Park after Dark – part 2

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Park after Dark – part 2Having discovered my initials on the table at shelter #3 left me paranoid. I stopped going to the park at night and found myself looking around to see if anyone was looking at me funny. It helped having college homework to keep my mind off it. I still masturbated every night of a guy stuffing his long hard throbbing cock into my tight ass and shooting his cum inside me. Fingers were no longer good enough in my ass and I began to experiment with larger objects. I moved up to using the handle of a Phillips screwdriver. I bought one with the longest handle at the hardware store. It didn’t take long before I could take it all into my ass. I’d put the screwhead down on my floor and mount the handle. I would get on my knees and lower myself on it as I masturbated. Just before reaching ejaculations, I would go as low as I could on it. The cum would erupt out of me and shoot all over my bedroom. I’d fall over on my side and gently push the screwdriver out of my ass. It felt good inside me and I felt empty after it exited out of my hole. I moved up to wooden hammer handles next. The hardest part was first getting it into my ass, since it was not rounded on the end. Once it penetrated me, it was easy riding. I liked having larger objects in my ass sincan escort but it never quenched my desire for a real cock. I wanted one badly but admit giving up that control of penetration scared me.I had gotten a job through one of my mom’s friends. Her husband had been looking for someone to help out with his clothing store located on our town square. It didn’t pay well but the hours were flexible with my college classes and I could study during the slower times. The work was easy. Fold clothes, count inventory, and help customers if they wanted it. With a new Walmart in town business was usually very slow. I honestly wondered how much longer the store was going to stay open. My boss, Andy, was a very nice guy. He bought lunch on occasion and was always very social with anyone who would walk in. It didn’t dawn on me he was gay since he was married with two girls. One of his girls was in my highschool graduation class. He was just an inch shorter than me, thin almost frail, and always smelled good. It all changed one afternoon….It was a slow day, only one customer and the mail carrier had entered the store. I was checking out a new pair of jeans. Andy was going through the mail by the cash register. He told keçiören escort me to try on a few pair if I wanted to, so I did. I went to the dressing room and slipped a pair on. I was checking myself in the mirror when Andy asked me to model them for him. I didn’t think anything about it and stepped out. He asked me to turn around and told me to try on another pair. I heard him walk away as I changed into another pair of jeans. As I came out, Andy approached me with a pair of jeans. He quickly dismissed the pair I had on and told me to try on the ones he handed me. I noticed they were very tight fitting and low cut. I was struggling to fit into them. I squatted down to stretch them out just I could walk. My junk was easily visible since the jeans had no front pockets. Andy asked for me to step out. I felt a little exposed and covered my bulge as i showed them off. Andy stepped up close to me and gently put his hands on my waist giving my jeans a tug up. He had me turn around for him. As I turned he kept both hands on my waist. His hand passed over my penis softly and I sprouted. Andy marvelled at my ass and then without hesitation asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I froze for a second and before I could answer mamak escort Andy had gotten down on one knee and unbuttoned my jeans. I backed up into dressing room door and let him pull the jeans and my underwear down to my knees. Andy didn’t even look up as he stopped my balls and placed my tip inside his mouth. I got so hard as he caressed my balls and sucked my cock. I couldn’t stop from watching him. His mouth engulfed my shaft easily. It felt amazingly weird and wonderful. The sucking sound he made got me more stimulated. I was sweating watching him move effortlessly swallowing my entire cock. My heart was pounding in my ears as I neared climax. My legs were shaking as I moaned softly “I’m close”. Andy just kept working me over. Until I unleashed a feverish moan and unloaded my cum into his throat. Andy choked on my first two squirts but continued. He slowed down as I pumped a few more times, swallowing most of it. A thick sweat covered my face and I felt flush when Andy got up and looked me in the eye. He continued to lightly jerk me off as he stared. I felt awkward with my pants down as he slowly worked every drop of cum out of me. His cheeks were red and sweat was running down the sides of his face. He kissed me and I froze up. I’m sure he could tell. Still, it was soft and warm. He reached around and grabbed my ass. Just then the front door bell rang, signifying a customer had entered. Andy released my ass cheek and looked into a mirror straightening his tie. As he was doing that he said “I missed you a 3am.” I changed into my jeans as Andy went to help the customer.

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