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Disciplining staff was never one of the most pleasant parts of my job. I have to admit, I can be a bit soft on people, I’m the kind of manager who wants to be liked, but sometimes they take advantage, and ultimately I have to do something about it.

Disciplining Laura was particularly difficult. I had worked with her for a long time. Things had got a bit awkward though when I’d been promoted above her and become her manager. I think she’d always resented that I’d got the job and she hadn’t.

Laura is a nice enough person, but can be a handful to manage. If she doesn’t like what you’ve told her to do she will do it with a scowl on her face, or come up with an excuse not to do it. To be honest, if she’d been anyone else, I’d have given her a written warning ages ago.

But instead, given the fact we had known each other for so long, when there was a problem I would call her into a side room, explain the problem, and try to talk it through with her, explain why it was an issue and discuss how we could sort it. Still, Laura didn’t seem to appreciate my leniency and took personal offence at every criticism of her, no matter how nice I tried to be about it.

Today the issue was a complaint from one of our biggest customers. He had phoned up with what he thought was a relatively simple enquiry. Laura had disagreed, and been, as he saw it, extremely rude to him. I’d listened to the recording of the call on our system, and I couldn’t disagree with him.

I explained to Laura the reason I’d asked to speak to her, and she immediately pouted. She told me that she thought his request had been completely unreasonable, and she didn’t like the tone of his voice. She thought her response had been fair and measured in the circumstances.

No matter how much I tried to explain that the customer is always right, and that what Laura had said was not acceptable, she wouldn’t accept it. She said she felt like I was always picking on her. I explained that the opposite was true – I should have issued her a written warning ages ago. But this time was one time too many, I said. This time I really did have to give her a written warning.

Laura looked at me in shock. She’d never thought I would actually do it: I was the soft touch, especially when it came to her. She could push me and push me, but she always got away with things. Well, no more.

“No… I… that’s ridiculous!” she whined. “I don’t deserve a written warning.”

“What you need is a good spanking,” I muttered.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“Something about a spanking?” she asked.

“Well, I think it would teach you a lesson more than a piece of paper,” I conceded.

Laura looked like she was considering something.

“OK,” she said after a minute’s pause. “Spank me.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You think I deserve a spanking. Spank me,” Laura said. “I’ll let you, as long as I don’t get a written warning.”

I couldn’t believe what she was offering. Laura didn’t have model-like good looks, but she was far from ugly, your average twenty something woman, shoulder length brown hair, discrete make up, smart work dress concealing a nice figure. I had never seen her as anything more than a colleague but still, when you get an offer like that, you don’t turn it down, do you?

“OK, stand up, bend forward over the table,” I instructed, fully expecting her to refuse.

She did indeed give me a look of surprise, but then said, “and if I do, the written warning goes away?”

“Yes,” I confirmed. “The spanking will be sufficient punishment.”

Laura smiled slightly, then stood up and, as instructed, bent forward over the table. Wow. This was a position I never expected to see any of my staff in. I wondered how far I could take this.

“OK, lift your dress and drop your knickers please,” I said in a businesslike manner, as if I spanked my staff every day like this.

Laura righted herself and turned to face me, and I could see that she was about to tell me exactly what she thought of my request. But she clearly thought better of it.

“Can’t you just do it over my dress?” she asked.

“Laura, you’ve offended one of our biggest customers. We’ve had to give him a huge discount – you’ve cost the company a fortune. It’s bare bottom or the written warning.”

I could see her considering the option, then reluctantly coming to a conclusion.

“And you won’t do anything other than spank my bottom?” she asked.

I smiled. “No, of course not.”

Laura sighed, then turned back towards the table, bending forward. She lifted up the dress, revealing a pair of black lace knickers. I thought about the fact that when she had put them on that morning she would never have imagined showing them to her manager.

I waited. A few seconds later Laura pulled her knickers down at the back, far enough to expose her well shaped bare bottom whilst protecting her modesty as far as she could. I’d never spanked anyone before, and I took a few seconds to enjoy the extremely erotic view of a woman presenting Batıkent Escort her bare bottom for spanking. The fact that this was one of my employees in smart business attire, bending over a table in an unlocked room, just made it all the more exciting.

