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Subject: Naval Tradition Revised 27 Naval Tradition REVISED EDITION Bill Drake (ail) with Corporal Cody NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between men, including male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. This is the revised and retconned version of Naval Tradition, told in chronological order. While the overall story is the same, there is lot of new content here (and some of the old parts didn’t make the cut in this version). This revision has been a collaboration with fellow writer Corporal Cody. My thanks to him for his considerable contributions to and inspiration for this version. Feel free to drop a line if you enjoy it: ail. I hope to have an ebook version at the end of this, so you can let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for that. NAVAL TRADITION Bill Drake, with Corporal Cody PART FOUR: BACK TO NORMAL Chapter Twenty-Seven Charlottesville and Norfolk, Fall 2004 I was starting to develop a crush. I mean, a real, intense infatuation with another guy. Grad student Ben was my Sunday baseball buddy who I met on my birthday weekend. We’d both happened to be alone at the bar of my neighborhood joint and quickly struck up a friendly baseball conversation – one Orioles fan and a Red Sox fan. I went back to the bar the following Sunday on the off chance I’d see him again. At that point I considered myself mostly interested in just having company, someone to watch baseball and have a beer with. But when I saw him sitting there alone in the same spot as before, I instantly remembered how attractive he was – brown eyes, dimples, and his wavy brown hair peeking out from under his Red Sox cap. Handsome in a way you wouldn’t normally call a college guy. He was definitely a man, but he still had that youthfulness about him, too. He was intently watching the game when I walked up and looked genuinely happy to see me there. He invited me to join him again and we chatted for a bit, though he stayed only for one pint. Ben reminded me a lot of my older brother John, actually: super smart, a little older than me, with a kind of more intellectual outlook on life. He came from a well-to-do background in the Boston suburbs but seemed to enjoy being in Virginia, at least in Charlottesville. As for me, classes had started again and I was finally settling into my Fall semester routine. It was off season, but being on a Division 1 team meant you still put in a lot of hours. Monday through Friday was early morning gym workout, then morning classes, afternoon practice, and homework in the evening. It was brutal and exhausting, but that’s what life was like as a college athlete, particularly if you were serious about keeping your grades up. Saturdays often meant scrimmage games, and Saturday night meant invariably partying with my teammates. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I carved out some “me” time at the local sports bar. Once school and football season started back up, Holt had cut back to only a couple of shifts at the sports supplement store. But between his job and practice, I saw him less and almost not at all on the weekends, till Sunday night. The following weekend was the Labor Day holiday, and come Sunday I was hopeful I’d see my grad student friend at our usual spot. So I was excited when I opened the door to the bar and saw him in his regular perch, watching the Sox and grading papers with a pint of beer to the side. “Hey Jim,” he greeted. “Tough streak for your Orioles lately.” It was a taunt and a tease, like baseball fans often do, but it was done in good nature. But Ben was right, the Os had been in the shitter lately. “Rub it in, why don’t ya?” I said as I took the liberty to pull up a chair. The Red Sox were doing considerably better. We talked a lot of baseball, but I also asked him more about what he studied. Something about immigration and city life in 19th century America. I tried to follow what he described and felt like I got the gist. It sounded cool, or maybe it was his enthusiasm for the subject. I’d taken one history class at UVA as part of my general requirements and now wished I’d taken more to be able to talk with Ben about it. “Sorry for the annoying questions,” I said, feeling a little dumb in comparison. He smiled. “Not at all. Academia is weird. It was probably my sophomore year at college before I even thought of it as a possible career.” “What did you want to be before?” I asked. “Besides ace pitcher for the Red Sox?” he laughed. “Investment banker. I thought I’d follow in my dad’s footsteps.” “He upset you aren’t?” I thought of Dad and of my own decision whether to join the Navy or to pursue a civilian life. “Nah, my parents are pretty supportive. Even if I’m scraping by on a stipend these days.” “This is a dumb question,” I said. “But do you have any books you’d recommend… you know, kind of the stuff you study?” “My research?” Ben seemed to process my question. “You might find a lot of that pretty dull.” He thought for a second. “I would definitely recommend this book called Cities.” He gave me the author. “I read that in college and it kind of blew my mind. That’s what made me want to be a history major.” “Cool,” I said. I pulled out my phone to text a note to myself. We talked a little more and I saw Ben’s beer get low in his pint glass. “Let me get the next round,” I offered. “I owe you one.” I was on a student budget, but Dad helped me out financially, so I usually managed to have a little spending money. He shook his head. “I need to head home after this one. Maybe next time?” “For sure,” I said, feeling a little saddened that our conversation was ending as he gathered up his papers. Ben was a guy I could stay up all night talking to. “I’m out of town next weekend, but I’ll see you around.” That evening I walked home a little tipsy from the beer and feeling a strange giddy happiness. **** It was already September and the following weekend was Dad’s homecoming. His tour was shorter this time, but I missed him no less. There were those brief video chats and emails but they just weren’t the same. Paul and Megan had moved away, which meant there was no family left in Norfolk. I didn’t consider it an obligation to drive down, but I knew Dad would appreciate it. So after my Friday afternoon practice, I packed my bag, told Holt I was going to see my dad, and drove the few hours to Norfolk. It was probably good that I was taking a break from my Sunday afternoons with Ben. Who knows if he’d return to the sports bar, or when our paths would cross again. But I did go to the library to track down the book he’d recommended. And I did some digging around the history department website. There were no pictures for the grad students, but by process of elimination I figured out his last name. Ben Feldman. I felt stupid for cyber stalking him like that, but I figured there was no real harm. Maybe getting out of town would clear my head a little. I made good time to Norfolk. Once there, I made a couple of stops to stock up on some basic groceries and beer. I figured I’d have something to grill out on the deck Saturday night for Dad’s first night home. I also grabbed a chicken breast and some vegetables for my own dinner that night alone. Back home, the house was noticeably dark and empty, eerily so. I restocked the empty fridge and dusted off the back deck and uncovered the grill. Dad had put away the cushions and umbrellas for the outdoor furniture, so I went into the garage and brought those back out. Once I got everything set up, I fired up the grill for my dinner. I wasn’t much of a cook, but after a hard practice and long day, I was famished and ate my simple meal quickly. The sun was setting by the time I cleaned up. My emotions had been stewing all afternoon. There was the strange and unfamiliar feeling I had around Ben. And there was the still lingering fallout I had from my time with Dad in Mexico. The rawness of that emotion had gone away, but the memory of sex together was still felt fresh, and often I could relive it vividly in my head, whether as a masturbatory fantasy or as an idle daydream. I’d been spending the last few months repressing my attraction to Dad, half successfully. Coming back to Norfolk and knowing I’d see him tomorrow had a way of dredging it all back up. I still didn’t know how to reconcile these two feelings – the puppy love I was feeling for Ben Feldman and the crazy, nasty, taboo, incestuous connection I’d had with my father. But as I straightened up the kitchen and got everything just right, I knew neither man was going to be a sexual outlet for me. I let my mind drift to the one man who could be: Navy veteran Brian, the guy I’d hooked up with over the summer. It had been a good month since I’d had sex, with a Bulldozer Special. It had been even longer since I’d had the opportunity for a deeper session with a guy. Now that I was back home and alone, the chance to hook up again was a big temptation. As I continued with my chores, I weighed whether I should contact Brian again. Eventually, my horniness won out. Reconnecting with the older hunk seemed very appealing at that moment. I wish I’d gotten Brian’s number the last time, but maybe direct messaging him on our hookup site would work. So I made my way upstairs to my old room and pulled out my laptop as I logged in and settled on my bed. I wasn’t