Open Your Mouth Baby!

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It was Saturday morning and we had just dropped our son at the airport. I asked what was up for the rest of the day and my wife informed me nothing. Actually, she said the kid was gone all day and we could have loud and kinky sex. I am sure I said something snarky like, “I will think about it.” Right, I got a chubby just thinking about it.

So we got home and got a few things done and then climbed into bed. We watched a little TV and I fell asleep on her chest, my favorite pillow…

After a while she shoved me off because she could not sleep with me there. I was on my side of the bed, apparently snoring loudly for a total of about three hours. And unbeknownst to me, she was surfing porn and Jilling off.

What I did know was that I was sound asleep and felt something tasty vibrating on my lips. She took her pussy coated vibrator and rubbed it on my lips until I woke up. I had been in a deep sleep so I think I grunted and pushed her away from me. After it was gone, I recognized the flavor and identified the object and wanted it back—she refused!

Of course the vibrator was back on her pussy.

I crawled out of bed for a piss and to brush my teeth. Upon return, I found that her very nice tits were purple. She had tied them up with a shoe lace on each tit. They were extra swollen and looked magnificent.

I took in her situation and knew she was fairly close to cumming, perhaps to cumming again or for some unknown number of orgasms as she had been at this for quite some time. I nuzzled up to her right nipple and gave it a lick. That got a groan!

I swirled my tongue around the nipple and she groaned again.

I asked, “oh baby, are you close?” To which she replied with yet another groan. I also felt her hips push upwards.

Then I really got busy on her nipple and tit. I was licking, and sucking, and nibbling.

I could feel the vibrations from her clit simulator and the increasing pace of her pelvic thrusts. All I had to say was, “Do it! Cum for me!” And she did.

I could actually feel her nipple expand in my mouth…

Her hips locked upward and she shuddered…

She moaned and groaned, loudly…

And I continued to suck as much of her tit into my mouth as I could…

She rode out the orgasm for a moment and then her hips dropped to the bed. I think I said something like, “I know you’re not done yet!”

I went back at her nipple and reached over to tweak her left nipple. I rolled it tightly between my finger and thumb. She groaned loudly. I know it hurt a bit as I crushed the nipple into the bar that pierces her nipple.

Between the pain in her left nipple and the sucking on her right tit, it was only Escort Başakşehir a matter of a few seconds before she came again. And this one was way better than the first. All I heard was…





That and her hips pointing to the ceiling as she rode the vibrator on her clit to ecstasy.

After that I let her relax for a while. But not too long….

I nuzzled my way down to her sensitive pussy. She tried to tell me “no”, but I persisted. I pulled her legs apart and then raised her right leg so I could slide my head under her thigh. This gave me great access.

And what a surprise when I found that she had her remote controlled butt plug up her ass. Tricky little bitch!

I licked my way up her juicy thighs. Her nectar was amazing and I was feasting on her flesh and pussy juice. I licked up her right labia a few times and then switched sides.

I made sure to stay away from her clit for now. I knew if I latched onto that bad boy I would get my neck broken by her thighs clamping down on my head… So I played by the unspoken rules of post orgasmic sensitivity.

As I licked my way around my favorite pussy, I decided I need to up my game. I drifted down to her perineum. I licked my way right down to the butt plug. I explored all of her. I made it my job to lick entire circles around her butt plug. I did my best to jam my tongue up the edge of the plug on all sides. I eased the plug in and out as I savored her ass and pussy juice.

And then I felt it was time to go at her clit a bit. So I licked my way up and gently flicked her clit. She moaned in pleasure and I knew I had free reign to make her cum again. This was going to be easy…

I continued to alternate licking her ass around the plug and gently sucking her clit. I added in a pinch or two to her still swollen nipples. As she got close, I planned my final assault. I knew if I started slapping her left tit she would go over the top.

I reached up with my right hand and got the right distance as I pinched the nipple. Then without warning, I slapped the crap out of her tit. She groaned loudly and bucked her hips.

I sucked her clit fully into my mouth. I worked her labia with my lips and sucked them into my mouth. This whole time I was smacking her left tit with my right hand. She was going crazy. And then she was thrust into a massive spasm and convulsion. She came and came and came!

And I thrust my tongue up into her pussy to capture all of the luscious juices flowing my direction. I smeared my whole face in her pussy so I would smell like her for hours after sex.

