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The previous school year we had been close friends, and in the spring we decided to room together for the next school year. For a possible dorm, we looked at an old Victorian house that was college housing and settled on a room there. It was a small campus in a small town and almost all students lived in campus housing.

Paul was from another area of the country entirely than I. We were both tall and slender, although his Italian good looks, physique, and dark skin definitely contrasted with my blond hair and fairness. I also knew he was gay, and (so I thought) I was straight. Even so, we had lots in common and talked about everything, but neither of us thought much or spent much time talking about girls.

My summer work ended in August, so I had a few weeks free before classes started in the fall. During the school year, as our friendship grew, he once let me know that he was open to extending our friendship. But during that year, he was a perfect gentleman while our friendship grew. He never tried to put me in a difficult situation, and remained a friend throughout.

But I now wanted more. I was not sure what, but I was definitely looking forward to the fall and being with my friend again. Maybe I was bi or even gay – that was ok. Whatever, I wanted to show him that things had changed somewhat. Show him how I wasnt sure, but I knew I wanted more.

I anticipated seeing him again during the long drive to school. That afternoon I pulled up in the front driveway of the dorm and went inside looking. I found Paul in the room, already moved in.

He said, “Hey – I went ahead and took this bed and desk, but we can change. How was the drive?” We embraced, perfunctorily, though I tried to hold on longer. Maybe not now.

I said, “OK, but glad that’s over. Can you help me unload? I’m parked out front.”

“Sure,” he replied.

It took only a few trips to the car with us both. After getting all the stuff, I parked the car out back. As we walked back to the house, Paul said,

“That really required a shower. I think I’ll take one now before dinner. Are the dining halls open?”

“Yeah. And I need a shower too.”

When we got back to the room, Paul stripped down to his briefs, put on his robe and grabbed a towel. I couldn’t help notice his chest – really appealing – large and somewhat smooth with black hairs around his nipples, which had large aureoles – and there was the bulge in his shorts. I stared until he noticed and went on to the bathroom, which suadiye escort had several separate shower stalls.

In the room I found my robe and a towel, stripped entirely, and went down to the bathroom. I heard another shower running, saw Paul’s robe and towel, and took the next stall. He finished first, saying “I’ll see you back at the room.”

When I got back to our room he was drying his hair with his towel, and I noticed his briefs in the pocket of his robe. I dug through my things, found some of my clothes, and moved to hang some up in the closet. The closet was small and we ran into each other.

Maybe this was the time. I held him close and kissed him. He kissed back for a long time and relaxed.

“Things must have changed with you.”


“So this is what you want now?”

“Right,” I commented. I could see his hard cock inside his open robe.

“Me too,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure I’m not doing something you didn’t want.”

“Thanks.” I kissed him again and reached under his robe, held his back, and drew him closer. “I’m just really glad to see you again.” It felt great just to feel his skin, and my hands dropped to his ass. I knew it looked good in jeans, but to feel it bare was really nice, and I told him so.

Then his hands did the same, holding my ass. He said, “Mmm. Nice. I’ve wanted to feel that for some time now.”

I suggested that we move to his bed, which was closer and made up. We stretched out facing each other, and I remarked,

“I’ve never been with a guy before, so I don’t know anything.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s just go with what feels good,” he replied.

He ran his hand across my chest hairs. Then I felt his hand on my cock, which was hard by then. We both sighed deeply. It felt odd having another guy’s hand on my cock, but it also felt natural, as only a guy would know what feels good. As he stroked my cock and felt my balls, things felt very normal and hot. I played with his nipples and slowly felt down for his cock. It was semi-hard, and it felt large – very long and big around. The hardness (oh, how I enjoyed the hardness!) increased and it felt great as I stroked. I held his balls.

He began kissing my nipples, which felt really good. Then he licked down my chest and stomach, and I felt his breath on my cock. I was transported as his lips and mouth encircled my head and shaft. As he went up and down and took it all in, I felt a closeness and understanding that was both yakacık escort new and engulfing. But most of all, I felt an intense pleasure – so much so that I had to pull his head off me, saying “I might shoot.”

