Nursing Neighbor Part III

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Nursing Neighbor Part IIISo now I had sucked Judy’s lactating tits, fucked her mouth and pussy, then sucked Debbie’s tits, taught her how to give a blowjob and licked her pussy to orgasm. Wow! I thought I was the nerd of the neighborhood.A couple of days had passed, and as I was getting home from school, Judy called over the fence to me, asking if I had forgotten about her. I stammered a little and told her that of course I had not, but I figured she was busy and I didn’t want to be a pest.Ten minutes later, I was sucking Judy’s milky tits and fucking her pussy. She told me that she was about to reach the point where she could get pregnant again, so she didn’t want me to cum in her. She said she had something new she wanted to work on together, and told me that she had never tried anal sex. She asked if I would be willing, and I was on fire.I started by licking her pussy and clit, then worked my way down to her ass, which was soaking wet with the juices from her pussy. My cock was throbbing hard, but I knew from what I had read online that I had to be slow and easy. As I licked her ass, she moaned and raised her hips off the couch. I decided to see how she would react if I pressed my tongue into her ass, and she obviously liked it. I then poked my tongue in and out of her for a couple of minutes before bringing a finger to her tight hole and pressing gently. She hissed out that I should be careful and take it slow, but by then I was already in to the first knuckle. I held it there for a minute and licked her clit, feeling her asshole throbbing on my finger. I removed my finger and wet her ass with my spit, then slid my finger back into her, this time more easily and much deeper. She moaned, so I pushed it in until it was as deep as I could get it. Then I started to slowly finger fuck her ass, and I also went back to licking her clit.She started rocking türbanlı trabzon escort her body so my finger pushed into her ass more forcefully, so I again dribbled some saliva onto my fingers and started working a second finger into her ass. I was surprised that the second finger slid in along side my first finger much more easily, so I working in a third finger. That’s when she asked if all she was going to get was fingers.I took the hint and climbed back up, sucking on her drizzling wet titties, then I started working my cock into her ass. When it didn’t go in, I suggested she do it, and she grabbed my cock and within a second the head of my cock slid past her tight hole. I held there for a second or two, but she pushed upward, forcing my cock deeper into her slippery ass. I figured she was ready, so I gently fucked her ass with short strokes, each time getting in a little deeper, until my cock was balls deep into her ass. Judy was moaning with pleasure, and her tits were gushing milk.That’s when Debbie came in the door without warning. Judy was still moaning and apparently didn’t hear Debbie, and I decided not to hide what I was doing with her Mom. Debbie dropped her backpack and came around the sofa and just stood and watched with her jaw open. I don’t think Judy even knew or cared if Debbie was there. I just kept fucking Judy, getting more aggressive and fucking harder and deeper as she was obviously enjoying it.Debbie whispered into my ear that her Mom could get pregnant and that I should be careful. I whispered back that I was fucking her ass, and Debbie turned red as a beet and gasped loudly! That’s when Judy noticed Debbie, and at first I thought she was going to call things to a halt. I guess she figured it was too late to cover up, so she just went back to thrusting her hips forward türbanlı trabzon escort bayan and told Debbie that she hoped she did mind that her mother had needs that I was fulfilling for her.Debbie just watched for a minute, then I noticed her hand rubbing gently over her nipples. I reached out and pinched one of them, and her eyelids fluttered. I put my hand under her skirt and felt upward until I reached her pussy, which I knew would be very wet. She pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side and started furiously rubbing her clit. All this time I was still fucking Judy’s ass, but the stimulation from both of them was too much, and I announced to Judy that I was about to cum. She reached down and rubbed her clit, and that started her cumming, as I shot strong jets of jizz deep into her ass. Debbie was watching the whole scene, and she started cumming too.A couple of minutes later, we all started coming to our senses. Judy told Debbie to wait with me, and that she would be back shortly. She returned with a warm wash cloth and cleaned up my cock. Then she turned to Debbie, and told her she was sorry. Debbie was still very aroused and said that Judy had nothing to apologize about. Then Debbie asked if we could all talk about what was going on.Judy explained how she had carnal needs that I had been meeting and that anal sex could not lead to pregnancy. Debbie asked if she could try it, and Judy really didn’t have much of a choice. Judy asked me if I though I could go another round, and I told her that I would love to initiate Debbie. I said that they might both have to stimulate me to get things going though.Judy asked Debbie if she would like to learn the proper way to arouse a man, and she started by kissing me. Of course, Debbie wasn’t lactating, but Judy told her that a man türbanlı escort trabzon likes to play with and suck a woman’s breasts even if she wasn’t. Debbie took off her top, and we first kissed, then I sucked her tits. Judy then explained that anal sex took much arousal, and that it was best if the man first worked on her pussy. Debbie took off her skirt and panties, and Judy laid her back so I could lick her pussy and clit. Judy did not know that we had done this before. Judy then said that the man would need to be very aroused so he would be hard enough, so Judy showed her how to suck my cock. Debbie followed and did a very good job. Next, it was explained that the anus does not have natural lubrication, and Judy helped as I licked, tongue fucked and finger fucked Debbie’s tight, virgin ass. Judy then asked Debbie if she was ready, and Debbie pleaded for me not to keep her waiting. Judy pulled out a bottle of lube and rubbed on Debbie’s ass and my cock and told Debbie that it would make it more comfortable.Debbie’s ass was much easier to penetrate than Judy’s, and my cock slipped right in. I immediately started gently fucking Debbie’s ass. I noticed that Judy’s tits started spraying milk, and I motioned for her to come closer, sucking one tit into my mouth. I then told Debbie that she should try it, and she sucked the other tit into her mouth, moaned loudly as the milk sprayed into her throat while my cock speared her ass. Debbie started cumming, then I started cumming, and I reached to Judy’s clit and stroked it so she could enjoy the threesome with her daughter.A few minutes later, we all cleaned up again. Then we talked about what had happened. We all agreed that it was great, but that it needed to be kept totally secret. Then the baby started crying.Judy left the room, so it was just me and Debbie. Debbie asked me to fuck her pussy, but we had no protection, and she was not on the pill. I suggested she discuss the pill with her mother, but that she should also think carefully if I was the person she wanted to take her virginity. She assured me that she wanted me to take her cherry, and we agreed that within a week we would be fucking, either with her on the pill or me using condoms. [More If You Like]

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