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RONI’S EROTIC MASSAGEVERONICA’S EROTIC MASSAGEAlmost every table in the breakfast room was occupied and the din of conversation could have been called a dull roar. Roni leaned close to be heard.“Every muscle in my body aches,” she said. “I doubt I could get onto skis again tomorrow.”“That wouldn’t disappoint me,” I said. “We tried. We fell down. We’re sore. There must be a few antique shops in town to visit.”“Okay, but what am I going to do. I’m in pain.”“Have you tried aspirin?”“They did nothing.”“The soreness should go away in a couple days.”“Thanks a lot.”I shrugged. “When athletes strain muscles they get a massage. All these ski resorts have massage ther****ts.”“That will be expensive.”I shrugged again. “So what? Make an appointment.”We finished breakfast and went back to our room where Roni called the extension listed in the resort guide. No answer.“How can they not be there?” she said.“Who knows? I’ll find them.”I hopped on the elevator and two minutes later, stopped at the reception desk.“How do I make an appointment for my wife to get a massage?”“Extension 349,” the desk clerk said.“No answer.”“Beats me,” he said. “They’re on the first floor, one below the lobby. You might want to check.”The elevator dropped me off in front of a wall of windows giving me a great view of the snowy valley. A sign said: Pool, Lockers, Gym, Massage, with an arrow pointing to the left.I found no one sitting at the reception desk in the ther****t’s office. To the right, a sign on a door said: Women. Knock before entering. I knocked. No one answered. To the left was a door marked Men with the same message. I knocked again.A voice from behind the door said, “If you’re a man come in.”I opened the door and felt a blast of hot, damp air. A man about fifty wearing a white polo shirt and white slacks, who I assumed was the masseur, turned to me.“Close the door. I don’t want him to get a draft.”Him was a naked man lying face down on a massage table.“I’m trying to make an appointment for my wife to get a massage, but no one answers the phone and there’s no one in the woman’s room next door.”“Yeah,” he said, “The receptionist is off today and the ther****t got sick yesterday and called in today.”“My wife’s a first time skier who’s a hurting cowgirl. Is the masseuse coming in tomorrow?”“Probably not. I think she’s got the flu.”The masseur spoke like he came from Brooklyn and looked like he’d be right at home training a prize fighter. “Shit,” I said.“If she’s in bad shape, I got an hour open at eleven or five.”“You’d do the massage?”“I’m it.”I wondered if Roni would like getting a massage from this burly middle-aged guy. “Will she be like this customer?” I pointed to the nude man.“That’s the way we do massages.”“I’ll ask her. Eleven o’clock would be best. Can I leave a message with someone?”“I’ll pencil her in.” I gave him her name and room number. “If she changes her mind, tell someone at the front desk.”“Does she just come here?”“She can change in the locker room or take her clothes off in your room and wear one of the hotel robes down. Most people do that.”“Okay, I’ll bring her down.”“Good. She gets fifteen minutes in the steam cabinet and forty-five on the table. The steam will make her sweat. Tell her to bring a towel to wrap around her hair.” He paused a moment. “She gonna have a problem bornova escort doing this nude?”I didn’t know if Roni would, but I liked the sound of it. I felt a twinge in my groin and my cock had started to harden. I love the idea of men seeing my wife nude. Doctors, massage ther****ts, peeping toms, friends, and neighbors. “I guess it depends on how much she wants to get rid of the pain.”“Look, I’m licensed and I’ve done women before. Tell her I’m not gonna do anything to jeopardize my license. You got a problem with it?”I didn’t smile, but wanted to. “I guess not. Her doctor sees her nude.”He shrugged. “If she wants, you can stay in the room with her.”I liked that idea a lot.“Sounds good. Eleven o’clock.”He nodded and I left. Actually, it sounded better than good. I’d love to watch my nude wife get a massage. At five to eleven Roni and I walked into the massage office. The masseur stepped out of the men’s treatment room carrying a rolled up sheet and pillow case. He tossed them into an industrial-sized laundry cart and introduced himself.“Hi, I’m Leo. You’ve got sore muscles?”Roni smiled. “Like Rocky Balboa said, I feel like one big wound.”