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OMGOMG; I would to tell a story on what happen to me a few years back. I have been chatting with this gurl I meet on AFF. We been chatting for some time now and I happen to mention that I had the house to myself on Saturday night. We made plans to meet and dress and do each other’s make-up and hair, something I need help with. We were to meet at my house at 9:00 pm; I started prepping myself at 5:00. I took a nice bubble bath, shaved 2 times and moisturized my body. I even clean my inside if you know what I mean. Did my toe nails and finger nails, both in a hot ruby red. As I was letting my nail polish dry I began to get out what I was going to wear. I never know what I am wearing until I get dressed. Anyway it was getting late, almost 8:00 and I was really getting excited and I was very nerves. I glued on my breast forms and clean up the extra glue from around my forms. A friend gave me some movie foundation; it works really nice to help hide the seam around the forms and body. I decided on a black sheer bra with little purple hearts on it. I put on a pair of sheer nylons, Espresso Opera from Secrets in Lace; there classic collection. They fell so silky. A black garter with purple flowers on printed on it, with six grater straps, I also bought from Secrets of Lace. They have very nice products and the people are very helpful and nice. I used cotton gloves to put on the nylons, so I didn’t get and runners. (Tock me three pairs until I learn that secret.)It was 9:00 by now, my excitement was starting to get the best of me. I put on a black sheer panty with a pink and purple flower stitch on it, and little diamonds around the flower, dark purple see thou lace blouse, a black lace skirt with a built in slip. It went jest below my knees. A bit on the conserved side, but I am a lady in public. A nice pair of 3 inch pumps, I was so excited that I had a hard time do the buckles. I put on a pretty ankle bracelet on my right ankle, (blue and clear diamonds set in silver). I put on my wig, brush it out and try to put some kind of stile it.It was now 10:00 and still no Kim. Where did the time go and where was Kim. I tried to call and there was no answer. I was getting pissed off. I went back to the bathroom and decided to do my own make-up. Practice, practice is the only way to get it right. I work on my make-up for an hour or so. I was still piss off but doing my make-up was calming me down. After I was done with my make-up, I did my hair. All I can say is that it wasn’t too bad; I need to practice more on my hair and make-up. It was a little after midnight now. I was all dress up and nowhere to go or nothing to do.I was really pissed again and wanted to do something. Went back to the bathroom, change my lip stick color to a deeper rube red, put on earrings and some other jewelry. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought to myself I looked good and wanted to go out, I wanted to take a walk. I live in a large development where the houses are close together. As I walked the streets I started feeling good and forgot how Kim stood me up, it was great.I had the streets to myself; every now and then a car would come by, some of them would even beep, it made me feel so sexy and I made my panties wet. After a while I notice this one car seemed to drive by me a lot, a red SUV. I was hoping it was my imagination. I was about ten blocks from home and decided to go back. On the way back the same red SUV came out from around the corner and stops. He rolls down his window and starts to talk to me. I really did not hear him I didn’t know tunceli rus escort what to say back.The lights from the street were right behind me. I smiled and wave to him. He was about 50 or so years old, nice looking; he looked like a nice guy. He asked me if I needed a ride. With my hopefully best gurl voice I tell him, no I was jest out walking. Then he gets out of his SUV and starts to come over to me. My heart almost stop, I did not know what to do. He was as tall as me. He tells me his name is Tom, and he is staying with one of my neighbors for a week. Then he says to my surprise that I look like the guy that stays at the same house that he seen me come from, and asks if I was his sister? He looks at me and smiles. Are you him? He asks. I did not say anything. He tells me he didn’t care and would like to walk with me. We walked awhile then back to my house talking and laughing the whole way. I even told him about Kim. He asked to hold my hand. We got to the house, went in and talked some more. He asks if I would show him my house. I thought why not. When we got to my bedroom, all my gurl things were stilled laid out. He tells me that this is a fantasy coming true for him, to be with a gurl like me, and asked if I was gay or bisexual. I told him