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OLGA’s ORDEALOlga’s Ordeal (chapter 1)Olga could hear muffled screams. Far away, but penetrating her eardrums.”Ohh…no. Not there. Please…..Please. What do you want?”She shivered not so much from the cold, but from dread. A certain dread that it would soon be her turn. The last 24 hours had been a nightmare. First, the handcuffs, then the humiliating removal of all her clothing, and the final shame of the brutal cavity search by the smiling female guard. The screams of the unknown prisoner had become shriller and more distinct in intensity.”Whack!””Oh migawd! Stop! I’ll do anything.” The pattern was unmistakable and Olga’s imagination fearfully filled in all the details. Olga was young and not entirely unpretty. Her nubile body had never been subjected any indignities or physical punishment of any variety. In fact, she still retained that sensitive membrane hidden inside her blond, hairy pussy that labeled her a Virgin. The screams were silent now.Olga heard disgusting laughter coming in her direction. The guards were undoubtedly coming for her. She trembled in fear and shook with anger at her own fear. The tears of self pity were rolling down her cheeks with reckless abandon. The young Russian girl vowed to be strong. She would not give her tormentors any pleasure in her cries of pain and pleas for mercy. She knew that mercy had no home in this evil place. The window on her door slid open. She could feel the unseen eyes on her naked form sitting on the ataşehir escort floor. Olga stood up, for no other reason. than to show that she was unafraid. An appreciative grunt of approval told her that her unseen admirer was male and not female.”Do you like what you see? Pervert!”Olga immediately regretted her words. She knew that later she might have to pay dearly for her resistance. The door opened slowly and a metal pail was shoved inside. Olga knew what it was for. Her stomach turned over as she pictured the horny guards watching as she squatted over the pail and relieved herself. It had been so long.”I can’t hold it! I have to go! Go now. Right now. Ahhh!”She shut her mind to her humiliation and ignored the sound of streams of liquid hitting the bottom of the pail. It reminded her of the farm and her milking duties early in the morning. The sound of the warm milk gushing into the pail was so similar. With no paper and no clothing available, Olga used the back of her hand to wipe away the drops of dew still clinging to her pretty blond bush. The young girl was usually fastidious in such matters and was surprised at her new-found lack of concern. Yet she yearned for a comb or a brush to run through her matted hair. A young female guard entered her cell. “Stand up! Face the wall!”Olga obeyed, as if in a trance.”Spread your legs! Lean forward!” She know what was coming next, but the rude fingers probing her ümraniye escort secret places were a shock even though they were anticipated. The exploration of all her sensitive internal corners made her knees wobble and some remaining liquid escaped down the inside of her leg. “Pig! Are you just an a****l that you are so disgusting? We know how to treat a****ls here.”Poor Olga was mortified. She wanted to shout out that she was not an a****l. Wisely, she remained silent and waited to see what would happen next. Handcuffs on.Collar on.Olga was led down a dark and nasty smelling hallway. Her collar was attached to a leash in the hand of the female prison guard with an unusually large and protruding ass. Whenever an officer passed them, she was jerked to her knees and instructed to keep her head down. At the end of the corridor, there was a bench outside an unmarked office door. Standing next to the bench, a young girl faced the wall. The sounds of her continuous sobbing and pain riddled groans and whimpers was most unnerving to Olga. The sight of her tattered ass cheeks was so disconcerting that Olga could feel her anus contract. A sense of overwhelming fear took her breath in an instant.”Why were they so cruel to you?”Olga realized how stupid her question was even before it had left her lips.”Oh, kind lady, pity poor Lara. I do nothing…nothing! I beg you to look at my battered backside. See kadıköy escort if these vermin have stuck something into Lara’s bottom to mortify my tortured flesh.”Olga’s face was at the same level as Lara’s burning red ass cheeks. She could see a small thread extending from the poor girl’s anus. Unfortunately, with her own hands cuffed behind her, Olga could only try to pull it free with her own teeth. The sound of Olga’s face pushing Lara’s reddened cheeks wide apart was drowned out by the shrill cry forced from Lara’s pretty mouth as Olga pulled out a nasty spiked sand nettle. Placed there, no doubt, to intensify the pain from her severe caning. ” I got it! “Olga was pleased with her success. Even the taste of Lara’s ass juices and the scent of her musky pussy did not diminish her accomplishment. “Oh, Mistress. You are my Saint. My very own Savior. If I ever get out of this evil place, I will serve you without any restriction on my obedience.” The earnestness of the attractive young girl made Olga stronger in her resolve to endure whatever indignity in store for her. They might make her compliant with their wishes, but she would bounce back to reclaim her freedom with her head held high. “You! Little Miss Ass Muncher. Stand up!”Olga obeyed immediately. She wanted to yell that she was not munching anyone’s ass, but kept her silence. The guard jerked her chain down low. Olga was forced to her knees. The fat-assed guard turned around and shoved her sweaty ass into Olga’s face after lifting the short uniform skirt. The petite Russian girl came close to gagging as the unpleasant scents enveloped her entire face. Luckily, the guard was just having fun at her expense and let her go almost immediately. She was pulled forward and into the office without any sign. (To be continued in chapter 2)

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