sure I was up for finding another guy online, but if I didn’t hear back from Brian, maybe I’d have a nice long edging session that evening instead. Fortunately, I got a notification within ten minutes. “Perfect timing man,” Brian wrote as the message appeared in my chatbox. “I was just thinking I was in the mood to get laid ;)” From any other dude, the forward comments might be off-putting but with Brian and me, it was a sexual connection, and probably not much more. I got in the spirit and typed back my reply. “Dude, you don’t know how backed up my balls are.” Messages didn’t seem as instantaneous then, and it was exquisite torture waiting for each reply to pop up in my chatbox. But as I lay on my bed in front of my laptop, I massaged my boner and practically stared at the screen with anticipation. Finally, came his next reply: “Jock boy’s horny huh?” “You bet,” I quickly wrote back. Then, “and you love to nail us jocks, huh?” I’d grown increasingly aware that being a collegiate athlete was a hot commodity among gay men. It wasn’t a sudden epiphany of course, and I thought back to my hot verbal sessions with Lieutenant Commander Glen Evans, including a heated fuck with me in my baseball uniform. But now I had enough sexual experience and enough perspective to imagine how other men saw me, and what they saw in me. And I was right on the mark with Brian: “Fuck yes. Love fucking jocks and getting fucked by them.” “How about I invite myself over, so I can find out how much you love it?” At that point it all sounded amazing – fucking him, getting fucked by him. Now that I knew sex was in the cards I was getting excited. “Give me an hour?” he wrote. “Sounds great,” I replied. I logged off and immediately started getting ready – taking a quick shower, brushing my teeth, and combing down my blond locks into something presentable. I looked at my reflection in the half-fogged up mirror and was proud of how in shape I was compared to that spring. My injury padding was just about gone and I was leaned up and real muscular, with a good proportion and toned definition. My pecs were nice and sculpted, my abs had returned, and my shoulders and arms were now as defined as ever. I even noticed that my soft golden chest hair was almost all back. While not as thick or as dark as Dad’s or even Jack’s, my hair was softer and finer, and I was proud of it. My dick wasn’t erect, but it hung heavy and thick out of my blond bush, and I imagined how Brian would react to seeing it again. It plumped up a little more at the thought of my dick pounding his ass or bouncing as he pounded mine. I had an idea as I strutted naked back to my old bedroom dresser. I hadn’t really worn jockstraps since I played in high school, since I now preferred to wear compression boxer briefs. But I dug in my underwear drawer and found an old strap – worn-out white, thick waistband with classic blue stripes running the center and a sports tag sewn to the front. I’d put on noticeable gluteal and leg muscle since high school, so it would be snug, to say the least. I stepped in front of my full-length mirror and slipped it on, adjusting my dick and the thick waistband. That feeling of wearing one came back to me immediately. It still fit, barely, holding my big dick in a sizable hanging mound and framing it perfectly. There was now little room for a cup as my soft cock stretched the mesh pouch. I turned around to see my backside in the mirror. The white straps were uncomfortably tight actually as they ran under each cheek, but my smooth ass looked amazing framed by them. Round, hard, and even bigger in my jock. I slipped on some shorts and a Virginia T-shirt, and put on one of my favorite, well-worn ball caps as well. I had to admit, I looked pretty hot, and I hoped Brian would appreciate the jock look. As I waited around, I reflected how naughty it felt to be hooking up while here at home. My libido had been stronger lately, and I relished some no-strings sex with a much older man. Something about the situation made me feel both younger and more grown up, at the same time. I started to throw hard again in my shorts and jock just imagining my hookup, and I hoped to god this wouldn’t be a bust like my time with the military guy back in Charlottesville. Maybe I was building this up too much in my head. But I knew I’d had an incredible time with Brian the last time and even if this was just a quickie, I’d enjoy it. It was finally time to make my way over. I didn’t want to be early, so it was a little after the appointed hour before I showed up at his townhouse. The last time he’d been edging and was clearly in heat when he answered the door in nothing but a pair of grey gym sweatpants. Now, he was just normally but casually dressed in a worn T-shirt and shorts, similar to me, and I could see that he was in a relaxed weekend mood. “Hey Jim,” he greeted at the door. “Good to see you buddy.” “Great to see you, too,” I smiled, responding to the sight of seeing this hunk again. He didn’t have a perfect body, unlike, say Jack Grant or even David the professor. But that was an appeal in itself. He was a masculine, muscular man in his 40s and very much a turn-on for me. His brown hair was shorter than last time, not quite buzzed since he didn’t try to hide his gently receding hairline. He looked me up and down with his blue eyes as his smile curled across his nicely trimmed and breaded face. We didn’t rush it this time. He led me back to his back deck where he’d set up a couple lawn chairs next to a cooler. The hot tub wasn’t fired up this time, but it was a nice warmish fall evening. “I was just gonna watch the sunset and have a beer,” he said. “You want one?” I agreed, figuring one would be OK. We sat out on his deck and chatted. It surprised me we didn’t get right down to sex, but I was fine with that. I got the feeling Brian and I didn’t have a lot in common – I’d gone to college while he enlisted in the Navy and decided to start a family. A part of me idly wondered if I could ever date a divorced man with kids close to my age. Not that Brian was looking to date, but it was hard for me not to wonder what that would even be like. The man was laid-back and easy to talk to as we sipped our beers and made small talk. I didn’t have to wait long for things to pick up, though. In a lull in the conversation, Brian looked at me with an intense gaze and a smirk on his stubbled face. “What?” I asked nervously, caught off guard by his look. “I just didn’t think I’d have another session with you. Glad you reached out.” I nodded, letting him know I was glad, too. “So this is going to be a `session’ then?” I asked in a flirty way. He chuckled. “You tell me, Big Boy,” he volleyed back. “You were the one who said he’s all backed up.” “And you’re not?” I teased. He shook his head. “I got laid last night,” he said with a straight face. “But when a hot jock hits you up, you know you got a special time ahead of you.” His gaze and his words not only turned me on but also made me feel attractive, and sexual. “Maybe I can make you forget the last guy,” I said as I reached up to lazily scratch the back of my neck, letting my arm flex a little and my trim T-shirt ride up. When his eyes darted to the exposed skin at my waist, I knew the effect I was having on Brian. And I loved it. The guy laughed. “It’s fun seeing you more direct. You were the shy one last time.” “I was?” I asked. Brian watched me slowly stand up from my chair and step over to his seat, swinging one leg across his thighs to kind of straddle him. My hands reached out to feel his chest through his shirt before sliding up to his shoulders. I leaned my face down to his for a kiss. He lifted his chin, and I felt his hands run up my legs and under my shorts. Our mouths gently came together, and he immediately parted his lips for my tongue. It was just as good as the last time. Better, even. I’d forgotten just what it felt like to kiss a man as skilled at it as Brian was. He kissed back, gently but passionately. I knew then and there I’d made the right call to come over. He groaned as I felt his hands take a firm hold of my hips, pulling me down onto his lap as I instantly felt the hardon in his shorts press up against my ass as he ground me onto his groin. If his kisses were restrained, his hands were now downright pawing at my body, gripping my firm athletic muscle through my clothes and running up underneath my shirt to feel up my back and down my obliques. I wanted to feel him up too, but as my hands ran along his strong shoulders and broad chest, the angle meant I couldn’t easily explore much more. That was OK. At the moment, I enjoyed being the center of attention, particularly as Brian’s strong hands came around and started undoing my shorts. He broke the kiss and turned his attention to my button and zipper. “I seem to remember you have a giant cock.” “It’s pretty big,” I admitted, scooting back to stand up. I finished undoing the shorts and slid them off. Brian’s eyes went wide when he saw my jock strap, the pouch of which was now majorly tented up, stretching the material to just about its limit as I bulged at eye level. “Fucking hot,” he growled with a lust-filled grin as I felt his hands run up my thighs. “You like?” I asked, standing in front of him for his visual inspection şişli travesti with my arms at my sides. He reached down and pawed his own erection trapped in his