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Sam began remembering what happened last night, it was sure to put a smile on most women’s faces, maybe they would think ok it was a cliché, but that didn’t matter to Sam.

The rush was incredible, and the tension was always heightened.

Sam’s motto was always live for the moment, and until that moment she tried her damnedest to have as many other moments as she could.

As she lay there her mind drifted back to the events of last night.

She had come to Las Vegas to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and knowing what her friends were like, she knew it was going to be fun.

They had all decided that to make things more fun they would dress up for one night of their stay, any theme of choice

Sam had always liked suits, so she had brought with her a 50’s style gangsters suit, fine pin striped, black and fully lined with a deep blue coloured silk.

She finished off the look with a black hat that had a white band around the inner trim.

Looking in the mirror, she gazed at herself with a modest approval.

She looked dapper, and ready to show the world what class she possessed.

Her friends were waiting in the reception area, and when she walked in they gave a few whistles, so Sam obliged them all with the opening of her jacket and a slick twirl.

They arrived at the casino, and swiftly made their way to the bar.

Sam looked around, briefly gazing at the women in the surrounding area, but no-one caught her eye.

They decided on a few games of Blackjack to warm up with. Sam lost, but didn’t let that spoil her mood.

She decided to try her hand at roulette, thinking that it was more parallel with her own life.

She was just placing a bet on her favourite colour and number, Red 7, when her eyes got distracted by a shiny reflection on the lower arm of her jacket.

Looking up she saw a woman walking over towards the table, it was her gold bracelet that was sending the reflection.

She walked with effortless grace, like she had been taught to do so at a school that teaches you correct etiquette.

She had almost a regal elegance about her, and the classic lines you see in the women from the silver screen era.

She wore a silky black low cut dress, which accentuated her neckline and made it look so exquisite it begged you to kiss it.

Sam just didn’t know where to look first; it made her speechless for once.

As she walked the blues, reds and other neon colours of the lights were bouncing off her straight shiny looking red hair.

Oh man Sam thought, you got to be kidding me.

She was brought back to reality and prompted to put her chips on the table, and make her bet.

All she could do was stare at the wheel turning, knowing all the time the woman was getting closer to the table.

The woman stood on the opposite side of the table, watching the wheel and the ball embrace in a undeniable force of flowing opposition

Sam looked up and their eyes made contact across the table.

Her eyes were so blue they had an intensity of a forest fire, ready to burn rapidly across the entire room, so piercing that she knew if she looked too long, that they would render her weak and lost.

She was beginning to wonder if it was bells and alarms ringing in her head, or just the machines in the distance.

Sam held onto the table, but not enough to draw attention to herself, though being in a gangster suit was enough.

The woman seemed to pick up on the fact that Sam was a feeling a bit vulnerable.

She gave Sam a delicious smile that was so wickedly tantalizing, it made Sam’s mind wonder forward to a time that was only in her imagination.

Sam had to get her head straight, this was no time to buckle, but instead perhaps call her bluff.

So she returned the smile with a grin that portrayed confidence, swagger, and an almost cockiness.

The croupier brought Sam to her senses, saying that she had won, perhaps her luck would be changing after all.

This was the time to show how confident she was, to let this woman know what it was to have her attention.

She dragged her chips to the side of the table, looked the woman straight in the eye, smiled, tilted her hat and asked her if she would like a drink.

The woman didn’t seem to be caught off guard; in fact she seemed so cool in attitude that it made Sam even more interested.

Sam ordered the requested red wine, and took a vodka for herself.

Not wanting to let the confidence slip from the woman’s attention, she placed most of her $100 winnings on the table again, red 14.

The croupier stopped all bets, and proceeded to spin the wheel.

The ball rolled there for a while, just gracing the edge, it skipped over numbers until it came to rest in black 2.

Sam looked at the chips being drawn away from her, she never liked to lose, but thought perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad thing at this point in time.

Sam looked at the woman, the sorry expression getting the desired smile back, she shrugged her shoulders, Beylikdüzü escort “Money’s the root of all evil you know”. The woman laughed thinking how appropriate seeing as they were in Sin City “So I’ve heard” she smiled wryly.

