Picking up a young waiter

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Picking up a young waiterThat evening I came back from my office feeling very horny.My lovely hubby called me, saying he was late to come back home; but he asked me if I was in the mood for having dinner outside. Of course I was, I just replied and said I would be ready for going out. I had a quick warm shower and then I dressed up. I chose a tight black dress and high heels. I wanted Victor to find me sexy, because I wanted him to fuck me wildly after dinner out.A while later we were sitting in a booth in a nice little restaurant uptown. After three glasses of red wine, my inhibitions were down. I had been flirting with our waiter the whole time. He was young, blonde haired; muscular and very handsome…I was sure he was used to getting attention from women. Then I knew he was looking down my tight black dress, as my hard nipples pushed through the thin fabric.My finger traced circles around the rim of my wine glass as I looked at him coyly.I got up to go to the restroom, and I sensed he watched me, as I swayed my hips moving across the place. When I came back, I opened my purse and showed Victor my tiny black thong there. It was soaking wet and I smiled at my husband…Before taking my seat, I Put a finger down inside the hem of my dress; rubbed it between my labia and then I just put that naughty finger onto Victor’s lips.My husband smiled and I pulled out my fingers from his lips as the waiter came back with the check.Victor then intentionally dropped the pen under our table. He asked the guy to get it for him. When he disappeared under the tablecloth, I spread wide my thighs under the table. I was sure he could get a nice glimpse of my wet pink canlı bahis pussy lips, as my mound had been shaved recently…The guy came up grinning with the pen and handed it to Victor.But that was not enough for me; I just wanted him to look again…In fact, I was so horny that I wanted much more than that.Then I told the young waiter that I had lost an earring on the floor.I said that it could be close to my right feet; but I could not reach it.The guy smiled at me and he went back under the table again. Then I just spread my wet pussy lips with my naughty fingers… Soon I could feel his hair on my inner thighs and I leaned my head back and sighed, as I felt his tongue was entering my pussy lips.I put my thighs back together to lock his head in place and my hands caressed the back of his head. Trying to remain quiet in the middle of the restaurant, I came in less than a minute, always pressing his face into my pussy…The guy emerged from under the table with his face shining from my wetness. He took the check and when he came back, Victor just asked him to leave with us if it was possible.He looked over his shoulder, presumably at the manager and he moved away. After some little conversation with a medium age conservative type woman, he came back to us and then we left…Victor drove us home. When we got to our bedroom, I started kissing Victor, largely ignoring the young guy; until my hubby slipped my black dress over my head and tossed it at his feet. I stood there, wearing only my sexy stilettos, with my hardened nipples standing out proudly. Victor and I started kissing again and I rubbed his hardened dick through his pants. Without breaking our bahis siteleri kissing, I stripped off my husband’s clothes.Then Victor moved down to lick and suck my nipples.My husband took off his underwear and his hard cock pushed against my labia. I pushed him back to the bed, as I stared at the guy with an evil grin…I made a point of making eye contact with him while I tongued up and down Victor’s stiff cock. Always keeping eye contact, I hovered over my husband and impaled myself onto his big thick cock…I moaned softly as Victor lifted his hips off the bed to stroke me.Our friend could not stand it any longer and he quickly took off his clothes. When he got down to his underwear, I could see a dark wet stain in front. As I moved back and forth onto my husband’s cock, I asked the guy to show me his dock. He doubted and I insisted whispering softly.Then I could see his long, thick cock twitching at being freed.He knelt beside us, watching us, as he stroked himself. I reached over and began stroking his hard cock. He was clean shaven. Then I pulled on his balls to bring his cock closer to my red lips. He put just the tip right over my mouth and stuck my tongue out to catch it. I stroked the underside of the head with the tip of my tongue while he watched me, moaning as his cock twitched and his clear precum pooled on my lips. The guy started stroking himself again and as he came he groaned with each spurt of his cock, which handed directly into my open lips.Then I took him into my mouth, feeling the warm, salty jets on my tongue. I heard him moaning, until finally his cock stopped pulsating and he sank back onto the bed. I leaned forward and bahis şirketleri kissed my husband’s lips; making him taste the waiter’s cum in his mouth.Victor grabbed my ass cheeks and he shoved one finger deep into my tight hole; until finally he came, filling my entire hungry cunt…Moving over to our young friend, I straddled his face and let my fluids run down onto his mouth. He licked my pussy until I came, rocking back and forth over his tongue. His face glistened again…The guy was getting hard again, so Victor helped him get harder by taking him into his mouth. But soon I nudged him out of the way and straddled the guy. My husband just sat on a chair, to watch his long, hard cock disappear in and out of my sloppy wet cunt.He dug his fingers into my asshole as I came, then he came right after me. He pulled out of me with a shudder and he lay on the bed.Victor was hard again, but I was too sensitive to be fucked again.A while later I stroked the guy’s cock and he got hard again. Then he begged me to fuck me in the ass and I just got on all fours…He knelt behind me and grabbed my round hips. He just spat onto my rear entrance and soon I felt his thick cock head entering my very tight sphincter. I cried in pain, as his cock was really thick.He pumped his cock deep and hard into my anus, until he came grunting loud. Then he took a shower and thanked us for a good time before leaving.Victor crawled through my spent body and sucked my cunt and asshole clean. He made me cum again and this time I screamed out loud as I felt his wonderful tongue.As we both lay looking at the ceiling and recovering our breath, Victor suggested next time we should get the conservative manager lady of the restaurant involved in our fun…Then I recalled her image and thought she really looked conservative; but she would have something hidden inside of her that wanted to get out for sure…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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