I Bayrampaşa escort slowly crawled out from between her legs as she came down from her orgasm. I crawled up her body gently kissing her tortured nipples on my way up. The left tit had already come loose from its binding so I pulled the string off the right tit too.

I kissed my way further up her body and she shared her juice off my face.

We lay contentedly in bed for a bit and discussed how nice it was to have loud and kinky sex without worrying about the kid hearing us.

I kissed her neck and then licked along her jaw line. I was contemplating my next move. What was the best way to get my dick wet? I married well and she is a horny bitch so there was no doubt she was still up for more amazing sex.

I put her clit stimulator back in her left hand and directed that to her pussy. I kneeled over her and kissed my way back down her body. She nudged me away from her pussy so I spread her legs and crawled into heaven.

I began to rub my dick up and down her slit. She was still soaking wet and I was ready to fuck. I slid my dick in slowly at first and then just rammed it home. She grunted loudly and I looked at her face. She smiled and I knew she loved it.

I put my right arm around her back to pull her close. I slid my left hand down down her ass and began to move the butt plug. I was fucking her in earnest and we were both loving it. She felt so fucking good with her tight pussy clamped on my dick.

She may have had a mild orgasm or two as we fucked, but I wanted to rock her world. I made sure my middle finger was covered in her juices and then started to circle the butt plug. As I did this, she fucked me harder and I knew she liked it.

I wiggled my finger in to my first joint and she continued to fuck me. I turned my head and started to kiss her deeply. We continued to share her pussy off my face as we fucked ourselves into oblivion.

My middle finger went deeper and it was fully in her ass. She had the butt plug in her ass and my relatively large middle finger next to it. She was in heaven and cumming like crazy at this point.

I rode it out and slowed to several long and very deep thrusts. I knew I could draw out the best orgasm if I planted my dick deep inside her. I did just that and she screamed out loud. I joined her with a deep groaning “fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk.” Hot damn.

As I slowed down and took out my finger, I said, “aw, did my baby’s butt plug die on her?” I knew from experience that it has died in the past if we fuck too long. In this case, she said that she actually not not even turned it on.

“What the fuck? Beşiktaş escort bayan Turn that bad boy on, I need to feel it on my cock!”

So she reached down and turned it on. God damn that felt great. And in seconds I was back in action fucking her slutty little pussy. I worked my cock in and out of her. And I reached down and jammed the plug even deeper into her ass.

She was moaning loudly.

I was fucking her hard.

I was groaning in pleasure.

I pulled up slightly and watched her face in ecstasy. I used my had to pinch her nipples, but the angle was wrong for me.

“Pinch your nipples” I declared. And she did exactly as instructed.

As we continued fucking I heard her grunt. She reached under us and I assumed she had pushed the plug out of her ass. I told her to get it back in there!

I knew I needed to take control of it and keep it in her horny little ass. I reach back down again and shoved it in deeply. I continued to fuck her and kissed her lips.

“That’s it baby, cum for me again.”

“Show me what a horny slut looks like when she cums with a plug in her ass.”






And of course she did. My amazing wife came again and again all over my cock while I pressed the vibrating butt plug deep into her ass.

As we came down from this round, I knew my cock was mostly dead. I rolled off and lay on my back panting. She cuddled up and we kissed.

She trailed her fingers over my juicy cock and balls. My dick was swelling and was looking good in her hand. Then she got up for a second and I was feeling left out. She returned with some lotion and started to put it on my dick.

I stopped her with a “what the fuck?” She looked at me expecting that I understood her intent. I said I thought her lips on my cock would feel better.

I nudged her head south and she readily complied. She drifted down to my cock and began to clean me up. Now I was really getting hard again and wanted more.

It would not take much, but I new her sensitive jaw could not continue. I passed her the lotion and she lubed me up. She was stroking me with long firm strokes. She was seated beside me with crossed legs so I could see her pink and swollen pussy. I also had access to her tits. Nothing turns me on like a good titty squeeze…

As I neared my climax I told her, “open your mouth baby.” I took over the stroking and aimed at her mouth. She tickled her fingers down onto my balls and that is all it took.

I felt the cum rise up in my balls and surge through my shaft.

The first spurt hit her right cheek, just to the side of her mouth. Damn she looked beautiful with my cum splattered on her face!

The second shot went into her hair.

The third onto her tits.

I was hoping for one or two more good squirts up on her face or into her sexy mouth. However, I just did not have the energy and they oozed out onto my hand.

Not a bad day after all….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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