Playground Tales Chapter Two

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Playground Tales Chapter TwoI’m very fortunate to work with a great bunch of people, and I’m never more so reminded of this then when we all get together for a staff party. Now I know what you’re thinking, speeches and handshakes and pats on the back, what a great year its been for the business and how we’re all going to strive to make the next year even better, blah blah blah. Fuck that, that’s not how we do it. Some people dress up, others are in jeans and their old hoodie, we have a great meal and then avail ourselves of our gracious hostess’ hospitality and open bar. We eat, we drink, we smoke, we dance, and we are very very merry.To begin, I must provide a little history. This year was my second Christmas Party with this company, when I attended last year’s party, I had only been employed there for about a month, still very new and didn’t know many people. Apart from coffee break, this was the first time I had attended anything of a social nature with this group, and I had been hearing tales of fantastic parties past in the days leading up to it. Being so new, I hadn’t really planned on attending but the stories were so good, I couldn’t say no. I certainly didn’t regret it, the venue was beautiful, I had an amazing time, and that open bar got me chatting to everyone. There was one gentleman in particular I was curious about, a real charmer, all the female customers were putty in his hands and I wondered if he could back it up with action. Still being so new, I didn’t know anyones situation, so the party samsun escort seemed like opportunity to get some info and see what could happen. He was in attendance at the first party, with his lovely wife, which caused me simply to shrug and add him to the fantasy bank, but just as I was wrapping up the evening, I spotted him on his own. It looked like they were getting ready to depart as well, his wife making the rounds to say goodbyes while he stood there with his coat on. I walked over to where he was, smiling and extending my hand for him to shake, exclaiming what a wonderful party it was and how glad I was I had come. There was a brief exchange of pleasantries, and then still smiling like I was passing on holiday cheer, I leaned in close and said into his ear, “I just want you to know that if you weren’t married, I’d fuck the shit out of you.” He laughed, thoroughly shocked and doubtlessly amused, and thanked me. I said good night and headed out, giggling to myself. Monday morning came, and to ensure that there was to be no awkwardness, I made a point of giving him a rather flirty good morning greeting, and from then on, he dropped several hints that married or not, if the opportunity presented itself, I was welcome to take it…Here we are a year later, and it’s time for the Christmas Party once again. I have an anniversary under my belt, a promotion, and the gratitude of the whole company for the work I’ve done this past year. Having had an absolute blast at the summer antalya escort bash held at the boss’ cottage, I was pumped for this party! By some Christmas miracle, I actually managed to get myself ready and to the venue on time, early enough to have a glass of wine and hand out many holiday hugs before sitting down to a delicious meal with all of my favorite coworkers at the table with me. The drinks were flowing freely all night, the smart people had pre-rolled so you could catch a little buzz when you braved the freezing cold for a cigarette, but as is always the case, as the night wore on the crowd thinned. There were still plenty of people there, everyone well on their way to being shitfaced, and I found myself by the coatrack, debating whether frostbite was worth sating my nicotine craving. Who should happen to stroll up but the gentleman from last year, all alone as his wife had already gone home in one of the provided shuttles. He was standing very close to me, I was feeling very fuzzy myself so I can’t rightly say exactly what he said to me, but I did note that of the handful of ladies still in attendance, they had all just come out of the ladies room, thus ensuring it was empty….I glanced around, there were a few people in the lobby but most had returned to the ballroom where the party was, and of those still outside, nobody was paying us any mind. There was a large staircase blocking most of the view to where we stood, and without a second thought, I grabbed ankara escort his hand and pulled him down the short hall into the ladies room. There was about seven stalls lining one wall, so I dragged him down to the third last one and locked the door once we were both inside. He stood with his back to the door and I sat on the toilet, gripping his belt to pull him towards me. I undid his pants and pulled an already hard cock out, stroking up and down the shaft a few times before I bent my head down and took all of him into my mouth. He moaned as I sucked softly, letting my tongue drag against him, my tongue ring skipping over the head as I drew him all the way out again. I closed my fingers around the base and encaspuled the head in my lips, stroking and sucking his rigid member and within seconds he was whispering that he was going to cum already. I buried his cock into my throat so I could swallow each hot, sticky spurt, then went back to a nice steady rhythm of stroking and sucking, bobbing on just the head and then taking it all the way into my mouth, pressing my nose against his pelvis as I gagged a little. It took only another couple of minutes and he was cumming again, this time I milked it out of him by taking him all into my mouth and then sucking as I slowly backed off again, squeezing my lips tight around his throbbing member. I let him get soft this time, and giggled as I stood up, wiping my chin with the back of my hand. He seemed like he was in a daze, fixing his clothes and grinning. I assured him that if it wasn’t Head Week, I would’ve been bent over the back of the toilet, to which he responded, “Yes, you would have been.”We snuck back out of the ladies room, whether anyone noticed or speculated has yet to be seen. I’m very curious to see what happens at the next party though….

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