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A year of training his core by slamming his crotch against a soft, bouncy cushion, strengthening his biceps by pulling on pigtails, and doing twenty hours of cardio daily had given him the action hero body he dreamt of. But today, on this last day of the program, he didn’t care about how he looked; it was the training itself he craved.

As much as he wanted to grab the bouncing titties above him, Marcus did not have the strength to make his hands leave the comfort of the soft hip-flesh and climb up the ladder of ribs. Lying on his back, he was content to watch the girl grinding on his crotch cowgirl-style as tirelessly and intensely as the day they met, moaning her throat raw as she wrung freshly produced cum out of his loins. It had been an exhausting, wonderful year; the passage of time only measured by the length of his trainer’s hair.

“Hello, I’m your personal trainer! Can I come in?”

In the frame of Marcus’ front door, the pigtailed girl’s body language was oozing with youthful, chaotic energy. Her lithe but toned body was almost entirely on display, breasts wrapped in a tiny neon tube top and a bubbly behind in the bootiest booty shorts ever designed. She was a wet dream come to life, the teen-porn category made flesh, an absolute steal to have her all to himself a whole year for the price of a gym membership. The only problem was her size… her fun size, if there such a thing as too much fun.

If the idea was for him to look like an old, pot-bellied ogre in contrast for motivation, he had clearly chosen the right girl. Her cute, smiling Asian face had gone straight to his virtual shopping cart, but now he wondered if maybe he should have checked her height and weight in the bio first. The whole thing was too good to be true, but if the advertised ‘sexual training’ involved, you know… sex, one look at his cock, and their professional relationship was doomed to end in a full refund.

“Ready to get started?” she asked, though Marcus had not answered her first question yet. He was watching in fascination as if a fawn had wandered into his home.

She pulled on her top until her breasts popped out. Though they would feel small in Marcus’ large hands, they appeared generously proportioned on her petite body. She peeled off her booty shorts, and Marcus had the same observation about the size of her baby-soft peach. And just like that, there was a naked girl in his living room. Her hairless pussy didn’t make her look any older. And now that her sneakers were all she had on, he noticed the 1.5-inch soles hiding her true tininess.

“I don’t know how this is going to work,” he finally said, the embarrassing erection in his jogging pants begging him to split the girl’s skinny legs wide and stretch her tight little slit around its shaft but, at the same time, highlighting the insurmountable size difference.

She misunderstood his concern and ignored the elephant bulge in the Elazığ Escort room. “It’s pretty simple. For a year, I’ll be making you orgasm as often as I can. Even if you just sit back and relax, it will keep your heart rate high day and night. If you feel healthy enough to participate, that’s even better. You can use me like a masturbation device as rough or soft as you want; sex is a great exercise no matter what. Let’s start with a quick warm-up so you can understand what I mean.”

Before he could stop her, his pants were down to his thighs, and his engorged cock had slapped his new long-term guest in the face. Even with her platform sneakers, she was the perfect height for a standing blowjob. She looked stunned for few seconds before manipulating the monster like a dedicated sperm bank nurse. He regretted not waking up early enough to fit in a morning shower, but the girl didn’t seem bothered by the sweat and musk or by the fact that she faced a cock longer and thicker than her forearm. His cock grew to its full size in her tiny hands, and he thought he finally saw the long-expected hesitation in her eyes as if this handjob was a way to stall.

His id and ego had waged war in his head since that doorway moment when he saw that he had ordered a personal trainer several sizes too small. A rational victor emerged, better later than never: “Look, this is all my fault. We don’t have to do this. I’m sure we can arrange a swap or something…”

He hadn’t meant it as a threat, but the girl responded by stuffing his cockhead into her mouth and twisting her head around to corkscrew it down her throat. Marcus had never seen a female orifice stretch wide and deep enough to take the entire length of his cock before. Mouths especially never came close.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, though their conversation never elevated beyond grunts and moans. Most of that first day, she was either sucking him off like a hoover or fucking her own throat while her wet tongue licked the top of his scrotum. Marcus didn’t know he could perform that often, but his cock couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes in that warm mouth before getting hard again. Whenever she came back up for air, it was to gather his seed on her tongue and swallow every drop like it was her favorite flavor of melted ice cream.

Though all he had to do was stand there and ejaculate, Marcus’ tired legs eventually took him to the couch. The moment he sat down, his trainer straddled him and began lowering herself on his near-permanent erection. Her pussy was dripping wet, and so was his cock, thoroughly lubed with spit and cum, but it was still an extremely tight fit. He noticed a wince when his meat bottomed out in her birth canal, but his trainer quickly regained her composure and pushed down on the few remaining inches of cock. His fingers dug in the flesh of her slim waist, but she was still doing all the work. Elazığ Escort Bayan Even back then, after only a few hours, he was amazed by her stamina.