shorts. “Jesus, Jim, you’re going to drive me wild.” “Yeah?” I asked, pulling my shirt over my head then replacing my ball cap. I was feeding off his attraction and his attention. “Would you rather see the back view?” I slowly turned around to show off my backside and my strapped ass. “Goddamn,” I heard Brian mutter softly, along with the scooting sound of the metal chair on the deck. I’d barely glanced over my shoulder to see the man stand up and peel off his own T-shirt to reveal his muscled and brown-furred chest. “Let’s take this inside, stud.” He cupped one of my bare ass cheeks in his rough hand, leaning up behind me and planting a soft kiss on my neck. “Whaddya say?” “Yeah,” I grunted, turning my head around and meeting his mouth in another kiss, this one more hurried and sexual. We broke it and Brian gave me a gentle push forward to guide me back inside as we left our discarded clothes on the deck. I remembered where the bedroom was and walked ahead of him, giving him a good view of my near-nakedness since all I was left in was my ballcap, jock, and sneakers. I don’t know what possessed me to be so confidently sexual with him, but it was a fun feeling. “I can’t believe you strapped up,” he said as we stepped into his room and he walked up behind me, gripping my shoulders. Brain pulled me back into him, and I could feel the warmth and hairiness of his built chest against back. My dick grew harder at the excitement of the close body contact, and when I backed up a little closer into his body, I could feel the hard rod in his shorts press up against and between my bare ass as I turned my head towards him. “You said you’re into athletes,” I replied. “Fuck yes I am,” I heard his deep reply as his calloused fingers traced around my shoulders then arms. He kissed the back on my neck, his breath and beard sending a shiver down my skin. “And they don’t make them any hotter than you, man… I normally don’t do repeats, but you’re definitely an exception.” His hands then traced down my sides until his fingers rested against the waistband of my jockstrap. “What do you think about leaving this on while we fuck? At least at first.” I nodded, turning around to face him. Brian kept his hands on my trim waist while I ran my fingers through his chest hair. I could feel him shake a little in excitement, which turned me on even more. “Who’s taking top bunk?” I asked. “Buddy, your pick,” Brain said. He pulled me closer to him, making his cock ride the groove between my thigh and groin, right up against my dick caged in the pouch of my jock. I don’t know if the man was so resolutely versatile or if that was just with me. “What do you want?” I paused to think. “Man, I can’t decide,” I admitted. “Everything we did last time was so great.” In our previous hookup, I’d fucked Brian, then he’d fucked me. He gave me a playful grin as his rough hands finally slid down to grasp my cheeks. “In that case, why don’t we flip?” I was familiar with the term from porn videos, and taking turns sounded ideal. I readily agreed. Brain gave me a playful pat on the butt. “On all fours at first, bud…. I wanna eat out that perfect ass of yours.” I quickly toed off my sneakers but kept my ball cap on as Brian dropped his shorts. I could only imagine how I looked as I crawled up on Brian’s bed and got on my hands and knees, my ass showing off well in my strap and my legs spread just slightly until I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed hole. I wondered how I’d compare to those porn guys. I don’t know that I had their perfection, but I was the real deal, not a porn model playing a jock. I suddenly felt Brian’s weight on the bed behind me and his rough hands run up the back on my thighs. I knew he appreciated the sight when his fingers spent extra time tracing the edges of the straps just under my cheeks. “Nice…” he hissed, then took my smooth glutes in his hands and pried them apart. “You like my ass?” I asked as his thumbs worked their way into my crack, which was now dusted with small fine hairs. “It’s fucking beautiful, man,” he growled in a low husky voice and leaned forward for a lick. But he didn’t attack my hole or even my crevice at first. Instead, his slick tongue traced a circular arc over the swell of my butt cheeks, first left then right, then left again, before nudging his nose, mouth, and bearded chin deeper into my cleft. His thumbs pulled me apart, and I spread my legs wider in anticipation. He pushed forward, and I fell onto my elbows, which raised my ass and parted my cheeks for his bristled face. “Oh fuck!” I hissed as I felt his wet mouth zero in on my pucker and his tongue dart forward repeatedly. I was tighter initially, but as I relaxed with his probing, I felt that tongue suddenly slide into my relaxed hole, and I experienced a new level of pleasure. Brain munched more fervently, his excited moans muffled in my ass cheek. To this day, I don’t know if Brian was really a master at eating ass. It’s possible I just missed being rimmed so much that every movement of his lips and tongue felt perfectly timed for my pleasure. I’d had only two men who’d lived up to the rimming sensations I was feeling then: Jack for his talent, and Dad for the sheer nastiness of the action. As with them, I realized the profound intimacy of the connection between a man’s tongue and another man’s hole. That psychological power, combined with the almost tickling sensation of the action itself, worked me up. All of a sudden I could feel cool air on my exposed, spit-covered pucker as Brian kept my cheeks spread to survey his handiwork. “You look pretty fucking ready for dick,” he growled. “Yeah, man,” I encouraged, lifting and turning my head just slightly but staying in my all-fours position in front of him – for him. He took leave of his perch for a few seconds to fetch some lube. I hissed as he popped the cap and soon fed me one, then two fingers. Slowly, teasingly… he was the polar opposite of my failed hookup with the military guy. “Going in with another, buddy,” he announced in his deep but laid-back voice, then I felt a third finger pop in as his wrist twisted the digits very so slowly, working me open. I’d been so concentrated on the sensations in my asshole that I didn’t even realize he’d knelt up into position. So I felt a surprising pleasure when he timed it perfectly to push his cock in just as his fingertips popped out. Even if I knew it was coming, the warm feeling of his head sliding past my relaxed ring surprised me. I may have slightly winced. While Brian may have had an average length, he was still thicker than most. “Christ, buddy, this is nice….” he muttered, pushing more dick into me as he gripped my waist and jock waistband. Brian gently pulled me back onto his dick as his thick inches slowly bored into me. I kind of flexed my upper body muscles, partly to adjust to the sensation of penetration. But I wanted to give him a show. Wanted to be a turn on for this hot daddy. “Jesus fucking Christ…” his voice communicated his desire. “I certainly did not expect this was how my Friday night was gonna play out.” His balls finally pressed against my ass. Hairy, lube-slick testicles nestled up against me as a reminder I was being drilled by a man. I loved it. “Fuck me,” I encouraged as I tuned my head and arched my back, pressing my my ass against his hips. “Fuck my jock ass.” That got a deep moan from the guy, all right. Brian pulled his hips back, extracting his cock from my clenching hole only to then give me a hearty shove and fill me back up with his prick. One thrust, then another. He was holding back from going rough, I could tell. I appreciated that, but I was also worked up enough to take a real fuck. “I’m good for it, man,” I groaned as I gripped at the bedding. “Go for it.” His next inward thrust was commanding and horny as hell. “Hell, yes, Brian,” I let out, surprised at my own vocal response to his thrusts. “Just like that…” This man was outright taking my ass now, and I loved it. With each shove, he grazed my spot and sent a shiver rolling down my body. I could feel how incredibly turned on Brian was, particularly as his grip tightened on my hips where my elastic strap dug in. If he’d been better hung, the rapid pace and intensity would have been too much. But as it was, Brian’s fucking was perfect. Only it ended too soon. His pounding almost instantly slowed to a stop and he gradually extracted his hard spike as I felt my hole seal back up. I looked back over my shoulder, feeling breathless, my own dick rigid and leaking through the pouch of my jock and onto his sheets. “You cum?” I asked. His furry body was covered in a sheen of sweat, making his beefiness look even more masculine as he took in heavy breaths. He shook his head. “Almost did. Hard not to be a premature ejaculator around you, man.” He scooted to the side and lay on his back beside me. “Your turn, buddy.” I’d gotten so into the fuck I’d forgotten about our plan to flip, and I would have been OK with him finishing in me. But now that he was lifting and spreading his legs and offering that hairy daddy hole on a silver platter, I got excited by the prospect of tapping it. I pulled my ball cap backwards as I scooted down between his open thighs for a closer inspection of his ass. Brian gripped his legs at the back of his knees as my face came closer, and my fingers dug into his hairy crack like he’d done to