“OK Laura, ten smacks, take them all without complaining and I’ll throw out the written warning.”

The no complaining rule was important. Laura complained about everything. Having to just accept ten hard smacks to her bare bottom, no moaning, no objections, would be the most important part of this lesson.

I didn’t pre-warn her about the first smack. After making her wait a couple of seconds, I delivered a hard smack to her left cheek. My hand connected beautifully with her backside, and a satisfyingly loud “SMACK” rang out around the room.

Laura immediately rounded on me, her dress falling back down to cover her.

“Ow, that was too hard!” she objected.

“Laura, there was one rule, wasn’t there?” I asked. I’d at least expected her to try.

“What rule?” she asked, looking confused.

“No complaining,” I reminded her.

“It’s supposed to hurt,” I continued. “It’s a spanking. You asked for it. Literally.”

She looked like she was going to come back with a retort, but decided better of it.

“Fine,” she conceded.

She resumed her position bending over the table and lifted her dress again reluctantly.

“I’ll start again,” I said.

This time I made her wait for what seemed like ages, then let my hand fly once again towards her left buttock. SMACK.

“Ow!” she exclaimed, but stayed in position, awaiting the second swat.

“Quiet Laura,” I insisted.

I expected an objection, but she did as she was told.

I smacked her again, hard on her left butt cheek, with another satisfyingly loud SMACK sound.

“One,” I counted.

She rounded on me again.

“One?” she exclaimed. “That’s three now!”

“Laura, I said you had to take ten spanks without complaining. You complained after the first, so I started again. You complained after the second, so I started again. Now you’ve complained again.”

“Did not!” she complained.

“And again.”

I thought she was going to throw a full blown tantrum. This was hardly helping to improve her professionalism.

“Right, just get out. Written warning it is,” I said firmly.

“No!” she insisted. “No, you can spank me. I won’t complain any more. Ten spanks.”

“You’ll do as you’re told?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes,” she replied.

“OK, pull your dress and your bra down so I can see your breasts,” I requested.

From the expression on her face, it was clear she was going to complain again.

“That wasn’t what we agreed!” she whined.

“Laura, we agreed I would spank you with no complaining. You didn’t keep to your part of the deal. Maybe having your breasts out will remind you not to complain any more.”

Laura didn’t respond.

“Fine,” I said. “Written warning it is then.”

“OK, OK,” she said reluctantly.

She pulled her dress down to below her chest, revealing a rather plain black bra holding an ample pair of breasts. I was getting very excited about the fact I was about to see one of my employee’s breasts, and could feel my erection that had already started to develop starting to get very stiff.

Now Laura pulled her bra down too, leaving her large firm breasts completely exposed. I took a good long look at them, and would have loved to touch them, but the rules were the rules. Laura’s left boob was slightly bigger than her right, large areola surrounding small tight nipples. She had a great pair of natural tits.

“Right Laura, back in position,” I instructed.

Laura turned round and bent over the table again, lifting her dress up. I loved this view of her, still with all her business clothes on, but with all the important bits exposed. Her boobs hung nicely from her body, now free from the restriction of her bra.

I decided to get Laura’s spanking out of the way quickly so that I could have some privacy to sort out my erect cock. I spanked her hard over her left butt cheek, then immediately again over her right, then a third time over her left, getting a little harder each time, smack, Smack, SMACK! Laura took a sharp intake of breath on the third, but didn’t complain.

I wondered if she could possibly make it to ten without complaining. Laura had always hated me telling her what to do as her manager; having to stand with her tits and butt out and let me spank her, without even being allowed to say anything, must have been extremely difficult for her. It was an impossibly submissive position for her.

I went to spank her again, but before I could make contact she clenched her bottom. Oh no, I wasn’t putting up with this. I stopped, my hand hovering inches from her backside.

“Unclench, Laura,” I ordered.

Her butt stayed clenched up for a few seconds, then she relaxed it. I loved the fact that I had control even over her butt cheeks. Batıkent Escort Bayan Now if only I could exercise anything like this level of control over Laura on a normal day…

I rewarded her newly relaxed bottom with two more nice hard smacks. Laura stood there and let me, keeping her cheeks unclenched as instructed.

