My Wife’s Fantasy Lover

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My Wife’s Fantasy LoverChapter 1My wife Kari and I have always had a good sex life and a good fantasy life. This story may begin easy, but like my wife, it gets nastier the further it goes.She is the attractive, but normal and unassuming everyday woman in the office, at least on the outside. But underneath, she’s a sexy woman that has always wanted to be let out of her cage of ‘conservative upbringing’. She just has trouble letting herself go. I am a Creative Director for an ad agency and Kari works in a studio across town. We both need our lives to be creative in all aspects, and especially enjoy creativity in the bedroom.Our trust has allowed us to openly share our wildest fantasies with each other, some of which involved people outside our marriage, but we made a decision early on, not to cross that boundary. We chose to develop a wild and vivid fantasy life instead, being free to have fun within our marriage. We came up with what we call ‘The Fantasy Night Rules’. This included imagining fantasy lovers in bed and having ‘special fantasy nights’. This we could do without crossing the boundary of the actual reality of having other sexual partners.Kari is the one that put the limit on our fantasies. “Fantasies are fantasies and reality is reality, and to keep a healthy marriage we should keep the two separate.”Our fantasy rules are, or maybe I should say were: She has to do what ever I tell her to, within the limitations of the rules. She can do what ever she wants within the limitations of the rules and I can not stop her. No actual oral sex or making love with another person. (kissing and feeling is allowed when ever she wants it) She must leave with me.She loves it when I make her do sexy things and dress sexy on those special nights, especially when we are out of town and no one knows us. We found that, that excites us the most.I shared with her how’I’d like to see another man make love to her and how much it would turn me on if she really enjoyed it’. She told me how, ‘she would like to be tied up and forced to have sex with several men at once and how she would want them to treat her like a slut’.She said. “Oh, I think deep down inside most red blooded girls has had that fantasy at one time or another! Being controlled and made to do it, that relieves us of ‘the guilt so we can enjoy it’.” She smiled innocently.She and I loved hearing each other’s fantasies. A couple of times we acted as though we were going to make the others fantasy actually come true. Once she called me after work and left me a message on my answering service that she was out having drinks an old boyfriend of hers, and might be home late. She had told me about him. ‘A great lover, though not much more’. She giggled on the phone and told me she didn’t think I’d mind and promised to give me all the lusty details, which she did the next morning. Telling me a very detailed but fabricated story. For days she made live with the reality, that she had actually had sex with him, before confessing that she had only told me the tale to turn me on.”I think you would have actually let me do it!” She said, a bit shocked that I didn’t get mad about it.I once had an out of town client that was getting married, and I really had to attend. I told Kari, as though it was deadly true, that ‘the boys’ had hired a girl to serve drinks to them at the hotel room, before they all went ‘out on the town’. Something had happened and the girl couldn’t make it, and they could not find anyone to replace her. Kari once worked in a restaurant serving and I knew she could do it. None of them had ever met her, and so I told her that I could bring her along to serve the guys at the party, but we couldn’t let anyone know that she was my wife. I could just tell them that a friend recommended her from one of the bars in town, and that she needed the work. “You might not want to do it.” I said. “You’d have to dress pretty sexy. You know the guys would be getting drunk and will probably be talking nasty to you.”She sat there looking down at her drink as I told her.”The more I think about it.” I said. “They’d all probably be groping, trying to feel your ass and breast, but that is all part of a bachelor party. It could be fun.” I said. “But then I don’t know. I would just hope they wouldn’t get carried away. You know the way bachelor parties can get.”What if… they…you know…what if they wanted more?” She asked showing some interest. “How would I handle that?””That would have to be up to you!” I told her. “There is no way I could, all of the sudden say, ‘Hey! That’s my wife’. I could never tell them that! They’d kill me. So, you would have to handle it alone, your way I guess.” I said.Three drinks and she was nervous as a cat, but ready to pack her bags.She tried to hide her disappointment when she found out the next day that she was only going as my wife and that my story was only a fantasy tease. But what I found out was that she was willing to take a chance on it, not knowing the guys or what could have happened.At the wedding, I did see her get excited when she saw the good looking guys that had gone to the party. I teased her for days making her suck my cock and telling her how I wold have like to see all of them have their way with her. I made her confess to me what she would have like for them to do to her. We talked about the possibilities and were both turned on for days!She always confided in me, telling me what a slut she really wanted to be when she was single and dated. “All the other girls were out in the backseats of cars and I was at the movies never letting guys touch me. I was too scared.” She saidSometimes when we would make love, she would close her eyes and imagine that she was fucking, not me but someone else. We call it our ‘Fantasy Lover Night’. Sorry for the names but it was fun for us.She would close her eyes and tell me who she wanted to fuck her. Then as I made love to her she would be imagining that it was him, not me sliding his cock into her. Sometimes it was a co-worker, a friend or simply some nice looking guy she had seen.I’d promote it, telling her that I wanted her fuck him. It was a very simple fantasy, but yielded some very sexy nights.I’d make her tell me how much she wanted to fuck one of her fantasy lovers and tell me who he was. I would talk trashy to her, telling her what a slut she was for wanting other cocks. She would get wild as she fucked the cock of her fantasy lover in her mind. While I was sliding my cock in and out of her, she and I were both imagining that my cock was his. Often she seemed to talk nastier to them than to me. Over a period of time I realized that one fantasy lover turned her on more and she brought his name up more than any other, my friend Hunter.2Hunter and I had been the best of friends for years. I had gone into art and he had gone into pharmacy. We had played ball together, roomed together and had more than a few wild times. Two crazy, single guys, always looking for a couple of sexy women.Even before she had told me that she fantasized about him, I knew that Hunter turned Kari on. It was easy to tell by the ‘just lingering’ touches on his arm or the way she would giggle and flip her hair when he was around. And her pussy got immediately and especially wet, those times it was Hunter that she told me she was imagining that was fucking her.I didn’t mind. It actually turned me on. I told her that I liked it that he turned her on. “Geeez, he’s my best friend. I trust you two.” I said, wanting her to feel the freedom to flirt with him when I was around.Once I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed, she loved it. I toyed with her, teasing her, talking to her about Hunter, knowing that would bring …a warm responds. I told her that I had shared with him all about how sexy and nasty she was in bed and about what an erotic pussy she had. “Sexy pussies are his downfall, especially if they are shaved.” I told her. Then I told her that I had a surprise for her. I told her that tonight I had invited Hunter over and I was going to let him fuck her while she lay there tied to the bed. I went out of the room and came back in not speaking, but teased her unmercifully and fucked her as if I was a silent Hunter.She talked nastier to him than ever before. This was the most turned on that I had seen her. There was no doubt that there was a special fire in her for him.Time went on and we played other sexy games, but I always remembered how damned turned on she had gotten that night with Hunter in her mind, fucking her.Hunter was a nice looking, broad shouldered kinda of guy and great fun, though he is not quiet as outward as I am. He’s the type that would never want to offend anyone or harm a relationship, so when he warms up to Kari it’s always when he thinks I’m not in the room. His wife, unlike mine, became very conservative after they were married, which was not what he wanted at all. He was a true blue husband though and stood by the choices he had made. Hunter has always joked to Kari that ‘if she ever got tired of me that he would be there waiting’. We got drunk one boys night out and he confessed that he would love to see her nude and especially that pussy that I’d told him about. What he would give to have a woman that erotic in bed and attractive to boot.”Been too, too long since I’ve felt the stirrings from a real woman.” He stammered. “I feel doomed to a live of none stimulating sex. Hell! My wife doesn’t’ even like having oral sex anymore, let alone getting kinky with me.” He, and his bottle of 1800, confided with me.After our conversation I decided I’d ‘fan the fire’. I began to tell him more about how nasty she was in bed, how she loved to play sexy games. I would tell him how beautiful her breast and nipples were, not to mention her luscious pussy, all the things that I knew stimulated him so badly. I wanted him turned on to Kari.Then when I’d talk with Kari, I’d always find some subtle ways to let her know that she turned him on. Sometimes she would almost act as