Saving Atlanta: A stud’s foundation (Chapter 7)

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Going back about three years ago, we see Kash laying in bed nude with a woman, a couple years older than him, named Marie. Marie matched with Kash on a dating app and had dark hair, was tanned and had green eyes. When it came to her overall appearance, Marie looked exactly like Irina Shayk back in the days when the model was dating Cristiano Ronaldo.Kash started to stretch while being tangled up with his lover, locking lips with her. The breaths became deeper, bodies dripped in sweat, and both started to be more aroused. Kash laid back, vulnerable and at the mercy of the sexually actively brunette. His cock was burried in Marie’s pussy. The sexy lively brunette was violently dancing her lower body on his which was slowly starting to become too much for Kash. Finally, Kash felt it and he started to gag with the brunette’s tongue in his mouth. Somehow the pair fell off the bed.“Haha, come get me, come get me!” said Marie, in a high pitched friendly tone smiling and laughing as she stood up and backed up against a wall. Marie was aroused by the effort and by having a man running around like a wild animal chasing her.Kash, on his knees crawled towards Marie and leaned his head against the landing strip above her crotch. Being slick, Marie managed to break free from the hold just in time and started to make Kash chase her again. Up on his feet, he chased Marie and got hold of her, taking her and throwing her back against the bed. She landed on her hands and knees as moments later Kash grabbed her buttocks and stuffed his cock into Marie. “Doing this again huh!” said Marie, as she rolled her eyes.The aggressive Kash thrust his cock into Marie, with fast hard strokes for almost a minute. Throughout the ordeal, Marie moaned a few times but the arousal from her was lackluster. Kash took deep heavy breaths of pleasure and before long, let out a loud moan, pulling out his cock to cum on Marie’s back. Marie shook her head and laughed, walking out of the room to grab a napkin to wipe off the cum as Kash laid on her bed.An entire ordeal had taken place in Marie’s classy Hell’s Kitchen apartment, it was about the third time the lovers had met. Kash managed to amaze Marie on the first date, they had sex but it left her unfulfilled. Despite the unfulfilled sex, Marie was amazed by a lot of what Kash brought from his charm to his physical gifts which he did not know how to use. On the second time they met, it was the same ordeal with Kash as he fucked Marie right away and came in a couple minutes.Marie told Kash that he needs to learn to seduce, take his time, and that sex is emotional and psychological as much as it is physical. Kash left and came back, this time somewhat being able to arouse Marie with the wrestling and grinding of the bodies. Despite all of this, Marie got the impression that Kash was an amateur, especially given that she was three years his elder.A worn out Kash laid down under the covers as the nude Marie came back into the bedroom, the living room lights still on before she turned them off on her way back. Kash saw the slim and slightly athletic figure, thoughts in his head that there is so much more he could have done. Marie had some sexy abs, they were not toned like that of a fitness model but they had the right amount of muscle on them. In some ways, Kash started to be aroused again as Marie approached him, she immediately jumped into bed with him again and got under the sheets.“What happened there? You were doing good for a while,” said Marie.“Well, yeah, just got excited,” said Kash.“So we talked about this, like the last time you were here, and I told you what sex is about, what’s not working up there? Do you have hearing issues?” asked Marie, speaking in a cool tone as she looked at Kash.“No just, you know,” said Kash.“I don’t know, tell me,” said Marie, in a serious and cool tone.“Well I mean my istanbul travesti dick was hard and I wanted to put it in you,” said Kash.“Yeah, and I told you, this makes the whole thing….lackluster,” said Marie, as she rolled her eyes with a light smile, usually how she showed she was angry.“Not sure what you want me to do, I can go, I guess,” said Kash, almost embarrassed.“Get some sleep, you’re staying here, we’ll talk about this in the morning,” said Marie. Kash looked in her direction and gave her a strange confused look.“I mean you can call me or we can,” said Kash, before being interrupted.“Kash, go to sleep, we’ll talk in the morning!” said Marie, her voice raised as Kash oddly listened and went to sleep.“Obedient, just how I like em,” said Marie.Kash and Marie slept but before she could fully sleep herself, Marie walked over to the thermometer and turned it slightly higher than the room temperature. Kash was exhausted, still aroused, but was sleepy so he effortlessly fell asleep. The bed was far better than the one that he had in his apartment so falling asleep was easy, Marie was just better off financially. Marie soon joined Kash and went to sleep herself under the covers, getting ready for the morning. The temperature being hotter than usual led to both Marie and Kash being covered in sweat as they woke. Kash woke up to find a nude Marie heading towards him with a glass of water which she put near the table beside the bed.