“Now Laura,” I said, keen to take this opportunity to address her behaviour whilst she wasn’t in a position to answer back.

“The reason you are being spanked is that you were very rude to one of our biggest clients, and that’s just not acceptable,” I said. I gave her a nice hard smack over her left butt cheek to demonstrate just how unacceptable it was.

“Your attitude has been completely unacceptable for a long time,” I told her, “and I just can’t keep making excuses for you. I can’t give you any more chances.” I emphasised the point by smacking her hard over her right butt cheek. Yes, Laura had really earned this spanking.

“So next time you’re thinking about being rude to me, or one of your colleagues, or especially a client, I want you to remember being here in my office, tits out, bare bottom, being spanked,” I said, placing her eighth spank exactly where I’d placed the previous one, just to break the sequence and give her a surprise. It worked.

“Shit!” Laura exclaimed, hands flying to protect her bottom.

“Laura?” I asked.

“You cheated!” she complained.

“You complained,” I responded.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, realising that she’d just taken eight spanks for no reason. She’d just wiped it all in one expletive.

“Right Laura, I’m going to give you once last chance to get through ten spanks, but this time you’re going to be over my knee,” I said.

Laura gave me a disparaging look.

“No, over the desk,” she insisted.

“No, over my knee,” I repeated.

Her expression changed to a sulk. I responded by staring straight at her tits. If I was going to have to wait, I might as well enjoy the view whilst I did so. And I half expected Laura to put her arm over them, giving me an excuse to escalate the punishment further.

“Fine,” she said, her voice matching her facial expression.

I sat down on my leather desk chair, raising one of my legs and patting where I wanted her to position her bottom. She looked like she was going to protest again, but obviously thought better of it. She lowered herself over my knee, her bottom now positioned perfectly to be spanked, but still covered by her dress.

“Lift your dress,” I requested. She did as I asked.

I was now presented with exactly what I was hoping for. Not only did I get to see her bare bottom once again, but the position I had her in meant I could see right between her legs, where her pink pussy lips were nestled in a thick bed of pubic hair.

“I’ve got a great view from here,” I told Laura, making sure she realised exactly how exposed she was to me.

Laura wriggled on my knee immediately, clearly trying to close up her legs and at least maintain a little privacy.

“Laura, the spanking won’t start until I can see your pussy, and if I stop being able to see them it will start again,” I said, trying not to sound too pleased with myself.

“I am not showing you my vagina!” Laura protested.

“OK then, shall we forget about the spanking?” I asked.

“No… no, just spank me without looking at my genitals,” she replied.

“One final chance Laura; open your legs or we stop now.”

There was a silence for a good few seconds.

“Fine, if you must,” she sighed, and she wriggled back to where she had been originally, her pussy coming back into view as she did so.

“Can you see it?” she asked.

“Yep,” I replied, smiling.

I stared at her exposed lips peeking through her pubes. Was it just me or did they seem a little swelled up, a little bit moist?

“OK Laura, ten hard smacks, no complaining, last chance,” I said, eyes still focussed between her legs.

“No clenching, and you will keep your pussy on view the whole time, OK?”

“OK, just get on with it,” she said.

I paused, enjoying the sight of her deposited over my knee with her legs apart for as long as I could. Her bare bottom was pushed up towards me, presented to me, ready for its spanking, already a faint shade of red from the punishment it had already taken.


I got four hard smacks in in quick succession, alternating between her cheeks, her butt cheeks rebounding from the impact, her bottom reddening slightly more. I had hoped that doing four so quickly would catch her out, get a complaint out of her, at least make her clench, but it was to no avail. She stayed in position, bottom relaxed, still pushed up, waiting for the next one. Her legs stayed apart, pussy nicely exposed. It was definitely looking aroused.


I reversed, right then left rather than left then right. I was getting the hang of this now, the sound of my hand on her buttocks just right, loud and confident and erotic. Escort Batıkent If only I was her boyfriend rather than her manager. I was sure we’d be able to spend plenty of time in the bedroom with me “punishing” her for things. I looked between her legs again. Yes, I was sure she would have no objection to that.