though she didn’t hear me, but I knew her, and could tell that it always sparked her interest.I’d already told her things about him, like the fact that he had a huge cock. One of Kari’s blue ribbon arousal buttons. Then I’d enjoy watching them subtly react with each other when the four of us would get together, or he when he would drop by to go golfing. There would be a sexual tension in the air around them.CHAPTER 3Then the day came that changed everything. Hunter phoned wanting to know if he could crash with me for a couple of days, at least until he could find a new place to live. They had decided to mutually ‘call it quits’. I knew that it would be fine with Kari. I felt bad for Hunter but at the same time I had an excitement tingling in my groin about him staying in the same house with us, so I told him to pack up and come on over. “Ohhh, I think it could be fun.” Kari said with a twinkle. “Be nice having two men around the house.” She winked and smiled as she went off to the kitchen as though nothing else needed to be said.The first few nights were not much out of the normal, other than there was a third person watching TV with us at night. We ate out some, and we settled into ‘living as three’ around the house. As he became more comfortable, it became apparent that he began to lightly flirt with Kari a bit more, especially if I was not in the same roomThursday night in bed, I told Kari I’d seen how he was flirting with her and she came to his defense, saying “Oh you know how Hunter is. And besides he’s not had any affection from a woman in a long time.” She said. “I’m just trying to make him feel at home.” “I know,” I said. “I think its fun, sort of exciting, like one of our fantasy games. I like him flirting with you. You can show him what it’s like to have a sexy woman in the house. And I want you to enjoy him being here too.””Won’t make you jealous?” She asked. “I mean right in front of you? He is your best friend.””You know me. It’ll probably make me jealous, but it’ll turn me on more.” I said.”Hmmm, cool!” She said. “I just didn’t know if this made you uncomfortable, him living right here in the house and all. You know?” She said to be sure where I stood.I assured her that I’d love it.”It can sort of be like we are a menage in tuio, without the sex.” I said. “Our Fantasy Night Game with a new slant.””Oooooooouuu!” She said excited. “I think my pussy just got wet. I like that. So, you want me to play like we are a threesome just no sex? Is that right?” She asked, tickled at the hopeful return of our mental playtime.”That’s right.” I said. “From now on ‘Fantasy Rules Apply’ for as long as he stays with us, and you have to do what ever I say.””Ohhhh gaaa! You know how this turns me on.” She said. “And I can do what ever I want?””Yep?” I said. “What ever you want?””Sure?” She said squirming a little.”K!” I said. The first thing I want you to do is, to gently turn him on. Not by coming on to him, but I want you to just be sexy around the house for him.”Oouuuu! God I love the way you think!” She said giving me a peck on the cheek and guiding my hand to her wet pussy. “Damn you are a sexy man!” Friday morning she walked out of the shower wet and looking gorgeous. The water was running down her flat stomach to her trimmed blonde pubic hair, and her breasts stood out to begging for attention. I looked down and saw that something looked a little different.”You trimmed your pussy!” I said.She’d always kept her pubic hair neatly cut back, but now there was something different. She walked over to me, and reached down putting her fingers over the patch of hair above her lips. Then she put one foot on the side of the bed and pulled up on the area above the her pussy, stretching the lips and pulling them up where I could see them more. She had shaved, just between her legs around the lower part of her lip area.Seeing her lips even just a little made her pussy look so much more inviting. I wished she had shaved all around her lips and all her hair for that matter, but I was thankful for what she did. I wanted to go down on her right there and then.I knew why she had done it. I had told her how Hunter turned to butter at shaved pussy lips. He’d always wanted his wife to shave hers, but she kept a big black bush instead.”Oh, I just thought it would make me feel sexier.” She smiled. You know?” Her attitude sending a twinge through me.”What do want me to fix the two of you for breakfast honey?” She asked.”Something sexy.” I said.She smiled. “You got it!”The last few days she had been dressing as a wife would normally, if they had guest in the house. After my shower I walked into the kitchen. She had on a sexy house robe wrapped at the waist, leaving the top bloused loosely enough that, on occasion, it would open, revealing much of her breast without quiet showing a nipple. When Hunter came in, he was obviously nervous, noticing it right away. It was one of those scenarios where you could not help trying to look, but trying to keep from getting caught.I thought the crowning moment came when she leaned over to pour cream into his cereal. One breast was hanging in full view against the fabric trying to escape. He and I both sat in our silent thoughts.”Hunter, I have a proposal.” She said. “Why don’t you just stay here as long as you want, so there is no rush to go out and find an apartment.” She looked over at me.”Fine with me.” I said, liking the idea.”You have enough stress on you with the divorce and all. This way you can just relax and find the place you want without rushing into it.” She said.In short order it was settled and we all went off to work with a new attitude.CHAPTER 4Saturday morning we got up and had a light breakfast out by the pool, in the fresh morning air. Kari again walking around, her breast jiggling underneath her robe as Hunter and I both praying for it to fall open.Then Hunter and I hit the gym and Kari went to the spa for a morning facial and pedicure.After lunch we made it back home. I donned my suit, grabbed some books and headed for the pool. Hunter was already there. When Kari got home she poked her head out, said ‘Hi’ and went straight into the bedroom and changed. When she appeared though the sliding glass door I was in shock. I couldn’t believe she had walked out in that suit. She had never been out in public in it, accept for some island natives, and me when we were on vacation.But she did look great standing there with a Pina Colata in each hand and the tiny suit pulled high up on her hips. The tiny triangle top of thin fabric was clinging to her breasts and showing their shape as though it was wet paper. Kari walked over and peaked down at us from behind her shades. “Bet you guys are thirsty.” She said. This was a suit she had only worn that once when we were in the islands with no one around. ‘Much too bold for most American beaches and banned on some. The reason was apparent when she turned around to lay her towel across the lounge chair.The back of it was nothing more than a tiny strap that tucked neatly into the crack of her ass, hiding there and completely exposing her rear, as though she were completely nude from the back. The front of the bottom was slim, only covering the essentials. This was not like her at all to let Hunter see her like this, not like this.It turned me on that she was being this open and making sure to be that sexy around him. But she was doing exactly as I’d told her. I had never seen him quiet this uncomfortable. He was looking at her all he could, but was silent and not wanting us to notice that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.After we’d been there talking and sunning for a few minutes, Kari asked if I would put some oil on her back. Hunter tossed me the suntan oil and I moved over to her chair where she rolled over onto her stomach and untied her top; her fine bare buns waiting for attention. I squirted the oil up and down her calves and began rubbing it in, then I looked over at Hunter watching me.”Hunter, I’m sorry! Your are our guest. I should have let you do the honors.” I said.”Oh, that’s OK!” He said.I looked down at her almost bare ass and thought of him rubbing oil into it.”Naaaaa!” I said. “Come on. I’ll take the high road. You can take the low road. “That OK with you Hon?” I asked Kari.She turned her head toward us and smiled.”Hmmm, sounds fine with me… but does that mean I’ll have to oil you two down when you need it?” She asked. I thought for a sec. “Yep!” I said. “Whether we need it or not.””Hmmm. OK.” She said nonchalantly laying her head down as though she was going to take nap.With that, Hunter was out of his chair and on his way over.I oiled her back down and handed him the bottle. He oiled her calves and we began to rub her good, messaging as we went. I worked my way up her the small of her back, as he worked around her feet and calves, moving up to the back of her thighs. As he got to the top of her thighs I noticed he lingered. Moving his hand around them, messaging the oil in. I saw her legs slowly spread and her ass slightly arching up, giving him more access between her legs. As his hand moved inside I could see him trying to inch closer and closer to her pussy without being noticed.Soon the side of his hand was grazing her pussy as he rubbed. I knew what this was doing to Kari, so I turned where he couldn’t see me. I let my hands run down her sides and under her loosened suit. I cupped each breast in my hands and messaged them. When I looked back again he was on her buns, pouring more oil on her and rubbing it in, making her ass Jiggle as he went. He looked as though he was needing bread.I messaged her breasts, as his hands were sneaking feels or her ass. Then I took each of her nipples between my oily fingers and lightly rubbed and pulled them, being sure they got the attention they wanted.When it was obvious that we finished what had been requested, she grabbed her top and rolled over. Then we started the same process over on the front.She made sure her breast were covered and I did her stomach and arms while he did the front of her legs up to her