Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 14

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Jeff Gant sat in the semi-darkness of “Pete’s Pleasure Palace” watching the slightly chubby, naked young woman pick up her scant clothing and put it back on. As she adjusted her bra straps Jeff took another furtive glance at the third table to his right. The extremely thin young woman with the large nose still sat there, watching the same girl dress. She had come in with a short, cute, well built, blond who had sat at the same table for a while. They had been joined by one of the other dancers, Desiree, and then the cute one had left for the VIP suite with Desiree and some guy. Now the skinny brunette sat by herself. Jeff kept hoping she’d be called up the stage where they’d announce her name and he could watch as she stripped naked. Most skinny girls had no thighs and their cunts were fully exposed between their legs. And the fleshy pillows of the cunt would contrast with the rest of their body. Jeff loved seeing that. In response to his thoughts his cock was sending signals of pleasure and desire back to his brain.

Normally when Jeff came to Pete’s he would sit at the stage and throw dollar bills to the dancer. That would get him close-up views and, with some dancers, even a quick feel. But today he had only a couple hundred dollars. He knew that if he tipped at the stage he wouldn’t be able to get a dancer back for a nude VIP dance. Almost anything was possible back in the VIP rooms.

Jeff knew how this worked. If the dancer wouldn’t come to you, you went to the dancer. He rose from his chair as a slightly chubby but very cute young woman began her dance on the stage.

Sally hadn’t noticed Jeff and didn’t see him get up. A couple of days ago Sally’s friend, Sarah, had announced she wanted to be a stripper and they had come here, to “Pete’s Pleasure Palace” where Maylee who had been head cheerleader when Sarah was in high school danced under the name “Desiree”. Sarah had gone into the back “VIP” rooms with Maylee/Desiree with some guy, leaving Sally by herself.

Sally watched the chubby woman on stage spread her legs, pull her panties to the side and rub her privates in front of a guy who had just tossed a few bills in front of her.

Jeff sat down next to her, “I’d like a dance with you.”

“What?” Sally, startled, wasn’t sure what he meant.

“A private dance? A VIP?”

She realized he thought she was one of the dancers. “Didn’t he notice I’m not wearing lingerie?” she wondered. “I’m not one of the dancers here,” she told him.

As he got up to leave she had a thought. This might be her opportunity to check out a VIP dance. “Just a minute,” she said and he sat back down. “I think we may be able to go back with one of the dancers if you want.”

“Sounds good. Which dancer?”

Earlier, Sally had been fascinated by “Lily”, a slim, slightly Asian looking dancer with an amazing tattoo. Unlike most of the other women, her dancing was sensual and she made good use of the pole, jumping on it and sliding slowly down. The tattoo could only be fully appreciated when she was completely naked. it was a green leafy vine with red and purple flowers. It seemed to grow out of her genitals and it wrapped around her left waist, ending at her right shoulder blade. A branch left the main vine and wrapped around her modest sized left breast with a tendril wrapping around her nipple, as if to hold the vine in place there.

There was a sparkling glint from the slit where the vine began and as Lily spread her legs in dance Sally had seen a diamond piercing at her clit. The whole effect was mesmerizing. After dancing, Lily spent quite a bit of time talking to one of the guys at the stage as she picked up his tip and after she left the stage the two of them walked to an area partitioned off from the rest of the club where Lily had done a lot of movement on the guy’s lap. Looking around, Sally saw Lily sitting by herself. She wanted to see more of her body, maybe ask about the tattoo and piercing.

She answered the guy, “Lily,” she pointed her out. Remembering what Desiree had told the guy she had taken to the VIP with Sarah she said, “Oh, this will cost you more that the usual amount.” she told him.

He’d been back with Lily before and had always spent more than he wanted with her. He felt his wallet, wondering exactly how much he had brought. “How much?”

“We’ll have to talk to Lily about that. Wait here.” she got up and walked over to Lily.


Lily watched her approach. Sally wasn’t sure how to begin but nervously just waded in. “Lily, there’s a guy over there who wants to go in the VIP room with me.”

She had a high pitched voice. “You can’t do that. You could talk to the manager but I don’t think he’ll let you do it.”

“I know that. Can’t we go back with you?”

“Sure but there’s a couple’s price: $200, instead of $120.”

“He knows it’ll cost more. I’m here at the request of ‘Desiree,’ she just took my friend back and she only charged the guy $150.”

“Well for Ordu Escort a friend she might do that but the club’s going to expect she charged $200. She’ll have to pay. I don’t know you.”