that I was bisexual. We walk outside to the back yard and sit down.Tom begins to rub my nylons and tells me how pretty I was. He was making me feel pretty and sexy. He takes my hand and stands me up, holding me tight in his arms. His hands began to explore my body. He kisses me and squeezes my ass checks. Turn me around so my back was on his chest. Still feeling me up with his hands, over my chest down my stomach and then down to my clitty, which was now hard and straining for relief. He squeezes it and whispers in my ear. “Do you have any rubbers? I ran to my night table to get one. Tom tells me to get a coupler of them. When I return to him, he pulls me tight to him and starts kissing, very passionately. I undo his buttons on his shirt, I started kissing and sucking on his chest. As I was doing this he was giving me a massage on my neck and started to push me down. I know what was next and started to work my way down to his zipper.I put my mouth over his man hood and started to love bite it. I undid his belt and then lowered his zipper. What a surprise I got, Tom was wearing a pair of silky lite green panties. I licked and suck on his cock through his panties, they became wet and I could see his cock, it was dark pink and wet. He pulled back and tock both his pants and panties off, as he did that, I got a towel to put on the ground so I would not get any runners in my stockings. When we got back together he kissed me again and guided me right down to his cock. He was shaved and was getting harder. I kissed his head and put it in my mouth. I was playing with his cock with my tong, and he was still growing. It was the fattest cock I ever sucked. I started to bob up and down, the felling of it in my mouth was great and I needed to get all of his cock in my mouth. I had his cock deep in my throat and the juices were making me hotter than ever. It turns out he was eight and haft inches long and six inches in girth. I gag and choke on his cock at first but the more I want down the gagging stopped. I went wild on it, loving every minute it was in my mouth and down my throat. When I needed time to breath I would mouth and tong his head and use my finger nails on his shaft. Seeing my own painted nails on his shaft jest added more tunceli rus escort bayan excitement. I went down on his cock for thirty minutes or so. I felt him and his cock was going to cum and I was getting ready for his seed. He pulls out and tells me he wants to fuck me.He stands me up and kisses me, and licks up the suck juices that were on my chin and neck. He then takes off my blouse and skirt. It was at this time I realize that we were still outside. I was standing there in panties, bra, garter and stockings and heels, sucking on cock and was about to be fucked in my back yard. I have a six foot fence but you can see over it and see through it. The moment got to me and I did not care. Tom hands me the rubber and pushes his cock to me, this was the first time I ever put on a rubber on someone else cock, as I did I could not help myself and went down on him again. Getting his cock lubed with my throat juices. I loved the slurping, slobbering blow job I was giving. Tom stopped me, pulled me up and turns me around. He pulls down my panties to my knees and started rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. It was hot and wet. I bent over a little and he began to slide his cock in my crack again, every time he got to the bottom he would smack my love spot with his cock. He tock the bottle of lube and put some on his hand then smears it up the crack of my ass. He pushes me over a little more and again fucks my ass crack. This time he would stop at my asspussy and give it a little push with the head of his cock. I wanted his cock bad and tried to push it in. Instead he then slid a finger in and moved it all about, then slid two fingers in, still moving them all about. I stood up letting him finger me and then went three fingers. He sucked on my neck and then told me to bend over the table. I did and I felt something at my ass. He put the bottle of lube there and squeezes the bottle. I think haft the bottle went up my asspussy; it was really exciting, and felt great but a little cold. Tom then put his cock at my asspussy, told me if I really wanted it, that my pussy would take it. He held my arms and I started to move my ass up and down to fell were the head was. The hold time Tom was telling me how hot I was and calling me, his bitch. I was just about there. I found the right spot and push back. His head was almost in, I push out and back and pop the head went in. It hurt only for a minute; after I made a sigh Tom pushed his cock slowly all the way in. Tom began to fuck me with slow passionate movements. I wanted him to fuck me harder. But he said no, if I wanted it hard that I would have to do