bottoms.When he got to her suit, she canlı bahis grabbed the sides of her bottoms and tugged them up, exposing a thin white strip of skin on each side of the suit.”Hunter would you be sure to get right inside my tan lines? I don’t want to get burned there like I did last time.” She said, as though she were asking him to hand her a towel.The front of her suit was now only inches across, and just covering her, her pubic hair which was now, trying to peak out the sides. By her pulling the fabric up like that, the suit bottom now looked like a thin pouch of bulging, pussy lips. His mouth had to be watering.His oiled fingers rubbed along her tan lines, just fractions of an inch from her pussy. It was easy to see he was making sure she didn’t have any unprotected white area.I knew what it had to be doing to Hunter. But she played it strictly innocent, not letting on at all that she was doing anything provocative or to turn us on.When we were finished I asked. “Is that good Honey?”Never opening her eyes, she quietly muttered. “Ohhh yea, I’m doing very fine.” As though she had deeply enjoyed of our hands all over her.I looked up and Hunter had suddenly taken a quick dive into the pool. As he jumped in, I saw why. He had a raging hard on that he would never have been able to hide, if he had walked back to his chair.A while later she oiled me down. Hunter had gone into the house to make more frozen drinks. She got on her knees in front of me and rubbed oil all over my thighs and then her hand went up under the loose leg of my suit. She found what she was looking for and wrapped her fingers around my cock.She looked toward the house to be sure Hunter was gone and pulled my cock out though the bottom of the leg and wrapped her warm mouth around me, licking and sucking. “You like me teasing Hunter, don’t you?” She asked.I stood there dizzy from it as I watched the door, afraid that at any moment he was going to pop back through and catch us. She licked it and stroked it a few times and took it back into her mouth. Then moaning she looked up at me with a fun smile.”Now we have to put him up. Don’t want to get caught. Do we?” She said looking back toward the door. “If we got caught I might have to do the same for Hunter.”Then she stuffed my hard back into my suit and wrapped her arms around my legs putting the oil on the back of my legs, pressing her face to the crotch of my suit and giving my cock a quick good bye peck.Then she stood up and did my chest leaning forward and lightly kissing one of my nipples and brushing her cheeks against the other.Just then Hunter came back through the door, drinks in hand.”Your turn Hunter.” She said, smiling at me and turning to him. “Front and center.”She stood squirting oil into her hands and wiping it across his chest to start. “God!! I had no idea you were so…so…in such good shape!” She said quickly, realizing that she had just embarrassed herself. She picked up her drink. “What a yummy drink!” she recklessly stumbled trying to recover, saying it before she had actually taken a sip. After composing herself, her hands again began caressing all over his chest and shoulders, spreading the oil over him, but it looked more like she was feeling him off, than protecting him from the sun. Then she kneeled in front of him and worked her way up, inconspicuously letting her hands graze underneath the front of his boxer suit as she oiled his upper thighs. I knew she was hoping she might cop a feel of his equipment as she did. Then she ran her arms and hands around him to get the back of his legs, teasing herself by accidentally brushing her forearm against his cock.From my chair it looked like she was about to go down on him. We were all silent, as each was experiencing something erotic about the scenario. She loved it. She was really getting into innocently teasing herself and us.After napping in the shade, Kari asked us ‘if we wanted to go out and party a little tonight’. “Let’s go dancing!” She said.She loved to dance and I know Hunter used to dance a lot too.Hunter said it sounded like fun, but he didn’t have a date and would feel like a third wheel.”Don’t be silly!” I said looking over at Kari. “Kari can be both our dates tonight””No, I’ll be Hunter’s date tonight.” She said. “He hasn’t had a date in a long time and you have me all the time. You can be the third wheel tonight.” She said to me with a giggle.The way she said it stirred a sensation through my cock.”Great!” I accepted “Hunter, you officially have a date tonight with my wife.”Kari said. “Great, I’ll get ready.” And went into the house, her fine rear swaying good bye to us as she went in. I lingered back with Hunter watching. He looked over at me with a mischievous look. “How do you ever let that woman out of your site.”Then he said. “Got a surprise for you TonyO!” He brought out, from behind his back, a large joint.Kari and I hadn’t smoked grass in years. We never really got into it and especially anything harder. Usually if we did it, it was for the purpose of enhancing a wild sexy night. We did love it during sex though, especially when we wanted it wild and kinky. We loved that ‘other world, dreamy, mental place you go. I particularly loved it when I would smoke and then lick her pussy for what seemed hours. I would seem like nothing else existed, but her sweet pussy and me.”This is some of the best weed I’ve ever had.” He said. “Got two ounces from a friend of mine a while back. Thought if my wife and I would try it, that our sex lives might brighten up.”He shrugged his shoulders. “She’d never even try it, and hammered me for buying it, so I’ve been saving it ever since.””Wanta do a few toaks?” He asked.’Noooo! Sorry.” I said. “I’d love to, but I never did like smoking and being in public. Too paranoid a feeling for me! We used to smoke, but it was always at home alone for sex, not out in a crowd.””But, I tell you what!” I said. “We can have some when we get back in tonight. That would be fun!”He handed me a couple of joints. “For your special sex nights!” He said. CHAPTER 5I went into the bedroom to dress. I came up behind her and glided my hands under her suit and cupped her breasts, lifting her top over her head. As I took her nipple into my mouth the smell of sun tan lotion and the feel of her slippery skin was magnificent.I pulled back to look at her. Her puffy nipples looked so sexy. I took one in my mouth again letting the softness of it roll under my tongue. I laid her down on the bed and pulled her bottoms off, spreading her legs. I kissed her on her patch of hair as my fingers parted her lips. Her pussy was so wet.”Did your pussy enjoy teasing Hunter this afternoon.” I asked innocently. “You really like having him around, don’t you.” I teased. “Hmmm, what do you think?” She said.”Well…I’d say, he seems to be very…ahh… stimulating?” I said.I lowered my face to her, and as she parted her lips for my tounge, I began licking her juices and feeling the electricity go through me. She lay back, enjoying, as I played with her clitoris.”I can tell you like teasing him and I want you to keep doing it.” I said.”Hmmm! Then what shall I wear tonight?” She asked, her eyes twinkling down at me. “Something seductive and revealing?”I opened my eyes and looked back up at her. “Yes.” I said with a smile. My cock stirring against the bed as I lay there licking her. “K!” She said. “Midnight trashy or summer slut?””Summer slut!” I said feeling the air of excitement at her attitude.She reached down separating her lips for me again. “MMmmmmm! You doooo lick my pussssy…sooooo…ggooo…ood, bu…ut we havvve to get up no…ow.””Gaaa that feels good.” She said gently pushing my head away.”We have to get up and get ready Tony.”I could tell Kari was excited, by the way she pranced off to her shower, picking her drink up as she went. “Oh Hon!” She called me into the bath. She looked delicious standing there nude, peaking from behind the shower curtain, with her fresh sun and tan lines.”‘Do Fantasy Rules’ apply tonight.” She asked.”Tonight?” “Why?” I asked.”Well, you know. We’ve never had a real ‘Fantasy Rule Night’ when we were around anyone we knew, and you know. Hunter is with us and all.” She said.I thought for a second. This was getting to be fun. “All ‘Fantasy Rules’ apply! You can do what ever you want, but you have to be a sexy date for him and you have to turn him on.”Reeealllly?” She asked.”Isn’t Hunter one of the men that you fantasize about making love to?” I asked.”Well, you should enjoy the night even more.” I said.”I do not want him to think you’re coming on to him though. I just want him to feel like he has a sexy date. Do you think you can do that?” I asked. “Or, are you not as erotic a woman as I thought you were.””Ohhhhh, Ok. Ohhhh I, I think… I can dothat! I just had to have you to tell me that that’s what I had to do it.” She said with a flair of excitement. “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a ‘play night’. I think this could be even more exciting.””Now, I’ve got to get ready for my date, so you run along and take your shower like a good boy.” She said with a wet kiss, a smile and then gently pushing me toward the door.I was sitting on the living room sofa having a drink and waiting for the two of them to finish getting ready.Kari came out of our bedroom and over to me. She looked great.She was barefoot in a flowing, medium length gauge skirt and a gauge top.I pulled her over to me and slid my hand up under her skirt and up the back of her legs feeling the curves. My hands moved up behind her thighs to her panties. I kissed her stomach lightly and looked up at her as I tugged them down with both hands. She looked at me questioning as I continued pulling them down past her knees and let them drop to her ankles.”You don’t need these tonight. Won’t it make you feel sexier without them?” I asked.She smiled. “Hmmm! Sure will.””Why don’t you loose the bra too.” I suggested.She stepped out of her panties and reached under her top, skillfully slipping her bra out and tossing it back onto the bedroom. I could faintly see those large pink nipples pressing against the fabric “Better?” I asked.”Much better.” She smiled turning and twirling across the rug letting the wind catch her skirt as it flew up almost revealing her bare ass and pussy. “I feel freeeeee!” She said in fun with a giggle.Just then, Hunter walked in just missing her twirl.”Did I miss anything?” He asked”Naaa.” I said. “Just a little of Kari’s new dance routine.” I said. Again I caught Hunter trying to look closer without being obvious.Her breast moving under the fabric as she walked over to him to give him a hug. Her light nipples and her light pubic hair could just be faintly made out underneath, subtly revealing that they were bare underneath. She gave him a light kiss on the cheek.”I’m ready for our first date. Do you need a drink before we go?” She asked him.”You’re going to let this woman be my date tonight?” He asked. “Yea! I think I need a drink.” He said teasing and shaking his head in disbelief at how nice she looked.She was radiant and had never acted this excited about our ‘special evenings’ and god I loved it. I had always been turned on by the idea of her being erotic and sensuous in front of other men, but her being this way in front of my friend was really turning me on much more.We chatted finished our drinks and headed for the door. “Let’s go in the Miata, and let the top down.” I suggested.”But that’s only a two-seater.” Kari said.”Awe it’ll be more fun in the convertible and…heck, you can sit in Hunters’ lap.”She turned and looked me in the eye as she suddenly realized the benefits of going in the two-seater.”OK?” She said open-eyed. “Yea, Let’s go in the Miata.”After dinner we talked for a while and by the time we got to the club on the other side of town, it was already filling upWe started out with some Tequila shooters, 1800 of course. In no time we were all buzzed and dirty dancing to the Latin tunes. She said the each time I danced with her I had to ask Hunter. “He is my date tonight, isn’t he?” They did look so sexy, her arms around his neck and their hips rubbing and gyrating together as if they were in a bed not on a dance floor.A few times the three of us danced. I let my hand glide over her ass. The sexy gauge fabric felt so sexy under my hand as it moved over the shape of her ass. I would be rubbing up against her from the front as she sandwiched her from the back, both of us grinding ourselves to her.A couple of times after she’d been dancing with him, and I could, I subtly let my hand feel up the back of her legs to her pussy. Her juices told me everything I wanted to know.No too long before we left, I was sitting a song out and reached into my pocket. I felt the two joints that Hunter had given me. I looked at her out on the dance floor enjoying herself. She was already so turned on. What would this do for her.Then I thought, ‘I wanted them to have some before we left, so they would be feeling the effects as she sat in Hunters lap on the drive home.We stayed on another thirty minutes or so then decided to head to the house.As we walked out to the valet, her breast swayed under her blouse and the club lights shown right through her gauge skirt exposing the silhouette of her legs.Kari climbed in and nuzzled into Hunters lap, silently giggling as she did. I knew it wouldn’t take his cock long before it would be getting hard and I wanted her to feel it under her.After we were on the main road, I pulled the joint out.”Wanta light up?” I asked.Kari was excited that we had it and Hunter was ‘all for it’ too.I told them to go ahead and I’d wait until we got home since I was driving.We cruised along as they took turns toaking on it. In no time I could tell they were stoned.We had about a 30-min. drive back out of town, so I took it easy. After about 5 minutes their silence became apparent, indicating that they were both enjoying the ride.I looked over at one point as we passed under a light, it shining into the car, I could see that his hand was under her blouse feeling her soft breast. Her breasts are luscious, and I knew how they were feeling to him. He must have been in heaven. He had no idea that I knew what he was doing.Kari, one time suddenly, looked over at me and caught me looking at them. It was as though I was frozen, caught spying on their private moment. Then she smiled and simply looked back toward the highway in a daze as she sat there and he continued feeling her up.My system was turned on to the core. I could feel my cock tingling, wanting out. I loved it. No one said anything the entire rest of the drive.CHAPTER 6Once we got home, Hunter went into his bathroom and we went into our bedroom. I threw my shirt off and laid her on the bed, lifting her skirt up over her stomach exposing her sexy pussy.She spread her legs for me. Her pussy was soaking wet. I put my face against her lips, planting soft kisses on her. I could see the juices running out of the bottom of her pussy. The feel and the site were so erotic.I had to hold back from devouring her right there.”How did you like your ride home?” I asked.”Ohhhhh, it was nice!” She said.”Are you glad we went in the two seater?” I asked”Ohhh yesss.””Could you feel his cock?” I asked prodding her on.”Yesss. I could feel it all right. If he’d pulled my skirt up I think he would have slid right into me.” She said.I told her how it looked like she was making love to him the way they were dancing on some of the songs.”Well, you told me that I had to turn him on, didn’t you.” She asked.I told her how, as the three of us were dancing that I was imagining that both of us were fucking her.”Ohhh, meee tooo.” She said. “It was like our fantasy nights, only better. I was imagining it as he rubbed his cock against me dancing.””Could you feel it?” I asked.”Oh yea, I couldn’t help but feel both of you. You both kept bumping and rubbing up against me. It was like both your cocks were teasing me at the same time.” She said. I felt like I could cum right there on the dance floor and I didn’t care.” She said. I put my thumbs on either side and pulled them apart so I could see the juices that Hunter had stirred in my wife. She was so slick inside. It was so erotic; all of it. Especially seeing how turned on he had made her. I lowered my face to her, brushing my lips across her soft lips. The sweet smell of woman. I kissed her lips and then dipped my tongue inside to taste her.I love that first slick touch of turned on pussy against my tongue.She moaned and I licked deeper tasting as much of her as I could. She was wonderful and giving me all the juices that I wanted. The soft and fleshy feel of her pussy against my cheeks and tongue was wonderful. Letting my tongue start at the bottom of her slit, and I guided it to the top, scooping as much of her as I could, then I buried my face into her licking and lapping her clit.”Honey… Honey?” She moaned down to me. “Baby…I don’t think…I don’t think my pu…ssy has ever felt…like this! Gaaaa! What kind of grass is this anyway? I feel like my pussy is telling me what to do!”I began rhythmically licking her to bring up higher. I wanted her to cum right there before we went back into the kitchen with Hunter but…”Tony! What are you guys up to? Not in that bed yet, I hope?” I heard Hunter say somewhere off in the foggy distance.Kari slowly regained herself out of dreamland and raised up.”Hunters calling us!” She said.She put her hands on my head and pulled me up to give me a deep kiss. “Come on darling. I don’t want to either, but we have to go back… for at least a few minutes.” She looked me in the eye. “But we are going to finish this soon.”I got up and went into the kitchen to join him, skillfully wiping the pussy juice of my cheeks. Kari went into the bath to freshen up.After she’d freshened up she joined us, this time, in a black sheer robe. The result was that her nice full nipples were very visible as they moved underneath the haze of fabric.Hunter handed me the new joint that he had just fired up.”Ouuuu goodie!” She said taking it from me when I finished. We both knew that sex tonight was now going up another level. She was always very susceptible to the effects of grass, and loved falling into that disoriented and vulnerable feeling she fell into when she smoked it.They had already had some but I felt this almost immediately. It was strong. Everything seemed different. I soon noticed that it had been a while since anyone had said anything. We all took a couple more hits, talked for a while and eat some munchies. “You’re right!” I heard myself say somewhere off in the distance. “This is strong shit!” He just smiled. “You have no idea. Just wait!”In no time we were all in another zone. I couldn’t believe it.”I told you it was trip weed, didn’t I?” I heard Hunter say somewhere.It was. I was in another dimension and so horny I could hardly stand it. I looked over at Kari. She looked great and so damned sexy. Not long after, that paranoia of good grass began to set in. I began to feel that Hunter was orchestrating all this so that he could fuck my wife. It made me feel nervous and enormously turned on at the same time. I noticed how sexy Kari was looking at him and I felt that she wanted to sneak into his bedroom after I was asleep. Suddenly I felt like the pawn, but it was all so erotic that I didn’t care. Besides I knew it was just the effects of the grass and made a choice to just go with the flow, what ever that was.Kari was so nasty looking, her hair still tousled from dancing. Her breast looked fabulous as they moved slightly under the robe as she walked. Once as we were leaning over the bar in the kitchen, one of her breast slipped out of her robe.She simple cupped it and put it back in as though nothing had happened but it drove me crazy, especially feeling that it might have been done accidentally for Hunter to see.I looked up at Hunter. He was stoned and couldn’t take his eyes off of them. My cock was raging and I felt that if I didn’t put my cock in her soon that I’d be taken away by the white shirts.My sense of time and space had long left me, but at some bahis siteleri point Kari looked over at me and knew it was time for the bedroom.Under