Sam liked this woman, she was confident, and didn’t look like the kind who would be bluffing if she told you she was smart too.

It was those blue eyes that did it for Sam, she could swim in the blueness of them. They looked that pure, like the unspoilt waters of the tropics.

She wished she could take the other woman’s hand in hers, kiss it on the back and introduce herself, but if she walked round the table, and did it, would the woman be offended by the gesture.

Sam thought better of it, it seemed too smooth a move, and she didn’t want to end up in front of her friends getting her face slapped.

She looked at the woman again, the smile she gave back was one of being unsure, or maybe bewilderment as to what it was that Sam was taking so long to figure out.

At this Sam decided that it had to be now or never, if she didn’t introduce herself it would bug her all night.

“My names Sam by the way”.

Sam waited for the returned name formalities, looking at the other woman’s lips. Her subtle red lipstick, perfectly crafted onto them.

” My names Lara” she said with a reassuring smile.

Sam thought the name suited her well.

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Lara, have you come here to squander all your money in these dens of iniquity?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh no I am here to win, I never think of losing, it’s the best way to excel in life “replied Lara, with a smug expression.

Sam could only think , “Damn, she’s really got my attention now”.

Sam decided to place one more bet on the roulette table, and looking at those red lips it had to be red she bet on, red 3.

The wheel turned, the ball ready to slow down and dive into one of its chambers at any moment.

Sam and Lara looked at it, almost willing it to stop and let fate have the final say, it darted, skipped over a few numbers, and then planted itself in the colour red.

Fate had decided to be cruel, because although it was red, the number was 12.

“Guess you don’t celebrate with losers then?” asked Sam, “But you didn’t win, so what’s the celebration for?” Lara said quite perplexed

“It’s my friend’s birthday, and I thought if you don’t like losers you’ve got to like celebrations regardless” Sam stated in a matter of fact manner.

” Are you inviting me out with you and your friends” Lara said, pretending to sound dumb founded, she was thinking that it would take a few hours longer to get to this stage.

It wasn’t normally her style to wait, but Sam had the appeal which made her want to know a little more about how this woman ticked.

“Absolutely, yes I am” Sam said with confidence.

“Do you like dancing, only we are going to a club soon”. Sam was hoping her chances were better than her results at roulette.

“Yes I love dancing, it’s one of my favourite passions ” replied Lara, she was gleaming with the thought.

Sam loved this look of emotion on Lara’s face, it made her feel very exhilarated, she could have sworn if she had taken Lara’s hand right now to go dancing there would have been no objections.

Then Sam was struck with a thought, maybe this woman wasn’t alone here, maybe she was with someone, or with a crowd of people like herself.

She wondered how to approach the subject without showing her disappointment if she wasn’t alone, would Lara think it rude if she didn’t ask if she was with other people?

Sam played it casual “Well we are leaving within the next hour, so if you and friends want join us they are welcome to”.

Oh please, please, please, Sam thought, praying in her head with all her might, just say you are here by yourself..

“I’m actually not here with anyone, I’m here for a conference”.

Inwardly Sam was reeling with delight, but gave a solid controlled demeanor on the outside.

What the hell was this woman doing to her?

This was hard work keeping up a cool façade.

No doubt if Lara really knew how Sam was feeling, she would have thought it highly amusing.

Sam introduced Lara to her friends; they all seemed to approve of Sam’s taste for once, which made Sam pretty proud of herself.

They both decided to have a little more fun in the casino, playing some more blackjack, craps and machines. Neither of them won, but didn’t seem to mind.

Surprisingly they both found out that they didn’t live that far from one another, Lara was from New York City and Sam was from New Jersey.

“Small world ” they both said on cue together.

Was it just both their imaginations or were they feeling a connection towards one other?

In no time at all they were in a cab with Sam’s friends, heading towards the nightclub.

It wasn’t that far away, and it was the one of the best gay nightclubs in town.

As Beylikdüzü escort they arrived they could hear the music blaring out from the club, the lighting on the outside was dramatic, all the neon colours flashing wildly.