“How about you come talk to the guy. He has to pay, not me. I just want to see what it’s like in the VIP room.”

“Sure, I’m always up for a dance.”

Sally led her over and as soon as they got to the table Lily said, “Jeff! What are you doing coming to this girl instead of me?”

She sat down next to him and began stroking his thigh all the way up to his crotch. Sally could see a thickening in his pants.

Jeff felt a bit embarrassed and confessed, “Well, you know I like to try out the new talent.”

“Yes, Jeff, I know,” she made a sad face. “Usually you at least wait for them to show you what they’ve got on stage.”

“She didn’t seem to ever be getting up there.”

“That’s because she’s not a dancer, Jeff. How many of us wear jeans and blouses?”

Jeff knew all this, now, “She told me.”

“So, Jeff, I can take you both back for $150. Whatya think sweetie?”

Jeff really wondered if he could handle this so he pulled out his wallet and started thumbing through the money.

“Sweetie, you know we can wait until afterwards.” She stood and took him by the hand. He rose and put his hand around her waist. “You coming?” Lily asked Sally.

“Oh, sure.” Sally had been so fascinated by the exchange, the sudden familiarity and the offer of the low price that she had forgotten she was part of the trio. Jeff took her around the waist too and they walked to the door labeled “VIP Suites”.


The “suites were a group of small rooms separated by partitions, each with a small couch or love seat and a curtain but no door. Inside, Jeff and Sally sat and Lily went to a speaker, pushed a button and said, “Dan, Lily”.

Dan answered, “Yes, Lily.”

“Fifteen minutes,Dan”

Jeff spoke up, “A half hour?”

Lily spoke into the speaker, “Hold on, Dan.”

She negotiated $250 for thirty minutes and announced, “thirty minutes, Dan,” into the intercom.

“Thirty minutes, Lily.” was the response.

Then she told Sally, “Dan will keep the time and let us know five minutes before it’s over.”

Then she turned to Jeff, “You want to undress me like usual?”

“Yeah,” he responded and she turned her back to him. He unhooked her bra and as it fell off she turned around to face him. He cupped his hands over her firm, modest sized breasts with exactly centered nipples. He released on breast and lowered her face to one nipple, giving it a quick lick. Then he did the same with her other nipple before kneeling down and taking the waistband of her panties and pulling them down to her feet, revealing her shaved genital and the glint of the piercing in her ample clit hood. Jeff stroked the revealed softness.

“What about her?” Jeff asked looking at Sally who had been sitting to the side watching.

“Well, it’s kind of up to her but only the dancers are supposed to show their nipples or privates, Jeff.”

Sally stood and responded. “Sure, Jeff, you want to undress me?”

Lilly stopped her as Sally stepped toward Jeff. “Jeff, she’s not supposed to do that. You want full service today? I’ll need a hundred. Jeff paused and then counted 5 twenties into her outstretched palm. She went to the intercom, said, “Another 5 minutes, Dan.” Then she left, saying, “I’ll be right back.”

Lily went to the bouncer whose job was to check for improper activcities in the VIP room (one of the easiest jobs in the place because he usually ignored it all anyway). To be safe she gave him $50 of the $100 with the specific request to ignore what went on.

“That’s it?” he asked the naked woman.

“Oh, Okay,” Lilly said. This was par for the course with this bouncer. She let him feel her up and finger fuck her briefly. Some day she or another dancer would report him to Carl and he’d be out on his ear but for now it made him very reliable if a dancer wanted something ignored.

After Lilly left, Jeff slowly unzipped Sally’s jeans, took them by the waist and lowered them to the floor revealing Sally’s sheer panties. Her soft, fleshy pussy lips showed through. Jeff reached out and felt them, rubbing through the sheer fabric. “You’re nice and soft,” he said as Lilly returned.

Lilly stood watching Jeff unveil the thin young woman. Sally asked, “Lily, I love your tattoo. Can I see it all?”

Lily smiled, “sure.” She turned slowly. Sally reached out and touched the breast with the vine curled around it.

Meanwhile, Jeff had pushed his hand inside Sally’s panties and was fingering her genitals directly. Sally loved it. She reached down and felt the hardening sausage in his pants. “Oooo you’re big!” she complimented him.

Lilly responded to Sally’s caresses by touching Sally’s large nipples. They hardened and Lilly exclaimed, “Very nice. Are you thinking of dancing here? A lot of guys like Ordu Escort Bayan the skinny gals.”

Then she told Jeff, “Go ahead and get comfortable.”

Sally looked over at her quizzically.

