Preacher Man Pt. 03

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Typically, she and her hubby played around once a week or less and during those sexy times she usually had 3 orgasms. Now, she had just had over a month’s worth of orgasms in just a couple of hours. She honestly didn’t remember when the last time was that hubby had gotten hard and actually penetrated her but really, it was not that memorable. The reality was that she had a big pussy after having kids and he had a very average sized cock at best and besides that he could only ever actually fuck for maybe 2 minutes before he made big mess. While he was very talented with his tongue, his dick was nothing worth talking about. Her first husband had been no better, except he wasn’t much with his tongue either. She’d only ever been with one other guy and he may have had some width to him but he was honestly only maybe 4 inches long.

Now, that she’d had Big Mike’s 10 inch cock as thick as a soda can and able to fuck for at least a half hour before climax, it was difficult to think of much else. Of course she’d had a “discussion” with her hubby about his antics, but it was mostly a curiosity about him liking to tie up his balls. Turned out he’d enjoyed that for a long time but just couldn’t tell her and he also had those other weird fetishes about eating cum from pussies and getting fucked in the ass.

Every time she started to get mad at him though, the thought of Big Mike’s cock would fill her head, she’d feel her tormented pussy getting wet again and she’s lose all her steam. Ultimately, that afternoon, after the visitors had left, she had her hubby gently eat her pussy to several more orgasms. She was sore, but in some ways it soothed her tormented and abused pussy flesh. She had him tie up his balls again and show her how to squeeze and slap them.

But more than anything she simply fantasized about and lusted after that big cock fucking her again and again. Even thinking of having a cock fucking her tight, little virgin asshole, although scary, made her clit tingle and her pussy drool. Sleeping was hard, because she would awake every hour or two to find herself grinding her sore pussy against the rough sheets and fully aroused.

She wrote a note for Big Mike and had hubby put it on the door, it read simply “Cum on in, She is yours”.

As the clock ticked off those last couple of minutes before 7 o clock, she got onto her knees, her ass pushed up at the edge of the bed, her head down and waited. She almost orgasmed when she heard the door open. A few seconds later she smiled as Big Mike slapped her ass and murmured, “good slut”.

She parted her legs a little more as she felt his fingers roughly parting her swollen pussy lips. She pushed her hips toward him and moaned, almost whimpering. He pushed a finger inside of her and pulled it out coated in her slimy pussy drool. He rubbed it over her asshole. He repeated the process a second time and this time he pushed his slippery finger inside her asshole. She tried to relax, but she was very uptight about ass play, and it still hurt as she tried to loosen up and enjoy it.

Oh, yes, she felt a cock sliding into her pussy, but she quickly realized it was not Big Mike. He said, “Let me introduce you to Slim, Mrs, married, white preacher’s wifey…now you tell Slim exactly what you want from him.” Even before she could speak, she felt Slim’s long, hard dick sliding inside of her cervix Boğaziçi Escort and she grunted before telling him that she wanted his long black dick up her virgin asshole. He laughed, pulled out of her pussy and pressed hard against her asshole in one motion. She gasped as his cock head parted her tight spincter. She begged him to go slow. But instead he impaled his foot long dick deep into her bowels in one push.

She was gasping for air, begging him to take it out, telling him it hurt, etc. She sighed when he slowly withdrew his dick all the way and then yelped as he slammed the entire length back into her. The third time he did it, she moaned instead of yelping and by his fifth stoke into her ass she was begging him to fuck her ass harder and faster. Instead he pulled all the way out again, and now stood up on the bed and squatted over her ass before he plunged his cock back into her bowels. She didn’t care what position he was in, she was just happy to have his long black cock inside her ass, fucking her big, married, white ass like the virgin she was.

However, a moment later she realized why he moved, as she felt Big Mike’s hard cock pressing against the swollen, ravaged entrance to her pussy. Slim paused, fully impaled inside of her and she squeeled with pain and delight as Big Mike forced himself roughly inside her cunt, pressing through her cervix and into her womb. She sighed when she felt his balls slap her clit, then as both men stared pistoning their black cocks into her holes she orgasmed and before the first one stopped she was cumming again, and again, and again. She had vowed to count them, but it was hard to tell when one stopped and the next started.

“You are such a slut” Big Mike said to her. “Tell me how much you love it” and so she told them both that she loved it, that she’d never felt anything like it, that she would do whatever they wanted just don’t stop. Which of course made them both stop. Would she suck both of their cocks clean before they fucked her some more? Of course. And so first Slim pulled out of her ass and lay in front of her, as Big Mike continued fucking her pussy. She hungrily sucked that long cock that had just been inside of her asshole. She started to realize the thrill of being nasty as she sucked her own ass off his cock, even as she came again. He slid back into her asshole as Big Mike offered her his cock. It was gooey with her pussy juices and she realized that not only did she love the taste, she even enjoyed the smell of her own pussy.

They went back to double fucking her and they wanted to know what else she’d do? Would she make her hubby lick their cum out of her holes. Well, of course she would. Would she cheat on her hubby with them, like fuck her, even when he didn’t know. She giggled this time and said that sounded like fun. Would she agree to never wear panties or pants again, but to always wear skirts or dresses to give them easy access. No problem. Would she eat Big Momma’s pussy and ass? This time she hesitated before agreeing. Would she let them piss on her after they fucked her. She didn’t respond and they both stopped fucking which inspired her to yell out her response of yes, yes, just don’t stop fucking her.

How could they fuck so long, without cumming? She glanced at the clock to see that it was almost 8 o clock. Her asshole and her Escort Boğaziçi pussy were on fire. She begged for their cum and in two minutes they had filled both of her holes with so much sticky black cum that a little bit leaked out. However, their cocks were so long that she knew most of their cum was hidden deep inside of her holes, waiting to slowly ooze out of her for days. She collapsed on the bed and rolled over on her back, sucking each man clean of all of their juices. They all fell asleep in a sticky, sweaty pile.