When Marcus came inside her womb for the first of countless times, his stupid monkey brain jeopardized the professional relationship in the heat of the moment. He raised her head to the limits of her neck with a curled finger under her chin , looked deep into her dark brown eyes, and went in for an unsanctioned kiss knowing this could qualify as sexual harassment in the workplace.

She didn’t pull away. Instead, she returned the kiss with double the passion. This empowered Marcus with bestial lust. Still tonguing her mouth, he swapped positions and slammed her on the sofa, and fucked her harder than he ever dared fuck any other woman, spanking her butt with his balls for hours.

He was drenched in sweat when he finally collapsed, lurching his beached-whale of a body off the couch as not to suffocate his partner. It had been the most extensive workout of his life, yet his perky trainer didn’t even need a moment to catch her breath. She joined him on the floor and took his limp cum-coated cock in her mouth. He didn’t think he had the energy to move a muscle, yet she found a way to make him pump blood into his extra-large sausage.

Days turned into weeks—weeks into months. And though Marcus considered himself a sex god at this point, his trainer consistently outperformed and outlasted him. Whether her face was red from a standing sixty-nine, her pussy red from being jack-hammered like a fleshlight, or her gaping anus red from an entire day of rough anal, she always acted like she couldn’t get enough.

He only caught her once or twice coming back from the bathroom where she kept herself clean and shaved or the kitchen where she prepped healthy meals. Otherwise, the first sensation Marcus felt whenever he woke up from sexual exhaustion was her warm body still tending to his cock.

How could he ever go back to his boring old life in… oh god, only one more hour?

Squeezing breasts like handlebars, Marcus rammed his cock in-and-out of the face pinned against the side of his bed. The throat bulge that once disturbed him was now a familiar and comforting sight. He had never fucked his trainer’s mouth so roughly and for so long, but he wanted her eyes clogged with cum and spit so she couldn’t see the time and her voice box crushed so she couldn’t remind him of the date.

Then her watch beeped for the first time in a year, and Marcus reluctantly pulled his slimy cock out of her throat for what he thought was the last time.

“Do you have to go right away? It’s raining outside, so I thought maybe… you could stay until… I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

She hadn’t been able to breathe properly for a long time but still managed to smile and stopped panting to say: “We don’t need to stop. All you have to do Escort Elazığ is renew my services on the website. I won’t let you slack off this year, though, so get ready.”

Hearing this fantastic news, Marcus plunged his cold cock back into the warm throat, but the laziness of his thrusts exposed his conflicted mental state. “But I feel bad. I’m taking the best years of your life for what… a dollar a day? And how much of that do you even get to keep?”

After a half-minute, he realized his trainer could not answer while deepthroating his third leg. “Sorry.”

“It’s OK.” She used her hands to rub the slimy cock while she talked. “Sexy Fitness doesn’t pay us, but the health insurance covers my sister’s insulin. So I’m happy to keep this up for as long as you still want me.”

“Is that why you were so enthusiastic? You wanted to make sure I renewed your contract?” Whenever it was Marcus’ time to speak, he had his balls against his trainer’s nose and was absentmindedly rubbing the bulge of his cock in her throat.

Though it almost made her gag, she answered as soon as she could: “There are so many girls to choose from at Sexy Fitness; I was scared no one would ever pick me. You took me in, and you made me feel so wanted, so… sexy. I think I might be falling in love with you.”

Marcus caressed a dry part of her cheek with his fingers. “What’s your name? I’m sorry I never asked before.”


“We’ll Kim, here’s to another year of getting to know each other.”

And after an awkward minute, because his timing was off, he erupted on her upside-down face like a bottle of celebratory champagne. Kim didn’t shy away from the cum; with eyes and mouth open wide, she caught as much as she could and scooped what she didn’t to lick off her fingers. She seemed genuinely happy. Maybe he was falling in love too…

“Hello, I’m your new personal trainer! Can I come in?”

An insanely cute blond girl in a sheer white leotard was at the door. Her foot was behind her ear in a standing splits. The crotch of her ballerina outfit ran like a thong between her smooth pussy lips.

He meant to renew his membership with Kim, the tablet on her back as he multitasked, when the picture of another girl caught his eye. He checked her bio and compared it with Kim’s. This fresh cutie-pie was an inch shorter, just as slender but with much bigger breasts.

He couldn’t bring himself to tell Kim about his choice, so he stretched the last hurrah for a few days until the doorbell rang.

Kim spent a few sad minutes looking for her clothes. It had been a year since she tossed them somewhere near the entrance. The discarded fucktoy couldn’t stay in this house any longer, not while it echoed her replacement’s moans and Marcus’ frequent praises of her tightness. So, she put on her slutty gym outfit on the porch.

It is also there that she broke down in tears. Not because of love lost; she hated every second of her year with that big-dick freak. Sexy Fitness didn’t take back personal trainers who failed to get their contracts renewed; her sister would have to sign up herself to get the health coverage.

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