Sam got out before Lara, and waited, holding the door and her hand out for Lara to take if she needed it, the invitation was accepted gladly, Lara slid her hand into Sam’s with a slow gentle motion that befitted her demeanor of grace.

For Sam the experience was one of pride and of torture, because she wasn’t sure if she would get to hold her hand for longer than just this moment. She found herself not wanting to let go, the sensation of her fingers cushioning against Lara’s was more sensual than she could have ever imagined.

Lara kept her hold on Sam’s hand all the way into the club, it felt good to have the strong but soft feeling fingers touching hers, the firm clasp gave her a feeling of safeness, a sense of reassuring comfort.

Having to let go of each other’s hand was a strange feeling, neither one wanted to, and couldn’t comprehend the awkward moment that followed between the two of them.

To break the moment out of its confusion, Lara asked Sam’s friends what they wanted to drink.

They all objected fiercely, but Lara told them that it was a birthday drink, and that she would never have thought of coming out dancing, and certainly wouldn’t have known about this club if it wasn’t for meeting them and Sam.

Sam was impressed at the way Lara didn’t take no for an answer from her friend’s, it made her even more keen to see what this woman was really like.

After ordering the drinks they all went over to a couple of the couches scattered around the club, the music boomed with a rhythmic bass line that you could feel under the couch.

They all talked or rather shouted as the DJ played the latest dance tracks so loud they could hardly hear themselves think.

Sam sat next to Lara and they tried to talk some more, but found themselves being muted by the music.

Only one thing for it Sam thought, she leaned in closer and moved her hand onto Lara’s leg, then said in her ear .

“You want to dance?”

Lara could feel Sam’s warm breath tickling her ear, she adored the sound of her voice and the closeness between them, and the gentle feel of Sam’s hand on her leg, a sensation that sent a rapid heat to her cheeks.

Sam got up, took hold of Lara’s hand and literally pulled her onto the dance floor. This was Sam’s domain, her time to make or break the future of this night’s outcome.

The music flowed along at a fast tempo, but Lara had no trouble keeping up with Sam’s movements, they almost seemed to mirror one another.

It was a flirtatious exhibition they were giving each other, one of style, poise, and a mutual exchange of chemical energy that seemed to have engraved itself on them.

Lara was in total bless to have found someone who loved this as much as she did.

Watching Sam as she went round the back of her, Lara could only imagine what a woman like this could teach her. It felt wonderful in a very distracting way.

The flirting with each other continued with Sam now at Lara’s back.

Sam slid her hands down Lara’s sides, she could feel Sam’s breath on her neck, the goose bumps rising as she did so, Lara shuddered a little as the warmth went away momentarily, only to return within a second

Sam could smell her delicate perfume, the smell of lily being the prominent scent. She eased herself with the slightest of pressure into Lara’s back, to which Lara gave her a slow teasing sway of her hips.

Before Lara could get used to Sam being behind her she suddenly appeared at her front, giving her a wicked grin. She loved the way Lara moved, totally in rhythm with the beat, with an abandonment that never looked out place.

Their bodies were infectious towards one another, the more they danced the more they wanted to explore this passion that had been ignited.

Before the song came to an end another track was blended into it, sending them into more fluid body movement with each other.

It looked like they had found their destiny for the next few hours at least.

Sam and Lara’s mood was one of exhilaration, they both exhibited finesse in their footwork, and neither would have backed down from dancing if Sam hadn’t have reminded herself that it was her friends birthday.

They came off the dance floor for more drinks, and talked to Sam’s friends, to which Lara was told that they hadn’t seen someone keep up with Sam like that in years.

It seemed that Sam’s friend’s had taken rather a shine to Lara, but how could they not Sam thought.

By this time the club was swarming with people, the space on the dance floor seemed to be at a premium, with peoples bodies pulsing in time with the undulating beat.

They sat there talking to everyone, with their body language giving the attraction they had for each other away for everyone to see.

The close proximity Escort Beylikdüzü was demanding more attention; the tension underneath their cool casual appearance was undeniably electric.

