doing that was going to be better than soggy napkins. All the while Eric was saying mecidiyeköy escort he was sorry over and over again. I started rubbing the towel on the stain and feeling conflicted emotionally.I was embarrassed at what he had seen in Jeff’s room and at the same time flattered that he was apparently excited. It seemed obvious to me that the salsa squirt was not accidental. I even had to admire his aim.I suddenly realized that Eric was behind me, his face looking over my shoulder. “Is the stain coming out, Mrs. B?” By this time I was wise to his game and figured he wasn’t looking at what I was wiping but rather staring down my cover-up and between my boobs. Oh, Lordie. I just realized that in my thought process I had referred to my 36C breasts as ‘boobs’.  I could feel his breath on my collarbone.“It doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Maybe if you just… ran the top under the tap water real hard and let it soak for a while…”“I don’t think it will make that much of a dif…”Before I could finish, he had reached to the hem of the cover-up and yanked it up over my chest and was tugging his hands at my armpits to get me to pull my arms up! He quickly grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms over my head and before I knew it he had gotten the cover-up over my elbows so that when I quickly lowered my arms to stop him the thing was already bunched up at my neck and wrists.“Turn the water back on, Mrs. B. I want to help you since this was all my fault.”I wiggled one hand out of the cover-up and turned on the water. As I did that, he pulled it over my head and off my other arm and threw it in the sink. I admitted to myself that it did need to be cleaned quickly.I looked over my shoulder at him and saw his face was flushed. “You know I wear these things over my suit for a reason, Eric. I don’t want anybody seeing me in this… in this thing.” We both stared simultaneously down at my chest. I looked up and saw a toothy grin on his handsome face.“Well, it’s nothing I wouldn’t see if we were on the beach or at your pool, right?” I turned back around as he leaned forward to dunk the cover- up under the running water, one arm on each side of me.As he did so he pressed my body between his pelvis and the countertop. His erection was pressing into the center of my butt. I gasped audibly but he pretended not to notice. Goodness! He really does have an erection! I thought of Ken and how he probably thought I would never have a guy get this excited just from seeing me in the bikini he bought for me. I realized for the first time that I was glad Ken had been such a horny toad when we were in Jamaica.“Eric, I got this. Go eat your food.”Eric’s face was looking over my shoulder again with his chin on my collarbone. He was obviously getting a good view down my bikini top as his hands splashed in the water. For the first time, I noticed that a little of the salsa had seeped through onto my skin above my bikini top. He must have seen it at the same time and picked up the dish towel and started to wipe at it.I couldn’t let him do that! I grabbed the towel away from him and he must have realized he had overstepped his bounds. He pulled his hands back and backed away a little.  As I wiped the salsa from my chest, he grabbed one end of the string tie behind my neck and his other hand found the tie in the center of my back and he pulled quickly in both places!I felt my top loosen and I almost screamed. He pulled the bottom spaghetti string to the left and my bikini top went flying off me and onto the toaster! My hands, dripping with water, flew up to cover my boobs even though he was still behind me.“Eric! What the hell are you doing?”“I don’t want you to get stains on your sexy bikini, too. I feel bad enough that I messed up your pretty white thing.”He got back into his previous position and with his chin on my shoulder, he was trying to see what my hands were protecting. I had done a good job of keeping his eyes off most of my chest but realized it must have appeared that I was squeezing myself. I wasn’t, was I?I knew I was turning beet red again…

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