it myself. So I did, I moved my ass, made that cock dance in my asspussy. Tom was moaning and holding my neck from the front with one hand and holding my stomach with the other. I was moving my ass back and forth, side to side, up and down. I started to shack and shiver, my body was in a tremor and I was cuming in my asspussy. My asspussy would push and contract on Tom’s cock. I started to squirt, fluid out my clitty on my panties that was still at my knees. It was clear and thick. My ass would tighten down on Tom and he would fuck me harder and faster. When it stopped, I was feeling drained, yet wanting more. Tom pulls his cock out and takes off the rubber drops it at our feet. He turns me around and pushes me down on his cock. He tells me to kiss to cock that made me cum like a slut. I did; and I suck it like the way my asspussy jest fucked it. My asspussy still having a twitch rus escort tunceli to it and leaking hot lube, it was opening up wanting more. Tom hands me another rubber, I side it on. He pulls me to the table and lays me on my back. He lifts up my legs and sides his cock deep in me with one move. He stands there, looks me in the eyes. Tom says. (Ride my cock bitch; I want to see my cock in your eyes.” Holly shit I thought to myself, but went for it anyway. I was moving like I never did before. I started to get tremors again. This time Tom would pull out and slam his cock back in me. Bring me over the top. With my asspussy twitching and pucker, he would pull out and slam back in over and over. I started to scream. “Don’t stop; don’t stop; fuck me, fuck me harder. Please fuck me.” I was cumming again, this time all over my self. I squatted on my stomach, my chest, my breast, and it even hit my face, the same thick clear fluid. This time I could smell it, it was very strong, I can’t describe the smell. The taste was very sweet but salty and creamy. Tom pulls out of me and removes the rubber, then gets on the table and fucks my face telling me that it his turn to cum now. He then gets down and turns me over on my stomach. He takes his cock and smacks my asspussy over and over until my asspussy starts to sting. Telling me that I am such a slut and this time puts on his rubber, he then pounds his cock it all the way in my asspussy, then pulls all the way out, smacking my asspussy over and over every time he pulled out. I had tears in my eyes, not from pain but from the best fuck I ever had. Tom grabs my hips and held them tight, telling me that I am a real “bitch and slut.” Then he starts to fuck me, ramming it in balls deep pulling out then balls deep again, he was pushing his cock in and out, moving from side to side and up and down. He would pull it out and slam it back in. “That’s for you, slut, I know you like this way and this is for me.” He said. Then fuck me hard and fast. His balls were hitting my balls. He would slow down then speed up over and over. He liked to drive his cock deep in my asspussy and smack my ass. “I want your pussy to cum again bitch” He says. I wanted to cum also. We fuck like this for a time. The whole time he kept calling me his hot ass bitch. Then it happen, my inter body starting to tremor again, my asspussy was pushing and contracting on his cock. I started to cum; I was screaming and squatting clitty juices everywhere. Tom was fuck my asspussy like it was the last fuck he would have. Every time my asspussy would try to push his cock out he would slam it in hard and fast, making me cum even more. The harder I came the faster Tom would fuck. He fuck me so hard, my wig came off. Then Tom stands up higher than he was and pushes in so hard I thought it was go to come out my mouth. He was cumming, and cum he did. I felt his cock throb with every squat. I think he squatted ten times in my ass. Every time pushing his cock deep in my ass and pulling me back to meet his thrust. After he was done cumming he jest fell on top of me and stay there for a bit, until he got soft. He pulled out, but the rubber stay in. Tom pulls out the rubber, rubs my asspussy then gives it a long wet kiss. He sticks his finger in me and says. “That is one fucked ass.” I just lay there with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Tom gets dress and tells me he is going to get his truck and go home. I was still lying there thinking OMG, and wondering if anyone heard or seen me. What happen to me tonight? I got up, pull up my panties, went back in my house and seen it was almost 5;30 am. My panties and I both drench from fuck juice. What was it anyway? I don’t know. That never happens to me before. I was still piss off at Kim for standing me up. The gurl should have called. But then FUCK her; if Kim would have come over I would have not meet Tom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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