Lilly leaned over and whispered to Sally, “‘get comfortable’ means he can expose himself if he wants.” Then she added aloud so Jeff could hear, “The bouncer will ignore whatever we do. He thanks you for the tip.”

Meanwhile, Jeff was unbuckling his belt.

“Want help?” Sally said. “After all, you helped me.” She smiled and gave a light laugh.

Jeff moved his hands away from his slacks so Sally could pull his belt apart and unzip his fly. She gently pulled his pant down to his thighs and began gently rubbing the hard cock through his boxers. She guessed it to be around 6 inches long and almost an inch and a half thick. She kissed it through the fabric and then sucked the tip into her mouth, leaving a darker blue damp spot. Meanwhile Jeff was playing with her huge, hard nipples.

“Let’s see this monster,” Sally laughed and pulled the boxers over the bulge. Slightly over five inches of hard flesh popped out and she engulfed the purplish tip in her mouth. Then she moved up and whispered, “Do you have a condom?” in his ear.

He shook his head while taking advantage of her position to thrust a finger into her cunt.

Lilly was sitting on the arm of the couch watching. She took her purse and pulled out a condom. Opening the package, she expertly moved Sally aside and unrolled the tube over Jeff’s manhood. “Always prepared,” she told Sally. “Don’t want the guys spewing their spunk all over me.”

Sally hadn’t been thinking about sperm spewing over the room. She had other things in mind and another place she didn’t want any wild sperm at large. “Thanks she said,” and lowered her head to begin licking Jeff’s cock from balls to tip and back down to the balls again.

She felt her juices beginning to flow and moisten her thigh. She wanted his tongue and mouth on her parts. The couch was too small for “69” and she wasn’t sure how to get Jeff up so she could sit while he administered to her needs. She noticed that Jeff was massaging Lily’s clit piercing and pushing his finger inside while she sat on the arm, her head thrown back in pleasure. Sally rose, thinking she’d sit on the other arm and let Jeff explore her with his other hand. As she stood and Jeff moved his hand to her crotch, she realized that she could stand on the couch. Putting a foot on each side of Jeff’s butt she stood over him and as he used his fingers to open her up for a gynecologic exam she lowered herself to his face.

Jeff wasted no time and was licking at her clit and then thrusting his tongue into her. She gasped and began squirming, moving her hips over his face and encouraging his oral activities. An orgasmic shudder ripped through her and she pushed hard against his face letting the exquisite feeling drain itself. Dampness flowed down onto Jeff.

Fucking Jeff

The orgasm wasn’t totally gone but she pulled herself away from his face and slowly lowered herself to his lap. She felt his cock slide past her clit and the hard cylinder rested against her genitals. She rose and adjusted her position slightly. This time as she sat the modest shaft pushed into her. She felt a hand at her butt and looked to the side. Lilly had reached in and positioned Jeff’s cock to facilitate the entry. The two women smiled at each other. Lily whispered, loud enough for both of them to hear, “I shouldn’t allow this but I’m enjoying the show.”

Jeff was enjoying the feel of the young girl’s cunt sliding up and down his cock. The stripper was massaging his balls and he had his hands on the young girl’s huge, hard nipples, allowing them to slide between his fingers as she rode his cock. Then she moved up and his cock came out. She pulled away. “Hey” he said.

Sally smiled at Jeff and as she swung her leg away from him she looked at Lily kneeling between his legs, her hands cupped around his testicles. “Your turn,” she said.

Both women looked at the condom clad shaft sticking up from Jeff’s crotch, glistening with Sally’s vaginal juices. They both had the same desire. Lilly, being closest, had first lick. She stuck out her tongue and licked the juices from the balls to the tip. Then as she pulled away Sally leaned in and took the entire cock into her mouth and cleaned her juice off. She so loved the taste of herself. The slight rubbery flavor of the condom was a detraction. She’d prefer to have the flavor mixed with that of the salty, sweaty, pre-cum lubricated flavor of the raw cock dipped in her juice, but safety required the condom.

As Sally pulled her lips over the cock and allowed it to pop out, Lilly commented, “You taste good,” and went to work.

She gave Jeff’s scrotum a hard, but gentle squeeze, forcing his balls into their abdominal sockets. Then she grabbed his shaft and worked it up and down five or six times. Escort Ordu She leaned in and moved her face, cheek, lips and chin over Jeff’s organ. To Jeff it was if she was licking it up and down, he moaned in delight. Meanwhile, Lily pushed her hands under his shirt and up to his nipples, pinching them lightly. Up and down she moved her face on his cock and then she slowly moved up his body, keeping her face and lips pressed against him.