Eight down, just two to go. This time it looked like she was finally going to take a full spanking without complaining. Her top would come up to hide her breasts again and her dress down to cover her bottom and pussy. I took a last opportunity to look at her body whilst I had the chance, whilst all of her clothes were pulled out of the way of the important bits so that they were on show to me.

Her breasts hung unrestrained from her pulled down top, but they were now clearly flushed red, her nipples now hard. Her bare bottom was ready to receive its final chastisement, and her pussy lips were clearly ready for some attention as soon as she got out of here.

I smacked her again, then held my hand above her bottom, building the anticipation for the final one. She wriggled slightly. I waited. Her pussy glistened. I waited. It was obvious now how excited she was, that far from seeing this as a punishment she was enjoying it, waiting for the final touch of my hand.

“OK, Laura, I think that’s enough,” I said, withdrawing my hand.

“No!” she complained.

Then, realising she seemed to be protesting too much, “no, that’s only nine.”

“Yes, well, I think that’s enough,” I said.

I knew she didn’t have a boyfriend; there was nobody to complete the spanking for her when she got home, to deliver that denied final spank. It would remain unresolved, something for us to imagine over and over again in our fantasies, but never to be fulfilled.

“OK, get yourself dressed then Laura,” I smiled, taking a long last look at her body.

Standing up she let her dress fall over her bottom. She adjusted her bra back over her breasts and then righted the top of her dress. Finally she reached under her dress to return her knickers to their rightful position.

She looked her usual professional self again, except that her hair was slightly out of place, her dress slightly wrinkled, and her face much redder than usual.

“OK Laura, I think you’ve been sufficiently punished, so you may get back to work now,” I said, fully expecting to see her head off to the bathroom in a few minutes.

“And the written warning?” she asked.

“Forgotten about, Laura. I think we have found a more appropriate form of punishment for you, haven’t we?”

She nodded. She looked down at my crotch, where I still had a very obvious erection.

“It looks like you enjoyed giving me my punishment,” she smiled.

I looked down at her own crotch, now covered up.

“It looked like you rather enjoyed receiving it,” I said.

“No I didn’t!” she protested.

I raised my eyebrows.

“I could see your pussy the whole way through,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, well, that was totally inappropriate of you to make me show you,” she said, but in such a way as to let me know it was not a real complaint.

“So?” I asked.

“No comment,” she smiled.


I couldn’t stop thinking about Laura’s punishment over the next few weeks. Neither of us mentioned it, but it seemed to have worked, at least at first; her attitude improved significantly. But after a couple of weeks, she started turning up late for work, being rude to clients, and generally being a nightmare again. I wondered if the effects of the spanking had worn off, or if she was deliberately misbehaving to earn herself another spanking.

I realised that if the latter was the case, I was playing into her hands by punishing her again in the same way, but equally I couldn’t wait to get her back over my knee.

I called her in and gave her the same option as before: written warning or spanking. This time though, there would be no modesty spared if she took the spanking. It would be over my knee with the top of her dress pulled down, the bottom pulled up, and her legs apart so I could see her pussy.

She agreed to the “punishment” a little too enthusiastically, and I did consider for a second whether to go with something more traditional. After all, I really did need to get her to stop being rude to clients. But I could already feel myself starting to get an erection, so I decided to stick with plan A.

Laura’s spanking proceeded much as last time, but without the complaints this time. As soon as she was over my knee with her legs parted it was obvious how excited she was. I took my time, enjoying the view of her pussy, tits and butt. I placed each spank carefully, nice and hard on her butt, alternating cheeks, using the spanking skills I had developed the previous week.

I was hoping to get her to complain, to allow me to start the spanking again, extend the time I could have her over my knee, but this week she lay there obediently, not reacting at all as I landed swat after swat on her backside. She didn’t even clench, keeping her cheeks relaxed throughout.

When I landed the final hard smack on her bottom I expected her to get up as she had the previous week, put her dress back into place to cover everything up again and leave me nursing a large erection. But when I told her I was done, I got a surprise.

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