She thought she was dreaming. It was a hot, sexy dream. She was sandwiched between two, big, muscular, naked black men. She moaned in her sleep as she dreamed that a hard black cock was sliding between her wet, swollen, raw pussy lips and then slowly sliding deep into, past her cervix and into her womb. She murmured in more dreamy pleasure as she felt the pressure of another hard, black cock at the entrance to recently virgin, white asshole.

She gasped as she woke up to reality. She was on her side, with an unknown black guy in front of her, he must be Slim and she quickly realized it was his long, thin cock buried deep inside her married white pussy. OHHH, she cried out in pain as what had to be Big Mike’s massive, thick, black dick pushed inside of her tender, sore, tight asshole. As he pushed deeper into her ass, spooning her from behind, he whispered in her ear, “relax Mrs. Preacher’s wifey, white slut…you know you want my big black dick up your tight ass. You want to feel it stretching that tight little ass of yours, ruining it. Go ahead, you tell Big Mike what you really want.”

He laughed and one of his big hands squeezed her saggy white tit hard and then it kept squeezing and she moaned that she wanted him to fill her tight white ass with his big black cock and fuck her raw. She pushed her big white ass back toward his rock hard, big black cock. Oh gawd, the pain and the pleasure we equally good as she felt his massive cock, lubed up with Slim’s cum from her first ass fuck, slide deep into her asshole. They fucked her slowly for a very long time, rocking her back and forth between them. Slim’s cock pushing deep into her womb as Big Mike withdrew from her ass, then the reverse as her ass was filled and her cunt left empty. Before long, Big Mike would slide all the way out of her ass, but her asshole would gape open and easily welcome him back in. She sighed and moaned and orgasmed for what seemed like forever. It was so long that, at one point she told them she really had to piss.

“Too bad”, Big Mike said, “just piss the bed”. And so on her next orgasm, she did just that, gushing hot piss all over the bed and Slim.

When they finally filled her with more cum in both holes, she glanced at the clock. It was noon. They all showered. The warm soapy water burned on her abused pussy. Big Mike held a mirror so she could look at herself. Even a half hour after the sex, her asshole was still gaped open a little, while her pussy lips we swollen, bruised, raw and even bleeding in a couple of spots. The worst part was, no matter how abused and sore she was, she still wanted more.

She made the guys lunch, but they all remained naked, and even as they ate, the guys leaned down to suck on her sore, swollen, but hard nipples as they sagged down onto her belly. By the time lunch was Boğaziçi Escort Bayan over, she felt the desperate need to be fucked again. Big Mike had one more idea in mind for this fat, married, white slut.

He didn’t tell her what it was exactly, but he laid her on her back in the middle of her bed, knees up, feet flat on the bed. First he squatted down over her as she eagerly sucked his big cock. It only took a couple of minutes and he was as hard as he’d been to start the morning. Laying next to her on his side, he slipped under her leg and pushed his massive black cock into her abused cunt. The nice thing to do would have been to carefully spread her swollen lips open so he could just slide into her pussy. But, he knew that older, white, fat married sluts had spent a lifetime being fucked “nicely” by their sissy, small dicked white hubbies. So, he just brutally pushed his hard dick through those swollen, raw, bleeding pussy lips and buried his dick to the balls deep inside of her.

Meanwhile she was sucking Slim to make sure he was nice and hard. As he laid down on her other side and slid under her other leg, she got scared. There was no way her abused pussy could accommodate two big black cocks at the same time. She started thrashing around, trying to escape. Buried deep inside her cunt, Big Mike grabbed the nipple on his side and brutally twisted and pulled on it, until her saggy tit was stretched out past her shoulder. Taking his cue, Slim did the same with her other nipple. She stopped struggling, in order to try to ease the pain in her nipples. Now, nipple firmly grasped and twisted and pulled, with a smile on his face, Big Mike leaned over and bit the portion of her nipple that stuck out past his fingers. She started crying and screaming, and then Slim did the same. The two men bit down the length of her stretched out saggy tits. When they released her tits, she sighed in relief and something else happened.

She realized that both, big black dicks were now buried to the balls in her married, white pussy. She moaned and groaned as they took turns pistoning in out of her, one would pull out as the other forced its way deep into her. When she got used to that, they both pulled all the way out and then both plunged into her at the same time, making her cry out in pain, but also eliciting a massive orgasm, her pussy and asshole spasming helplessly on those big cocks.

“Maybe we should double up on your tight little asshole too” Big Mike said with a wicked grin. She looked at him in terror and he laughed at her as he said, “Just kidding slut, we’ll save that for the next time when you’ll be begging us to do it.” She lost track of time and orgasms and everything. When she woke up, the two black men were gone and her hubby was between her legs, gently licking their cum from her holes. When she was somewhat cleaned up, he told her that Big Mike left a note.

The note read, “We let your nasty, slutty, married white holes heal up a while. Even though you won’t know when we be back, or how many big black cocks you be servicing, by the time we back you be begging for us to fuck any holes we want. Oh, but Big Momma be by tomorrow night and she be wanting the Mrs. to eat her pussy and ass, not hubby. Enjoy.”

Oh God. What was wrong with her? It would take her pussy and ass weeks to heal and even then, she knew neither one would ever be as tight as they were just a couple of days ago. But, in spite of that, she yearned for the fullness of one of those big black dicks inside of her. And even though the smell of Big Momma made her gag, she somehow couldn’t wait to find out what it would be like to eat her filthy pussy and ass.

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