After what seemed like an eternity of casual chat and laughter, most of which was about Sam and her past indiscretions, which found Sam cringing to at points, the music had tamed somewhat and had become not as fast.

Sam got up, walked over to the DJ and asked him if he had something with a Spanish influence, she had one song in mind, telling him to play it after the next song.

She strolled back to the couch with a mischievous look.

The next song was fading out, Sam quickly got to her feet and pulled Lara up out of her seat, grabbed her round the waist, and quickly escorted her to the dance floor, she turned to face her, and then the music started, a solo Spanish guitar played the intro.

Sam pulled Lara closer to her, embracing her with a subdued passion, knowing that full well she was going to have to command this dance, and the woman who she now embraced.

The rhythm started at a slow steady pace, Sam firmly placed her one arm around Lara, her fingertips resting in the middle of the small of her back, her other hand took its place on the right side of Lara’s waist.

Their feet not moving for a few moments, just their bodies swayed together in a almost hypnotic trance, the rhythm broke free and Sam took the lead. They were angelic in their motion, flowing and gliding, then intertwining in a passionate clutch, clung together by the songs desire.

They felt the joy, despair, and total absorption that the song conveyed to them.

Intensity flowed through them both, neither Sam nor Lara had ever experienced anything like this before, it was like they were here in this moment but had been here before. The feeling of knowing each others turns, sways, entire movements before either one had done them was so surreal that it took them both off guard.

Still the perpetual need to keep this rush going was too much to resist.

All too soon the song was coming to an end, and they closed the song together with a long silent embrace.

They held onto one another, feeling the calming of their hearts slowing down, the muscles in their bodies beginning to relax.

Smiling at one another they looked at each other with the same unfathomed expression, as if to say “What was that?”

Sam leaned her head forward, pulled Lara closer and gently kissed her, a slow long lingering soft kiss that left Lara reeling, leaving her wanting more.

She could feel her senses coming alive, the tingling began in her lips then spread to the ends of her nerves all over her body.

Soft full contact with the tenderness that made her sigh inside and into Sam’s mouth. making her feel like she had elevated off the floor.

She let herself be taken, her surroundings faded away, it was their world just for this first kiss, no interruptions, no complications, just the flow of undiluted pleasure.

Overflowed emotions filtered into their senses, never near to the conclusion they both wished for.

They broke away gently, with a profound look of amazement on both their faces followed by what seemed like a nervous giggle from both of them. They looked around the room, but no-one was bothered by their encounter with one another, it seemed like the world hadn’t stopped after all.

Sam held Lara tight, unable to prize herself away from Lara’s gaze, those blue eyes again looked so sincere in their gaze.

Was this too easy, was it too comfortable? Sam didn’t really care, it felt right and it could be anything it wanted to be right now.

Lara rested her cheek next to Sam’s and they danced slowly to the song, like two embers from a fire swirling in a mild nights breeze.

The closeness formed an invisible bond, a connection that seemed to generate a will of its own, unspoken, but thought about.

They both wanted to speak, but knew not to say a word.

The song came to a close, they both stood rooted to that very spot, Sam took Lara’s hands in hers and smiled the most incorrigible of smiles, which prompted Lara to respond with her most devilish one.

Sam looked over her shoulder at some of her friends who were also on the dance floor, winked and smiled so broad that it had Lara turning around to see who was receiving all this attention.

She laughed then turned to Sam with a very serious look, the look that tells you that a pounce is coming and you better brace yourself.

Lara’s arms loosely wrapped around Sam’s neck, then moving closer she went cheek to cheek with Sam and whispered in her ear.

Sam’s look said it all, the invitation was all she needed, she looked at her friends, and gave them the grin that told them she was going.

Lara looked around and quickly waved at them, Sam did the same mouthing Happy Birthday as she began to turn.

They got into the cab, and told the driver to stop outside the fountains at the Bellagio.

The night was warm, and the water looked cool and enticing.

They walked along holding hands, exchanging casual talk, looking at the magnificent buildings around them.

The casual nature of it all seemed to ease the tension that they had felt in the silent cab journey.

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