“I know. I know. I’ll take it easy. Now, do it for me the same way.”

“With pleasure,” I said.

I moved so that I could get closer as he took my cock in his mouth again. I wanted his cock now and I really stared. It was beautiful – and large. It was dark along the base and lighter near the head, which was large and smooth.

I managed to kiss the tip, then I took the head fully in my mouth and we both moaned. I took more and more of the long shaft in my mouth, and it felt really good as I went up and down. I surprised myself at how easy it was and how much enjoyed – no, really craved – the experience. It was actually satisfying to suck a guy’s cock.

I knew it felt really good as we both sucked each other. I also knew I was about to shoot; assuming he was at a similar place, didn’t want to swallow either. My hesitancy was relieved as he took his mouth off my cock and stroked hard with his hand; I did the same. Soon, we each stiffened, shooting all over our chests and stomachs in streams and globs of creamy fluid. We laughed and then held each other tight.

He said, “That was great. Now we both need another shower.”

Over the next few days (and evenings!), we continued, and I felt more and more at home about being with a guy. We both brought considerable cultural baggage along; he had a Catholic’s background while I was from the south, so we were both conditioned that what we craved was wrong. But that was changing.

And when we were together in those days, I remember that he pushed his finger in my ass while he sucked and stroked me, which felt great. Each time we played he went deeper and deeper, and if it hurt, he would add some lubrication. Everything from my background shouted “No,” while the pleasure said “Yes.” I especially enjoyed it when he rubbed is cock on my ass; I would do the same for him, and it felt really good. We would often fall asleep in each others arms.

Classes started mid-week that fall, and by the weekend we were both ready for some fun. That night, we were able to be together as we had done earlier.

I rubbed my cock across his ass as before and put my finger in his hole. His ass was really nice – firm and round, covered with short, dark hairs. I found his hairs very appealing.

Then şerifali escort he said, “Give it to me now. I really want it.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” I responded.

As he got lube, I put on a condom. I was nervous at first, but I wanted it too and so I went ahead. There was lots of resistance, but soon I broke through; it felt great and I began moving in and out.

It was amazing – unlike anything else I’d felt. I’d definitely been with girls before and I’d gotten some experience, but this was different ? tighter, harder, rougher, and definitely more stimulating. It also felt great fucking his ass, and from all Paul’s moans and sighs, it must have felt good for him too.

He soon whispered, “Fuck me. Fuck me!” As I moved deeper and deeper, he moaned with each stroke. It felt great.

He moved on his side and I was able to grab his cock and stroke it. He breathed deeper and moaned higher. His high moans were something primitive – like I’d never heard before – and were very hot.

After a while, I pulled out of his ass, removed the condom, and shot all over his ass and back. This seemed to really turn him on and made him cum. As I held his cock he first stiffened, then shot again and again in hot spasms, pumping all over the bed and my hand in creamy liquid. When we both recovered, I suggested that we could switch.

I was hesitant about taking his large cock in my ass, but part of me wanted it inside me. And I’d never done it before.

Paul held my ass and said, “I’ve been wanting that cute ass for a long time now.” That was all I needed, and I told him to go ahead.

As I got on my stomach, Paul put on a condom and put some lube on his cock and some on me. Then I felt his cock against my ass, which was really hot. As he pushed in, it burned. His cock felt so big! I relaxed, then the pain slowly changed to intense pleasure accompanied by his moans as well as mine.

I began to really enjoy it, partly because I was giving him so much pleasure. And his cock felt good as it plunged in and out. We both panted and he said “Turn over.”

I got on my back and he found my hole, he inserted his cock and began to stroke in and out, deeper and deeper. It felt like his cock hit something inside me and it was amazing. He also grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

Soon, I felt myself stiffen and shoot all over my chest and stomach, accompanied by moans from both of us. His hand helped me cum. And also, having him inside me was a big turn-on.

I felt him grow larger as he continued to fuck me. Then he pulled out, ripped the condom off, and stroked himself till he shot in spurts on my chest and stomach. Cum mingling in puddles as we kissed. And it was just the beginning of the semester.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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