me. I watched my fingertips brush the edges of his hairy hole before playing and pulling at his entrance. The ring was neither loose, nor drum tight. Brain definitely got fucked regularly, and somehow that turned me on. As did the contrast with the crinkled pink-red ring and the curly brown hairs. I took a second to admire the view before I dove in, softly kissing his pliant ring, almost making love to it. I listened to Brian’s gruff moans as I palmed his hairy ass cheeks and spread him open to lap at his loosened hole. If Brian’s tongue had felt intimate on my tender hole, the reverse dynamic felt just as special. The warmth of his sphincter got wetter as I licked and spread around my spit, working the saliva gently into his hole with my tongue. He backed his butt up against my face and I went with it, burying myself in his full manly cheeks and drilling him with my tongue. “Fuck me, man,” he growled. “I need that fat cock in me.” I pulled back and wiped off the pooling spit from my lip. Still between his legs, I got on my knees and slid down my jockstrap just enough to free my boner before I took a second to slather on a good coating of lube and smear it down my length. With my cock in hand, I gave a couple of teasing wet slaps against his balls and perineum, then nudged the swollen head against his slick hole. Brian rested his feet on my shoulders as I worked my way in, easily but insistently. Brian took a couple of heavy breaths and nodded, encouraging me to push inward as he gripped his still hard and slicked-up dick in an effort to stave off his orgasm. I wrapped my arms around his thickly muscled legs as I added a little more pressure with my hips, feeling my cock steadily slide into his snug daddy hole. “Fuck you’re tight,” I hissed through clenched teeth, looking down at his meaty bod beneath me. Brian wasn’t perfectly in shape but he was solid and all man. And I was in the saddle burying myself into the hot heat of his ass. “A dick like yours…” he grunted as his hole somehow stretched and clenched around my invading dick, “… anyone would feel tight.” I smiled and then leaned down to kiss him, letting his legs fall off my shoulders and wrap around my waist. Brian reached his hands behind my head and just under my cap. His thick fingers combing into my hair as he held on to me, almost for leverage as we made out lustfully and sloppily. I slid my hands under his shoulders as I gripped his hard delts from beneath him. I contracted my hips, feeling my glutes clench and stuffing his loosened chute with more of my lubed shaft. Brian’s body responded beneath me. He held me closer as his legs tightened around my waist, his ass accepting most of my cock now. Brain moaned with pleasure around our kiss as he held my head and neck. I intuited that I could go ahead, so I did. Pushing and pulling gently but deeply in and out of Brian’s guts as we kissed and moaned into each other’s mouths. His ass felt so good clenching around my cock as I moved and bent my knees up closer, aiming to hit the warmer, snugger, and deeper parts of his hole. We clung to one another for a good couple of dozen strokes, before I leaned back up on my outstretched arms and looked down on him, excited to be on top of him, claiming his ass. He looked up at me with pleasure on his handsome and bearded face. But Brian had other ideas. He pushed his dick up, which had gone full-on rigid again after the slight softening during penetration. “Ready to climb on again, Big Boy?” he asked. I bit my lip as I fought my body’s desire to plow him until climax. I nodded and groaned, giving him one more hard deep thrust, my sac smacking his ass, making my cock jostle inside him. I paused, savoring the feel of his hole, then pulled back slowly. My prick came out of his guts with a slight plop, then jerked back up into an upright firmness. I was turned on as fuck. Brian lowered his legs, and I took a second to fully step out of my strap then straddle his groin. Brian grinned up at me as I reached behind to grip his solid and leaking penis and give it a couple strokes before guiding it back to my lubed hole. “How long we gonna keep this going?” I asked once the drooling tip of his dick nudged against my entrance. It hadn’t occurred to me that the flip would mean alternating back and forth. As I pressed down on his erection, feeling the thickness open me once more, Brian looked up hungrily into my eyes and said, “At least a few times, buddy. If you can last that long.” I nodded as I let my hands fall onto his muscled chest. This Navy veteran was built solid, and the psychological dimension of him fucking me added to my appraisal of his masculinity in that moment. My fingers dug at his hairy pecs as I slowly flexed my hips, letting his cock slip out an inch or two before burying it back up my tail. I grunted as I sat back on his cock, making Brian growl beneath me. I slowly built up my rhythm, working my hips up and down on his dick. Not lewdly but clearly in a sexual bottom kind of way. Brian had the right length to feel good without too much difficulty, and I enjoyed taking advantage of that opportunity. The man’s strong hands were on my thighs, feeling my quads flex as he thrusted up gently into me. But it was mostly me riding him. “Hot fucking jock,” he hissed in disbelief as he watch me bounce on his dick. “You like that baseball player ass?” I teased, smiling through my fuck-haze as Brian watched the affect his cock had on me. I don’t think I’d had such a fun verbal rapport with anyone since Glen Evans, and it was fun as hell to reprise it. “Damn straight I do. You’re sex on a stick, man. Hot muscular fuck.” “I need a hot older man to show me the ropes,” I teased and I watched his face squint, almost painfully as his hands forcefully gripped my thighs. “Climb off, climb off!” He urged with a worried cry. Mid bounce, I pushed off his chest and raised my ass off his cock. I felt his dick violently pulse between my anal walls before he slipped out with a wet smack. I grunted at the loss of his cock and heard it slap his hard, furry belly. I looked down between my own spread thighs, past my plump cock and sac, and watched his swollen, angry dick twitch. He caressed my legs and smiled up at me. “This fucking close, buddy…” he said, holding up two fingers a quarter inch apart. With a wanton expression, he leaned back into the pillow as I slid off his groin. He pulled his meaty thighs back wide, offering me his ass once more. I crawled back into position between his legs. I gripped each ankle and pushed his legs back to angle his ass to meet my prick once more. I didn’t hesitate this time. I plowed in with a deliberate steady stroke, bottoming out in his insides as he reached up to feel up my chest. He emitted a low, loud growl. “So fucking good, buddy… so deep.” I swiveled my hips in and out, working him up with shallow thrusts before I gave him longer pistons of my fat prick. I thought I was in control of my trigger, but the pleasure snuck up on me, particularly after one involuntarily clench of his guts around my bone. I pulled back, all the way out and let my cock jerk. He didn’t need to instruct me this time as I lowered his legs. I quickly straddled the heaving man, climbing on his hard meat and taking his girth and length in one go. Brian gripped my waist and hips as we groaned and bellowed at the quickly building pleasure. I slowly fucked myself on his rigid spike and noticed my own cock spitting precum out in long stands onto Brain’s furry abs. Part of me wanted to keep this going, like a good edge session while jerking off. But I knew Brian would probably last even less this time. He’d been holding back on the sex talk, maybe as a way to stave off imminent orgasm. “Wanna go for it?” I offered him as I palmed his chest. He was thrusting up to meet my bouncing ass. He looked up from my crotch and abs to my face and nodded with an impetuous excitement. “Oh man, do I, buddy. Wanna cream that jock hole so bad.” His deep voice had an almost childlike plea now. I worked my hips more quickly now, almost slamming into his crotch with each stroke. “Do it, man. Cum in my ass. Leave a good heavy load for my teammate to eat out.” I guess I was recycling some porn talk there, and adding my own creative twists. Sex with Brian got me into that headspace, so I ran with it. My lewd talk made his eyes grow wide. “Aw, fuck YES!” he cried as he tightened his grip on my hips. I watched and felt his whole body tense before he bellowed loudly and started cumming. I kept riding, clenching my hole as I felt his warm blasts paint my inner walls. The very idea I was getting his seed pumped in me was going to be enough to trip my trigger. I gripped my erection and gave a few steady strokes timed with my bouncing hips. And I gave it up and half-shut my eyes as heavy ropes of my cum flew all over his chest. As my orgasm subsided, Brian’s dick began to feel uncomfortable in me, Both of us were still breathing hard as I slowly raised my hips off his pelvis, until I felt his plump length gently and wetly slip out of me. When his still hard cock plopped free, I felt a soft wet cascade of his semen trickle out and run down my inner thigh. We were quiet as we got cleaned up. It was like beylikdüzü travesti we didn’t need words after that fuck. But as I picked up my jock strap, Brian spoke up. “No pressure, Jim, but if you want to stay