“Drink up, you are going to need it,” said Marie, as Kash started to gulp the water.“Nope nope! Save some for later,” said Marie, louder but with a stern cold tone.A nude Marie jumped on top of an aroused Kash who experiened some morning wood as his cock rubbed against her thighs. Marie put her arms around her nude sweaty lover and pressed her body against his, as her legs coiled around his waist tightly. The powerful Marie had mounted Kash and pressed down hard on his chest, her green eyes penetrated his brown eyes.“Mr. Tough Guy, what are you gonna do?” asked Marie, as she reached a hand back and slapped Kash’s cock.Kash aggressively rolled his body to where now he was on top of Marie who still had her legs wrapped around him. With the way Marie’s legs tightly wrapped Kash’s body, he found that he had to work for every breath. Meanwhile, Kash’s cock rubbed against Marie’s back as he collapsed on top of her. The two started to make out and it became a battle of wills for a Kash that was inexperienced at the time.As the lips locked, the breaths of the two lovers were at a conflict, their tongues battled like swords in a duel but Marie was more experienced with this. The seductive brunette started to massage Kash’s back, dug her fingers into some muscular gaps to arouse her lover and made his body swing around. Kash went from being on top of Marie to swinging back, now being on the bottom as Marie laid on top of him with lips still locked.Being tied up with his lover, Kash stabbed his dick against Marie but to no avail at all, instead, he was forced to wrestle. In a spur of a moment, Marie got into a side control position with most of her bodyweight on Kash’s head. Marie had a lot of power in this position which meant that not only could she dominate her lover, she controlled the frame to the point of coaching him.“Remember, sex is in the small details, just as psychological and emotional as it is physical, stay busy!”  said Marie, as her shoulder crashed against Kash to provoke him.In some ways, Marie just broke down Kash and got him to a point of exhaustion as her sweat dripped onto his body. Kash was aroused but his cock could not find a home anywhere near Marie, which caused him to act with discipline. Marie continued to lock lips with Kash as her armpits rubbed against his forehead, it almost blinded him but she managed to trap him at the same. To Kash, istanbul travesti it was a test which begged him to wake up until he broke free, he momentarily had distance from Marie.“Think I am going to let you work that dick? Not a fucking chance, learn your lesson bitch boy, you’ll be done in two minutes if you don’t,” said Marie, a cold intense look in her eyes as she made eye contact with Kash. “What’s it gonna be Kash? Going to continue being that whipping boy from the south, huh!” said Marie, sweat dripped down her forehead as her statement made Kash gulp. In some ways, she had a point, Kash still had that reserved sheltered boy persona to him. The two were on their knees in the limited space the bed allowed, Marie’s green eyes staring Kash down. In some ways, it was like an MMA fight for sex, no violence but the intensity made even Marie slightly nervous. Something was off about Kash, somehow, he was not himself anymore in that moment. Whatever Marie was saying or had said hit a cord with Kash, maybe it brought up something inconvenient. “Maybe there is a reason you were a pushover down there, never the captain of anything or the popular kid, is this your whole life story?” said Marie, as the two sweaty bodies stayed kneeled yet upright on the bed ready to make a move. Somehow, this very insult had added fuel to a given fire that was slowly burning inside Kash.“All those Georgia girls, turned you down because they wanted more than two minutes,” shouted Marie, as she stretched her arms out but at that very second Kash struck.Kash’s reflexes were fast, with the fire that burned inside of him, and in a split second he dove his longer frame onto Marie. As soon as his arms coiled around her body, Kash pressed his head against the breasts and tightened his grip. Within a matter of seconds, the whole momentum of the morning had been changed as Kash picked Marie up in the opposite direction and landed on her. Marie’s breaths sped up as her heart race, this had never happened with Kash before.Not to waste a precious opportunity, Kash had Marie pinned down and softly bit her shoulders and neck which caused her to moan in frustration. Marie was aroused yet for the first time ever by Kash, overwhelmed. To Kash, it was a momentum shift which he added soft squeezes of Marie’s back to, he pressed his fingers into the muscle which made Marie excitedly throw her legs up. Once again, Marie managed to squeeze and slip out due to the bodies being sweaty and was off the bed. Kash crawled towards the nude brunette who was pressed against the wall and tackled her in a gentle way, his face pressed against her pussy as his hands tightly grabbed her buttocks. Despite her best efforts to break free from walking off the grip, Marie fell down with Kash’s face in-between her ass cheeks. Kash was not familiar to the idea of eating ass so he let go momentarily, standing upright with his cock exposed. The opportunistic Marie immediately dove at Kash’s cock face first, she shoved as much possible in her mouth and sucked on it. Being experienced, Marie knew all the tricks of making a man cum so she squeezes the testicles while sucking the cock. Kash was aroused beyond belief, even thrusting his cock against Marie’s tonsils. In a matter of less than a minute, Kash blew a load inside of Marie’s mouth which she gargled and then spat at him.