the influence, she walked over and flung her arms around Hunter and kissed him quickly on the lips. “Night Sweetheart. I enjoyed out date tonight.” She giggled. “My pleasure.” He said, a little caught off guard. “Anytime you can’t find a date, please call me. That is if it’s OK with your husband.” “Oh, I’ll make sure it is.” She giggled again and eased into the bedroom pulling the door to behind her. I stayed behind for a second to just tell Hunter good night and how much I enjoyed having him there. He almost looked like he wanted to apologize for the night, but I didn’t give him the opportunity and headed for my rendezvous with Kari. When I stood up and went into the bedroom, the room seemed strange, almost like someone else’s home. I wandered in feeling like I was in a dream. I couldn’t wait to get in there and make love to her like this. It was so erotic. I couldn’t wait to feel those wonderful b**sts and, I couldn’t wait to feel her nipples in my mouth.When I walked in, it felt like a medieval parlor. The only lights were from the numerous candles she had lit. She loves candlelight. She was standing there her robe now completely open, as I’d imagined. Her breasts were magnificent especially in this erotic light. Underneath, she had on nothing.In her hand she held out her blindfold to me.”I want to play tonight!” She said. “When you fuck me tonight I want to imagine its Hunter fucking me.” She said.I felt a sexual dagger go into me, my cock stirring in my pants and my heart pounding. What a feeling! After a night like this and now she wants to imagine she’s being fucked by him.I took the blindfold and told her to turn around.I had just watched her all night long wrapping her legs around his and rubbing her pussy against him as they danced. I’d watch him feeling her breast in the car and her flashing him in the kitchen, making eyes at him.”I want to imagine his cock in me.” She said. “You don’t mind do you Sweetheart? It’s not to late to continue our fantasy night, is it?” It had always been exciting when we played this fantasy game, but in this mental state, she would be able to imagine it much more, it would be more like being there for her.I fitted the blindfold, as always, snuggly so that she could see absolutely nothing.I whispered in her ear. “I want to take you somewhere you’ve never been”.She turned back around to me, looking so erotic in the black leather blindfold, her sexy lips with fresh lipstick and the candlelight falling all over her accenting her shape.”I think I’m already there.” She said nervously. “Grass has never made me feel this way before.” Tony… I feel sooo nasty. This whole day I’ve thought of nothing but being a nasty wife and teasing the two of you. My pussy has been wet all day.This sexy day and now with this grass, I feel like another person. I feel like I’m being someone else in a dream. And my pussy…I can actually feel how puffy my lips are.”I reached down cupping one breast in my hand and put the nipple in my mouth. It felt like satin. My skin was sensitive to every touch. And I knew hers was too.”I want to fuck your brains out tonight.” I said. “I want you to tell me how you want to fuck other men for me.” I said enjoying her state. “Ohh I will!” She said. “You liked me watching you dance with him didn’t you?” I asked. “You liked him rubbing his cock against you and feeling you in the car! Didn’t you?” I pressed.”I did! I loved it. Knowing you were watching me made it all that much better.” She admitted.”Meeee tooooo!” I said. “I loved it.” “I felt so nasty, my pussy wanted him. It wanted both of you, and it still does.””I know this sounds stupid, but my pussy feels like she is pulsing and wanting all the cock she can get. I’m more turned on now that when we were dancing”I love for her to talk to me like this.My hand went down below her tummy and in between her legs. My finger felt the slinkiness that had already found its way to her outer lips. My fingers encouraged her as they toyed and teased her.”You do, don’t you?” I said. “You want other men to fuck you and make you be bad for them? God, that is sooo hot. I can’t believe I’m married to such a sexy woman!”My finger continued to tease her clit as I told her what I was going to do tonight. “I’m going to tie you up, and then I’m going to let Hunter actually come in and fuck you.” I said as though I was serious. I could see her slightly shiver as the threat hit her. Of course, I’d teased her like this before, but tonight it was different, very different. And she knew it. Tonight she knew that he was only a few feet away, undressing in the next room, and she got more turned on than ever.”I know you’ve been dying for him to make love to you and tonight I’m going to make sure he does.””Are you really?” She shuttered wanting to believe that fantasy.”Fantasy Rules still apply tonight!” I told her. “You have to do everything and anything I tell you too. And I want you nasty! Do you understand?” I said seriously, as I continued teasing her clit.”Oh yes! I understand!” She said slightly quivering.I helped her onto the bed and told her to lay back on the pile of pillows and that I wanted to watch her play with her pussy. I want you to be that other woman tonight, the bad girl inside you that wants to come out. The nasty one.” I said.”I will!” She promised. “I already feel like that’s who I am.”I told her I wanted to play with her self and to imagine that Hunter was in the room watching her. ” Then I want you to let him lick your pussy and fuck you all he wants tonight.” I told her, wanting her to let her imagination go free. “And I want you to enjoy it.” With that she moaned and obeying, sank back spreading her legs and floated off into her imagination. Then she gave me a full view, separating her beautiful slick lips, as her delicate fingers began rotating over her clit.Suddenly, something hit me! ‘I could do it!’ I could do it and she would never know. In my distorted reality I realized that I wanted Hunter to see my sexy wife like this, nude and blindfolded, lying back on the bed with her pussy exposed for him to see.It didn’t cross my mind what might happen after that. In my aroused state, I was only thinking that she wouldn’t know that he was really there, and I wanted him to see her like this, nasty and erotic.She’d been teasing him all day and I knew this would really turn him on. Now was the time. It might be the only chance I’d ever have.CHAPTER 7As she played with her self, I quietly found my way out the door and into Hunters room. He wasn’t there, and then I saw him. He had just stepped out of the shower and was standing there, nude, toweling off right in front of me, his big cock swaying back and forth as he did.Suddenly I found myself staring at it for a few seconds forgetting what I wanted to say.I’d teased Kari, telling her how nice it was, and that he was more endowed than me, but I didn’t remember him having that nice a cock and not quiet that size. Nice, but not quiet that nice. It arched over as though in a half hard state. The had a distinct full ridge around the big puffy head as it bobbed there.”What’s up Bud?” He asked as he toweled his hair dry..”Aaaah, I want to show you something.” I said.He stopped for a moment, looking at me. “What?” He asked.”Something you’ll like. But you have to come now, and you have to be absolutely quiet.”I was trying to keep from shaking, I was so nervous about what I found myself doing.He looked at me with that mischievous smile and gleam in his eye, wondering what I was up to, but was ready to follow.He wrapped his towel around his flat stomach as he followed me out of the bath.Just before we left his room I turned to him. “Absolutely quiet or we’ll both be looking for a new place to live! Got me?””Got cha!” He said, fumbling to keep his towel synched around his waist.”She thinks it is all just a fantasy game. She will not know you are really there.” I said. “So this has to stay just be between you and me.” I said as I began to realize the repercussions, if she were to find out. It would be serious.”No problem here.” He assured me.We found our way back in and she was still lying back against pillows, her legs spread, her mouth slightly parted as her fingers franticly rubbed her clit. It seemed like I had been gone for hours, but knew it had only been a couple of minutes and she didn’t miss me at all.I told her that I was back now, slightly startling her out of her dream.”But I want you to keep playing with your self for a while. I want to watch.” I said and she continued.”Did you like dancing with Hunter tonight?” I asked her.”Ohhhh you know I did.” She said.Did you like feeling our cocks when we rubbed them against you on the dance floor?””Mmmmmmmm! Yesssss! I liked it!” She said, her fingers began moving faster.”Was his cock hard when you were sitting in his lap tonight?” “Ooohhhhh yesssss!”I looked over at Hunter. His eyes were glued to her pussy and his towel had become a tent.”Did you imagine what I told you to while I was gone?” I asked. “Did you imagine that Hunter was here in the room watching you play with yourself?””Yessss. I imagined he was sitting over in the chair watching me.””Would it turn you on if Hunter were in her watching do this? Do you really want him to know what a little slut you want to be?” I asked.”Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh yes. I wish he knew what a slut I am inside.””You’d like Hunter to help make you a slut wouldn’t you? You’d like to feel his cock against you again, wouldn’t you?””Ohhh yes, I bet he could make me into a slut. I bet he could make me do nasty things. I’d like him to fuck me, right in front of you, so we can show you how much we want each other.”She was pinching one of her nipples with one hand and the other was bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm, and my cock was raging.”I have a surprise for you tonight Honey!” I said coolly. Hunter is standing here next to me in nothing but a towel, and he is watching you.”She flinched drawing her knees quickly together. I didn’t say anything. Then she realized, falsely, that I would not have really brought him into our fantasy, and she let her legs lay open again. Again falling back into our fantasy and showing him her pussy again.”That’s better!” I said. “He is a pussy man and I wanted him to see how beautiful your pussy is and how you trimmed it a little bit for him.”I looked over at Hunter putting a finger to my lips to be silent.”I’m going to pull the chair over to the foot of the bed so he can relax and have a better view, and I want you to give him a good show. I want you to show him what a little trashy woman you want to be for us.”I pulled a chair to the foot of the bed and had Hunter sit in it. Then I held each of her ankles dragging her toward me to the edge of the bed, genitally putting her feet on each arm of the chair. Then I went around and fluffed her pillows to make her more comfortable. He now sat between her feet, now just inches from his arms and her pussy just a couple of feet from his face, on the edge of the bed. He sat in dumbfounded silence at what was happening.I put his hands on each of her calves, so he could touch her. I stood behind him to talk, so she would think it was me touching her as I talked, and told her that I wanted her to show him her pussy. She held a lip between her fingers on each side, and pulled them apart letting him see the slinkiness inside. His hands began to caress her legs, first her calves then inside her legs, lightly pushing them outward, helping her to spread them more. Then as she began toying with her pussy again, he caressed the insides of her thighs. “Would you like me to let him to lick it for you?” I teased her.”Mmmmm.” She purred.”Would you like me to let him to slide his cock into you and fuck you?” I questioned. “You like fantasizing about Hunter, don’t you?””Mmmmm yessss! I’ve fantasized about him fucking me.” She said. “Would you want us to both fuck you and make you do bad things, make you be a decadent little girl for us?” I asked.”Yesssss!!! I want you to make me do what ever you want me to do, make me prove to you that I will be the kind of ‘bad girl’ you want me to be.””Well, we’re going to do that.” I said. “Hunter is really sitting here watching you be bad.” I said. “And if you turn us on enough I may let him lick your pussy tonight.”This time she just relaxed more into the pillows, moaning as she circled her clit faster with her slick fingers.”God, my pussy feels so sexy.” She said feeling the grass. “Ohhhhh gaaaa!” Her fingers moved faster and faster.As she did, I quietly moved over to her bathroom and pulled out her large, very life like dildo and brought it in.I held my eager cock in my hand and took a large drop of precum off of he head and spread it over the head of the dildo. I looked down at Hunter as he watched me. Then I watched as he brought a hand full of cock from under his towel.It stood there in his hand like a large piece of meat, full and puffy. His cock also had a huge accumulation of precum dripping down the tip of it. His finger grazed over the tip collecting a substantial collection of clear liquid and smeared it with mine on the dildo to lubricate it for her. I took it the dildo, putting it to her pussy, and rubbed it around just inside her lips getting it slick for her.”I want you to lay there and think about this being Hunters cock.” I said as I worked it into her.”And I want you to it and show Hunter how you love big cocks.””MMmmmmm, Ohhhhh yesss!” She said as she took it from me and began working it around the outside of her pussy getting it ready. Then she slowly began working it into her pussy, her skin puffing out on the sides of her pussy as it began to slip in. Soon it began easily sliding it in and out as Hunter watched, spellbound.He leaned forward, running his hands right up to her pussy as she fucked herself. Her breathing got heavier and heavier as his hands messaged her and she began pumping the large cock into her.”You like big cocks! Don’t you?” I said.”Yessss! You know I do!”I stood back and looked at the scene. It was so sexy. There she was, lying on the bed, her legs spread vulgarly wide, fucking herself as Hunter leaned forward, messaging all around the outside of her distended pussy, as it swallowed the big cock time after time.I felt like I was watching a movie, some surreal erotic movie.His hands were adding to her pleasure. Then without notice he took the dildo from her and slowly began fucking her with it. She lay there arching her pussy up to it, fucking it, as he teased her pussy, pulling it out and running it all around her clit, then plunging it back into her and fucking her with it again. He was making the cock her lover, teasing and tormenting her with it, and she was responding, trying to get more of it as he teased her.”You like the way Hunter fucks you don’t you Kari?” I said from behind him again.”Ohhhhh god yesss! He’s driving me crazy with that thing.” She said still thinking the fantasy lover was me.Then I told her again that I wanted to let him lick her pussy. “I can tell that he wants to badly.” I said.”Ohh god yesss! Lick my sweet pussy. Lick it for me baby.” She said.My hands on his shoulders, I pressed forward, signaling him that he had my permission, then I hesitated.”First… I think we should… be sure you don’t change your mind about being our slut tonight.” I said. “I’m not sure the blindfold will be enough.”I held Hunter and pulled him back in his chair. I quickly found our sheepskin leather restraints. We had bought them at a sex shop when we were out of town on a trip. They were very comfortable and she was going ‘nowhere’. I tied her legs wide open and her wrist above her head to the headboard.When I turned back around, I found Hunter had gone into the bath and returned with a razor and shaving cream.He looked at me questioning.”Kari, Hunter has a surprise for you. He wants to shave all of that hair off of your pussy.” I said.She squirmed a little but before she could say anything he’d begun applying the shaving cream all over her pussy lips, up on her sexy mound and up toward the base of her stomach. She looked like she was covered in whipped cream. I told her that we were going to shave her whether she wanted it or not.She moaned and squirmed, arching her hips and pussy up to us. It looked like her pussy was both eager and wanting to escape. It looked like it was talking to us, begging us to control it.Fully inescapable from our attention now, he brought out the razor and delicately began to shave her. First all the hair on the mound and then downward toward her lips.She didn’t move a muscle. The last thing she wanted was for anyone to make a slip. She just moaned as we did what we wanted to with her body.Then he very gently pulled and maneuvered her lips, so not to hurt her, and shaved everything from her rear to her stomach. We wiped her clean, revealing the most feminine thing I’d ever seen.Her pussy was completely bald. She had no hair anywhere around her pussy. Her lips looked huge in comparison to the way they had ever looked before and smooth as a baby’s butt. Her tan lines just added to the fairness of her new exposed skin. It looked much more defenseless.I had no idea that her pussy looked that…god…there were no word to describe it to myself. I had always looooved licking a sexy pussy and wanted her to shave it but this was beyond my expectations.I could lick anywhere and it would be slick and smooth. It was all I could do not to taste her immediately.But Hunter was and he was going to lick her and taste those sexy lips before I was.”Uuuuoooooo!” She cooed. Feels soooo sexy and vulnerable.” He let his hands run all over her body, lightly feeling her stomach up to her breasts, cupping them and leaning down and wrapping his hands around one breast, lightly squeezing it and taking the nipple into his mouth, and savoring it with long licks and sucks.As he did his towel came loose, hanging over his cock for a second and dropping to the floor, revealing his full, hard cock and what Kari would call a ‘fine ass’. He had obviously been spending time in the gym.She moaned as he explored her body. He hands glided back down her stomach and over the top of her now bare ‘mound of Venus’ and then back inside her thighs. His hands were in charge but gentle as they investigated her.He walked back in between her legs and lowered his knees to the floor. He pussy was now right on the edge of the bed and inches from his lips.She wiggled this way and that, feeling the constraints of the straps, to see if she could get loose. She couldn’t, there was no way.This was getting more and more erotic. I realized she was now ours, blindfolded and lashed to the bed unable to escape. But what the hell had I done? What was I doing?I was about to secretly let another man lick my wife’s pussy. This was far outside the limits of our ‘Fantasy Night Rules’! But I didn’t care. It was too erotic seeing her this vulnerable and at our disposal, to do with whatever we pleased.I couldn’t help myself. I wanted her to experience being the sexy, slutty wife she had fantasized about being, and more than anything, I wanted to make her enjoy it.Her ties had her trapped, and what we were doing had me trapped. I could not move. I felt I couldn’t stop what he was doing to her, even if I’d wanted to, I was too turned on.He smeared her pussy juice all over her outer lips as he slowly lowered his face to her. Each thing we did to her seem to stimulate her more than the last.I held my cock in my hand, slowly stroking it and occasionally milking more precum as it dripped out. I’d take the precum and then smear it along the underside of my cock head, teasing my cock to produce even more.I watched as he first took one long lick up her slit, capturing her juices, then stopping to taste them. Then he smiled, almost seeming happy with himself that he was at last there. He leaned down again taking the fleshy folds of her pussy between his lips and tugged on them stretching them out bahis şirketleri as far as they would go before letting them pop back, causing her to flinch and moan. Then he sucked on them again, teasing.She moaned as she lay back enjoying