Older women. They are the best.

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Big Tits

Older women. They are the best.This is an honest true story. It’s long but why not have a story you can fantasize about. If you don’t like it don’t read it. I used to work the overnight shift at a local frozen food delivery place to supplement my farm income. Since I was the warehouse manager my job was to meet with the drivers when they came in to discuss what product had been loaded on their trucks and any concerns they had. One morning a gal came in and introduced herself as a new driver taking over one of the delivery routes. I introduced myself and told her what my job was and gave her my cell in case she had questions or problems. This gal was in her early 50s at the time I was in my mid twenties. She wasn’t fat but chubby, bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits(40ddd) a nice plump ass that pushed tight against her slacks. Full lips and mouth that the first time I seen it knew would feel great wrapped around my cock. A whole year went by we would text and talk on the phone she had a dirty mind just like the rest of us so we all had a lot of fun. Some of our texts were borderline and I began to wonder if she wanted me like I wanted her? The drivers run two days then come in get loaded and run two more; staying at a hotel between runs. But since I worked all night never had the chance to make my move. Finally one night a blizzard came in and all roads were going to be closed for two days. This was the chance I’d been waiting for! Instead of loading trucks all warehouse and drivers went to the only bar in town and had a good time. At about 11 everybody said there good nights and headed back to their rooms. I said I was going to go to the depot and do some book work and try to make it home the next morning. Not 10 minutes later I got a text from her stating she couldn’t sleep and wanted to know if I’d come to her room and have a couple more drinks with her? I ended up in her room and we drank and laughed and got more drunk. I Çankaya Rus Escort thought fuck it and said “lets play strip quarters.” She looked at me and asked what that was. Pretty easy I told her. Heads you lose take a piece of clothing off tails I lose I take one off. She was hesitant but said ok. If you’ve ever played it it’s easy to manipulate the game. So before long I had her in her pink bra and panties, me in my pants and briefs. One more flip and BOOM heads it is. She slowly takes her bra off and let’s those big sexy tits out. They hang but have nice erect gumdrop sized nipples with dark areolas. I commented on how sexy they are and flip the quarter again. Of course I make it tails so I have to take my pants off making sure to give her a good view of the outline of my semi hard cock. “You’re already hard?” It takes more than a pair of hot tits to get me hard was my response. Flip again and lo and behold heads! I give her the look and she knows what she should do. She’s never cheated on her husband so she is very unsure if she wants to be naked with another guy in a hotel room; even though her body is telling her to go for it as evident by the growing wet spot on her crotch. I tell her I understand and she can think it over while I go to the bathroom. She takes a long look at my now rock hard cock straining to get out of my briefs as I go to the bathroom. When I sit back down she says “ok I said I’d play the game lets play.” She slides her panties off underneath the table so as to not give me a full view but I did see she doesn’t shave her pussy-which is a huge turn on for me. She throws her panties at me as a joke and says there you go you won! I immediately took them and licked her juices off the crotch as she sat mesmerized. Now what? She asks. Games not over yet. I flip the coin and of course it’s tails! With lust in her eyes she pretty much screamed Keçiören Rus Escort your turn. We both wanted it and I was done playing the game. I stood up and walked over to her and said if you want me naked then you take them off for me. Since I’m very tall and she was sitting my cock was eye level to her. She grabs my waistband and starts to pull them down. And get caught on my rock hard cock as she pulls it past my cock doesn’t even bob it’s so hard it just points straight in the air. I precum a lot and it is just running out and down my shaft. She just sits there and stares at it. It’s the first cock she’s seen in real life in 30 years. I know what she wants she knows what she wants so I took a step forward. It is now inches from her mouth. She leans forward and very slowly runs her tongue from the base to the tip of my cock. A huge glob of precum oozes out and she pulls away as it makes a nice string from the ip of her tongue to the tip of my dick. I couldn’t stand it anymore I needed to taste and feel her. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bed and gave her a long deep kiss ou tongues swirling together. My hands were kneading her soft breasts and when I pinched one her hard perfect nipples she moaned ever so slightly. I kissed her hard and deep again and kissed my way to her nipples. Taking one in my mouth and running my tongue over and around it gently she whispered don’t be gentle with them. That’s all I needed to hear and clamped down on them with my lips and grazed them with my teeth. I felt her grip the bed and shudder. I moved over to the other one and did the same thing while pulling on the one I just got done sucking on. Her body heaved and she began to squirm. I knew she was on the verge of cumming so I backed off. I looked at her and told her you don’t get to yet. As I kissed her stomach she knew what I wanted and she wanted it just as Etimesgut Rus Escort bad. Her legs spread open revealing a beautiful pussy glistening with all her juices. I kissed her thigh then ran my tongue slowly on the outside of that perfect pussy tasting her sweet tangy juices. She wiggled trying to get my tongue to her clit but I didn’t want that yet. I parted her lips and ran my tongue slowly up between her slit. Pulling her pussy open I kissed and sucked on her sexy little lips all the while her juices flowing out. I moved my tongue up to her clit and rest the top of my tongue on the bottom of her clit. She was squirming and writhing and needing to cum so I slowly wrapped my lips around it and gave it a gentle suck. Her hips clamped around my head and her hands grabbed my hair as she bucked her way to orgasm. After she was done and lay there panting I stated very matter of factly “I have to cum.” Which she replied with a blissful smile you know where it needs to be. Without hesitation I pushed the head of my cock to her pussy lips. With all my precum and all her cum it slid easily in. Her dreamy eyes opened wide as her soaking wet pussy enveloped my cock and she let out a moan and pretty much yelled “holy fuck that thing is filling me up!” I was completely caught off guard at how tight and hot her pussy was. It felt so good I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to hold it much longer and she could see I was at the edge. Giving me this coy little smile like she knew what was about to happen sent me over the edge. My head swelled my nuts tightened up and I began to cum spurt after spurt after spurt I pumped my cum deep into her tight pussy. She exclaimed I can feel it filling me up and it feels so good! That was six years ago her and I no longer work there but we still get together when we can, every couple months. The sex gets better and better and we are always changing and trying new things. She can kegal and make me cum from those and the last few times she’s been squirting. One of the sexiest things is she lives an hour away and we always fuck at least 3 times and I pump my cum in so deep that it doesn’t come out for an hour or two and makes a mess of her panties. And she’ll tell me that while she’s at home she can feel my cum slowly working its way out of her pussy. I have more if you’d like to hear them.

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