over… normally it’s against my rules, but like I said, you’re the kind of guy who earns an exception.” I remembered I had to be at Dad’s ship’s homecoming the next day. “I’d have to get up early,” I said, almost sad that circumstances wouldn’t allow for me to sleep over. I loved this part of sex, too. Brian pursed his lips. “How early’s early?” “Like 8?” I ventured, knowing it was a big ask. “Oh yeah, no problem,” Brain replied. “Then again, no pressure.” “I’d love to,” I said. There was no time in the hot tub this time. It was late in the evening, and Brian was feeling sleepy. I knew I could use the rest after the intense sex we just had. *** The next morning I didn’t linger but it was amazing to wake up next to another naked man and feel the heat as he snuggled up to me. I was starting to realize that while some of my attraction to older men was psychological – as authority figures or mentors – some of it was just the sheer physical sensation of the way an older man’s body feels. It’s different than a younger guy’s, lacking that taut firmness maybe but making up for it in bulk and power. It’s an automatic, almost chemical desire it instills in me. As Brian nestled up to my back and wrapped his hairy arm around my chest, my morning wood went into overdrive, twitching and leaking as the man’s hand started caressing my torso. Finally, I turned around in his arms, rolling and coming face-to-face, meeting him in a soft kiss. “Mmm… someone’s horny in the morning,” he said in a deep croak of a voice. “Yessir,” I replied, reaching down to give his hard dick a tug. We kissed again and our bodies connected in an embrace, his furry bulk against my trim but not fully hairy frame – chest to chest as our legs tangled together. The fact we were the same height added something to this for me, and I enjoyed running my hands along his back, to cup his strong manly ass, then back over his lats again. “You want me to fuck you again?” he hissed as his bearded lips attacked my neck and began kissing up towards my ear. “Sorry,” I said as I cradled his head against my neck. “I think I need to rest there.” We’d gone at it pretty hard during our session the previous night and my ass was still sore from it. “But I’d love to suck you off,” I offered. That made him grin. “Yeah?” With a deliberate gesture he rolled onto his back, hands behind his head as he let his prick point upward. Brian might not be the biggest hung guy but his erections were steel hard. “Have at it, buddy.” I smiled and slowly made my way down to his crotch. I decided this was my chance to put all of Holt’s blowjob lessons into practice. I started with Brian’s balls, nuzzling and licking them, before taking one testicle in my mouth, then switching to the other. Brain hissed as he ran his thick fingers through my hair, brushing my blond curls away from my face and watching my lips work. By the time I worked my way up his bone and took him in my mouth, Brian was very keyed up. I didn’t rush this, but I quickly got into a groove on his dick, bobbing up and down for 20 or 30 seconds, listening to the man moan as I worked my tongue on the underside. Then I applied the Bulldozer Technique. Extra suction and working the cocktip at the edge of my throat. Damn, that drove Brian fucking wild. The man gripped my hair as his knees bent around me. I watched his furry muscles tense in unison and his neck bulge. The man’s hips jerked in small thrusts as he fought to keep himself from full on fucking my mouth. “Holy fuck, man! Work my dick… oh yeah, just like that… oh fuck you’re gonna get me to come… I’m gonna cum…. Oh god of fuck, oh…NNNNGH!” Hot jets of his salty semen blasted into my esophagus, where I greedily swallowed his seed down before working the fuller length of his dick to let him ride out his orgasm and to allow myself a better taste of his semen. When I finally plopped off, he had a very happy, very appreciative look on his face. “Jesus, man, you’ve been holding out on me. That was incredible.” I scooted up next to him, proud of my new skills and happy they worked on a new man. Brian then noticed my angry hardon and nodded down. “Need me to return the favor?” he asked. I knew what I wanted instead. “Actually,” I said. “Maybe you can kiss me while I jerk off?” It was a simple thing, but Brian’s kisses turned me on a lot. I knew they could get me off. “I can do that,” he grinned. And after I lubed up my dick, he scooted closer to me, sliding and wrapping an arm under my head so I could settle into the crook of his shoulder. Brian met me in a soft kiss. His coarse beard brushing my lips, playing off the contrast to his smooth lips and wet tongue. Fuck, that felt nice. His hand smoothly rubbed my chest and fingers occasionally playing with my nipples as his thick tongue darted between my lips and battled with mine. I flogged my cock and got closer and closer to cumming. Brian broke the kiss. Not completely, but backing off just a millimeter to urge me on. “That’s it, come for Daddy,” he growled with a whisper as his lips brushed against mine. My eyes opened in surprise. We hadn’t discussed the power of that word for me, but he’d gone there, and I responded with a deep, involuntary groan. That’s when Brian knew he was on the right track. “That’s right,” he went on. “You want to make your Daddy proud don’t ya, boy?” His left hand slid off my thigh and tugged at my nuts, which temporarily staved off my orgasm but also fueled the fire as I pulled at my cock. Then his fingers traced lower, reaching down to dig in between my smooth ass cheeks, working against my hole. In response, I spread my legs and raised my knees. I gasped against his mouth as I felt his finger breach me. “Oh fuck, Dad,” I grunted, getting into that deep roleplay headspace with this hunk of a man. He smiled against my lips. “You still got Daddy’s load in there? Still packed full of my cum, son?” Brian grunted in a deep sexual rumble. Brian’s finger was pressing gently in and out of my pucker, maximizing my pleasure. His finger routed out my shallow insides as he let me moan into his mouth, between his parted lips. He was going to get me there, all right. “Gonna shoot a big fucking load to show your Daddy what a big man you are?” I nodded and our lips met as he gave me another soft kiss. Quick. Then: “Come on, son. Let it all out. Show your Daddy what you got.” “Oh, Dad… I’m gonna… oh, Dad!” Just saying that word aloud got me to cum. I felt my body immediately tense and heave, my eyes clenched shut as I felt my cock expand in my fist. Brian sucked on my moaning lips as heavy jets of my sperm shot out, over me, over both of us as my hole clenched around his finger. “There you go!” Brian exclaimed excitedly, slowly pulling out of my spasming hole and patting me on my thigh. “Fucking stud!” My body heaved in aftershocks as I lay back and felt the last dribbles of sperm pump out. It had gone from a massively pleasurable orgasm to almost uncomfortable. I let go of my prick and felt it jerk in the final gasp of rigidness. Afterwards, I showered up as Brian made some coffee and a light breakfast. He gave me a knowing grin as I walked into the kitchen, wearing just my jockstrap with my cap and sneakers in hand. “I guess I left my clothes out on the deck,” I said, a little embarrassed now that sex was done, particularly given the roleplay we’d just done. Brian nodded at one of the chairs, where he’d placed my shirt and shorts. “It’s a shame to see you get dressed, stud,” he winked. “Coffee?” he offered. “Yes, please,” I said. Brian got up earlier than I would have normally and I needed the caffeine to start my day. “Cream and sugar?” “Cream, no sugar,” I replied as I stepped into my shorts then pulled on my T-shirt. “Here you go,” he said, offering me the cup. “Thanks.” We stood around his kitchen island and kind of smirked at one another. “I’m really glad I came over,” I said. “Me too,” he said. “Like I said, I’m not looking to date anyone right now,” Brian reminded me. Maybe he was worried I was going to get too attached to him with a repeat hookup.. “But I had fun.” “That’s cool,” I said. In another time or in different circumstances, I’d have felt disappointed. But Brian had been up front the first time – he wasn’t looking for anything. And emotionally, I knew it wasn’t the kind of connection or infatuation I felt with Ben Feldman. It was sex – very hot sex, but just sex. Standing there in his kitchen though, I wished I could combine the personal connection I felt with Ben with the sexual connection Brian represented. I paused as I looked at the ruggedly handsome, ex-military man. “Can I ask you a question, Brian?” He nodded. “I’m just wondering… earlier, how did you know I’d go for the `Daddy’ thing?” “Easy,” he said. “You’re into older guys, and I’ve yet to meet somebody like that who didn’t also enjoy some Daddy talk in bed.” He gave me a wry smile. “And once you responded, I knew you wanted it deeper…. I didn’t go too far, did I?” I shook my head with a nervous laugh. “Oh no, it was hot as fuck. I guess I’m trying to figure out how to ask for it with an older man… if he’d get offended or freaked out.” Brian seemed to mull that over. “Maybe some would, I don’t know, Jim.” “Maybe,” I said thoughtfully. He looked at me with a grin. “Hell, I don’t know if I should be telling you this…. But you’re the lay of a lifetime, Jim.” He walked around the kitchen island and stepped