his gentle attention. He continued to lick her and slowly build her as I stoked my cock, watching. His hard cock was standing free, bobbing there between his legs as he stoked and licked her.He dove into her, consuming all he could, licking her lips, and all around the outside her pussy. Then he would lick up over her bare mound and back down almost to her ass and back to her clit again teasing her to just less than she yearned for. He was enveloped in her and she was in another world. I didn’t seem to exist for either one of them.This seemed to go on for an eternity as I watched her face and how she was enjoying it. Then suddenly he stopped and turned to me. It was the most decadent thing I had ever seen. He looked like some sexy jungle a****l, devouring his prey, his lips and cheeks covered with her shinny juices. Only his prey was my wife, and she lay there, enjoying it.He looked me in the eye as though he was in a trance, her laying there in front of him, strapped to the bed, her legs spread wide.Then he turned back to her, without any expression, and began lapping at her pussy again, licking and teasing it, building her and then backing off from her. He was giving her just less than she wanted. He was controlling her beautifully, making her body arch and beg him for more.Her hips were rotating, lifting her pussy to him. Her pussy was begging him and offering it to him, as it smeared her juices all over his face.”Ohhhhh gaaa! She grunted, looking like she was going to burst. “Ohhh god…ple…pleasssse don’t stoppp!” “Please…please…please don’t change it. Please don’t change! Ohhh gaaa!” She pleaded. “I…I’mmmm…cu…cumming!”Her orgasm was right on the edge. I knew what he was feeling with his mouth. As she neared her climax, her lips were now engorged and puffy, feeding him more and more of her juices. Her pussy was beginning to slowly pulse and palpitate under his lips and chin, as it begged for more. She was reaching that wonderful ‘point of no return’ and as she was passing that thresh hold, her pussy would become alive as it began milking at his face, wanting a cock. Then…! Just as she was in the throws of her first orgasm… Hunter, was suddenly standing up, his cock at the same level as her pussy and in his hand. He rubbed the big head of it up and down her entrance, smearing his precum all over the mouth of her pussy, mixing her juices with his.And just as suddenly…one short dip and back out and then it was gone! His big slick cock was buried deep inside her. The mouth of her pussy had swallowed it whole.She arched! Her head raised up, and she strained as hard as she could against the restraints.”OOOOoohhhhhhhh! God!” She belted, feeling something she’d never felt.She had just taken something inside her that had never been there before. “Whattttttt thhhheeee …Hellllll! Ohhh god! Oh god! Nooooo!”Her head turned this way and that as though she was looking for me. Shit! She had found us out.”Tonyyyyy? Ohhhh god! Go…d it fee…eels hu…ge!Damn Hunter! ‘What the Hell have you done,’ I thought. I didn’t tell him he could put that damned big thing into her. I was sure she would know now.There was no way I could answer now. He was right above her and I was to the side. If I did, there would be no doubt that it was not me fucking her, as if she didn’t already know.Fuck! What was I going to do!”Ohhhhh god! Oh god!” She yelled as she continued to buck and pull her arms to escape!Her face snapped around looking straight at where I stood. But she couldn’t see me. Thank god for real blindfolds.Her face snapped to where Hunter stood between her legs, as he continued to pump her pussy full of cock. For a split second she was still looking in his direction. He paid her no mind. He was fucking her.She stiffened then lifting her shoulders up off the bed and tried, to no avail, to clamp her legs shut as she realized the horror that Hunter was fucking her, not me.She pulled and bucked against the restraints, as he smiled, driving his cock into her, never noticing that she might have just found us out.But it was much too late for her.By the time he’d impaled her, she was far too ensnare by that orgasm. Now his meat was only driving her higher to a new orgasm. He grabbed her waist, pulling her into him, meeting his thrust as he began ramming his cock into her more forcefully.Her fear and shock quickly turned to a raging orgasm as she realized that Hunter had been watching her, fucking her with the dildo and was now divinely controlling her. She was our toy and suddenly fell head over heels into the fact that she was our slut for the night.Ohhhhhh nooooooo! Ohhhhh god Ohhhh god!” She screamed as she began to cum, straining against the restraints with all her might and lifting her pussy to Hunter.She looked like a sexual a****l caught in a trap, our trap. She had now become her fantasy. Then she exploded! Bursting into the most passionate multiple orgasm I have ever seen.She fell back into the bed as her hazed reality rushed in and her legs fell open wide, inviting him in.She began moaning, still straining against the straps, but not as before. Now she seemed to be straining, to feel the restraints, not to escape them. She was enjoying the feeling that she couldn’t escape, and she didn’t want to.She began to match his thrust. He continued to drive it into her, giving her what her hips were begging for.”Ohhhhh god. Oh god yesssss! Fuck your baby!” She moaned. “God you feel so huge. Gaaa…I can’t believe…Ohhh god fuck me.”Her head raised again, looking his way, as though she was revealing in what we were doing to her, what we were making her into.I was stroking my cock as I watch them, right there in front of me.”Ohhh yes… fuck me… fuck that pussy! I’ll be your slut. I pro…I… promise..I’llll …do…. any…Anything…you want!”I quickly got up and moved behind Hunter and said. “You like Hunter fucking you don’t you?” “Yessss!” She said. “I love it, I lo…love…it.” Her voice broken by him driving his cock into her.”You want to be our little slut while he’s here?””Ohhh yessss. Ohhhh god yesss!””Do you want me to make Hunter stop fucking you now.” I asked.”Noooo! Please noooo! I’ll do what ever you want. I want him to fuck me! I wa…ant youu…to…to…let him fu…fuck me.””You want us make you be a bad girl, don’t you Kari?” I said trying to hold my on orgasm back, as I beat my meat.”Yessss… I want you to make me be bad for you. I’ll… I’ll be bad for you…I promise. I promise!”As his cock slid in and out I could see it covered with her shinny juices. He turned to me smiling confidently, as though he had finally gotten what he wanted. I was frozen there at the sight, as I listened to her continue telling us what a cunt she wanted to be, and how she promised she would do what we wanted, if we wouldn’t stop.She arched up screaming into another full tear of delight, pulling against the restraints as he continued to pump her harder and harder, fucking her, slamming her out of her mind. Her head fell back on the pillows and her mouth fell open in a deep guttural moan.She was not being made love to. She was being fucked.’Hunter was a master of control as he fucked her. The reality of it hit me as I stood there and watched. He was actually fucking her’! Fucking her like she had never been fucked, and neither she nor I could do anything about it.”Ooooohhh, god yessss! She shouted. “Ohhhh Yessss ohhhhhh gaaaaaa!”She was someone I didn’t know. He continued fucking her like a hungry slut. She pulled against her straps, feeling her bondage and inability to escape as her ‘fantasy lover come to life’ drove his massive cock into her. She had become her fantasy, tied down as two men had their way with her.Then suddenly Hunter began to slow down, finally being overcome by his own climax. As he slowly lost control he suddenly froze for a second and then his ass clinched tight and his hips thrust again as they buried his cock deep into her, exploding a gush of warm creamy cum into her. “That’s it baby!” She said comforting him. “Give me that cum. I want all your cum. You’ve been so horny allll day haven’t you?” She talked to him like he was a hungry baby that she was feeding. His meat pumped her a few more times and then his shinny cock pulled out, and he grunted, the muscles in his arms and chest rippling as he strained. His cock began shooting ropes of thick cum up across her pussy, stomach and shoulders, one rope falling across her face and cheeks.He had been teased all day and now all that build up of cum was spewing out across her body covering her.I couldn’t hold back any longer either. Watching him cum all over her was more than I could stand, so I stepped closer and matched him, shooting my load of cum all over her stomach and breast at the same time he was.I had never delivered that much cum before in my life. It seemed to have no end. I thought I was going to pass out.As I finished, I slowly milked my cock, letting the last of it drip onto her hip. I looked over at Hunter and he was doing the same, milking his meat and squeezing the big head of it letting the last drops fall onto her pussy, covering her new shaved lips with cum.I looked down and her pussy was completely covered in a glaze of white pearly cum.Then Hunter fell back into the chair and she lay back against the pillows, reveling in what had just been done to her. I sat on the floor, in awe of what had just happened and how she looked lying there, covered in cream. We all sat silent, resting.I was not positive that she had realized our secret, that Hunter had actually been her fantasy lover. She reacted to him fucking her like she had for sure. When he first slid that big cock into her I was sure she knew that that was not my cock in her. But she afterwards and now she was acting like she had not realized it. She didn’t, for a second, let on to us that she knew. If she had realized it, she didn’t want us to know that she had.It would be an exciting game if she wanted her fantasy to continue, as it was. This way she could still beinnocent as far as Hunter and I were concerned and at the same time enjoy fucking both of us and feel like the slut that she