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Recommended movie: MamazonI ended up recently re-watching a movie from 2009 that I personally consider a cult classic for any fan of natural big tits.It’s called Mamazon (not Mamazons, not The Mamazons even if there are busty amazons. Just, Mamazon) and it’s about a group of explorers encountering an ancient tribe of incredibly big titted amazons. They end up captured, a lot of sex, yadda yadda. I’m pretty sure there are at least ten other movies with this plot, but that does not mean that it’s bad or that I’m ever getting tired of seeing this type of story play out. I’m a total sucker for the “savage girl” archetype (in fiction in general, in porn in particular) and in this one I feel it’s used without any frills but to great effect.The girls are all hot, there is not one of them I wouldn’t jerk off to if I saw her in a solo scene (some of them stray a bit on the chubby side, but it’s to be expected with natural big tits). The tits are huge and soft but firm, and all of them are natural. The guys…who gives a fuck, they are all the standard generically bahis firmaları fit good looking porn actors you usually get. Fine big cocks I guess, they complement nicely the girls tits.So what to expect in terms of sex? You get a lot of mostly vanilla sex with relly nice titfuck as foreplay and some hot, even if limited in time, lesbian stuff. The scene are pretty standard (the penultimate one has some kinkier stuff though), but they are done with a certain goofy charm and engagement as the girls try to keep up (unconvincingly) the farce of the primitive amazon girl who has never seen a cock before.You can get the movie here, I have a shitty connection and couldn’t upload it you want a scene breakdown (spoilers!)1st: All the girls are engaged in lesbian foreplay as they get spotted by the explorers and interrupt their petting to give chase. Good stuff, sadly too brief and unconclusive2nd: The girls get amazed at the sight of a dick and one of them run off with a guy to get some of that kaçak iddaa boner. A really cool titfuck at the beginning, nice angle and position, but then meanders a bit during the actual sex.3rd: A MMF threesome. It’s my least favorite scene, but it ends with a good titfuck that SADLY could have been better.4th: Not my favorite scene of the movie, but my favorite girl! She is letting out a guy in cage in exchange for dick. I get instantly hard every time I see her wrap her tits around the wooden prison bars at the beginning. It’s probably the scene with the best buildup, it has got some nice tits-licking and cock-sucking through the bars, and it’s got the better cumshot in the movie (but don’t expect too much)5th: This is my favorite scene. A girl has to take part in a ritual that necessitates the cum of a man. A guy fucks both her and the amazons leader (so it’s a FFM threesome). Good foreplay, nice sex, but the real star of the show is the queen of the amazons: i dig her style even if I don’t find her the hottest girl around, and I totally dig scenes kaçak bahis where there is an aggressive girl telling a man how to fuck another girl. There is a really kinky cumshot in a ritual cup that is unfortunately ruined by uninspired camera work.6th: another 1 on 1 between a girl and a guy. Honestly, that scene is just there: the girl is hot but why do something you have already done? Make it a handjob only scene, a solo scene, whatever, it’s not bad but at this point in the movie you expect something different.So, a nice movie with some glaring defects, which could have been even way better with some more inspired and racy choices. Still worth a view and more than one fap.Things that would have made it perfect:- in the first scene have the guys jerk off to the lesbian orgy- Have some anal or a double vaginal in the threesome, have the guy fucking cum FROM the titfuck, not by jerking off on her chest.- does the director know he can zoom in on the cumshots? That would be rad.- Better cumshots in general, the guys look all at their third or fourth shot of the day. I don’t really know how these things go, do premature shots happen a lot? Or they have just low sperm production?- More lesbian stuff, more girls in each scene masturbating to the action at hand.

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