“I’ve heard that before. You have no problem with me giving you a massage?”“Can I leave the robe on?”He shook his head. “Like I told your husband, you sit in the steam for fifteen minutes, and then lay on the table. I can’t do a full body massage through a robe.”Roni looked at me and then back at Leo. “So I’ll be totally naked?”“That’s how it’s done. Do you take your clothes off when your doctor examines you?”She nodded. “Yes.”“I’ve given lots of women massages. No complaints yet. And your husband can keep us company. He smiled. “Basically, sweetheart, when you seen one knish, you’ve seen them all.”Roni gave him an exaggerated frown. “Just don’t focus too closely on my knish.”He laughed. “You got a deal.”“Will a massage help me to feel better?”“A magician I’m not, but you’ll feel better.”“Okay,” she said.“I’ve got the ladies room ready for you.”He opened the door and ushered us in. Then, he opened the double doors of the steam cabinet. He pointed to the wall. “Put your robe on a hook and have a seat.”There was no chair for me, so I found a spot along the wall with the best view.Roni opened the sash holding the terrycloth robe closed, slipped it off her shoulders, and hung it on the wall. I’ve never seen my wife look anything but great in the nude. Seeing her stripped down and ready to get a full body massage, made my cock throb. She wrapped a towel around her hair. Leo busied himself attending to the massage table and didn’t watch her strip. I did. Roni took a seat and wiggled to get comfortable; Leo closed the doors of the steam cabinet and turned a couple of dials. “This gets hot quickly,” he said. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”He left us alone.Roni smiled. “I guess you’re okay with this.”“Me? Yeah, I’m fine. Leo doesn’t seem to mind and I love it when you show off your tits. You make my cock hard.”She smiled again and shook her head. “I’m not just flashing my tits at Leo, baby. He’s not only getting all of me—tits and knish, but he’s getting paid to feel me up.”“Yeah, what a great job. He gets paid to fondle your nude body. I’ll have to give him a big tip. I’m excited as hell.”“You’re escort bornova such a pig. All you think about is sex. ”I smiled and ten minutes later Leo returned. He took a small towel and wiped the perspiration from Roni’s forehead. When the fifteen minute bell rang, he opened the cabinet doors. “That should have loosened up your muscles. Lay on the table face-up for me.She looked at him wide-eyed. “Face-up?”He shrugged. “That’s how I start. I can cover you with a towel for a couple minutes, but at a certain point I’ll have to remove it.”She took the towel off her head and threw it at me. “Seems hardly worth it.”Laying there with her tits and bush for Leo and me to look at, I was in danger of my dick ripping through my pants. Outwardly, Leo behaved professionally, but I wondered if his cock was as hard as mine. All sweaty and glistening with perspiration, Veronica looked outstandingly sexy.“Where do you hurt?” he asked.She giggled. “All over.”“Be a little more specific.”“Okay. The backs of my thighs. My entire backside. The sides of my waist are killing me, and right here.” With both hands, she pointed to her pectorals…The tops of her tits.Leo poured oil into his palm and began massaging her feet and moved all the way up to her inner thighs. His hands pushed all the way up to her crotch and I tried to catch a glimpse of his hand making contact with the lips of her pussy. I imagined that Roni’s love juice had already started to flow. When he finished with her legs, he worked on her ribs and abdomen and downward into her pubic mound. His fingers brushed her long, brown curlies and there was no way that her cunt wasn’t getting very hot and very wet.“I need to loosen up your pectoral muscles,” Leo said. “So, I’m going to be working on your breasts. That okay?”“Those muscles hurt.” She chuckled. “It’s okay, but don’t tell anyone you had fun.”He laughed. “Hey, I’m all professional. It’s like Las Vegas. What happens here, stays here.”He began under her armpits and dug his fingers into her boobs. They jiggled. My cock throbbed. I wanted to open my pants and jerk off, but I assumed that was out of the question. Leo pressed his hands over the top of her tits and even though it was at least eighty degrees in the room, her nipples hardened and turned brick red.He finished that part of the massage off by twisting her head to the right, to the left, and then quickly to the right again. I heard a crack and Roni moaned as she does when she comes. “Okay, turn over,” Leo said. Once on her stomach, he worked on her legs again.