wanted to be.I walked up to her face and lightly kissed her on the cheek. As I did I felt a line of cum touch my lips. I kissed her on the lips. I rope of cum had crossed there too. We both kissed, licking and tasting it as we did, both licking the cum off of each other’s lips.I leaned over to her ear and whispered. “I love you… more than anything else in the world.”And I did. I felt we were one, absolutely one. This was about her fantasy and my fantasy and I didn’t feel I could be any closer to her or love her more than that moment.I looked at her sexy cum covered lips as she whispered back to me. “I love you too.”I kissed her on the lips again and on the forehead lightly.I looked at Hunter and smiled at him, as he lay back in the chair resting. His shiny, half-hard cock lay across his hip like a large piece of meat. A large drool of cum was still seeping out of it. I couldn’t believe that that had been inside my Kari. I went back and quietly told him a white lie. I told him that she had said that she wanted me to take the blindfolds off, so he’d better get back to his room first, so we didn’t get caught.He agreed, smiled and gave me a, ‘thank you’ pat on the shoulder and picked up his towel as he quietly sneaked back to his room.I walked up between her legs and lovingly put my hand on her thighs. I leaned over planting kisses on her stomach and on the mound of her pussy, feeling the wet cum as it got on my lips.Then I got on my knees. I put one hand on each leg and spread them open.Her pussy was right there, inches from my face on the edge of the bed.It was covered with cum and I could see more cum oozing out of the bottom of her lips and running down to the crack of her ass. He pussy lips looked swollen and well fucked. It was so erotic it was vulgar. Wonderfully vulgar.I spread her legs wider and kissed her pussy lips. Then I my tongue reached out and taste his cum.I was overwhelmed with the urge to lick it all up. I looked back and Hunter had pulled the door closed behind him.Something came over me. I was turned on from my core. This was not a simple just turned on. This was solid and came from deep, deep inside.I knew where I had to go, I wanted it and I craved it.I thought for a second. I felt like I was alone in the room with her cum covered pussy. I looked down at the pussy that I had just let another man fuck.I put my mouth to her, feeling the slick wetness against my lips.I had to lick it. I had to taste it. I closed my eyes and put my lips to her pussy feeling the slippery wet of it. I moved my mouth from side to side feeling how slick it was, smearing it all over my lips. I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide between the fleshy folds of her. Taking a rich amount of his cum into my mouth. I had it on my tongue and closed my mouth feeling the texture of it. “MMmmmmm!” Just the thought of what I was doing turned me on. The though of what I was doing. I was licking another mans cum off of my wife’s pussy. What was even more erotic. I loved it. I loved the decadence of it.I know that this does sound decadent, but it was wonderful, so lusty and erotic. I couldn’t believe that I was doing it but there was nothing I wanted to do more. I had just swallowed cum from another cock.”Ohhhhhh god. Ohhhh what are you… doing” She moaned obviously turned on by what I was doing.I licked again deeper this time, tasting it, scooping up a mouth full.Suddenly I was in another world. There was nothing that existed there accept me and my wife’s pussy full of his cum. My wife was laying there in the candlelight strapped to our four poster bed, blindfolded and with cum all over her, and she was mine, my sexy nasty wife and l loved her this way.I spread her legs wider, and licked deeply tasting all I could.”You’re licking…your eating cum out of me!” She was loving what I was doing. “Ohh god yesssss. Lick it out of me baby. Lick that warm cum out of my pussy!”I soon I found myself devouring her, licking all the cum off her pussy lips and mound. Soon I was spreading her lips apart and licking deep inside her, getting out all I could.”I can’t believe…believe you are doing that!” She moaned from somewhere up above me. I no longer cared what she thought of me for doing it. And then I realized she might not even know who was licking her. If she knew Hunter was here she may think it was him licking her pussy again.Her inter lips were slick as I scooped the ropes of it up onto my tongue and swallowed it.Her head raised up looking down toward me, as though she could see me. I wanted her to know it was I.Her head fell back.”Ohhhh yes…baby. Lick his cum out of me. Ohhhhh gaaa…I can’t believe you’re doing that. I can’t believe your licking cum out of my pussy.”I licked her, getting it all over my cheeks and chin, teasing her clit with all the slick juices on her. I stayed there playing with her clit, teasing it and toying with it making it want more. Giving it all it wanted and then taking it away just long enough for it to appeal to me for more.Soon, I felt her lips and love tunnel convulsing into another wonderful orgasm. And her pussy rewarded me by squeezing and delivering more of his cum and her juices out to my waiting mouth. She was in another rapture and her pussy had given me a fresh delivery of juices to lap up. As she relaxed against the pillows again, I moved up to her side and ran my tongue up her stomach licking up the long ropes of cum. I moved up to her face and put my lips to hers, feeding her a mouthful of his cum.She kissed me hungrily, sucking his cum out of my mouth, and licking my lips over and over cleaning them.”Did you like tasting come?” She asked quietly. “You’ve never done that before.” She said as though we were still alone playing our fantasy game.”Ohhh yes I loved it.” I said.”Gooooood!” She said stretching her neck up and licking at my face hungrily. “Meeeee toooo! God you are sooo sexy. I like you feeding it to me.”We licked each other’s faces, sucking our lips into the others mouths and tasting all we could.”God…I feel like such a slut!” She groaned. “I feel like such a nasty bitch!” “You are a nasty bitch!” I said. “You’re my nasty wife and I’m going to make you nastier!””Yessss. I want you to make me nastier!” She said with a shinny smile.I reached around and untied her blindfold. The first thing she did was quickly look down where Hunter had been to see if he was in the room. He wasn’t there. I was sure then that she felt like he may have been there.”You want me to make you be nastier?” I asked.She looked me in the eyes. “Ohhhh yesss! If it’s anything like what you did tonight, I want you to make me nastier. Gaa I loved it. You have never made love to me like that before.” She said. “I want you to do it again.”I climbed up over her sliding my cock into her cum wet pussy. I licked the rest of it up off her boobs and face and began kissing her again, giving her more.I reached over and unsnapped the restraints, freeing her arms and legs.She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around me and kissed me hungrily as I began to fuck her.My cock was sliding in and out of her wet pussy so easily. It was still so lubricated from Hunter.I can’t begin to describe the wonderful warm feeling. Her pussy was so slick and inviting as she lay there still strapped to the bed.”Ohhhhh Baby. Ohhh Baby yes fuck your sweet Baby. Give me that cock. Fuck your pussy. It’s your pussy.” She said.”Now give me that cum. I want you to cum in me now.” She said encouraging me on. “Don’t you worry about me. I’ve…I’ve had mine. Now you fuck your baby and fill her up.”God this was erotic.”You like being tied to the bed like this don’t you?” I asked as I fucked her.”Yesssss…oh…god yesssss. I lovvve…it!””You like me making you my little slutty sexy wife, don’t you?” I asked.”Yessss…sss”.I wanted her to have another good cum before I filled her again but I was so turned on I didn’t know if I could hold back. My cock felt twice its size and her pussy felt like it was milking me.I felt like Iwas attached to my cock rather than my cock attached to me. I felt like my cock was in charge and it was fucking it’s pussy.”You want me to be your nasty wife while Hunter stays here?” “Oh yes… I…I want you to keep being sexy for him? “Do you want me to keep being sexy around him?” She asked.”Yesss! Are you going to keep teasing him for me?” “Ohhh yes Ba…Baby I’ll tease him for you. I’ll…I’ll show you. I want to show you that I want to be nasty for you.” She said driving me to the brink with her talk.And before I even knew it cum was leaking out of my cock lubricating us even more, then I strained as hard as I could to not yell at the top of my lungs. My cock felt enormous as if continued to slowly slide in and out of her slip pussy, my body on automatic, and at the point of bursting.”That’s it Baby. Give me that cum to your baby.” She said luring me right over the top as we began cumming together.”Ohhh plleeasse do. I want you to bring him back in and let him fuck me again. I’ll be bad for both of you. What ever you want me to do.” She pleaded as we collapsed it each other. Her word carried me further than I could stand.We collapsed laying there for a few minutes resting in the quiet. Then I raised up feeling my half-hard cock sliding out of her grip.We lay there, arm in arm kissing, it seemed most of the night.Before we finally dozed of to sleep she rolled over and whispered. “Sweetheart? Sweetheart…do you…do you think we can we start having our Fantasy Nights more often?”I kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Oh, I…I think that would be a good idea.”She cuddled under my arm and we went to sleep.She never said anything, or let on to me, that she suspected Hunter had actually been there. The next day she teased us and was her sexy self but never let on whether she knew or not, and I just couldn’t tell for sure. Hunter and I were not about to say anything. But there were more fantasy nights to come and soon we would unveil her, and force her to openly show us how well she could obey. * * * * *

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