up to me, placing his arms around my waist and pulling me in close. “You hold the fucking cards, so if you want a man who’ll be Daddy for you, you can find one. And if the man’s not fucking stupid, he’ll be exactly the Daddy you want and need.” He paused. “Then again, I guess there are a lot of stupid men in this world.” Somehow his pep talk touched me. I reached up and wrapped my hands around his neck and shoulder. “Brian… thanks, man. I guess I’m still figuring this stuff out.” He gave me a grin of encouragement and patted me on my ass before stepping back. “Don’t sweat it too much. And don’t be afraid to tell a man what you want.” He took a sip of coffee and added, “I’m just glad I got to share my bed with you, man.” His words made me feel good, for sure. “Is it OK if I contact you again, when I’m in town?” He nodded. “Definitely. Maybe if you lived here, I’d say no. But a little occasional fun with you would be great.” “Cool,” I said. *** I was back at the dock of the Naval Station by 10:30 a.m. and had to work my way through the crowd that had gathered. As I watched Dad’s ship nearing the port, I felt a little strange knowing I’d just had sex with a hot man whose last name I still didn’t even know. Let alone that he was the father of someone I went to school with. And as I stood there in my jeans and sweatshirt, I could even feel how tender my asshole still was, surprisingly raw given Brian’s average, more reasonable size. Brian and I had exchanged numbers before we parted. I wondered how often I would contact him and if he would agree to meet up the next time I did. I watched the young sailor who’d won “first kiss” bound off the ship and into the arms of his girlfriend/fiancee. And then one after another, the sailors came out, reuniting with their families and loved ones. I knew that it would be a while before Dad emerged and ceremonially handed over command. But it was cool to watch the whole ritual – one I’d seen dozens of times. When I was a kid, Dad’s homecoming would be overwhelming with emotion. I remember crying the moment I saw my father step off that ship or wiggling out my mother’s grasp as I rushed at Dad with open arms. I always tried to be a brave little kid, but feeling his embrace would always make me melt down. I thought about how when you get older you get better at controlling your feelings. How I wouldn’t break down in tears like I did when I was 6. Maybe now that I was 21, I was more independent and grown up. Not a kid anymore. But the more I waited, the more I anticipated seeing my father. And I felt a relief to see him ashore and eventually walking over to me with a big smile. He was still as handsome and commanding as ever in his service dress blues as his grey eyes locked with mine from under the brim of his white combination cap. “You didn’t have to come down, Slugger,” he said in his baritone voice as he dropped his seabag and greeted me with a tight hug. “But I’m glad you did.” *** After a couple hours on base, with Dad seeing to a few various Navy duties, I asked if he was tired, but he seemed energized for a day of hanging out. When we got home, I gave him some space to unpack and shower off as I settled in the living room to watch some TV. When he came down the stairs in a beat-up Navy T-shirt and jeans, he seemed to be beaming. “Let’s go grab some lunch, Slugger,” he said. “It’s a nice day out… maybe somewhere outside.” So we drove to one of Dad’s favorite waterfront restaurants and sat out on the deck for a late lunch. Dad was downright chatty as we caught up. “How are classes going?” he asked as we sipped our iced tea and waited for our food. I could see he was more tanned now, and the streaks of gray hair in his temples seemed particularly silvery in contrast to thick and neatly combed brown hair. I loved that his muscular bulk was hard to hide from under his T-shirt. “Busy,” I said honestly. “My smart plan was to take my harder classes in the fall, though that plan isn’t feeling so smart now.” Dad chuckled. “I hate that you’re not getting the college fun in. but you know I’m glad you’re keeping your studies up.” “I know,” I said. Not annoyed, but acknowledging that Dad never failed to remind me how important classes were. “Usually weekend nights I find time to go to a party or hang out with my friends.” “That’s good,” he said with a little fatherly encouragement. I gave him a smile as I remembered the ball game. “Oh, and that Orioles series was an amazing birthday gift. My buddy Kyle and I went.” Dad smiled in return. “Glad to hear. You know, I considered getting you late September tickets so we could go together. But I worried it would be tougher in the middle of the semester.” “Not sure that would have worked,” I said. “I mean, Coach was OK with me missing today’s scrimmage, but I’m not sure he would have been happy for me to spend the afternoon having beers in Camden Yards.” That made Dad chuckle. “I guess you’re legal now, huh?” he said. I could tell it was odd timing for him to miss my birthday and he had to remind himself of the milestone. “Yessir. And that was the tastiest beer I’ve had.” Dad laughed. “I bet. I’m open to whatever you want to do today, Slugger, but I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to watching an Orioles game.” “Sounds perfect,” I said just as our waitress walked up with our meals. That’s what we did. Dad and I took a walk around Plum Point Park to take advantage of the beautiful sunny afternoon, then drove back to the house in time before the O’s late afternoon start time. Dad stepped into the living room and flipped on the TV to catch the last of the pregame as I went to get us a couple of cold beers from the fridge. “Not going out tonight, are you, Slugger?” Dad asked as we settled in on the couch together and cracked open our beers. It was a parental lecture moment, I knew. He didn’t want me drinking much if I was planning on going out. “No, sir, no plans.” Dad nodded and gave me a knowing look. “You’re free to, you know, Jim. You don’t have to keep your old man entertained.” “I came down to see you, Dad,” I replied but then felt a weird guilt that that wasn’t 100% true. Even if I hadn’t fully planned to get together with Brian, it certainly was an ulterior motive in the back of my mind. Dad seemed to like that answer and gave me an appreciative nod before turning his attention back to the game. But I knew what was on Dad’s mind. After a little while, I spoke up softly. “I’m sorry for lying to you at Easter.” My father looked over at me with a thoughtful, pursed smile. “I know why you did, Jim,” he said softly. “You need your own life. Even if you’re here visiting.” He took a sip of beer, then added. “How’s this?: whenever you’re here, you come and go as you like, no questions, no excuses.” “Thanks, Dad,” I said, feeling relieved he was so understanding. Part of me wondered if I’d be taking advantage of the new policy to see Brian again in the future. That is, if Brian wanted to meet up in the future. In any case, I felt like a grown up and glad Dad trusted me. We settled back into watching the game. Making small talk, discussing the O’s season and if there was any hope for 2005. After the game we fired up the grill and made a simple dinner, which we were able to eat outdoors in the dusky autumn evening. Through it all, I was glad I’d gotten laid with Brian. It had taken the edge off and now that I was with Dad, things felt more normal. It was like old times, not just me or him faking that. After we cleaned up in the kitchen, Dad gave me a paternal clap of his hand on my shoulder. “It’s been a long day, Jimbo,” he said. “I think I’m going to read a little in the living room then go to bed early.” “Sure,” I said, turning on the dishwasher as I watched Dad step out. I went upstairs to my old room. I could have done some homework, I suppose, but after the beer I wasn’t in the mood to. Instead I got a book out of my bag, the one Ben had recommended. I’d been working on a chapter a night and was surprised at how much I liked it. Then again, reading it was like a connection to Ben, and I felt like I had his presence with me as I read. Dad was sitting in his recliner, already engrossed in one of his books when I came back to the living room. Dad looked up as I flung myself onto the couch and gave me a little smirk as I cracked open my book as well. We read in silence for a while, and it was a nice kind of bonding moment. But at some point Dad looked over at me again. “You reading that for class?” he asked with a bemused curiosity. I’d described my classes, which were mostly business classes that semester. I looked up and back down at my book. “No,” I said. “Just reading it. It’s pretty interesting.” Of course, I wasn’t going to tell him about Ben, but short of an explanation he seemed definitely surprised I was reading a history book. Dad just gave a smirk as he set down his own hardback. “Well, I’ll let you get back to it. I’m getting pretty sleepy here.” He stood up and stretched before looking down at me. “I’m really happy you came, Slugger.” “The pleasure’s mine, sir,” I said, getting that deference that was instilled in me as a istanbul travesti kid. “Sleep well.” “Will do.” I stayed up and finished my chapter. Then, realizing I wasn’t sleepy yet, I started another. *** I ended up sleeping in the following morning. Not real late, but it was almost 9 before I roused myself