“I’ve got to get your hamstrings to soften up. You’re way too tight. That could give you trouble.”He dug his fingers into the inside of her muscular thighs, moving his hands upward until he reached her ass. His hand must have made contact with the lips of her cunt. She sighed with no small amount of pleasure. I wondered if he felt her wet pussy. After finishing one thigh, he walked to the other side of the table, paid me no attention, and began on her other thigh, traveling from behind her knee right back to the base of her ass where he thrust his fingers into her muscles, no doubt getting a great feel of her labia. She let out an almost inaudible sexy little squeak, probably as his finger touched her cunt.Finished with her thighs, bornova escort bayan he spent a lot of time kneading the cheeks of her ass. He squeezed them. They parted. I saw the dark line of wispy, fine hairs running between her cheeks from her pussy to her hole. As he fondled her ass, she wiggled a little, obviously pleased with the intensity of sexual pleasure he was giving her.From her ass he worked up her back, paying special attention to the swells of her tits pressed against the table. He worked on her shoulders, pulled her arm out to her side and I got a quick glimpse of nipple as he lifted her arm slightly. Her ass and back glistened with oil. My cock was so hard and so in danger of exploding into orgasm, I dared not let the hand in my pocket touch it.When Leo finished the massage, he gave her an almost gentle pat on the ass. “Okay, we’re done,” he said. “You can put on the robe. I’ll be outside.”Roni stood up and faced me. She was smiling. “Feel good?” I asked.“Oh, yeah.” She almost purred her approval.I handed Roni the towel which she re-wrapped on her hair first. She looked delicious with the makeshift turban on her hair and her oiled nude body. She gave me a moment to enjoy her nakedness.“Like what you see?”I showed her a lecherous smile. “You betcha.”“Think Leo enjoyed himself?” she asked. “And he gets paid to feel you up. What a job.”“I’ll take that as a compliment.”“Damn, you look good. I’d like to fuck you right here.”She gave me a big smile and touched my hard cock. “I guess you could, but Leo would catch us.”“Quick, put on the robe or I won’t care.”“I’ll bet you enjoyed the show,” she said.“I did. And tell me again how you feel?”“That was wonderful. I almost fell asleep.”“Like you do after an orgasm?” Her smile intensified. “Um, almost.”“He got pretty close to your kitty. Did our buddy Leo make you cum?”“Not quite.” Her naughty smile came back with high wattage. “And he got more than close.”I raised my eyebrows twice and tried to appear shocked. “Can I finish the job?”She slid her hands between my legs and squeezed my dick long and hard. “You got very hard watching him touch me.”“No, I always walk around with a boner that looks like a Louisville Slugger. You got very aroused when his hands brushed your pussy and he squeezed your tits. I heard you moan.”She faked a shy smile. “I guess.” “I watched your nipples get hard.”“Well, that does happen.”“What did you like best?”“All that you mentioned and I really liked how he squeezed my buns.”“I got an excellent view of what you’ve got back there.”“I think you loved watching the show.”“An understatement. And I learned what I can do for you when Leo isn’t around.”“Should I come here again before we leave?”“Why live with pain. But I get to watch.”“I’d like that. Maybe we can come back here next year. Not to ski, but to see Leo.”“I’d better give him a nice tip?”She changed her smile to something sexier. “You’d better. I do want to come back. Maybe you can get the masseuse to do you.”“She’s got the flu.”“Maybe next year.”“Or somewhere else.”She nodded. “Or somewhere else. There must be another Leo somewhere out there, too.”“We’ll look.”I took a twenty out of my pocket. Not a bad tip for a sixty-dollar massage.Back in the room, Roni tossed off her robe and lay on the bed. “I should take a shower, but all I want to do is go to sleep.”I started to take my clothes off. “I know you’re exhausted, but before you doze off, can I trouble you for a hand-job?”She stretched, allowing me to see all of her scrumptious nude body. “I’ll give a lovely hand-job if you lick my knish until I cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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