Jeff inhaled suddenly as her lips paused at his navel and her tongue spent some time exploring it. She moved her tits back and forth over his cock and then resumed her upward movement, pushing the edge of his shirt ahead of her. She paused again to give each nipple a lick, a suck and a gentle bite before moving up to nuzzle his neck, leaving his shirt bunched up under his armpits.

Sally watched as Lily’s crotch pressed Jeff’s cock between the two bodies and as her crotch came up, the hard shaft of the cock sprang out between her legs. Sally grabbed it with one hand and began long, slow, gentle strokes cupping his balls in her other hand, rolling them in her fingers like Captain Queeg with his ball bearings. Lilly was nibbling at his ear and Jeff closed his eyes, imagining he was in heaven.

Lilly moved knees and then her feet to the couch, next to Jeff’s legs as she continued to rise, rubbing her crotch against his face and then standing over him, her pussy fully exposed to his gaze. He reached up and began softly touching the soft, exposed labia. Lilly moved her hips in response and Jeff pressed his fingers between the lips, finding her clit with one hand and pushing two fingers inside her vagina with the other.

Jeff explored the entirety of Lily’s vaginal cavity, feeling the hard, hemispherical cervix, moving his fingers around its base and then stroking along the soft, wet, pliable and furrowed walls. He rubbed a finger of his other hand against the hardened nub while Lilly gyrated her hips and moaned with the beginnings of an orgasm.

Sally lowered her head to Jeff’s condom covered cock and took it into her mouth, moving the tip of her tongue around the shaft just below its head.

Lily, exploded into an orgasm, her body twitching uncontrollable to the rhythm of Jeff’s fingers on her clit. She suppressed a load moan, turning it into a guttural gurgle. Her vagina massaged Jeff’s fingers and her excitement spread to his loins. He pulled his hips down and out of Sally’s mouth to avoid cumming.

As Lilly’s orgasm subsided, she moved away from Jeff and Sally took the opportunity she had been waiting for. She knelt on the couch, one knee on each side of Jeff’s legs and impaled herself on the erect cock. She began bouncing up and down, moving her hips backward, forward, and side to side. Jeff could no longer resist the stimulation and his cock burst, filling the condom. Sally felt him tense, shudder and then tense again as his warm semen erupted inside her. She rocked more vigorously in an attempt to bring herself off.

Seemingly from a distance she heard a male voice, “Five minutes, Lily.”

Lily touched her shoulder, “we need to wind this down,”

Sally stopped, still frustrated in her attempt. Jeff’s cock was becoming limp and semen was leaking out of the condom as it no longer fit tightly. Lily grabbed the condom to keep it from slipping off as Sally rose, freeing Jeff’s cock from her cavity. He began massaging her clit and labia as she moved away. Lily grabbed some tissue from a box next to the couch and wrapped it around the base of his cock. “You’ll want to visit the men’s room and clean up.” she told him.

Jeff managed to get his pants up while keeping any semen from staining them. He waddled to the ATM to get Lily all he owed her. He took out an extra $100 and then gave $40 as a tip to Lily. He handed $60 to Sally.

“You can’t pay her,” Lily insisted, partly from jealousy. “That’s illegal!”

Sally held a forefinger to her lips as a gesture to Lily not to make a deal about it.

Jeff went out to the men’s room and Sally handed Lily the $60 as he left.

Dan announced, “Time’s up. Lily.”

“Ten more minutes, Dan,” Lily responded back into the antiquated intercom.

Sally looked at her quizzically and Lilly gestured her onto the couch. Spreading Sally’s legs, Lilly began expertly licking and rubbing at her vulva, first the labia, then pushing inside her vagina and finally stroking and lapping away at her clit while vigorously stroking inside her vagina, playing close attention to her G spot. Sally lay back and began moaning as the feelings of a coming orgasm overcame her. Then she gasped as her body shuddered and her vagina spasmed in a strong orgasm. Lily continued to stroke and lick, prolonging the orgasm and stopping only when Dan announced, “The ten minutes are up.”

Lilly grabbed some tissue and began wiping Sally’s genitals. “You’ll want to dry off a bit before you dress,” she said.

As the left the VIP “suites”, the two young women hugged and kissed.

Lily told Sally, “You’d do well here. A lot of guys love the young girl look and you’re much more sensual than I first guessed. And, if you do come to work here, tell them Lily recommended you. We get a bonus for bringing in new talent.”

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