(Part 1) No sex before 18th. Except with my mother

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(Part 1) No sex before 18th. Except with my motherAt that time,my girlfriend Vicky was 18, I was 28 and my mother in-law Nina was 34, so I was in fact closer in age to my mother in-law which made things quite hawkward. We had started dating 4 year prior to that.So she was 15 and I was 25 when we started dating, so people didn’t approve, especialy her parents.To prove to them that I wasn’t a pervert, I told them I would have sex and be faithfull to their daughter until she was 18.Even after I told her that, my girlfriend wanted to have sex anyway. She felt ready and wanted it to happen.I told her I respected her, and that it would prove my love to her and to her parents. For 3 years, I oftenstole her worn panty or bra and masturbated in them, which actualy made me feel more like a pervert then actual dating a young girl. Near her 18th birthday, we had a talk, in which she told me it would be nice to do it “old school”and wait for the marriage. While I wanted to fuck her brainless, I still agree to her demand. The night prior her 18thbirthday, her mother winked at me and said:”So, my little girl is gonna be a woman tomorow?””No,I answered, she wanna wait for marriage””Do you ?””Hell, I would fuck the hell out of her…”Realising who I was talking to, türbanlı escort I apologized, shamefull, and left.The morning after, I received a call: it was Nina telling me we needed to talk. I got there after work the same day.Nina was waiting for me without trace of my girlfriend or her father.”I talked to my daughter and after that to my husband, and we both agreed that it’s unfair for you. You’ve been waiting for a while to have sex with our daughter and you have all our respect. We’re gonna give you a little gift, but first I have a question. Are you planning to marry our daughter ?””Of course, I even have the ring in my car. Want me to show you ?””Sure, go get it, I’ll give your gift after”I went to get the ring into the car and then I showed her.”Very good looking ring. Now sit on this chair, put your hand on the armsrest, and dont open your eyes until I tell you to.No matter what”I fell a tiewrap around both my wrist and all I could think of is his husband beating the shit out of me while I was tied to the chair.”Open your eyes”There she was.In a open bust bra, garter and split crotch lace thong. I always was into lingerie and This 5’6″, brunette petite milf with huge 36D cleavage gave me an instant erection. türbanlı escort bayan For a moment I almost forgot who she was.”It’s a test, I ask””No, a reward. You’re a good guy, and my husband agree to that””To what exactly ?””I’m gonna empty your ball with my mouth and hands. No penetration””I’ll feel unfaithfull””You have her parents permission, and if you don’t shut up from here on, I’m gonna gag you”She unziped my pants and took out my cock. For a moment she keep staring at it.”It’s huge she said. Much longer than my husband… and much much bigger”She sniffed.”But it smell””Sorry, I said, I didnt wash in like a day””Let me lick it clean”And without another word, she put her tongue on the tip, going under the foreskin and licked all around.I could already hardly contain myself. She started going down on the shaft, licking every part of it. Not missing any part of it. Then once the shaft was clean, she started going on the balls. I has sweated all day, but she licked my balls like it was divine juice. She keep playing with my cock whiletaking my balls whole in her mouth turn by turn. She then left my balls to try to deeptroat it. She could takemore than half of it, but she keep trying and trying. I was escort türbanlı about to come when she said:”I can’t take it anymore, I wasn’t suppose to, but I need to sit on that thing”As she standed up, I could once again see the beauty of this woman. She undid the lace on her split crotch thong,I could now see now her big fat lips dripping. She turned back to me and begin to sit on my cock. I neverhad an erection that big. It felt like it was ready to explode under the pressure.”Damn you’re huge. You’re the biggest I ever had.”She went up and down. Faster and faster until I was about to cum. She then wispered:”Cum in me”I couldnt take it anymore. While I came she squeezed and pumped my balls. Hard. I felt her pussytighten on my cock. I never came like that, and I felt like I was spiting a lot of my seed in her.She shivered.”My god honey, it felt so good”She went into the cupboard and took a glass. Put it on the ground and spread above it. As soon as shedid it, a quarter of the the glass filled with my cum. She fingered herself to get more out of it.It was half-full. I couldn’t believe she go so much out of my balls.She untied me and simply say:”Go shower and come back for the party””What are you gonna do with my cum ?””It’s for the dessert” as she winked at meI went home and showered and came back just in time for the party. Nina was now wearing a dress, but she gave me a few blink of what was still underneath.For dessert, she had made a cheeze cake. Everytime someone told her it was good, she winked at me and said:”I’m gonna make another one then”

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