out of bed. I only had on my boxer briefs so I slipped on some shorts and made my way to the kitchen, still shirtless and yawning as I brushed down my hair. Dad was up and reading the Sunday paper at the table in casual sweatpants and a long-sleeve T. He was only half ready for the day, as his hair was a little messy with a light shade of stubble on his face. “Morning, Slugger,” he greeted as he set down his paper. “I’ll make some fresh coffee.” He got up and as he made his way into the kitchen counter I had to feel a little wistful at just how handsome he was. Almost 50, Dad was in the prime of his life… fit and muscular. I knew my idle attraction to him was perverted, but I also knew I’d inevitably measure the men in my life to my father. Dad fetched me a fresh cup and we made small talk at the table. At some point I noticed the smirk on his face. “What?” I asked, laughing a little. Dad shrugged. “I just missed this the last few months… having morning coffee in my kitchen, talking with my son.” It was a heartfelt “Dad” thing to say, and by now I was used to his emotional mood after a homecoming. “I can only imagine how tough it is to be away,” I said. I didn’t know what it was like to be in the service, but I think I had more empathy for Dad’s sacrifice now that I was older. Dad gave me a friendly smile. “Well, it’s my vocation, and I enjoy the job I do, even on its most challenging days.” He paused and added, “But yeah, the homesick part is never easy.” I was especially glad at that moment that I’d come home, even for a quick visit. Dad finished his coffee and gave me a wink. “At least I have a couple less chores to do this time. Thanks for setting up the deck, Jim.” “Sure,” I said. “You probably have a lot of settling in to do.” He nodded. “That and just some down time. What time do you head back?” “This morning,” I said. “I’ll probably shower and hit the road.” “I’ll go out and pick up some breakfast sandwiches. How’s that?” “Sounds perfect,” I said. I polished off the last of my coffee and went to get ready for the day. Back in my room I picked up my phone and saw that I got a text message from Brian. “I had a fun time Jim. Glad you made it to Norfolk this weekend.” Sex wasn’t on my mind, but seeing Brian’s text instantly made my dick firm up. Just thinking about our hookup was a turn on. I replied, “Glad I made it down this weekend too.” Then, “You made it worthwhile for sure.” I hoped I was complimentary and flirty without being too forward. I looked at the phone for a second, then figured I’d put it down. Only Brian replied pretty quickly. “You still in Norfolk?” “Yep,” I replied. “Heading out later this morning.” My heart pounded. I wasn’t sure if the man was angling for a repeat. I wanted to ask but decided to respect his boundaries. “Any chance you want to come over before you leave?” There it was. And I was fully boned as I typed back. “Sounds amazing. Maybe around 11?” “See you then stud.” I still had a boner as I stripped to shower, and I took a little extra time under the hot water, soaping up and stroking myself. Just to tease and prime the pump a little, I guess. Or maybe I just felt carried away. I didn’t know what Brian had in mind, but I knew I’d enjoy it. I got dressed just as Dad returned with breakfast. Sitting back at the table, it felt a little weird eating and having a normal conversation with my father knowing I was planning to go hook up with a guy right after. My erection had gone down but I still felt my heart pound a little in anticipation of sex. Still, I tried not to act out of the ordinary. “I guess I won’t see you before Thanksgiving,” Dad said. “No, sir,” I said. “Probably not. It’s a pretty busy time of the semester coming up.” “I bet,” my father said. He seemed to examine my face. I think he could tell my mood was off. “You’re already thinking about the work you gotta do, aren’t you?” he asked. I smiled. “A little,” I said, fibbing. Dad didn’t need to know the real reason I was distracted. It was almost 10:30 now, and mentally I was calculating how much time I had before I needed to leave. Dad pushed his chair back from the kitchen table and picked up my now empty plate. “Well, I’ll let you get going, Jimbo,” he said. “Yeah, I should be off,” I replied as I got up. I went to get my backpack and came back to see Dad standing there at the foot of the stairs, handsome as fuck and in as relaxed a mood as I’d seen him in a while. “Thanks for coming down, son,” Dad said as he clasped in me in a tight hug. “It means the world to me.” “Of course, Dad,” I said as I hugged him back. “Give me a call later, when you’re back,” he requested, finally letting me go to get one more look at me. “Yessir,” I said as I slipped my ballcap over my gently curling and lengthening hair. It was one of those annoying things Dad did, but I found I’d missed that, too. I picked up my overnight bag as well and made my way to the front door. Dad stepped out as I made my way to my car. He didn’t say anything more as he watched me get in but he gave me one last wink that melted my heart. *** If I felt guilty leaving Dad’s early so I could go have sex, any misgivings were out the window when I showed up at Brian’s again. As he opened the door, I could see his bare torso and hairy chest. “Come in, stud,” he greeted. I stepped in, excited, and had to smile when I saw that he was actually completely naked. His erection had flagged a little but he was definitely ready for sex. “I’ve been in bed all morning jerking off,” he smiled. I got the sense Brian really loved to edge, and it was a reminder that I was overdue for a nice long edging JO session myself. “Glad you could make it.” “Of course,” I said, then stepped up for a kiss. I felt his hands on my hips as my arms wrapped around his naked torso and shoulders, my mouth hungrily seeking his. Instantly, I was reminded by how good a kisser Brian was. Soft, sensual but definitely sexual. “I’m the lucky one,” I added as we broke with a smile. “Didn’t think I was gonna get laid twice in one weekend.” “Three times,” Brain reminded me. “We did it yesterday morning as well.” I nodded. There was something so wonderfully up front and sexual about this man. “Wanna head back to my room?” he asked. “God yes,” I said. “Fuck, I’m so horny.” Brian was the kind of guy around whom I felt free to say what was on my mind. “Good,” the middle-aged man smiled. Letting me go, he turned and started walking down the hall. I followed and watched his muscled body move from behind. I loved the man’s ass. Full, meaty, a grown man’s butt. When we got to his bedroom, I could see Brian’s bed was indeed unmade, and some lube was still out from his masturbation session. He looked so hot standing there naked and now fully erect in front of me, and I was glad this was happening again. Brian got a lusty look on his rugged and bearded face as he stepped up to me. “Let me strip Jock Boy,” he said softly. I nodded and enjoyed the way he looked at me, and what I represented to him. He slowly removed my ball cap and ran his fingers through my hair, brushing back my blond curls. He stepped a bit closer and I could feel his hardon nudge against the mound trapped in my jeans. My prick wouldn’t be trapped for much longer. Brian lowered his eyes and turned his attention to my jeans, reaching down to undo my fly and open them up enough to reach into my boxer briefs and grip my erection. He smiled as his fingers gripped my extra width, and I knew I had a dumb, sexually excited look on my face. I was getting turned on, fast. I remembered what Brian said the day before, about not being afraid to ask for what I wanted with the roleplay talk. I went for it. “That’s it… stroke my dick, Dad,” I said as I felt up his thick and hairy forearms. Brian looked up, his lip curling up some, maybe amused a little, but also feeding off my lust. “I thought you might want to go there again.” My initial impulse was to apologize to the man, but I decided to take his advice to heart. I reached forward and softly caressed his flank, where slight love handles met his firm, middle-aged muscle. “Of course I do. I got a hot daddy here…” My hand traveled along his warm muscle and I felt my dick surge in his hand. “You’re so fucking hot, sir….” My words made Brian’s eyes brighten as he stroked my cock the best he could from inside my underwear. “Yeah? That means a lot coming from my baseball stud… Jesus, dick of death, too.” His hand gave my boner one last stroke before pulling up, making the elastic snap against my lower abs before gripping the hem of my long-sleeve T-shirt. “Let me see that awesome body.” I raised my arms and helped him take my shirt off. He wadded my shirt and dropped it on the floor at our feet. As I stood there with a renewed pride in my body, Brian’s eyes and hands felt up the defined muscle of my upper body. His appreciation fed my ego for sure. “You like your Jock Boy?” I asked, getting into the verbal play. Something about Brian made this vibe surprisingly easily. The man nodded heartily. “Fuck, if you only knew. Three times in one weekend, I’d say you turn me on like crazy, stud.” He gently tugged my open jeans down and I got the picture, stepping out of them then toeing off my sneakers and removing my socks to stand in front of Brian equally naked. My 8-inch dick throbbed and hung heavy as I took in the sight of his own meaty erection, which was railroad-spike hard at that moment, with clear sap dripping down the side. I wondered how long Brian had been edging that morning. “So…” he said as he gestured to the bed. “I’ve noticed you’re a ‘Dad’ and not a ‘Daddy’ kind of guy.” I blushed. I hadn’t had a guy do a scene like this since Lieutenant Commander Glen Evans back in my high school days. Even then, we’d tossed the “Daddy” word around but never “Dad,” which felt more intense. “Daddy’s hot,” I replied to Brian as I got onto the bed to join the 40-something man. I felt my heart pound as I admitted my desires to a guy I didn’t know all that well. “But I get turned on by… you know, the `Dad’ idea,” I confessed as I lay and settled next to him, Brian on his back and me on my side facing him. I had an instantaneous worry I’d gone too far with Brian, but he just grinned and gave me a low growl, “Fuck, that’s hot. Yeah, I can be your Dad, Daddy, whatever the fuck you want, Jim. Just one request.” “Anything,” I said, so excited this was gonna happen. He nodded to the console at the end of the bed, where he’d put my UVA ball cap. “Put your cap back on.” I twisted around and picked up the cap. I put it back on, smirking at him. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to be his Jock Boy. Me, but the idea of me, too. It turned me on to be that for him. Brian looked me over, naked except for my ball cap, and leaned back with a more serious, lusty expression on his weather-beaten face. “Not gonna be up for much foreplay this morning, son, I’m afraid” he said, pulling back his meaty and hairy legs to show off his furry ass and smooth hole. “But fuck, I wanna feel that giant dick in me.” The very act of calling me son made me incredibly excited. “Oh yeah, I can do that,” I said. “I can fuck you, Dad.” It was wild to be able to say that out loud. I hadn’t felt that rush of the taboo since Mexico, and I had a momentary thought which stung me, like I was betraying Dad by letting another man play act as my father. But then, almost immediately, I felt happy I was able to indulge my fantasy in a healthier way. I reached over and grabbed the lube. I applied a lot. Then I applied some more. Brian might be worked up, but I was hung thick, and I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to hold back. I worked some lube into his hole with a couple of alternating fingers as Brian nodded and looked up into my face. “That’s it, Jock Boy. My big strapping baseball-playing son gonna fuck me good, aren’t ya?” My voice croaked, almost catching in my throat. “God yes. I wanna fuck you so bad, Dad.” He was entering his own headspace and fantasy now, and he pulled his thighs closer back to his chest. “You earned it, son. Won your game.” We were each having our fantasies, compatible but different. I removed my hand and scooted up. “Glad you came to my game, Dad,” I said, pressing my erection down to line up with his hole. Brian’s body twitched involuntarily as I ran my slick head against his pucker. “Always, Jim,” Brian grunted as he felt the pressure against his ring. “You’re my Little Guy, always will be.” “Oh fuck!” I growled as the nastiness of his talk hit me. Brian grinned. “You like that, son? Like the idea of being your old man’s Little Guy?” I nodded, afraid I’d come too soon if I got too worked up. “Fuck, you’re so good at this,” I said, breaking character. I pulled back and fisted my cock to spread the lube evenly, then pressed back forward. “You’re pretty great at it, too, Jim,” Brian grinned as he reached up to feel up my bare athletic muscle above him. He spread his legs a little wider and nodded up at me. “Now, you gonna be my good Little Guy and put that cock in me?” “Fuck yes, sir,” I hissed as I gripped Brian’s hamstrings just below the back of his knees and pushed forward with my hips. Thank god for Brian’s edging session. He was snug but not too tight, and his ass accepted me pretty easily. I hoped my load from yesterday was still swimming deep inside him. Brian groaned with a smile. “That’s my boy. My son’s got a huge fucking dick.” “Yes, sir,” I moaned as I slid deeper into him. “I’m so hard for my dad.” Brian let out a noticeable sigh. I was at a spot where he was struggling to accommodate my size, so I slowed my entry and rubbed his stomach and chest. “I can tell, buddy. Big nasty son hardon buried right up in me.” This was so much deeper than the sessions I’d had with LCDR Evans and I knew it wouldn’t last long. I held my hips steady, though, and felt the immediate danger of coming abate. “You nutting, son?” Brian looked up excitedly. Maybe he wouldn’t be worried if I came prematurely. I shook my head. “Almost,” I grinned. “God, this is so fucking hot, Brian.” Again, slipping out of character. But I felt like I needed him to know how grateful I was for this. “I’m glad,” he chuckled. “It’s pretty damn hot having that cock in me… go ahead feed me some more.” I nodded and pressed inward, and this time Brian’s hot ass opened up for me. I pushed until I was balls deep and my pubes were pressed up against his hole. “Dad…” I hissed as I gripped his thighs. I was probably leaving the ability for developed sex talk behind. “That’s my Jock Boy… balls deep in his daddy,” Brain moaned as he choked his cock in his fist. “I am, Dad,” I croaked, savoring the pulsing of his hole. I couldn’t help it. I pulled half way out and thrust back in. Then again. Not hard, not fast, but Brian sure could feel it. “Fuck me, son!” he grunted excitedly. “Fuck me with your big fucking dick.” “Yes, sir,” I moaned. My hips were now on automatic pilot, needing to feed the pleasure in my cock to match my horny state. I pushed his knees further against his chest. “I love fucking you, Dad.” My orgasm crept up on me as his chute rhythmically gripped my cockhead. “Aw, Fuck… I know you do, buddy. My Little Guy, playing his heart out in that game. All to make his Daddy proud. Gonna make me proud, buddy?” “Oh god, Dad!” That did it. Every wire in my sac tripped as I thrusted hard into the man, my hips locking in place as I nutted deep in Brian’s ass. Hard. Like I hadn’t had two other amazing orgasms with the man that weekend already. Like I hadn’t had sex in a month. My orgasm kept coming as Brian looked at me excitedly. “That’s it, buddy. Cream your daddy’s hole,” Brian encouraged as he stroked my trembling arms and heaving chest, and then my neck and face. As I started coming down from a toe-curling orgasm, I began to realize Brian hadn’t crossed the finish line yet, and I wanted to get him there, too. Even if my dick was a little sensitive, I kept fucking him. Harder this time, pounding his prostate for sure as this fuck was now all about him. The change of pace did it. Brian’s weathered and bearded face got that telltale look of pleasure as he stroked his cock in time with my thrusts. “Oh god, yes. Oh fuck…. my jock’s gonna make me cum…. oh…NNHHF!” His hole spasmed around my cock as Brian flung his head back into the pillow. It was a glorious sight watching this man ejaculate all over his chest and hairy stomach. The edging probably added to his load, which was a nice creamy white as it clung in globs to his fur. “Oh fuck, you gotta pull out,” he hissed. After his orgasm, I suppose my size was too much for him. I gladly complied, happy to have had a major release. He lowered his legs, and his eyes kind of lazily looked at my softening dong as it slipped out and hung low between my thighs. Then we kind of laughed at how intense that fuck had been. “Wow, that was wild,” I said, feeling a complete glow of happiness sweep over me as I sat back on my knees. “Too wild, Jim?” Brian asked with a grin. I shook my head. “God no. I was gonna ask you that, though.” “Never done that kind of scene,” he replied. “But it’s all good.” He looked me up and down. “It was actually a turn on to see how much you got into it.” “Yeah,” I replied. At another moment I would have been embarrassed or apologized. But given how deep we’d gone, I felt saying anything else would have been beside the point. Brian looked over at the bedside clock. “I’m afraid I gotta get to work soon,” he said, his voice still showing the signs of recovering from the sex. “But feel free to wash off.” We did share a shower, and it was strangely intimate but it wasn’t sexual. We quickly washed off in tandem before stepping out to dry off. Brian even helped me dry my back, then I returned the favor. I got dressed again, and Brian put on his khaki shorts and knit-polo uniform for the marina before picking up the matching logo ball cap. “I think you hit me at a horny time,” Brian said softly, though with a matter-of-fact, normal tone now that the post-sex endorphins had worn off some. “I’m glad,” I said. “Look, I know this is a casual thing… but well, that was really hot. Thanks for indulging my fantasy.” Brain grinned and shrugged. “I had fun, too.” He glanced over at the clock. “Listen… I hate to shove you out the door, Jim. But I really gotta get to work.” “Yeah,” I nodded. I patted down my jeans to make sure I had everything then walked down the hall and back to his front door. Brain was a couple paces behind me. We didn’t kiss or anything before I left, but as he opened the front door for me he said, “Take care, Jim, and thanks.” “You too, man,” I replied. Then I walked to my car. I had a smile on my face most of the way back to Charlottesville.

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