“The fuck,” said Kash, exhausted and confused.“Yeah, the fuck, you fucking suck, that’s what!” shouted Marie.“What?” asked Kash.“That’s how you lose, that’s why you are worthless!” shouted Marie, her green eyes turning intense.“What are you talking about?” asked Kash, rolling his eyes.“You had me face down, face against ass, and you let me slip. That’s how you lose in life, by not taking advantage of a key chance!” said Marie, an angry look in her eyes as Kash’s head rolled istanbul travesti back in exhaustion. A nude Marie got up, Kash seeing her sexy ass and having regrets of not eating it. In some ways, Kash could not believe why he didn’t go for it, it was such a perfect ass and it didn’t smell bad at all. As a minute passed, Marie came back nude with her hair in a ponytail, staring down a downed Kash who tried to sit up but was pushed down by her.“Petty,” said Kash, exhausted.“What’s the matter?” asked Marie.“You’re getting mad for no reason,” said Kash.“I am getting mad for no reason,” said Marie.“For no reason,” said Kash.“For no reason huh,” said Marie.“Why don’t you just fucking say it Marie?” asked Kash.“No, some things are better left unsaid,” replied Marie.“No, fuck you, quit with the mind games, just say it, I am lost,” said Kash.“Oh I am shocked you are so lost Kash,” said Marie.“Say it Marie!” replied Kash, angered as Marie delivered a backhanded slap to his chest before grabbing his cock.“Look, you are in no position to make demands, you just busted a load and failed to please me. You disappointed me,” said Marie, in a cold tone.“What did I do? Why are you doing this?” asked a confused Kash.“Because I love you but you disappoint me!” said Marie, in a cold feisty tone.“How?” asked Kash, angered.“How many times have you given me an orgasm?” asked Marie, making strict eye contact with Kash, who was blank for a few seconds.“Exactly, I keep telling you, sex is hard work Kash. A man has to use his fingers, tongue, lips, and everything to wear a woman down and then he uses his dick. You just blindly rush in with your dick and pop in two minutes. It’s like talking to a fucking brick wall!” said Marie, angered in a cold tone, before pausing.“Kash, the smell of a hot ass, meat on a beautiful pussy, the sweat, the hot body, the musk, that’s what sex is. We’re animals Kash, animals! You have to stop being so shy, just have that killer instinct,” said Marie, angrily. “You were feeling it today,” said Kash, laughing to break the tension.“Ha, you are something else Kash,” said Marie, smiling.“You dove for that dick like a bull shark woman,” said Kash, joking as Marie broke a laugh.“Look at your changed mood,” said Kash.“Oh Kash…I dream of you giving me an orgasm one day, one day Kash. One day you are going to own me so good, everything I said will click in that little peanut brain of yours southern boy, and I won’t know whether to cheer or cry tears of joy,” said Marie, looking back at Kash with a smile yet a look of sorrow accompanied her eyes.“Where are you going to spit the cum on that day though?” asked Kash, as Marie laughed.“I don’t plan for scenarios that will never happen, now go home,” said Marie.“Oh cold,” said Kash.“Go home Kash, we’re done,” said Marie, as a look of sadness took over Kash’s face with Marie looked back, laughing.“One day Kash, I might not be here, I might not even be in your life, and we may never see each other again. I want you to deal with that but if you take whatever you learn from me, you’ll remember me whenever those women pop multiple times, if you remember or learn,” said Marie, rubbing her hand over Kash’s head. A powerful feeling engulfed Kash and he had to get going, he had a busy day like Marie.Kash went home to two roommates but along the way, saw a few matches he had. One other woman he was chatting with but only fucked once was a coworker named Ella. Ella was a slim tall Asian girl that looked exactly like French pornstar Katsuni. Unlike with Marie, Kash only fucked Ella once and those two minutes were great for her, she was less experienced. Ella and Kash texted back and forth and Kash asked her what she was up to. She told him that she was free the next day. Kash went to sleep thinking about what Marie said, they are animals, why hold back? The opportunity to eat the brunette’s ass was missed but Kash knew that before he came, he had the experienced sex addict. Going to sleep, Kash thought about what was said about the ordeal and knew he had to be free flowing instead of uptight like he was. In some ways, the strict Georgia upbringing in Kash was dying.

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